Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How to Play YouTube Videos in the Background on iOS

Youtube in the background on iOS

YouTube is becoming a massive web portal which leads you to get any video or audio over the internet. It is supposed to be the world largest website that provides you millions of videos that you can easily watch over the various devices you have. You can view any video that is present over the youtube.com and it’s totally free of cost. You can run the videos on your device and you can perform various tasks while you were on the work. These things were only possible in the desktop computer only; but in case of mobile devices you should play videos only if you’re using that in the foreground only. YouTube mobile app doesn’t support playing of videos in the background of the mobile. Suppose if you’re switching to any other application, then the app will pause the video in the mobile device.

But you can perform this trick in your mobile too. In this post, you can easily learn how to easily play YouTube videos in the background of the mobile which let you to perform various tasks on your mobile device.

In order to play the YouTube video on your mobile, you need only two things. The first one is Safari browser and next one is YouTube mobile application on your mobile.

Just open the safari browser on your iOS device and also open the YouTube on your device; play your favorite videos on the YouTube website and hear it on the device. Now tap home button in your device to go to the Home screen of the device; then switch to another application. Then you can notice that your video has been stopped playing. Now open the control panel by swiping the bottom screen of your device. Tap the play button in the control panel and you can see the video has been playing on the device. Now you can swipe to any application in your device; now you can see the video is playing on the device. You can perform various applications while the audio streams in the background of the device.

Suppose your device is not upgraded to iOS 7, then you can use the same technique to hear the audio while performing other tasks. Instead of swiping the bottom screen to open the control panel, you can simply open the control panel by double tapping the home button and press the play button to play the video in the background of the screen.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A security expert creates undetectable malware on Mac OS X

malware on Mac OS X
Macs are no longer the island of security that wanted to believe as they were. Malware exist on Mac OS X and start being more numerous. One researcher even found a "simple" way to make them undetectable. In April 2012, the Flashback botnet began to hurt the feeling of invulnerability of the Mac community, which for years had felt safe from viruses and other malware.

Sign of changing times, as related to an increase in market share to Apple’s professional cybercriminals. Cyber attacks seeking the best return on investment or, indeed, the apple computers often tend to be chosen by the target value. Since new malware for Mac OS X have succeeded without causing much damage as Flashback, but demonstrating every time the fortress "breathtaking" was no longer or had never been.

There are some days, Daniel Pistelli, a security researcher for Cerbero German company, announced that they had obtained a proof of concept with important consequences. It would be possible of creating undetectable malware on Mac OS X, as well as the system for any security solutions.

 To do this, they used one of the tools that Apple has built into Mac OS X and is used to encrypt the executable houses like Dock.app or Finder.app to protect. However, this encryption can equally well be used to "protect" the executable malware, he said in a post on his company blog. Security software is then unable to detect because it is encrypted - even if they were able to recognize before.

To provide a solution to the proof of concept that has unveiled Daniel Pistelli advanced in his post several tracks. The first implies that the virus include a decryption mechanism in order to recognize new malware. The second that these security systems try to find numerical code segments, and if they are, do not trust only executables that are signed by Apple itself. Finally, the third solution in the event of a discovery of encrypted code, antivirus allow only executable whose cryptographic signature matches a trusted key

