Tuesday, December 31, 2013

DxO Optics Pro 6 Elite is free !

DxO Optics Pro 6 Elite
Christmas is not over yet. DxO editor, specializing in photography software offers until tomorrow December 31 DxO Optics Pro 6 Elite.

Just enter their email address on this page to receive a free activation key and download the application on Mac or Windows. DxO Optics Pro 6 Elite is a good competitor to Aperture and Lightroom used to process RAW files. It is not the latest version (dating to 2009) as DxO Optics Pro is now in its ninth version, but the software has not aged too badly and it works on Mavericks.

The complete list of cameras supported profiles is available there. Note that the license offered does not move to a higher version at a special price. DxO Optics Pro 9 is sold € 99 in the Standard Edition and 199 € in elite edition (promotional rates until tomorrow) .

Another promotional campaign ending soon (January 1) on the Millumin; an application for the video mapping for the Performing Arts. It is sold with a discount of 20% which puts the price at € 479 instead € 599. Several videos show the tool running, alone or through its plug-in After Effects.

Monday, December 30, 2013

4 Pieces of Technology Your Business Needs

If you are an entrepreneur who has just opened up a new company, you might have already determined that it isn’t easy to run a business without technology. We all know that technology serves a variety of benefits for businesses, from providing research tools to simply printing out our critical work documents. When we think of technology at work, we typically think about the usual, common items such as computers with internet service, keyboards, and projectors. However, what if there were other technological advancements which could provide you with a plethora of advantages? For instance, did you ever consider how beneficial an envelope printer could be? Here is a list of incredible forms of technology which can be useful for either the office or outside of work, which you might have not previously considered.
1. A Tablet
A tablet works almost like a mini computer, with all of the touchscreen features of a smartphone. With a tablet, you can access important apps, such as Dropbox, Kingsoft Office, TouchDown, and much more. These devices are light enough to carry with you to your meetings or even out to lunch. A tablet allows you to access your email as well, helping you to stay updated with important work information. This is a great way to stay in touch with your work outside of the office, since it can be transported nearly anywhere.
2. Envelope Printers
If you are searching for a way to mass-produce your mail, why not consider an envelope printer? Envelope printing is the ultimate way to meet the demands of high volume mailers. Envelope printing increases the efficiency of all of your direct mail campaigns by allowing you to place unique and even personalized messages on your envelopes that will encourage customers to take action. This is an excellent marketing strategy which will simultaneously boost your company’s productivity.
3. Scanners
A scanner is a very important part of your business. In the event that you need to digitalize a certain document, a scanner can make the process significantly easier. Once an image is scanned on the computer, it can be copied and edited accordingly. Additionally, it will remain stored on your work computer instantly, allowing you to always have that particular document. Scanning frees you from having file cabinets full of paper and allows you to have digital access to the documents needed. This preserves space and provides a greener alternative to filing.
4. Ergonomic Keyboards
Although these aren’t necessarily considered as technological as a tablet, ergonomic keyboards serve extremely helpful purposes for your business. For starters, an ergonomic keyboard can ensure the comfort of your employees through the ergonomic properties of the keyboard tray. It is a good way to avoid carpal tunnel or RSI (repetitive strain injury). Sometimes technology can serve our physical needs as well.
Whether you have just started out or you have been in business for years, these four ideas are perfect in case you are looking to spoil yourself or your employees. These pieces of technology serve a bountiful amount of purposes and will be sure to assist your company in the long run.
John Bowie is a CEO working in Philadelphia, PA. In his spare time, he enjoys writing about technology and business.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

All new Apple Mac Pro

Mac Pro

Yup the long awaited time has come folks!!! The All new Apple Mac pro has hit the market with a big bang. Dec 19, quite a day for the Apple Company. Apple Company had made a revolution by creating a footprint. With just $3000 dollars to spare you could even own this baby yours.

Well what is it? 

Now there arouse a question in all your minds what is it? Seems so shiny and attractive. All could see is that it’s pretty. Some may even think what’s there in this cylinder and why should i buy the shiny, pretty cylinder for $3000?

Apple’s MacPro is a computer’s CPU can you believe it? Quite the shape it has isn’t it. It is the most powerful computer released till now, with extraordinary features and outstanding performances. Don’t be stunned till you hear out its features.

Mac Pro-1


Now let us go into the details. Now basically what does a CPU have? Probably a great processors, storage, Graphics and expansion etc. So what did the company do? Did they make new components to make the CPU? No. Your guess is wrong. They just thought of a way to make these components to arrange and work in a different fashion rather than an old boring way. Well what did they do you ask. Here let me show you.
Outstanding Features:

OS- Mac OS (Mavericks[10.9] 


First things first, the architecture is stunning with a sleek black (also available in metallic silver) cylinder and a hole at the top to drive out the heat from the inner parts. 9.9 inches tall and has a diameter of about 6.6 inches. Withe help of Thunderbolt 2 ports the size is also considerably reduced and the connections for USB 3.0 are present at the back.

To connect the peripherals with your MacPro rotating it would be just fine rather than pulling it and getting hit at the table while making a connection.

  • Unified thermal core:
All our computers consist of several heat sinks to cool off different processors. Apple Company thought why all the components can’t be cooled with a single heat sink leading to the production of a single unified thermal core. In that case if 1 processor doesn’t work, the heat transfer is shared among all other process.

  • Single Breakthrough Fan:
We all have processors fans in the same size of the processors inside our PC’s and we all come across a problem of this fan not working in most of the cases. This consists of a single large fan with back curved impeller blades with few rpm/minute.

Possible I/O connections: 

The I/O connections that can be made through the computer is Thunderbolt 2, 2 Gigabit ethernet (allows you to connect with multiple users), USB 3, HDMI 1.4 (provides with the latest TV, projectors, displays[supports upto 4K displays])


Processor is New generation Intel Xeon E5(processing speed of 3.7 GHz) with a processing speed of max. 12 core (Quad core) process on a single die. Beyond our imagination right? And 30MBL3 cache memory, 256 bit wide floating point instructions might also add a feather on its cap.


RAM-12GB and SSD hard disk-256GB. 

With a 4 DDR3 memory controller and the type of memory used is ECC (Error Correcting Code- tests the accuracy of data when it while it runs in the memory system) memory and also SATA storage interface. The storage also consists of the next generation flash storage where it is 2.4 times faster than the last released SATA cable


Both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections are available. Wi-Fi specifications (802.11a,ac,b,g,n). Also Wi-Fi encryption is made by WEP, WPA, and WPA2. 2 Ethernet ports available (10/100/1000GB)


The current generation computers have graphic cards in MB size alone. Whereas here we’ve upto 2-6GB VRAM with 2408 stream processors. So imagine the quality of video by yourself and this is suitable for the heavy gaming champions out there.


The technology might be well equipped with a different perspective to enter into the market, but it takes some time to settle down. Coz we’re not sure about this technology anyway. We’ve always worked out our problems in the same usual and boring way and this venture of Apple firm is appreciable but it takes some time to adapt to the technology.

Moreover new technology needs new members to guide them. So whenever there’s a problem in it (after all it’s a machine right? How much can it handle?) we need highly educated technicians who thoroughly knows each nook and corner of it.


You know what the best part is too. Energy is saved pretty much. MacPro goes green. Just a corner at your table would be just fine. It’s the dream of every person to own such a computer.
Well then off you go. Place your orders as soon as possible. The firm has started to take orders.

The world's toughest Cases

Anybody who uses firearms in their job performance, or is a serious, responsible gun collector, knows the importance of gun safety. They also recognize the necessity for gun protection, maintaining the integrity of their firearms in a safe, dust-free gun case. There is no wiggle room when it comes to firearms safety; guns must be kept away from children and those who might misuse firearms. It is to that end that contemporary gun cases are crafted with specific features including locks and a durable outer construction with high-tech materials.

