Friday, March 29, 2013

Apple iTV

Apple is preparing to launch iTV for the Smartphone and tablets, and shake up the television market. All the rumors and the most beautiful fan design at a glance. Apple dispensed with his TV on a full HD display and offers the same to a 4K model it seems. According to "DigiTimes" Cupertino is working on an Ultra HD device called "iTV" at a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels. But there are skeptics. Reasons are an ultra-high-definition TV would be very expensive and not a product that the consumer exchanges quickly with a new model generation. The company is thrives on but that customers always buy new equipment.

Even in Steve Jobs biography reveals the Apple CEO in an interview with Walter Isaacson, that he has become intensely concerned about a television. How far the work had progressed in Cupertino to a TV set, but Jobs did not reveal. It then regularly circulated about the alleged new Apple TV. The name Apple TV is, however, already tied to the set-top box, which for years provides television channels with an iOS-like interface; access to iTunes has and brings content from the iPhone and iPad on the big screen. In Britain, a channel called iTV radiates from its program since 1955. Thus the two popular names for Apple's television are already occupied. So it's exciting to what name at the end and the choice is.

The predictions concerning the size of the Apple TV's vary between 30, 42 and 50 inches - with more than just a screen size to start are possible. A retina display size that would still priceless. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently referred OLED as insufficient, so it will be interesting, the technology for which Apple chooses. With the iMac and the Thunderbolt display Apple has screens on offer, which could be modeled on the design of a television. Alternatively, there is also an orientation on iPad mini or a completely different appearance. So far, however, only curiosity raged outside Cupertino and waiting for them to publish their designs for the iTV. From the company headquarters, there has been no evidence for this yet.

Movies, series and music and more already sell through its iTunes store. A basic listing is thus available, but on a TV of course also includes the classic television. In addition, there will certainly be apps for the small screen and possibly Apple uses this opportunity to also introduce the iTunes Store flat rate offers. With the surface of the set-top box Apple TV Apple has been trying for several years in practice, such as a TV remote control. The user interface of the iTV will indeed guided by the appearance of the Apple TV software, but will certainly be changed by Apple and yet to clarify them.

A television of course Apple can go wireless or cable network online. In addition, probably a ThunderBolt port is available, the Apple used on all computers. To USB ports and there is no way a TV needs logically an antenna input. Exciting is the question of whether Tim Cook and his team believe that external devices may provide via HDMI, DVI or VGA video signals, or whether they consider unnecessary. There is so far no one really sure. According to the predictions of some experts, it would have been the end of 2012 Apple TV is able to buy. Currently, the fall is 2013 as the earliest release date, said an announcement would be considered as early as March. Surely this is long but not yet. Apple may wait even two or three years to present a perfect device with affordable Retina display.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Trick to Bypasses code lock the iPhone

A few days ago Apple has released iOS version 6.1.3, which has patched critical vulnerabilities. However, the update causes problems: it means that a password lock on the iPhone is partially invalid. The 6.1.3 update for iOS is not the first update, prepared to rectify the problems. On YouTube, a user named Barraquito uploaded a video. It shows how the code lock an iPhone 4 is bypassed with iOS 6.1.3. Therefore, the voice dialing function is activated. This can also be used when the screen is locked by the user presses the button below the display for a long time. About a voice command selects the iPhone a number and the user has to remove the SIM card so that the call is terminated. Now the iPhone is free to access to the phone app, without asking for the code. An unauthorized person could access to the address book thro this app and part with all the contacts stored and the images from the Photos app. apparently this trick only works with the iPhone 4 and 3GS. All models that are already using Siri, therefore are not affected. To close the gap for the time being, users should disable the voice dial feature in the settings.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Popular board game Abalone officially available for iOS!

Now the popular board game Abalone is available for iOS; with vibrant graphics and beautiful tones it produces almost the same feel as the originals. Abalone is a game for two. In the app you can also play against the computer. On a hexagonal field are white and black balls. You may move one, two or three balls at the same time in one direction (in a diagonal line, or move sideways). Here you have the balls of different color space from the crowd. If it is your opponent in a row over while more balls than he have available, you can oust him from the board. Who first six balls swept the enemy from the field wins. The principle is easily learned. In the iOS version, there are several configuration options. A compelling 3D design has yet to play this game. Strategy board game for lovers or sympathizers abalone is exactly on the iPad and iPhone right now.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wacom Cintiq 13HD

Wacom introduces a new 13HD Cintiq with interactive pen display. It replaces the Cintiq 12WX entry level, adopting a 13.3 "HD, a new base and a new pen. According to Wacom, customers found the Cintiq 12WX screen too small, while the tablet was also quite impressive. The Cintiq 13HD therefore adopts a 13.3 " bigger size, while itself being very compact with thinner edges. Cintiq 13HD is also the thinnest, partly because it no longer includes base : Wacom book instead a removable base which allows you to place the tablet in four positions (flat, 22 °, 30 °, 50 °), against three for the 12WX.