How to sync an Android device to your Mac

sync Android with mac
Syncing an Android device with OS X is not at all easy. You have to be thankful to Google own Cloud services which makes this very simple. Here are the steps to sync your Android phone to Mac.
To do this, first you have to make your phone to sync with you Google account. If it is already sync means check whether it is sync by going to settings > Accounts > Google and tab your email address on the top of the screen. After this you can confirm that you are sync with the contact box.
After that go to Address book app on your Mac and then go to Address book > Preferences > Accounts, and then choose on my Mac. In that you will see two boxes. In that one will says “Synchronize to Yahoo” and another one says “synchronize to Google”. Select which one you want and then press Accept button in the pop up box and then enter your email address and password when it is prompted. Choose sync now from the drop down menu.
To sync your android/Google calendar with your iCal, you have to open the iCal app in your Mac and then navigate to iCal > Preferences > Accounts. Now, press plus (+) button or symbol in the lower left corner to add a calendar to your iCal. In that choose Account type to Automatic and then enter your email address and password and then click create.
In case if you have so many several Google accounts connected with your accounts means then you have to choose which one you want to make to show in iCal by selecting iCal > preferences > Accounts. And also you can check the apt boxes.
The easiest way to sync your media which includes music, videos, photos and podcasts by double twist, which is the free android app and is commonly known as iTunes for android. Through USB cable or via Wi-Fi you can sync your media with Double twist. Jelly bean version of android or later versions can support only USB MTP mode but not USB MSC mode. As a result, in anticipation of Double twist updates its app to support the USB MTP mode, these android devices can sync only through Wi-FI that is Air sync.
If you want to use the Double twist app, first you have to download and install the Double twist app on your Mac. When you open the program for the first time, the app scans your iTunes and scans all your media like music, videos and photos. But it won’t automatically scan you have to manually import them automatically import the files by check the box next to “Automatically import iTunes playlist changes”.
After that download the free Double twist app to your Android phone; After that use a USB cable to connect your phone to your Mac; After that follow the instructions which are given below on the screen to mount your phone to the computer .Click on the sync options in your device when your phone is mount. On one occasion you can sync all your media such as photos, music, videos. Another method is dropping i.e., by the method of drag and drop you can sync on your device.

It is trouble-free for you to sync your non media files such as documents and spreadsheet, between your android and Mac. This is because of Cloud storage services. For your easy understanding, I use Drop box, but you can use any services that appeals in the direction of you like Box, Google drive, Sky drive or Sugar.
First you have to download the Drop box app for your Android and the next step is you have to register to Drop box with your account information. After these steps if you place any file in your Drop box, it will automatically sync between your Android and Mac automatically. As on the iPhone, it is available to choose to have without human intervention it will save and sync the photos which are taken by your Android device. If you permit this option it will give an extra 500 MB storage space. This option is very useful in case if you lose your mobile.
One of the easiest ways to sync everything to your Mac from your Android device is to make use of Google’s own app for email, calendaring, contacts and also photos. If you carry out, you can make possible syncing from your web based Google account to your Android device. You can do this by going to Settings > Accounts > Google and then tap your Google account.
With the help of this menu, you can hook and eye syncing of various Google services. The Google services includes Google chrome, Photos, Google Play magazines, Google play music, Google + and Picasa web album. With the help of this you can on or off these options. An out of the ordinary feature is you can also choose to sync the internet, which syncs the Google search results across devices.

App crash frequently for Apple's iPhone 5s

Apps runs in the iPhone 5s are not stable? Is it due to iOS 7? Or the new 64 -bit processor or the apps itself? According to a study overthrow apps on the iPhone 5s at any rate twice as often as they do on the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5. According to U.S. reports, the study of analytics and monitoring company Crittercism found that apps crash on the new iPhone 5s twice as often as on the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5. 

In the evaluation of several hundred million apps supposedly turned out that the percentage of crashed apps in Apple's iPhone 5s of approximately 2 percent. The proportion of an app crash on iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c, however, is reported to range from around 1 percent. A possible reason for the frequent crashes, the analysts see the 64 -bit combination of iOS 7 and A7 processor in the iPhone 5s.

Apparently, some developers had tested their apps rather late in this regard and not yet optimized respectively and adjusted. Overall, Apple is in the transition to 64 -bit system, but well done, it says in Crittercism. Previously in forums and on YouTube we heard a lot already numerous case studies to complete system crashes like “Blue Screen of Death “at Apple's iPhone 5s for attention. Apparently, Apple is aware of the problem and is working on relief. Apple has now released two iOS updates for iOS 7 and the update to iOS 7.0.3 should be followed shortly with further bug fixes.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Top iPhone apps that can control obesity