Naturally, the protection of human life is the primary concern, but firearm protection is crucial to keeping the gun in perfect working order. If the gun's integrity is compromised, the firearm is on its way to being totally useless, a sad loss to the collector or user. Without exception, sporting weapons as well as working weapons require a reliable, padded gun case, one that won't deteriorate, one that will keep the gun in prime condition.
Quality gun case manufacturers like Casesbypelican.com, for example, provide top-notch gun cases that are designed to protect guns for years. Pelican actually provides a "forever" guarantee. Such a powerful guarantee is exemplary and not necessarily the industry standard.

If you use or collect firearms, and do not already have a quality, lockable, rugged gun case, do not hesitate to get that taken care of immediately. Choose a high caliber gun case website and order now to avoid unfortunate accidents or regrettable incidents. Keep you family, friends, neighbors and guns safe.

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Top 5 cool tips to keep your iPhone 5 in best condition

iPhone 5
Everyone wants to buy iPhone 5 because of its beautiful features. The best gadgets and the rich look of the phone make everyone crazy about this phone. But buying the iPhone is simply not enough; we have to take care with proper maintenance. Without care you phone will definitely repair within a month after it has released. People now had a clear idea about the care and maintenance of the costly Smartphone. So they search all over the internet on iPhone tips and tricks. This information helps them to take care of their iPhone. Here are the simple tips to keep your iPhone in good condition.

Protect your iPhone

If you want your iPhone free from scratch, then you have to protect your both front and rear end of the phone with proper screen protectors. These screen protectors not only protect your device from scratch but also protect this from moisture, dirt and some sprays. This also protects your device from some droplets of water. This invisible shield is my top recommended accessory for any kind of tech. The good screen protectors protect your device from wards off finger prints, scratches and from stuffs.

Apart from the screen protectors your phone also needs a case. It may be on any substances like plastics, rubber or any material. This case protects your phone from getting damaged. When you hit your phone in any hard substance or if falls then these case absorb most of the impact and protect your phone from severe damage. It will be great if you have a case which is covered even the front side.

Trust only reliable source to download Apps and Media Files

There are so many sources are available in the internet to download Apps and Media Files. The entrusted source let your phone to be affected by the malware and it affects the phone’s software. If it happens means remove the infected file and reboot your phone.

Keep Your Phone Cool 

Sometimes your phone will be peculiarly hot due to so many reasons such as direct sunlight, exposure of heat. The main reason is we use our phone for hours and hours, this cause our phone to get hot. If this happens means allow your phone to cool before using it or even you can switch off the phone to cool.
Clean Your Phone Regularly

If you use your phone regularly then your phone is affected from moisture, dust and dirt. So always have a microfiber cloth in your hand to wipe your screen with it to protect and remove the moisture, oil and dirt. Some of the dirt is deposited in the side and back of your phone, so once in a week remove your case and wipe the sides and the back of your phone. You can also use straw to blow off the dust which you couldn’t reach with the cloth.

Conserve your iPhone’s Battery Life

This is more important thing is protecting your phone’s battery. Always make sure that your Phone charger is discharged enough before plugging it. Allow your phone to charge completely before pulling out the charger. Run the important applications only especially in the standby mode.

It is important for us to take care of our iPhone 5 by proper usage. We can enjoy as much as possible with our phone when we know how to use our iPhone 5 gadget. Follow these steps to keep your iPhone in best condition.

Mobile POS Service Info for your Business

Point-of-sale (POS) devices are fundamental building blocks for businesses, especially those that are new and growing. Their small size and affordability have helped many companies take the first few steps toward success. However, the development of the mobile POS has put even more versatility and opportunity in the hands of many companies. This is a plus for both customers and businesses.
Benefits of Mobile POS
Mobility is beneficial for POS devices because it makes it even easier to engage your customers. Take retail stores for an example. Employees in these stores constantly have to divide their energies between customer service on the floor and dealing with the checkout lines. As a consequence, service suffers.
With mobile point of sale devices in hand, employees no longer have to distract themselves in this fashion. They can perform their usual customer service and transition immediately to sale without inconveniencing the customer at all. The sale is complete shortly after the customer decides to take something. You can apply such benefits to many other kinds of businesses in which the business prospers when employees engage customers more consistently.
Businesses That Need Mobile POS
A wide variety of businesses find these mobile point of sale devices useful. Beyond the retail example, any business that places a great deal of focus on service will prosper with widespread mobile POS usage. Restaurants can skip the awkward and possibly confusing transition that occurs after a server leaves the bill and the party arranges for pay or moves to the cash register. Instead, the transaction can occur immediately after the bill is delivered.
Mobile POS Solutions
NCRsilver.com offers consumers and businesses advanced methods for managing mobile point of sale service. This company offers a phone app that can conduct POS transactions flawlessly and conveniently. This is a complete solution that does more than just move money. The app also allows the same employee to run analytical programs with sales data. As a result, representatives engaged in customer service are empowered to engage clients in a more direct fashion.
Acquiring mobile point of sale service takes just a few steps. You can use a smartphone to log in to a website offering the app. Once you are logged in, download the app directly to your phone with one more click. Then you have to create your store and enter necessary data, such as inventory, customer information and other details.
As soon as the first sale is made, you can begin analyzing the data acquired. As long as you have your phone, you can carry the mobile point of sale capability and access all of your data. You can even analyze sales without accessing your business computer or consulting a filing system.
This company provides round-the-clock customer service to help clients transition into a mobile sales system. Furthermore, there is a 30-day guarantee on these apps. No contract is required.
This mobile POS merchant offers hardware as well to enhance your sales capabilities. Additionally, they can store data to provide backup services to keep your most critical information safe.
This was contributed by Rachel Manders, a small business owner (consignment shop) in New York.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

6 Tips and Tricks for iOS 7

iOS 7
iOS launched wide variety of devices. And the performances among these devices are certainly vary from each other which indeed depend upon the OS capacity. New device which has been launched recently benefits the most from the older once regarding the criteria of Update. This not seems to be true at all instance, iPad 2 also used to get good updates compared to new devices. Considering towards the previous generation like iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, iPad 4 doesn’t seem to have a good updates. They can use features like AirDrop, and Non-Retina iPad will receive some good improvements. Now let us see some trick to deal with iOS 7 and gain a better knowledge to use iOS related devices.


Are you thrown to often share media to other devices through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Then this AirDrop offers you to quick share or share at a much faster rate compared to your original device sharing rate. If you just want to send image click share and share button will appear in share sheet. You use to share but not through Bluetooth unless you have an iPhone 5, fifth-gen iPad touch or fourth-gen iPad or an iPad Mini to avail the Adhoc option.

Privacy in Safari

Apple has improved privacy settings in Safari Web Browser. By enabling this option you can block cookies, and also it avails the option to detect phishing sites. Now iOS has improved and it provides the option of Do Not Track flag. This really notifies you when navigating towards websites that contain these setting and prevent you from your confidential data. Also these features are not only supported in desktop version it offers in mobile browsing too. User need to make a note that these options are disabled by default. Users make sure to turn on and then surf. To enable this option go to Safari setting page.

Unified Search

Now safari has offered dedicated search field on mobile. Apple pushing the Smart Search field to mobile that combines the URL bar and the search bar.These things are similar to the Chrome’s Omnibox that offers this option first. It can be implemented well and configure those according to your needs. To Configure this you need to toggle in Settings to turn or torn off the search engine and also make use of auto-population which offers you the best search results.