The new Cintiq input range of a lot like a tablet Intuos range: Wacom also makes no secret of their intentions. It thus takes the arrangement of buttons on the previous version, with four Express Keys but abandoning the touch wheel in favor of a five-button D-pad. It loses the zooming or resizing progressive tools, but you can always assign to each of the nine buttons of Cintiq 13HD for a specific function with Wacom utility. We can therefore find the zooming (up and down buttons D-pad for example), and especially to assign one button several shortcuts via a radial menu. Each menu may itself contain sub-menus can theoretically assign 4000 functions to each button!

Note that this utility is compatible with all versions of Windows since XP, all versions of OS X for Mac OS X 10.6 and some GNU / Linux distributions. This is good, but keeps in mind that Wacom is abandoning Windows 2000, Mac OS X 10.3 and Mac OS X 10.4. The new Stylus Pro Pen is more comfortable to hold (new coating gummed) and balanced (thinner rear) than the previous version. Comes with accessories in a carrying case, offering 2048 levels of pressure and is always sensitive to tilt.

You can use the stylus on the new Intuos and Cintiq old and vice versa using the Cintiq 13HD on the former also. Wacom also commercialize the Pen Pro separately, for a price of about € 75 with case. In our fast handling of the Cintiq 13HD, we particularly appreciated the resolution of the screen. At 166 dpi, it is certainly much less than the Retina display (over 220 dpi), but is much higher than that of most Mac screens (100 to 130 dpi), and especially that of the Cintiq 22HD and 24HD. The viewing angles are excellent (178 °), but the only correct colorimetric (72% of the RGB color space, the possibility of calibration). The Cintiq 13HD will be available for a suggested retail price of € 899.90 inclusive of VAT for the month of April 2013 - can already pre-order in some stores.

A New Trojan infiltrates Mac OS X via major browsers

Malicious software called Trojan.Yontoo.1 currently raging on Mac OS X via booby-trapped web pages that install without the knowledge of users. It then scans the web for navigation display advertising screens through which malware authors are remunerated. We heard more about this kind of Trojans in Windows, But this time it is Mac OS X is a new victim of malware, identified by the Russian publisher of security solutions Doctor Web. It is a Trojan horse identified as the Trojan.Yontoo.1 that spreads through web pages offering trapped trailers movies.

The user is prompted to install a missing plug-in, a video player, a download accelerator or a program to improve the video quality. An application called "Twit Tube Free" will now install by adding a plug-in web browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome) that will monitor the peregrinations of the victim and her Canvas serve ads on each page visited. The authors of the scam remunerate the number of advertisements seen. To get rid of this trojan, users must remove the plug-in for their browser and perform a virus scan.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mac sd card recovery

Sometimes there may arise situations when one may need to retrieve files, photos or videos which may have been deleted, formatted or lost and would like to recover them. Recovery or retrieving of these files can be done on Windows or Mac OS. The best thing at the onset is to preserve the sd card with the files, by plugging it out of the device it is placed in, to avoid losing the contents of the files stored or any physical damage to it. The mac sd card recovery software is easy to use and user friendly enabling recovery with great ease. The user needs to choose one of the recovery options of either the lost file recovery or the raw recovery wherein the lost file recovery enables them to retrieve files which have been deleted by command, lost through formatting, corrupted partition or emptied from trash. This option is recommended first to recover lost data with original file name or folders. When the lost file recovery option is not helpful, the raw recovery option can be used and the recovery files here will not have the original folder structure or name.

A company originated in the year 2003, contributing their dedicated support to various parts of the globe, with diversified software products and services. The company certified as a National High Tech Enterprise by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China is presently recognized as the leading software provider in China. The software – Wondershare Photo Recovery for Mac enables to recover lost, erased inaccessible or formatted audio video files from Mac to other storage devices. The mac sd card recovery when connected to the system, provides a complete recovery from Mac based hard drive, USB drive, iPod, digital camera, external hard drive or any other storage media, effectively. A reliable and a professional sd card recovery for Max program has a better chance to recover deleted files from sd card mac which are available at reputed online stores. Users could download the trial version of SD card recovery software which can recover images and files from sd card easily, keeping in mind to use the right version for the computer to recover the desired files.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

OS X 10.8.3 is Available Now

Apple distributes the new version of OS X. This revision 10.8.3 is available via the Mac App Store for all users of Mountain Lion. Its beta test was particularly long since started in the last days of November 2012.