Abnormal weight causes people to feel worse than anything in this world; living with extra ordinary body weight is a bad curse for those who is having the abnormal weight. Most of them are trying to find a new ways to reduce their body weights and it is very difficult to find a better ways to reduce your weight in this technology era. If you have iPhone in your hand, then you can easily find a way to reduce the weight of your body. There are lot of application are available which helps you to reduce your body weight. This post allows you to learn information about the different apps and helps you to reduce your body weight.
Digifit – Monitor your Heart Activities
Digifit is an extra ordinary app which let you to monitor various activities of your heart beat. While you are performing various exercise activities, you should keep an eye on the heart beat rate and heart activities. It is the most important organ which plays an important role in your exercise activities. Digifit application brings you an interactive feature which helps you to monitor the various activities of your body heart rate. In the same time, the digifit allows you to make a note on the number of calories which are burnt on the daily basis.
Daily Calorie Calculator
Daily Calorie Calculator is an awesome app which helps you to calculate the amount of calorie which you’re in taking in the form of food. It is a simply and most effective iPhone app which helps you to maintain the constant diet and you can maintain your food calories by using this awesome app. This app has let you to use the interface which has various options for different gender, weight, height and various workout levels. This application may seriously helps in reducing the weight of a person by allowing them to consume only necessary calories of food.
MyNetDiary is a wonderful mobile application which allows you to track your fitness; MyNetDiary is a brilliant iPhone application that let you to customize the day to day routine diets on a regular basis. This application evaluates the various calorie charts for your food which you were in taking day per day. You can use this application in your mobile by subscribing it for free and also you can get the premium version of this application in your mobile for better features and functionalities.
Lose it
Lose it is a brand new iPhone which let you to know various information about the number of calories present in each and every food which you were consuming. This mobile app allows you to create a fully manageable plan which consists of various day to day activities. By using this iPhone app, you can set the goals to reduce the weight of your body and you can enter your body stats as well. You can set the application to bring you notification about your body activities through your email and allows you to reduce your body weight in a particular time period.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

6 Great iPhone 5S/iPhone 5C Accessories

Apple's release of the iPhone 5S and 5C not only introduced two impressive new smartphones to the world, but brought a new generation of accessories along with them to protect and enhance them. With the holiday season upon us, here are six must-have iPhone 5S and 5C accessories, and a few ways on how to save money when shopping for them:

​Apple iPhone 5S Dock

The iPhone 5 introduced us all to Apple's new Lighting connector – a great advance in charging/data relaying technology, but something that rendered many people's accessories and extra cords useless. They released an official adapter that worked with most accessories last fall, but until the announcement of the iPhone 5S and 5C, users with a Lightning device were without the option of an official Apple charging dock. Now, shoppers can enjoy safely charging their iPhone 5, 5S and 5C on an official dock charger, a sleekly-designed product that locks the iPhone in a sturdy, secure position while charging. When buying one, don't forget to bring a Best Buy promo code with you!
Mophie Juice Pack Plus A
vailable in three different colors, the Morph Juice Pack Plus (compatible with both the iPhone 5, 5S and 5C) is Morph's signature external battery case. It's sleek, slim design protects phones from everyday nicks and scratches with its shockproof band - and provides a lot of extra power, thanks to a battery with 120% the capacity of the iPhone's own (at less than 100% of the retail price, when shopping with a Newegg coupon), adding another 10 hours of talk time and hundreds of standby time.

A Gloves

Touchscreen-friendly winter gloves don't have to be expensive, despite what many retailer's offerings would have one think. A Gloves are an affordable (easily found between $10-15 at most places), work with all ten fingers thanks to their patented – and most importantly, will always keep a smartphone/tablet, even in the coldest months of the year.
Apple TV
A thoroughly underrated device, Apple TV is an extremely affordable option for iPhone users looking to stream music, photos, videos, and even games from their phone screen to their TV. With access to Netflix, MLB.TV, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, and dozens of other services, it's not only a hub to access Apple content on one's HDTV (in full 1080p), but any streaming video service one could imagine. It's a great gift for any Apple-using techie in the family- and a surprisingly affordable one at under $100 - even more when using a Adorama promo code during the holiday shopping season.

Otterbox iPhone 5S/5C

Over the years, we've tested dozens of different iPhone cases for various devices: and time and time again, we come back to the Otterbox line of smartphone cases, offering extreme protection. With multiple case options all offering the same industry-leading protection, there's no wrong choice to choose from in their extensive product line, a perfect gift for the slightly-reckless teenager getting a new iPhone as a gift this winter.
ZAGG Invisible Shield
Most people buy a case for their phone – but many neglect to protect the most important part of their iPhone 5S: the beautiful Retina display. When it comes to screen protection, there's really only one option anyone needs to consider: the ZAGG Invisible Shield. Designed from technology originally developed to protector the blades on military choppers, the Invisible Shield offers maximum protection and screen visibility at an affordable price (especially when shopping with a Best Buy coupon in hand).