Toggling Background updating

The rate if Multitasking has significantly improved in iOS and some application can be refreshed automatically in background. But this feature can react back to your battery life. So it is better to turn off them. Apple to overcome this situation has a better toggle for background refresh. So no issues related to this. You disable to improve upon battery life.

Configuration Spotlight

Though this is not unique application of iOS 7, but still it is very useful. This allows you to configure the content that need to be in Spotlight on your device. This also will drain your battery life. If felt that this is not required then better to turn off for saving battery life.

Retina iPhone Assets

Unique and top new feature to iPad 2 and iPad mini user is Retina. When you run this on iPhone 2x the visual appear better compared to iOS 6. This is mostly used by iPhone since the third generation. Apple also uses Retina assets of app on Non-Retina iPads.

Review of iPhone 5s

Apple iPhone has been released by the Apple Corporation recently and release of iPhone 5s has impressed many people who were apple fans. Apple iPhone 5S has entirely a new model after the release of iPhone 5; the outer look of the Apple iPhone 5S is very fantastic when compared to the other models.


Apple iPhone 5S has a stunning design and it will perfectly hold in your hand. Apple iPhone 5S comes with aluminium and glass outer case. Apple iPhone 5S has new combination of colors which includes champagne and space grey color. Apple iPhone 5S comes with low weight and it look very less in weight. Apple iPhone 5S looks very impressive and the home button has been modified and Apple iPhone 5S gives you an impressive look.


Apple iPhone 5S has retina display which makes it to display very clearly and perfectly in the screen of the Apple iPhone 5S.Apple iPhone 5S comes with the resolution of 1136 x 640 which makes it razor sharp display clarity at the DPI of 326. Apple iPhone 5S has 4 inch display screen and Apple iPhone 5S is a great phone for those people who loves clarity. Apple iPhone 5S has a great color combination which makes it more fantastic.


Apple iPhone 5S comes with brilliant connectivity features; it brings you high speed data transfer between your device and another receiver. Apple iPhone 5S provides you Wi-Fi network with 802.11 a/b/g/n and also it has dual band Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi hostspot and also it has Bluetooth 4.0. Apple iPhone 5S interface provides you a full support for Apple’s Airplay as well as for AirDrop Clients too. Not only 2G and 3G, Apple iPhone 5S supports 4G bands too.Apple iPhone 5S provides you fast data transfer speed in your network.

iPhone 5s
Processor and Performance: 

Apple iPhone 5S has Apple’s A7 processor which is a 64 bit ARM processor. Apple iPhone 5S processor has two cores which are running at the speed of 1.29GHz. Apple iPhone 5S has the first 64 bit processor for mobiles and Apple iPhone 5S performance is more higher when compared to other Smartphones. Apple iPhone 5S scored 2560 score on KYM’s Geek Bench test which is the highest score is ever found. Apple iPhone 5S allows you to use high end graphics applications in it; even you can run multiple applications in a single time from Apple iPhone 5S.

Touch ID: 

Apple iPhone 5S provides you a best option to secure your data as well as your personal details. Apple iPhone 5S allows you to protect your data by using the finger print security lock system which will work only if your finger print is found on the device. Apple iPhone 5S finger print scanner works effectively in many regions and it works pretty smarter. It will unlock your device if your thumb impression is found and then only you can able to buy the apps from the App store as well as the iTunes.

Dumb and Fun Phone Apps

At its most basic, a mobile phone should be an effective tool for communication. However the brilliance that is a “smart” phone takes fun and function to a whole new level. Programmers continually devise both handy and hilarious apps to install, and though some are more sensible than others it certainly doesn't hurt to add programmes that exist solely to provide a little levity, right? And who knows? Maybe some of the following oddball selections can be of true benefit some day.
The Star Wars Lightsaber app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. In addition to movement activation it has perfect sound effects and flashing lights suitable for both Jedis and Troopers. At first glance this app may seem like frivolous good fun but there's also the benefit of working out issues with another via a make believe saber fight than letting aggravations fester. Also there's the geek cred of just having the app to have it.
The Whipcrack app is one users love having but hate others having. Again, motion activated and with great sound effects—this one is particularly handy when telling a spouse what to do. Granted it may not be received with the same joy it was delivered, so use at your own risk. This is also an app that kids never tire of so its installation may be cause for password protecting one's mobile to avoid hearing it 30 whips a go.
Shazam is a brilliant app that can listen to whatever music's playing and identify it. Think it's an obscure little ditty just because it's unrecognisable? Well not to Shazam! With a surprisingly vast library, this app will also provide cover art, YouTube links, etc. if available. Plus one of the best benefits is that this app provides a similar service to the iTunes song identifying app but with less of a proprietary nature as Apple products. Available for both Android and iOS platforms.
An ability to pop bubble wrap on one's mobile may seem like a total waste. However, those with an obsession with the stuff know this app could save both money and potential embarrassment. It's astounding how many stores keep bubble wrap out and within reach of just anyone. Now mobile users can get a virtual fix that includes a satisfying popping sound, a visual pop to coincide and even a phone vibration. Not really as good as the real thing but what is?
The Magic 8 Ball is an oldie but still a goodie. The best versions stick as closely as possible to the original toy, yet some programmers inadvisedly removed the satisfying shake function that most resembled the kitschy fortune teller. Though answers to life's tough questions are limited at best with this toy, it's kind of Zen zoning out whilst seeking answers.
Speaking of Zen—there are various versions of Zen garden apps available that warrant checking out. The best apps offer a choice between using rake or finger for drawing in the sand, as well as a variety of stones to place just so. Look for one with tranquil music or turn down the sound if you like everything but the music. Think there's no benefit? Wait for hours in a doctor's office and say that again.
One app that never seems to lose its charm is Songify or some variation, thereof. Combining speech recognition and auto tune, a brief conversation can be recorded and then automatically mixed into a dance song. It's ingenious, incredibly useless and loads of fun. Again, this is one kids never tire of but could possibly drive adults to drink so know that introducing this app to youngsters could prove harmful to one's sanity.
Of course there are countless mobile apps for both Android and iOS that serve actual purposes other than time killing and silly entertainment. Yet the fact that technology can become so advanced without causing humor to mature is somehow comforting. Sure the medium has changed but the jokes stay the same. Thanks to a world of silly apps adults are allowed to be only as grown up as they choose to be.

Friday, December 20, 2013


OS X Mavericks is specially made for desktop, it is most advanced operating system for desktop it allows mac user to experience the latest features, latest advanced technology and security. Mavericks make the mac experience better (by adding more apps to operating system) at less power consumption.

Apple, Less than one week to delivers OS X 10.9.1 to consumer apple launched its first beta version next OS X 10.9.2 on 18th December 2013 and it was maintenance update to developers. Mac OS X 10.9.2 have feature FaceTime audio, which is voice over internet protocol, basically this feature is made for iPhone with iOS 7, this feature allows the apple users to communicate (voice chat) between the any apple devices namely laptop and iPhones.

Focused areas of Mavericks OS X 10.9.2 are

• Mail
• Message,
• Virtual private network (VPN),
 • Voiceover and
• Graphics driver.


FaceTime allows user to make a voice call with other FaceTime user without any streaming trouble and turning of video feed. But Mavericks only used to access the FaceTime app, which contain both audio and video.

There is a similar app like FaceTime which is best for the users having interest in voice communication called Skype, it is a third party application allows both the video chat and voice chat.

FaceTime is made for iOS7 to make a voice call on mobile device and now FaceTime audio is comes with update of OS X 10.9.2 which allows to make a call on desktop.

The FaceTime audio is deeply integrated into both messages and FaceTime apps, which allows communicate between the apple users on any device and it makes the communication so easier than ever. The FaceTime and FaceTime audio on iOS and OS x respectively, it is completely communication system.