The following are on the menu:
• the possibility of converting the code of iTunes gift cards in the Mac App Store using the camera built into your Mac;
• Support for Boot Camp to install Windows 8;
• Support for Boot Camp Mac with a 3TB hard drive;
• solving a problem of unexpected applications probably due to the URL of a file (the famous bug File);
• solving a problem probably caused the crash Logic Pro when some modules are used;
• solving a problem likely to cause poor audio quality on iMac 2011;
• Integration of Safari 6.0.3.

We used it daily since its first beta on one of our machines (iMac Core i7 previous generation) without encountering any particular problem. The activity on the Mac was still fairly standard: Safari, Mail, Twitter, Antidote, Reeder, Skitch, iTunes, App Store, etc...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Know your Samsung Galaxy S4 -2

As said the rumor a few months ago, Samsung has actually had novel methods of navigation with the Galaxy S4 who did not need the user touches the screen of the device. One of the first named Air View, which lets you swipe your finger on the screen of S4 to initiate additional input methods. For example, you can preview videos, see several tabs at the same time. Air Gestures is also possible with the Galaxy S4, and in fact a cool method of interacting with the device. You can make a hand signal from left to right or vice versa to scroll through the images in the photo gallery S4, change browser tabs or change songs in the music player of S4. Left and Right actions are not the only input methods Air Gesture because you can also do up and down to scroll through a web article.

View Air and Air Gestures rolled out as expected, although the two functions should be set in motion as it is disabled by default. The S4 could recognize the methods waved, from the open hand, a clenched fist, and even something as crazy as the salvation Vulcan were all recognized by the device. View on Air, tilt the S4 to scroll in an email or an article was as easy as they said, although I'm curious to see how this function works when you walk down the street and you accidentally tilt your device.

Given the time that our eyes see our Smartphone, it's a little scary to think that we can look at our devices to interact with us in different ways. Galaxy S4 is equipped with facial recognition technology to know that we are doing, not to spy on us, but for two features: Smart Pause and Smart Scroll, as the rumors say. Smart Pause function is presented as a way for the Galaxy S4 whether you give your full attention to the device if not it should pause the video you're watching. As cool as it looks, I've never been able to run the function with the little time I spent with the device. I do not know if my glasses or lighting has something to do with it, but even turning my head completely, the YouTube video has not paused. I guess the ability of the device to "see me" with correct lighting is the key to make it work.

Smart Scroll is another function of the Galaxy S4 watching you so that you can use while you are reading an email or web page to scroll text without having to touch the phone screen. It could be a very interesting feature if you hold your S4 with one hand and a drink in the other and you do not want to let go continue to read your article. Simply tilt the phone in the direction you want to scroll the words, and it will automatically done. Staying healthy is important for the vast majority of people, because we're in gyms, go out to run, and even do a basketball game from time to time. If you have your Galaxy S4 in hand, it will help you keep an eye on your health with very little interaction. After all, Samsung says its Galaxy phones are "made for humans", right?

In its program S Health, there are three tools that will help you maintain good health. The first is a pedometer, which counts the numbers of steps you take in a day, but if you are on a hill or slope, which respectively requires more or less effort. The second is a tracker comfort level, which takes into account the temperature and humidity of the day to let you know, "Hey! You got hot and dripping sweat today. "Last reflects what you eat to count calories.

Samsung does not make a ton at the moment, but the Galaxy S4 created KNOX, part of SAFE. Both are software programs that make life easier for IT Departments that manage Smartphone, especially in a BYOD (bring your own device) where employees and firms want to separate the data and apps "professional" and "personal". For now, the company cannot see any private data, which makes employees happy. On the other hand, professional apps are completely isolated and IT managers can easily remotely wipe in case of theft, or if the employee leaves the firm. KNOX we covered at the MWC 2013, so you can see what it is.

As you are probably aware, the Galaxy S4 will provide its users with unique features, but Samsung is also working on accessories to help you get the most out of your device.