A bonus tip: you don't need a receipt to get a replacement Invisible Shield from the kiosk in the local mall. Just bring the phone: the screen is the only receipt one needs – and it's only $5 to replace the screen, even if the old one's been on there for years.
By Allison Preston. Allison is an avid shopper and an experienced writer with a passion for deals and coupons and for saving her readers money. She currently writes for leading coupon and online promo code site bluepromocode.com based in Santa Monica, California. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Choosing a GPS Device Locator That is Right for You

If you have valuable possessions that you want to keep an eye on, you need to invest in a GPS device locator. Device locators help you to receive real time information concerning your valuables’ whereabouts. A variety of GPS tracking devices are available to help you keep track of your possessions. You can attach a device to your possessions and set the device up to send alerts to your smart phone or computer whenever the device leaves a designated area. Some devices come with a camera that displays the real time surroundings of the device on your smart phone or computer. This allows you to always know where your possessions are and what is taking place around them.
Many companies offer GPS devices. It is imperative to do research to assure that the GPS device you buy is best suited for your unique needs.
Company Reputation
Before you invest in a GPS tracker, be sure to first research the reputation of the company that made the device. Look into whether or not the company has a long history of offering high quality products, good customer service, and quality customer feedback. It is important that the company will be around for many years to come so that it can continue to provide you support throughout the life of your device.
Size of Device
Next, decide which device size best suits your needs. A smaller, lightweight device is generally more portable than a larger device and can be used almost anywhere. You can drop it in your child’s backpack, hide it in your computer case that are loaning to a friend, or put it in your teenager’s car. Smaller devices can be attached to more items without being seen. Although there are many advantages of investing in a smaller GPS device, a larger GPS device has many pros, too. Larger devices often offer longer battery life and features like a camera, heat sensor, and motion detector. 
Battery Life of Device
Once you have decided on the size of device that will best suit your needs, you musty decide on battery life. Battery life varies among GPS trackers, but most units tend to work for at least a week before needing a recharge if they are used for about two hours per day. If you want your device to protect your possessions for a longer length of time between charges, you may want to consider more powerful devices and machines equipped with power saving modes.
Service Fees
If you do not need real time reporting from your GPS tracker, you may be able to save money on monthly service fees by opting for a tracking device that provides you with a data logger rather than real time reporting. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of real time reporting before deciding whether or not to invest in a device with service fees.
Whichever GPS device locator you choose, you are sure to experience greater peace of mind knowing that your most prized possessions are being securely monitored. 
Article courtesy of BrickHouse Security, find them on Facebook or stop by their site for more Industry news and updates on the latest home security and GPS tracking items. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

iMac 2013 with ultrafast Wi -Fi 802.11ac ?

The iMac is the first computer to take full advantage of Wi -Fi 802.11ac . MacBook Air 2013 already provides support for this standard, but the fact that has only two antennas, they are not able to reach the theoretical bandwidth of 1.3 Gb / s. They reach the best 867 Mb / s. iMac 2013 with AirPort Time Capsule 2 TB that was tested last June. And as shown in the capture and it managed to get a theoretical speed transmission 1300 Mb / s.The tests were conducted in a relatively overloaded in terms of Wi-Fi routers middle and got to hang this famous figure with the iMac near the AirPort Base Station. Both devices were a meter away.

Still, the transmission speed displayed was extremely unstable and most cases ranged between 867 Mb / s and 1300 Mb / s.We have not seen improvements with the tests that we carried out with the MacBook Air Haswell. And this is a surprise for us. In the best case, we have peaks at 60 MB / s (480 Mb / s). With MacBook Air, you already got similar numbers. Ethernet, on the same network, we get in the best case speeds twice as good. Still, the difference with the 802.11n Wi-Fi is pretty significant. We conducted tests of raw performance with WiFiPerf utility. And the difference in rates observed between 2013 iMac and MacBook Air 2012 ( therefore in 802.11n Wi-Fi ) is more than clear. The first is on average two times faster than the second.