There is basic principle to attend phone calls that means that call is answered once the chat request have made from all devices. But Apple INC have a reason to follows the (little modified protocol) alternative of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) apps to communicate with each other Apple user because of its Audio clarity. FaceTime is also uses high-quality Voice over internet protocol (VoIP), for high quality audio (voice) it uses the AAC-ELD codec. AAC-ELD is designed to provide high clarity audio like CD for voice calls, it delivers high audio quality at a low coding.

Apple launched its beta version OS X 10.9.2 so early because it has some issues to rectified, the issues was Mavericks had a problem on viewing mail, so that only major part of update of OS X 10.9.1 mainly concentrate to fix that issues. But till now user had same issue with Gmail and smart Mailboxes.

Now all the updates and testing are used for development and maintenance to achieve a stable and rectify the flaw in the beta version. Soon the stable version OS X 10.9.2 will released and it would be milestone in Mavericks series.

To know more things about theOS X Mavericks click here.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to improve your iPhone 4s and iPhone 5s and to avoid the Lag

iOS 7 has been released and reviews seemed not to satisfy the people all need, but surely stepped ahead towards it early design. Battery life of an iPhone has really been an issue, and doesn’t know how far iPhone developers taken into to account, Apple will surely make a note of this problem and try to solve this issue let’s make yourself to protect the battery life.

Some idea’s to improvise the battery life on your own way, here are some technological tips to watch out for. Following ways are not only for iPhone rather to iPad also.

Turn Off the Parallax Effect

People will surely like to attain more attention towards the home screen. Perceptive to this scenario iPhone has enabled flashy looking 3D effect on home screen. The icon’s present in home screen tend to float behind as you move around the screen. This looks really attractive but surely going to use some resource and needs to be noticed. So while you feel that device is lagging a little bit then make sure you turn off this effect named Parallax and try out the work experience with phone at other instance.

Here is Guidelines provided to turn off Parallax effect. Settings -> General -> Accessibility, now tap the Reduce Motion button and closure on this feature.

Turn Down Your Brightness

Automatic brightness in iOS device screen is one of the major power or battery drainer. If you are in instance of low battery instance, just access to Setting app, pass through Wallpapers & Brightness, now turn off Auto Brightness and now manage brightness according to your needs. Now you are in full control towards brightness and that’s your wish to save battery or not.

Turn Off your Radios

Radios drains your battery than any other app prevailing default in iPhone. So whenever you move away from Radio just make a simple note to turn off. Used to play offline games then turn on Airplane mode to indirectly cut the access towards the Radio. If you are not using Bluetooth too often turn off when not needed. Best way to improve this is to have quick switch over to Radio elsewhere in screen.

Turn Off Background Refresh

iOS have a better performance towards the Multitasking environment, but his comes out from the cost of system resource. You are offered to choose which app to refresh and which not to. Guidelines to implement this is, Settings -> General -> toggle Background App Refresh button, from there onwards you can manage the multitasking or when not required turn off completely.

Turn Off Spot Light

Spotlight in sense used to index files on your device, this surely drinks up battery when you tend to have lots of flash storage content available in your device. In order to gain the battery at critical situation and also if you dint mind to lose the search function, the better way is to turn off the Spotlight. You are also made available to selectively disable data types that are not required.

Try out these guidelines to have a better battery backup.

Drones aren't the only way your package will be delivered in future

Amazon caused a stir earlier this month when they announced they were working on a drone that could deliver parcels directly to your door within half an hour of your order being placed. Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos showed Charlie Rose from American TV news show 60 Minutes one of the drones being put to the test. Nicknamed the "Octocopter", the drones will deliver books and other small, light parcels to customers who opt for the "Prime Air" service - predicted to launch as soon as 2017.
While Amazon caught the headlines for their drone project, a revolution has been quietly going on in delivery technology over the past few years which means that we're all able to experience added convenience and speed Amazon claim their drones will deliver without the risk of being hit by an oversized toy helicopter. These innovations might seem rather mundane in comparison, but they will undoubtedly lead to more frustration free deliveries and customer satisfaction in the near term.
Make no mistake: delivery as we traditionally know it is broken. Thankfully experts and innovators from across the industry are working on fixing it, and they're closer to realising their goals than Amazon is to launching their drones. Customers report two major frustrations with deliver today: it doesn't arrive quickly enough, and when it does arrive they're not in to receive it.
While some delivery companies appear to be happy to continue with the current broken model, others have realised that future business from online retailers will require better customer satisfaction. These smart delivery companies have already fitted their fleets with a technology called telematics. Telematics has been around in different forms for several decades now, but is currently mainly used by fleets to track vehicle and driver performance. Shippers using this tech have been able to drastically reduce their fuel bills by intelligently routing deliveries based on factors such as traffic conditions, vehicle whereabouts and time left in the drivers working day. These innovations have already reduced the cost of home delivery, allowing more online stores to offer customers free delivery options.
But telematics is beginning to offer more customer convenience too. By integrating fleet tracking and package tracking, the best fleet telematics systems are now able to give customers more precise delivery times. No more worrying about popping out to the shops on the day you're parcel is due to arrive, as you'll get a text an hour before delivery informing you of precisely when your order will arrive.
While evening and weekend deliveries are also becoming a common option - typically for an extra fee - another cheaper option for those who work long hours is already taking off. Delivery lockers, placed in venues such as local shops, parking lots and even subway stations are becoming a common sight in cities across the world. Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, recently announced he was closing London Underground ticket booths in order to make space for delivery lockers like these where you can even get fresh groceries delivered. While Amazon is a big player in this market, there's many startups trying to get a piece of the pie. Lockers already deployed are often over subscribed, with pent up demand by customers for the convenience they offer.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

OS X 10.9.1 is available now!

OS X 10.9.1
After several weeks of beta reserved for developers, Apple has released the final version tonight OS X 10.9.1 If you have already installed Mavericks on your Mac, you can update to the new version via the Mac App Store. As always, the manufacturer recommends the update to all users. It is supposed to fix bugs first of the new system and especially the disastrous management of Gmail accounts.

Based on the feedback received during the period, all the problems are not yet solved, and is still underway. Further bug fixing may happen after seen whether this new version fixes the remaining bugs or not. This version has build number 13B42. The latest beta availability of developers had to number 13B40. Other corrections listed by Apple Mail still concern, its smart mailboxes and contact groups.

VoiceOver function that sets all the text on the screen for visually impaired users sometimes had trouble with Emil. Another point discussed, shared Safari links were not always updated as they should. Note that Apple also offers an update of Safari (6.1.1) for owners of Mountain Lion. On the other hand, this version includes specific improvements for the last MacBook Pro Retina 2013.

The slowdowns especially with the video display on the 13“may be resolved with this update. Apple said nothing about it, but we imagine that one of the novelties of this version also is support for new Mac Pro, whose marketing is imminent, finally, if the Apple brand continues to meet its promise to leave in December. After OS X and Mac Pro, you should have the right in the wake of updates to Apple's professional software, including Final Cut Pro X and Aperture.

To return to the Mavericks, the first update "minor" is long overdue. 10.9.1 was released 55 days after the release of Mavericks. Previously, usually Apple always offers minor update to its operating system in the months following its release.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Must have accessories for iPhone

Wireless Headphones
The iPhone is one of the bestselling mobile which has been made a record when compared to all other mobile phones. The interface of the iPhone has made the apple lovers to go for it. iPhone is almost present all over the world, even you can find them in each and every region of this globe. Buying an iPhone is just the beginning of your apple life; you can get tons of applications for your iPhone which enhances your day to day life activities. iPhone supports several accessories that are used to make various levels of ease in your lifestyle. iPhone accessories are more efficient when compared to other smartphone accessories hence they offer ultimate power by accessing your iPhone.

iPhone Fitness

Maintaining fitness is one of the main things which have been considered by most of the people around this world. Keeping track of our health is the more important than any other things in this world. iPhone has many accessories which let you to keep track of your body and you can have them in connection with your iPhone. iPhone fitness application is one of the best thing which has been popularly available for the iPhone. Most of the popular companies such as Adidas, Nike and Reebok have many iPhone versions of accessories which can easily measure your heart rate and speed. This let you to track your health condition and you can accurately keep track of your body condition by using this application and also with these kinds of accessories too. These iPhone fitness accessories are more precisely accurate than the conventional accelerometer available in the market to monitor the heart rates.