One of the first things is improving its S Covers, which is called S Cover View. When the S Cover View is combined with the Galaxy S4, it will display information about a small window that will give you the time, incoming SMS, the identity of a caller or the ability to accept or decline a call telephone. This allows you to take your phone to tell the time or accept or reject an incoming call much easier because you no longer have to open your device to completely manage any of these simple tasks. Before today, we knew that Samsung would give substance to its Galaxy S4. The company has diversified to provide phablets, tablets, mini-tablets, among others, but its range of Galaxy S Smartphone has always been their mobile products with the most successful to date.

Galaxy S4 goes further than the Galaxy S3 is the most beautiful and powerful, while the phone will seriously consider those who do not yet have a Galaxy S device or iPhone owners when it will be available to second quarter of 2013.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Know your Samsung Galaxy S4 -1

After several months of rumors and speculation that Samsung has put together with his Galaxy S4, now they have finally lifted the veil of secrecy. And the results are certainly impressive a display of what the company believes to be his future in the Smartphone business since the Galaxy S4 is equipped with a 5-inch Full HD Super AMOLED, a camera of 13 megapixels on the rear panel and run on Android 4.2.2.  Galaxy S4 is loaded with a new software suite that is presented on hardware impressive. Samsung understands that beyond the impressive hardware, it is the user experience and user productivity that will ensure the success of its line of Smartphone Galaxy S series.

We know that the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S4 can be very important to you, then Samsung has not revealed everything about the specifications, but here is what is already official:

Android: Android 4.2.2
Main processor: Samsung Octa 5 OR Qualcomm Snapdragon, depending on the region.
Storage 16/32/64Go, microSD up to 64
Display: 5 "HD Super AMOLED (441 ppi +). Samsung reveal more about the technology of the screen.
Memory: 2GB of RAM
Battery: 2600 mAh
Main camera: 13 megapixel autofocus camera with 1080p recording
Front camera: 2 megapixel
Colors: black and white frost mist
Misc: infrared transmitter (remote control for apps)

Samsung has not confirmed what the area will Exynos 5 Octa, but since the Snapdragon S800 is scheduled to be included in the devices in the third / fourth quarter, the S600 will probably be used in the U.S.

The screen of the Galaxy S4 is also a Full HD Super AMOLED screen, which means it has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 441ppi more.

If you used a Samsung Galaxy S3 already, S4 Galaxy will be second nature to you, even if the screen is slightly larger, brighter, and thinner but the overall weight is lighter than the Galaxy S3. There is an infrared transmitter. The S4 has a polycarbonate casing that provides a cool look to the device, although it was hoped that Samsung would finally introduced a new Galaxy S device without the plastic case.
For the moment, we could not run the benchmarks and confirm performance figures, but here's what we felt when we used the Smartphone.

Navigate through apps at a normal pace and a look that would be considered "extreme" when the S4 manages everything that I balance. The shutter speed of the camera, which is a problem on some Android devices, is extremely fast and there is not any lag, even when using one of the new functionality.
When we launched the application, there was a slight delay from when we again press the icon of the app to the application that loads. Browsing the web, on the other hand, was a bit slow, but we guess it was mainly due to network connectivity issues. When web pages are loaded, scrolling through an article was fast.
Samsung has relied heavily on the APN. It is certain - it can take 13 megapixel photos and record videos at 1080p, but this is only the beginning, because Samsung has jousted many other things. Firstly, the company has made its user interface to the APNs Galaxy S4, given the praise that Samsung has received. We also like the camera app Google Android 4.2 by default, including the function photosphere (360 degree).

They also made improvements and adjustments, such as adjusting Shot Dual / Dual Recording. In DS / DR, you can take a photo and include yourself in the picture as a floating head in the picture. You can spice up your image with templates (models), such as a stamp, heart-shaped or fisheye to name a few. There are many other settings that will allow you to delete photo bombers (those people who pass in front of goal and spoil the photo) in a photo Eraser, and can create animated GIFs in Cinema mode where a person is immobile while the background is in motion, and a mode where you can take several pictures to include in a single photo, shot called Drama.

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 you can communicate with everyone, anywhere. Translator Galaxy S4 allows you to communicate with people who do not speak your native language (10 languages are supported by the time of launch. The Translator is integrated into a number of communications programs such as its Galaxy S4 email client, kitten and messaging. We have already seen something similar like this with Docomo translator, and this is the kind of tool that makes a big difference in real life.