Best 5 Superhero Games for iPhone

Superhero are the favorite character for all aged persons; they are blockbusters all the time. Superhero characters are very popular in comics, television show and in video games too. Innovative ideas and creativity of the developer helps them to create several games that exactly point out the characters of the roles of the super hero. They also provide you various information about the characters, their strength, sense of justices, bravery and their honor. These games bring you in to actions and put in the various roles of these various Superhero Characters. The various Top 5 Superhero Games for iPhone are as follows:


Gods among Us Injustice: Gods among Us is one of the Top 5 Superhero Games for iPhone and it is a leading unique game that mixes several types of playing styles. It is a highly enjoyable game in which you can create a gang / cluster of superhero and super villains for your game. This improves various level of playing strategies for the mobile users. The developer of the game has developed in such a way so that the user can get a real experience while playing the game.

X- Men 

X-Men is a classic arcade game which is based upon the X-Men Movie. In this game, you can play various roles of the superhero in the X-men Movie. X-Men allow you to play as Strom, Wolverine, Cyclops and other three characters. You can simply download the game from the store and you can use your mutant power to blast off the various enemies of the sentinel’s army. This game allows let you to join via Bluetooth and you can set your own team to rescues the Professor Xavier as a team.

Batman Arkham City Lockdown 

Batman Arkham City Lockdown is a best game which comes under Top 5 Superhero Games for iPhone. This game allows the users to play various levels by entering into the batman costume and it supports various costumes and power ups for the Batman Character. This game was developed before few years back, even though various updates has been released which bought various characters and costumes to the Batman Character in the Game.

The Amazing Spider Man 

The Amazing Spider Man is one of Top 5 Superhero Games for iPhone which brought you into the character of Spider Man. By installing this game in your iPhone, you can crawl and swing through the different streets of New York. This game was developed in order to virtualise the role of Spider Man and users can easily understand the objective of the game within few minutes of game play. There are more than 25 missions had to be completed by the users and you can play with different power ups in order to defeat the Lizard and his minions.

Iron Man 3- The official Game 

Iron Man 3 is the official game version of the Iron man 3 Movie; you have to put the Iron man Suit in order to defeat the Enemies before they take over the world. Fly around various places and discover the new levels for your game play.

classifieds TV campaigns

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OLX TV Campaign
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How to use iCloud space effectively

If you're a MobileMe user, you may receive regular emails from Apple asking you to reduce your storage space or to hand the wallet in an effective way. Few little useful information to quickly gain a few things up and handle the situation. You can work on your iCloud space from your Mac.

Just go to System Preferences, select iCloud, and then click Manage. On an iOS device, go to Settings, then to iCloud, then Storage / Backup and Manage Storage. The Backup section is certainly the most interesting. The thing is not known to all, but iCloud keeps a backup (for the back up the option should have enabled previously) all your iOS devices. In other words, it is not possible that you have in the cloud backups of iOS devices that you no longer own. The other one that can take up much space is they is backups itself.

To analyze the contents of a backup, you must look on each iOS device of which data are stored. For the "snapshot" of a backup, go to iCloud, Storage / Backup and Storage and select Manage your iOS device that you have in your hands. To avoid getting too big backup, consider empty it regularly. On the other hand, you can also uncheck items for which a backup is not absolutely necessary. The other one majorly occupies the storage is the mails. Apple suggests deleting messages from Trash and Junk folders.

The other solution is to archive old messages on the computer. To do this, just launch Mail, go to the Mailbox menu and select New Mailbox. Choose the location “On My Mac” and name the folder that will host your email iCloud. You can then select all the messages you want to archive, then go to the Message menu and select Move to. You do then is to choose the folder you created.

The transfer may take some time more. Note and it is logical that the emails in question will no longer be in the "cloud” and you cannot access it from your iPhone. Hence you have to sorting it through the applications. Then you do the cleaning in your applications you use with iCloud. If you use applications like Pixelmator or Preview with iCloud, you can quickly reach large numbers for storage. You can do, by selecting an application, select all the files stored or go case by case. Also remember to remove your cloud documents created by apps that you no longer need. To determine whether your efforts are paying off, do not hesitate to consult the gauge which is at the bottom of the dashboard iCloud.

Best Mac Antivirus Applications and why you need any of them

Mac defender: The first Major Mac threat? 