Extra Battery Support

Batteries are the most important accessories for your iPhone which gives the power for the device. Obviously Smartphones consumes lots of energy for working. Suppose if you want to work for a longer time, then you need a battery backup plan to work perfectly for more time. A larger battery capacity will help you during work time as well as during travelling time. It acts as a secondary fuel tank for your iPhone if you have an extra backup battery. It is strongly and obviously noticed that people having secondary battery will work with their Smartphones without bothering about their battery power consumption schemes. Nowadays various battery accessories are available in the market which offers you better solutions for the battery power source. Various colors are available for external battery, including compact design and also with perfect functionality too.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are other important accessories for your iPhone. Bluetooth headphones are awesome and look fantastic when compared to other ordinary wired headphones. Various designs of wireless headphones are available in the market for the iPhone device and they provide you more fashion. Brands such as Sennheiser, ZAGG and other leading manufacturers provide more trendy headphones as well as more fantastic products. They are renowned for their long lasting quality and with more sensible clarity. It is the best accessory for the iPhone and also brings out the best quality for you.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Best Browsers for Ipad and Iphone

The iPhone and iPad browsing facilities are available with default Safari browser. So it doesn’t mean that they have to stick out with that browser. They have now offered several good iPhone browsers that have released and working well and giving an extra option for mobile browsing. Safari offer Flash video or navigate web pages but the new browsing app also offers these features some extra acceleration.Let’s see which offers a better feature browsing facility.

1. Chrome:
 Chrome the first major desktop browser to make a mark at the iOS. This is integrated with Google account and services featuring with nice interface option. Safari with new design to the header is competing among web browsers to kick start to higher arena.

2. Dolphin:
 From the list of given browser it takes the lead to satisfy the user with more options. It is innovative, powerful and free. This browser is little faster than Safari can work with, provideddownloading management and crash recovery in case of failure. One of the best in the list, but lack of iPad support and doesn’t import bookmarks form Safari.

3. Opera Mini Browser:
 If you are searching a perfect alternative for Safari then I would recommend you to go with Opera Mini, faster than the build in browser of iPhone and difference is surely noted while surfing heavy graphics websites. Opera is faster due to compressed version of web pages that is routed to its servers.

4. Atomic:
Atomic unlike other browser can be availed at $.99 and not a full replacement of Safari. This full version is better than Dolphin, Atomic allows you to import book marks form Safari. Varity of options and setting are available when you opt for web development

5. Mercury:
 Clearing bugs this provides a solid browser with full screen, tabbed browsing, bookmarks importing and gestures. Download manager is buggy and if it’s cleared then it will be top contender.

6. Photon:
 Photon deals best with flash. It takes remote desktops Flash and map to your iPhone. Sometimes this cause slow connection, or cause user-interface creepiness, or it works well. Desktop version is not that good at considering iPhone is worthy. This version is Available at $3.99 in Android Market.

7. Switch:
Switch is aiPad specific browser, that includes multiple account and can have a privacy to the user accounts, it supports Airplay and HTML 5 video. Browsers much faster than Safari while loading.

8. Webout:
Webout worthy if you tend to have Apple TV. It supports both audio and video for second generation Apple TV and you can notice video loading a much faster rate.

9. Cloud Browser:
 Many iOS browser not supports Flash or Java. To overcome n this Cloud Browser can be installed, it runs full version in Firefox as server and streams this to iOS device. Problem with this is that audio and video get out of sync and jerky during play.

10. Knowtilus Pro:

This provides more feature and different from other app, while focusing on this basic are being missed and needed to redefine. This app is available at $5.99. Feature offered by this is RSS reader, a barcode scanner, text-to-speech capabilities and efficient than other browsers.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Reliable communication with Satellite phones

With great headway in the field of technology, satellite communication has enhanced the communication system providing global connection to voice data with various communication methods to remote areas around the globe. The Iridium Communication is the only satellite communication provider of iridium sat phones with global voice and data communication coverage conducting daily mission critical activities with real time, reliable communication services. The Iridium’s 66 low Earth orbiting – LEO, a cross linked satellites is the world’s largest commercial constellation which operates as a fully meshed network providing high quality voice and data connection over the world’s surface including oceans, airways as well as Polar regions and reaching across oceans through airways and across the Polar Regions.

 Iridium solutions are the most appropriate option for industries like maritime, government military, aviation, mining, oil and gas, heavy equipment, transportation and other utilities. For partners, the Iridium network solution is an apt platform for continuous innovation and serves as a technological support in the development of industry, for their products and services on a large scale. With regards to customers, the unparallel coverage and the dependence on Iridium network implies that they can depend on their critical communication line to work whenever the need arises, at any given location.

The Options of Various Satellite Plans 

Iridium communication services are provided through various handsets together with installed communication systems, onboard ships, aircraft and land based vehicles. It’s SBD – short burst data transceiver which has been incorporated into an increasing number of applications helps in data connections to any corner of the globe, providing location information, email, weather reports or any desired data with a reliable global two way connection. Besides this Iridium also proactively targets new and growing markets with its expanding business segment as a M2M – machine to machine market and two way satellite based location, tracking and messaging market. The OpenPort is a provision for complete voice and data coverage for ships at sea all over the world and is the only and largest global commercial satellite constellation. For the convenience of the users, the postpaid sat phone plans provides reliable communication anywhere without any cause for worry about insufficient balance or expiry of a prepaid account.

The Iridium Global Bundle 10 Plan includes ten minutes of airtime per month with a onetime activation of $40. More options are also displayed for the benefit of the viewers at their site. The Iridium NEXT which is the second generation global satellite constellation and a fast approaching game changing reality, with its focus in improving the ability to meet the increasing demand for global mobile communication at sea, land and in the air. Its interconnected ground network has two gateways, a technical support center, a satellite network operations center and five (TTAC) tracking, telemetry and control stations. The team at Iridium is more than 400 in number comprising of engineers, experts, service technicians and support personnel together with various other value added partners.

Iridium is continuously on the lookout for new ways to expand possibilities especially the next generation constellation in bringing about enhanced, new services and capabilities to their customers.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Best Must Have apps for Mac

In this post, I have discussed best must have tools for your Mac and they are given as follows;

1.Adium: Adium is a best app for communicating and it allows you to chat with your chat account in a single interface. For instance, you can add your messenger account with Facebook, Google chat, yahoo messengers, etc... You can easily modify the font style and also the color of the speech bubble.Adium is more compatible with all sorts of internet messaging services that are present all around the internet. Adium has a fantastic interface which is too smooth and lean; providing various features such as encrypted messaging and also tabbed browsing from the Adium itself. Depending of the services, you can send or receives files from the Adium during chatting. Even Adium comes with wide range of colors, themes and other extra features for your IM. In simple words, Adium can be used to connect with multiple services that are used for chatting and communications.

2.Kindle: Kindle is a reading app for your Mac and it syncs your reading progress of your various devices with Mac. Kindle also allows you to customize the app as your wish and Kindle turns your device into an e-reader.