Kitten is the video chat program that allows you to S4 chat with other users via S4 3-way video calls, video calls, two, and can even share a screen device with another user. The last function that facilitates the communication of the Galaxy S4 Easier is the function Group Play, which allows owners of Galaxy S4 to play against each other using Wi-Fi Direct can initiate a connection via NFC, or you can simply connect to other devices via Wi-Fi S4

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BlackBerry Z10 Features And Specifications -1

Forced by all sides in a market where BlackBerry was nevertheless the second place in the previous years, BlackBerry tries to stop the downward trend of itself with a brand new OS called BlackBerry 10, and two models, the Z10 and Q10. The global market is almost shared by Android and iOS are 70 and 21% respectively, but RIM can still hope to get out of the game by keeping the third place. However, they are trying to resist the thrust led by a Windows Phone Microsoft and determined to break into the crucial Smartphone market. The BlackBerry 10 itself meets the necessary conditions for itself as a viable alternative to operating systems. Let us discuss the few of the salient features of BlackBerry Z10. The body of the device not like that of HTC and is made entirely of good quality plastic.

On the front, the screen is glued to the plastic shell. The unit is turned off; there are only the logo of the manufacturer and the speaker grille. If you look closely, you can notice the light sensor located between the speaker and the screen, a photo / video sensor 2 megapixels on its right and the location of the LED that notifies BlackBerry characteristic of arrival of messages. Under the BlackBerry logo is a tiny slot for the micro. At the top are the headphone jacks and lock button. The latter, gray plastic is located in the middle of the wafer, a position that can be confusing at first, but it adapts very quickly.

On the right spine, there are three buttons, always gray plastic. Both are dedicated to volume control, and the third covered with a strip of shiny metal that can immediately identify the touch, is used to trigger the play / pause music or video. This additional button, which is also found on the iPod nano 7G is very convenient to control music playback without having to leave the Z10 BlackBerry from his pocket.

The left edge of the device reveals the micro USB 2.0 port and micro HDMI. Nothing is there at the lower part of the telephone, except the presence of a slot to facilitate removal of the rear face. The back just is not smooth but slightly textured and provides a pretty nice touch. At its center, the BlackBerry logo is inlaid shiny plastic. Top left is the 8 MP camera and flash.

Some may find the design of the BlackBerry Z10 too plain or boring, but it has the merit of being functional and not suffers any real fault. The iPhone 5 is decidedly more upscale with finer materials, but the BlackBerry device does not have to be ashamed of his finishing is neat.
Further let us discuss more about BlackBerry Z10 in our next post.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Technology Solutions From Nextrio

Nextrio founded in the year 2002 has been providing technology solutions and catering to the needs and requirement of users in professional IT network services. They have their headquarters in Tucson, Arizona and are equipped by an efficient team with high technical knowledge who are friendly and approachable. Their business at Nextrio is just not technology but strong relationships with shared respect for diversity combined with unwavering sense of responsibility, forming an excellent bonding relationship. . They strive to work hard rendering their best services to their customers while at the same time making remarkable financial contribution and support to non profit causes as well as to American Cancer Society, Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona, Ronald McDonald House, Tucson Padres and many more.

At  the technologist with business expertise help to craft all IT solutions which can solve all business challenges envisaged by the customer, improving user productivity with satisfaction enabling them to smartly spend the IT budget. IT Support Tucson team is ready to render their support and expertise to enable their customers to stay focused and progress in their business. They determine the right technology which can meet their business needs and also invest a great deal in training, R & D and certification ensuring that they have the updated and current opportunities for their users, like virtualization, IT security, disaster recovery, operation systems, to name a few. Users can request a quote by furnishing the required details at the site in order to receive the same.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sony Xperia Z

Introduced at CES 2013 held in Las Vegas earlier this year, the Xperia Z sensation among the public but not with experts and professionals. At first, the design is very successful elegance and sobriety, a screen of very good quality but also in terms of unique technologies that embeds HDR camera. The year 2013, the year of change for which Sony has seriously upset with the Smartphone market dominated by Apple and Samsung as Sony being the third. It starts well with the buzz caused Xperia Z. Indeed we talk across social networks, blogs, etc.

Xperia ™ Z kit includes incorporated battery, MH-headset Sony EX300AP, charger, micro USB cable for charging, synchronization and file transfer, and user documentation. Simplicity, sobriety, classic, is what emerges mainly at the sight of the Smartphone, a minimum of physical or sensory button. Power button remaining discreet and shortcut buttons integrated directly on the screen. There is no possibility for removing the battery unless it is all disassembled; aluminum and glass finish gives classic look. After it is a matter of taste, but we must admit that on the whole it is rather successful, it is not for me who says it is the success at the sight of the Smartphone. More quality Sony has not neglected here it is almost perfect. On the fluidity and speed, it is one of the best in the market. The large screen provides a viewing angle close to 170 °.