Mac defender is developed by Intego. It is a program that functions which serves as a real spyware removal client. Mac defender will present itself as a pop up which tells automatically when your computer is infected by virus. If your Mac is infected and you want to remove the virus, first you have to download and install the Mac defender software. Once you click on the pop up will Mac will be involuntarily tainted by the virus and thereby accessing your individual and economic information. After confirming that their Mac is exaggerated by virus, Apple quickly released a security update for Mac OS X. After this incident many of the Mac users questioned about their internet security. You all know that many of the people want to use Mac because of its security and reliability.

Do I need Antivirus? 

I always prefer YES for this question. If you want your pc to work peacefully without any problem you must have an Antivirus application installed in your Mac.

What are the options? 

There are so many Antivirus is there for Mac. If you search online to download Antivirus you will get so many Antiviruses. Software developers like Norton and McAfee are creating security tools for Apple system. Whenever you want to install Antivirus in your Mac you need to check these basic things to get a satisfactory internet security.

1. Regularly run the software updates. Apple regularly releases their software updates. So always make sure that your software is updated.

2. Prevent unauthorized computer access by simply turn on the firewall access.

3. For more security, you want to encrypt your home folder as well as other sensitive information by using Filevault.

ClamX AV 

This is one of the free virus scanners for Mac. And Making it on the top of the list. This ClamX AV efficiently scans your hard disks. After the scanning this Antivirus completely removes the infected files. This will automatically update itself to keep your computer protected. The basic requirement for this software is Mac OS X 10.4 and above OS. And this software is available for free.

Sophos Antivirus 

This Antivirus is mostly popular in windows but now Mac users are also using it. This software scan your Mac completely for any viruses and also any other threats. This software will detect the latest threats only if you update it regularly.

VirusBarrier X6 

This software was developed by Intego. These company antiviruses are very expensive but it will definitely worth your money. Anti spyware and firewall features are enabled with this software. The entire security packages cost 120$ and the antivirus cost 75$. This software requires Mac OS X 10.5 and above as the basic requirements.

Norton Antivirus 

This software is quite pricy since it has so many features. This software protects your computer from various threats. There are so many virus created daily. So it is difficult to choose the best antivirus to protect your computer.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How and why to clone your Mac Hard drive

A clone is a bootable backup of your Mac’s hard drive which provides idleness for both your data and the Macintosh Operating system. The cloning process is used to save the important data and files which you never want to lose. If you have any important personal data and you want to take back up for that file, cloning is used. You can keep your backup in various forms like Image, clone etc.., in case of system crash or if you lose any data, clone helps you roll back your Mac OS X installation.

Cloning requirements

The main requirement is that if you create clone, then the size of the destination should be larger or equal. This cloning process erases all the data in the destination drive where you want to backup your data and then copies the entire file from the source file, and then makes the clone drive bootable. You can use both internal and external drive for clone. Intel Macs can boot from external FireWire or by USB drives.

Cloning with stellar drive clone 

To clone your Mac’s drive there are so many utilities available. In that the oldest and most popular one is Stellar Drive Clone. If you want to clone your Mac safely then the best method is cloning with Stellar drive clone. This clones your Mac hard disk with the help of some advanced and highly reliable mechanism which protect your data safely. This software allows you to clone the entire hard disk to another disk or particular folder to another folder, or files. You can create an exact sector by sector image of your Mac and saves this image at any desired location.


1. This creates an exact mirror image of your Mac hard drive to another drive.

2. The clone drives will be formatted with MBR (Master Boot Record) partition map scheme.

3. It supports solid state drives and exFAT formatted drives.

4. Clone your volume to another volume and also folder, files etc..,

Most of the people want to keep their backups in time machine. Time machine arrives is unbootable but it contains multiple versions of your files. The most common issues with the time machines are listed below.

 Issues with time machine:

1. Backup is not bootable: Even though time machines backup all the data and files on your disk. In case of internal HD fails, then you can’t boot directly from your time machine backups

2. It doesn’t keep data forever: time machine generally doesn’t saves it’s changed or deleted files ever. It doesn’t show even the notification when the files it’s containing is deleted.

3. Doesn’t compress files: since it doesn’t store duplicate copies of file, it does not compress the Mac files.