3.Adobe Dreamweaver CS6: Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is one of the world powerful web editor which let you to edit the webpages and other web contents.Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 has more powerful tool that makes you to edit the webpages as like you want. Even you can create your own webpages or any web contents by using the Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 allows you to connect with an online server and you can modify the files remotely by using Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is one of my favorite tools for editing and modifying my web contents.

4.Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3: Apple Final Cut Pro X is a complete package which allows you to edit and modify videos. Apple Final Cut Pro X is a marvelous digital video package with various video editing tools that makes the designers to edit and modify their creations in simple steps. Apple Final Cut Pro X is more powerful and this application provides you a significant speed and enthusiasm. Apple Final Cut Pro X secured various level of ranking for the best video editor and digital video editing packages.

5.Skitch: Skitch is a lightweight tool that allows you to capture your screen and enables you to edit with picture editing tools. Skitch is incredibly awesome and it has options such as annotate, resize, adding objects such as lines, shapes, arrows and also supports of cropping the image. By using Skitch, you can even attach watermarks to your image by using this application. Skitch is especially made for quick and effective edits and it doesn’t have options like Adobe Photoshop CS6. But it has simple tools that are necessary. Skitch is cool, effective and extremely well in its performance.

Life on a Smartphone

First off, the existence of tiny little computers that are also phones is an amazing thing. That just needs to be said from the start. It is an absolutely amazing time in technology—an amazing time to be alive. A world of information waits patiently in a pocket, until some pub debate spurs a trivia challenge; got a wager on the answer? Bring out the mobile. Not having to wait to get home to check emails has helped people land jobs and quick texts have made it possible for milk and nappies to come home without a second trip. Not to mention sharing video, promoting cool new businesses, and GPS conveniences. Smartphone technology is awesome.
But even as wonderful as it all is there are some new behaviours that have developed as a result of the widespread adoption of mobile usage, and not all of them are pretty.
As strange as this may sound, it's true. Though technologically more easily connected to friends around the globe, it is all too easy to get sucked into staring at a phone and ignoring the people you're sitting with. Look around and notice how many people are sitting together but staring at individual phones and only halfheartedly speaking to one another. At what point did common courtesy and the communion of eating together get ditched over the allure of the status update of someone you've never actually met in person? Being overly attached to a mobile also means the opportunity for chance meetings or impromptu conversations with strangers are also greatly diminished. Less connection in a far more connected world.
Photo Frenzy
Phone cameras are absolutely brilliant inventions, there's no denying that. But it's become so commonplace to spend more time documenting life than actually living it. It's terrific that everyone's now a budding artist or documentarían but how about putting down the mobile and actually doing stuff for the sheer joy of doing it instead of stopping every two seconds to snap a pic? Plus when caught up in the moment there's a real habit of instantly sharing something that not all might want shared. Everyone has different privacy boundaries that are consistently trod on by well-meaning, yet overly enthusiastic photographers. And again, there's the disconnect of watching an event instead of actively participating in it.
Always On
Sure, parents want to be able to hear from the sitter and there are doctors and nurses on call. And then there's the rest of the world. If the mobile is constantly on and in hand it's something you might want to look at, particularly if you feel really stressed out. Being constantly bombarded by news and other peoples' status updates fills one's life with a lot of unnecessary noise. If having trouble sorting through anything in your own personal life first try to filter out some of the updates on everyone else's. Even if it's just a matter of taking your tea without technology, turn the phone off and hear yourself think.
Safety Last
In addition to lapses in courtesy, the incessant breaches in safety on mobiles is highly alarming. Many social media profiles are left wide open to public viewing, where some may post an image of their street address and then mention going on holiday. Seriously? Too, checking in to a location is just asking for a stalker to stop by. At no time should anyone post where they are and that they are alone. So why has this become such common practice, because everyone's doing it? Homes have gotten burglarized after posting images of expensive items and then giving an open announcement on when the home will be unattended. Remember when setting privacy settings on all social media that your mobile settings need to be checked, too. And try to be wise about telegraphing your movements on any given day.
Mobiles are marvelous. They aren't the problem. Yet technological advancements should never take the place of common courtesy, investment in life, or simple street smarts. There are simple ways to enjoy the benefits of mobiles but to also be sensible, empathetic and engaged. And until there's an app reminding of these things, it's still up to the humans to make it so.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Top iPhone Restaurant Guide Apps

Open Table
Finding restaurant which serves good rating of food content with affordable prices is very hard. And finding the best restaurant with your favorite food and its ratings are tougher to find out in today’s life. There is much excellent application available in App store which are especially made for food lover who always wants to check out various dishes in their life. In this article, you can get information about various applications which gives you the better listing of restaurants around you. Now we check restaurant apps which provide good service and best user ratings of various restaurants. Here they are:

Open Table

OpenTable apps provide service to access the more than 1500 restaurant is support. These apps have more features like menu, use ratings, and also include real-time table availability and also reservation functionality through this app. And also OpenTable has a host of other features, including email integration, reward points, and list of nearby restaurant. OpenTable is complete freeware it designed to make it easier to make restaurant reservation.

Wine Rating Guide

Wine Rating Guide it is a paid app in App store. it provide the largest wine database include ratings for over millions of wines and you can search wine by a variety of criteria include name, brand , price, groper, varietal,food pairings and region so on. The rating of wine is measured in scale maximum rating five-point on scale and you can make your rating depend on your mind set. This is prefect app to have on hand the next time you dine out.


Few people can able to calculate tip in the mind,but not all of them. Tipulator easily calculate your tip in second so that it is easy to use .its interface make it so simple by entering the bill amount , give details percentage you want and tip will be calculated. This is a paid app which supports various premium services for your use.


VegOut is the restaurant finder app for vegetarians and vegans. This app ispowered by Happycow.net. It is a web based service for finding a near-by restaurant. You can search restaurant by name or location. In this application,User ratings and reviews about the various restaurantsare included. It is a paid app.


FoodSpotting designed to help you find new restaurant. It offers visual approach the app can display pictures of food item and dishes available nearbyrestaurants. And you may see restaurant by name and what food items available. Anthony Bourdieu is available in this app. This app is a freeware.


UrbanSpoon is the one the great app which provideinteractive interface to searching an restaurant in nearby like shaking an iPhone gives random search of restaurantnearby and also we search restaurant by price range, menu list etc. Once if you find good dining spot, UrbanSpoon also include ratings, menu and pictures. Moreover this app is a freeware.

Hope you have liked this list of application; I’m damn sure you would like this applications for your iPhone and submit your feedback through the comment box.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Useful iPhone Apps for Walt Disney World

 Walt Disney World
Are you planning for a trip to Walt Disney World? If your answer gets positive then you have to get all information about the Walt Disney world. There are millions applications available for the Smartphones nowadays; Even though there are several apps which has the best features. In this post, I have discussed top and best iPhone application for Walt Disney world trip. Here they come;

1.“Walt Disney World Maps Box”:Walt Disney World Maps Box is the bestselling iPhone application for Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World Maps Box contains full map about the Epcot, Magic system and remaining Disney theme parks which are located in the Orlando.Walt Disney World Maps Box clearly gives you a map of each and every Disney theme parks with perfect attractions and individual rides too.Walt Disney World Maps Box enables the users to prioritize the must-visit sites around the theme parks in the Walt Disney World. By using the GPS, Walt Disney World Maps Box shows you the exact places around the Theme park.

2. “Walt Disney World Park Hours”: Walt Disney World Park Hours comes especially for Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Water Parks and Hollywood Studios. Walt Disney World Park Hours gives you the exact timing of opening and closing of the theme parks and also Walt Disney World Park Hours includes the daily updated events and schedules for the Shows that are exactly covered in this application. Walt Disney World Park Hours also gives you exact information about the year activities occurring in the above listed theme parks.

3. “Disney World Dining”: Disney World Dining is an impressive application which is developed especially for the Disney world users.Disney World Dining is a dining application which is developed by VersaEdge Software LLC and Disney World Dining includes all restaurants and its full menu with its price as well as its ratings.Disney World Dining allows the users to determine which restaurants to visit and which one to skip. You can also find the restaurant which is closer to you with the help of Disney World Dining application. Disney World Dining allows you to reserve your seating in any restaurants which are available in the list.

4. “Disney World Magic Guide”:Disney World Magic Guide is a bestselling application for the iPhone and Disney World Magic Guide is developed by VersaEdge Software Limited Corporation. Disney World Magic Guide is a comprehensive application which has practically everything which is needed for the Walt Disney Tour. Disney World Magic Guide has an information packages which has opening times of the theme park, Maps with GPS, ride descriptions and so more stuffs regarding the Walt Disney.

5. “Mouse Memo”: Mouse Memo is a must have iPhone application if you need to organize everything for your Walt Disney tour. Mouse Memo is developed by C.Y.borg’s Neura Net and is handier when compared to other applications. You can organize everything for your tour with the help ofMouse Memo.

Best alternatives for iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy S4
iPhone 5 is a one of the best smartphone which was released by Apple Inc. But the important thing is that, you can’t do everything with the iPhone 5. Suppose if you want to work with larger screen size or you might need a NFC function, then you have to go for any alternatives for the iPhone 5. Here you can found the list of best alternatives for the iPhone 5 and here they are;

1.Samsung Galaxy S4: Samsung Galaxy S4 is a best choice when compared to iPhone 5. It brings out various features in Samsung Galaxy S4; Samsung Galaxy S4 suns on android operating system and it has a brilliant camera which enables you to shoot high clarity image with extra-ordinary flashing. Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with cool gesture control from which you can simplify your task very easily and Samsung Galaxy S4 also offers best way of multitasking for its user.

2.HTC One: HTC One is another best-in-class mobile which offers you tons of features in it. HTC One comes with android operating system and has curved aluminum outer case. HTC One has quad core processor that enhances your process with higher performance. You can run various high graphics application on your mobile without lag. The quad core processor in the HTC One brings you to run many applications in a single time itself. HTC One has a fantastic low light camera which makes you to snap images even in low light too. You can use this HTC One as a remote for your TV.

3.Motorola Droid Maxx: Motorola Droid Maxx is release by Motorola Corporation with Verizon Network. Motorola Droid Maxx comes with all the best features of the latest smartphones around the world. Even you can control your mobile without touching it. It comes with touch less control system which is called as Floating Touch display from which you can easily control Motorola Droid Maxx without touching the screen itself. Motorola Droid Maxx has long lasting battery which stands up to 10 hours approximately. Motorola Droid Maxx has active display too.

4.Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 brings out the larger screen experience; you can use this device for viewing your media files very largely. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a sleeker design which makes the Samsung Galaxy Note 3prettier. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has improved pen capability from which you can easily scribble over your screen. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes in the phablets family and you can even use this as a tablet too. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has nearly 11 hours of battery life.

5.LG G2: LG G2 has a display of 5.2 inches screen from which you can innovate much stuff from the mobile itself. LG G2 a unique and fantastic design with unique power button as well as volume rocker design. LG G2 allows you to do wonderful multitasking which separates this smartphone from other smartphones.

Hope you might like this stuff and your comments are always welcome !!!

Summation Technology

If there is a performance at the school at which you work, such as a play on the stage or a band concert in the main auditorium, odds are that it is going to be recorded. Parents are going to do this for themselves, but you should also set up an official camera on a tripod so that it is a steady, clear recording. The tripod can also have an unobstructed view of the performance, whereas the cameras that people in the audience are holding will often be blocked by other people.

The biggest reason to do this is that parents are probably going to come to you after the performance and ask if they can get a copy. Some of them may not have wanted to record it on their own so that they could really watch their children and soak up every moment of it. Some of them may have recorded it but found later that the recording was a very low quality.

If you have a good recording, you can just duplicate the DVDs with the DVD burners that you can get from Summation Technology and then give out copies to the parents. They are going to love this because they do not have to worry about figuring out how to hook the video camera up to the TV or the computer. They can just pop the DVD in a DVD player and watch it in seconds. You may even be able to sell copies to offset production costs.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Top iPhone application for Finding Gas Station.

Smartfule apps
None of us likes to give higher price for the gas. Suppose, if you’re on a road trip, or may be a business trip, you will always like to pay lower price for the gas as low as possible. In this post, you can get the best application for getting best gas station around you while you’re on a business trip or a road trip. By using the power of GPS and internet, you can get the best information about the best gas station. They are given as;

1.Fuel Finder: Fuel Finder is an impressive iPhone application which provides you a strong interface that brings you a list of best features. Fuel Finder helps you to get into a closest station which is located nearby you. You can get roadside help for you, when you’re low on fuel. Fuel Finder is found on the app market for only 2.99$ and Fuel Finder doesn’t require a subscription pack, so that you can use them for lots of information.

2.Smart Fuel: Smart Fuel gives you a best feature where you can get more detailed report of your fuel. Smart Fuel enables the users to bookmark their recent gas stations it also provides an accurate station listing. Smart Fuel comes with month of free train period and you can continue the subscription further by paying 4.99$ for 6 months or for 14.99$ for 24 months of time. The interface allows you to save your fuel and you can save more by subscribing to this application.

3.Road Ahead: Road Ahead is an app which brings out the necessary amenities which are available in the high ways; you can find the best objects which are present in your way. Road Ahead provides the list of gas stations which are available in the high ways and with its prices too. You can find out the best gas station over the various localities and you can scroll through the various localities station for best prices. Road Ahead is all-in-one application which offers you many services and you can get all information about your trip with this application itself.

4.Gas Buddy: Gas Buddy is a brilliant application which gives you all information about the gas station and its prices for totally free. If you were searching for an application which is totally free of cost for your road trip, the Gas Buddy could be a best one in the list. Gas Buddy has a list of features which is totally comes for free of cost.

5.Fuel Smart Pro: Fuel Smart Pro is a premium application which comes with list of comprehensive gas stations and with the accurate prices. The interface of the Fuel Smart Pro is very nice and the features of the Fuel Smart Pro are solid. Fuel Smart Pro makes your travel more simple and elegant; you can subscribe the application for 2.99$ per year. Since it is pro version, you can go for Fuel Smart Pro for better use.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Keyboard Shortcuts for iPhone & iPad

Keyboard Shortcuts
iPhone and iPad are becoming a bestselling gadgets in the world and most of the people started to fall over it. In this post, you can get the top tricks and shortcuts for Keyboard in your iOS 7 devices. They are given as;

1.This is the one of the best trick form which you can enter the text very quickly in your device. If you want to insert a text you can insert it very fast by simply holding the corresponding characters and a list of related accented characters will appear in a popup menu and you can choose them from the pop up list. Release the key when you have selected the correct accented character and you can easily enter the character in the text.

2.You can easily split the keyboard of your iPad keyboard and you can type faster in the keyboard with both of your device. If you want to split the keyboard simply press the keyboard icon which is present in the lower right side of the screen and choose split option. This allows you to split the keyboard in the iPad and you can type faster with this split keyboard. Suppose if this option is not available in the iPad, Go to Setting -> Keyboard and select the split keyboard option in the Ipad setting to enable the Split Keyboard.

3.You can easily insert a space in between two words and you can also insert a dot (.) after the end of the line by simply double tapping the space bar. If you were tapping the spacebar twice you can easily get the dot after the word and the next letter which is followed by the dot will be automatically starts with capital letter.

4.The keyboard of the iOS is pretty good and it is very smart in adding the apostrophes in the text you were entering over it. If you were entering the text without apostrophe, the keyboard will automatically enter the apostrophe in the text wherever it is necessary. For example, if you were entering the word “dont” in the keyboard, then it will automatically enter it in the keyboard as don’t. You can even long press the comma button to include the apostrophe in your text.

5.Safari web browser in the iPad and iPhone has a special feature which allows you to automatically insert the domains when you were entering a web address in the address bar. By simply pressing the dot button for a while you can easily get a list of domains which you can easily choose from that and you can quickly open the website in your browser.

Hope so you have likes this list of tricks and shortcuts for your iPhone and iPad keyboard; this will help you to improve your typing speed and you can easily enter the text by using this keyboard shortcuts.

How android is better than the iPhone

android vs iPhone
Android is the one of the leading operating system which is used in most of the mobile phones rather than using iOS. Since apple comes with its iOS devices, people are buying android based smartphones for their day-to-day use. In the field of entertainment, Android is the king which plays various roles in creating innovation among the developers. On the other hand, Apple’s iPhones are class and they are most sophisticated ones which is available in the market. This makes you to get confused which one will be your favorite choice while selecting the devices. The features of android make the android to be a better choice while considering both iPhones and Android mobiles.

1. Storage Memory: The memory capacity of the android smartphones will range according to their hardware features. This allows you to extend your device memory to external storage too; you can extend your storage of your smartphone by using external memory sticks. But this option is not available in the iPhone; the memory capacity of the iPhone is limited since it has only built-in memory. This adds a point to the android devices and you can extend your memory by using external memory stick. Users can easily buy the memory sticks and they can replace one memory stick after another when it gets full of free memory space. Even they can dedicate each memory stick for movies, songs and so on.

2. Multi-Tasking: The process of multi-tasking is very poor in the apple’s iPhone. You can only open a single application at a time. In iPhones, you cannot open more than a single application. If you want to open other applications, you need to close the previous one and then only you can able to open another application in your device. But the android mobiles are totally different, you can open any application as you want until the RAM gets full. This is an amazing feature which is present over the android devices. You can run more than a single application at a time. For example, you can open Facebook Messenger to chat with your friends and at the same time you can minimize it and open another application too. This even adds another point to the android mobiles and devices.

3. Battery: Apple’s iPhones comes with the in-built battery which cannot be removed very easily. In case of any failure, you cannot easily change the battery of the device and you need to take it to the service center. But you can easily change the battery of the android devices. In case of any battery failure, you can easily change the battery by simply removing the case of the android devices. The removable battery in the android devices brings out the android mobile to be the best devices than the iPhone.

Hope you have found the best devices for your day to day activities and you can easily bring out the differences between the iPhone and the other android devices by using these features.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Top Best Free iPhone Music Apps

Band of the day
iPhone little expensive than other leading brands of mobile and tablets. In the same manner iPhone apps can be little too expensive than that of Apps in Google Play Store. This major expensiveness is due to its source. iPhone apps are closed source unlike the Android market. These app will be especially expensive when try to get them too much.Providentiallysome of the best music apps won’t cost you a much. Apps in iPhone can be used to listen free music or also functional to identify unknown song on the radio, so on fetching this iPhone app would add worthy to your collection.

1. Band of the day 

If you interested in discovering new music everyday this will be a precious app. Often app like other music app won’t provide you any sample music regarding the search. Band of the day provide you nearly 3 or 5 songs related to your search and helps to relate that is that musician satisfies your interest. When you skew like mad on a few genres-singer or writer,folk or blue then you’ll love this app, would have downloads at Itune.

2. Pandora Radio 

If you checkout the iPhone App store and review the most downloaded music app then Pandora Radio will be at the top. This is so because it is easy to download, very simple to use and works extremely to your satisfaction. Pandora app sets itself apart from the internet radio, as it allows to play a customized playlist as per the user. But the drawback comes to existence when you need to listen to more music because you’re limited to 40 hours of free music.

3. Shazam 

If your favorite number is going on the radio and doesn’t know who actually composed it, surely it’s going to be frustrating. Shazam really resolves this problem by hearing the music 10sec, it gives the complete details about that particular song. This song provides you 5 song identifications per month.

4. Last.fm 

An competitor to Pandora which offers the same service as them but also it has some unique features associated with them like tour dates, calenders. You can skip as much song as you can and no restriction. It offers as many songs as possible but takes a lit longer to buffer.

5. Slacker Internet Radio 

Slacker Internet Radio offers you to access hundreds of radio stations. Offer you to personalize according to user’s wish, fine-tune also possible to those stations.

6. Rhapsody 

App discussed above will avail at free of cost initially but this app will cost at least $9.99 per month. This on the other side will offer to hear over 11 millionsong. Rhapsody allows you to listen songs offline, which is a massive benefit.

Best Practises of DVD Printing

You've taken the time and effort to produce a DVD for your clients, workers or the general public. Now you want to present it in the best possible light, Duplication Centre can help.

With clients including BMW, Vodafone, Aviva and more, Duplication Centre have built an enviable reputation for customer service, quality, quick turnaround and price since they launched in 2004. The Essex-based firm have built an unrivalled reputation and 50% of their clients are happy customers coming back for more, so the quality speaks for itself.

A Complex Art

DVD printing on a large scale is a complicated art and Duplication Centre has invested heavily in the market-leading Xerox machinery to print directly to the disc. They will not use cheaper litho, offset or thermal printing techniques, as they simply don't believe they give the best result for the client. Duplication Centre does not print on labels that can be stuck to the disc either, it gives a cheap and often grainy finish that does not belong at this level. Instead they offer full-colour printing direct to the disc that gives the best result each and every time.

So if you want simple black letting or one-colour letters you can be sure that the edges will be crisp and clean. And if you want to go further and have a dramatic full-colour design covering the surface of your disc then you know if will turn out perfect, vibrant and rich.

The Customer is King, They Remember That

At Duplication Centre they pride themselves on customer service, too. So as well as 24-hour turnaround times the client gets a dedicated DVD Duplication manager that is available 24/7 to answer your queries or just to let you know how your disc is progressing. When you're on a tight deadline, that piece of mind if priceless, as is the tracked next-day UK mainland delivery service that lets you know exactly when your discs will arrive.

Duplication Centre firmly believes in transparent pricing, too, so an online tool on the website tells you exactly what you'll pay before you even pick up the phone. In fact their automated system means you never have to. You can order online, deliver artwork and track the whole process online, saving you time and money.

Online Art Creation

When it comes to artwork, Duplication Centre can save you money again. You can upload professionally designed Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw files, or you can use their innovative online Artwork Creator tool. You don't need any design skills and even with limited computer knowledge you can have your own, professional-looking design produced in mere minutes.

A thin coat of lacquer ensures the colours pop and your DVD is not only protected, it will also come with that luxurious lustre that marks an expensive disc apart. And Duplication Centre does not forget the packaging.

Package Price

Duplication Centre offers DVD wraps, booklets or printed inlays for DVD cases, even Digipaks that are fully cellowrapped if you wish to go for the full dramatic effect. They use 210gsm Xerox stock gloss paper that has the right weight and quality and can provide a full DVD wrap and printed booklet for the DVD case, unless the client simply wants the DVD wrap or a booklet in a plastic wallet for conference giveaway DVDs and other uses.

Whatever packaging you decide upon, Duplication Centre will give you the best possible results at the best possible price, in the best possible time.
Martin Jonson is director of the UK's leading DVD/Blu-ray/CD duplication company providing exceptional quality at the lowest UK prices. He offers next day delivery anywhere in the UK and will complete your job quickly with the greatest care. You can connect with him on Google+.