New on seal product and this is done at the cache ports which make access more difficult if you have no nails. No surprise, with its quadcore processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro and its graphics chip Adreno 320, associated with its large screen FULL HD or the function Miracast (mirror function on TV wifi).
The games run extremely well, even greedier. You have access to the large library of game virtual store PlayStation, Store Mobile offering games and other content specifically dedicated to Xperia Z. Benchmarks ... So for those who have no idea what good are these funny things, know that it is testing. Tests highlighting the computing power of the processor and graphics chip, the speed of Java in Web browsing, All this in order to note the software part of a Smartphone. This Android Smartphone is excellent in testing, beautiful graphics; it is indeed part of the best smart phones of the moment.

Sony has integrated its latest Exmor RS in its Xperia Z, like all smart phones, is difficult to achieve good record in low light, but it does not come out so bad compared to the competition. The high resolution of 12MP comes from its exclusive HDR sensor. It takes about late February, early March at a price of € 649 without subsidies. It will also support 4G based operators offering this network, NFC technology is also present. In conclusion, the Sony Xperia Z can cause a lot of change in terms of market share in the Smartphone sector; the battle will be very hard with Samsung and Apple. Each manufacturer of innovative, so innovation is good, but it must be that it is still useful to attract customers, gadgets and small changes are not enough to stand at top; there are other considerable factor to take into account.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Google Glasses Available Before 2014

Google  Glass will be marketed before 2014, the co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin, made an announcement at the TED Conference, and he assured that they should be available before the end of 2013. Present in April 2012, Google Project intrigue Glass: gimmick or technological revolution? These glasses augmented reality and futuristic design brings us one bit of science fiction. At a show Google, the web giant has offered a glimpse of its features without really revealing all. As in, we realize that this project is not a joke. Video Google has finally unveiled all possible uses of these glasses, for example, with voice and gesture control, we have the opportunity to take a video, a photo, communicate via video conferencing, translate a word, to send message, and even perform a search by pointing an item. Google the Glass feature a more seamless interface that displays the weather, time, a GPS route, depending on user needs.

According to him, the glasses will end connected to antisocial behavior imposed by the Smartphone. Finished noses glued to the screens, see emails, social networks, and more! "You want something that frees your eyes?" he added, "we wanted to liberate your ears." The Glass Google will thus have well equipped audio system that sound at the bone. The co-founder of Google has also announced that Google will emerge Glass much earlier than previously thought that is before 2014. Or even that they will be on the market by the end of 2013 at a price of less than $ 1,500 And of course, these glasses should then be compatibles with iPhones and Android Smart phones.

Always an interesting case to follow, rather attractive for people who are really interested in new technologies and have a little mind "geek", I still think that success is compromised, it is a great innovation. It is already quite comical to see the number of people staring at their Smartphone or tablet in public transport and in the street. Just imagine all these people with the same glasses, shot straight out of a science fiction movie ... it promises!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sunscreen That Charges Smartphone By Wysips

A Smartphone that recharges itself, is what promises Wysips, Crystal photovoltaic a film which turns the screen into a kind of small solar panel. Matthew Broca's market leader in Europe Wysips furnished the details on the occasion of the presentation of the first functional Smartphone equipped with this technology. Wysips is a subsidiary of Sun Partner, who is a specialist photovoltaic solution based in Aix-en-Provence. "Crystal Wysips took three years of research and development," says Matthieu de Broca, "in 2011, we were limited to 70% transparency, and we now reach 90%." Suffice to say that the technology can be integrated into Smartphone.

At first glance, the film having a thickness of 500 microns and placed between the screen and the touch screen of the phone seems invisible. "You can notice a slight iridescence depending on the angle," says Matthew Broca - he had to say for the one sees. The brightness and contrast are affected by the presence of the film, but it is so marginal that it is impossible to notice without a Lumia 610 unmodified to compare. Better yet, the film can improve the performance of the screen, once when the component Wysips up a screen with poor viewing angle becomes a screen with a viewing angle of 180 ° with the optical properties of the film. They are focusing in that the component Wysips Crystal should not cause reliability problems and it can be operate from -25 ° to 70 ° and should function 7 years at least.

The Lumia 610 was not designed to handle the load from the movie Crystal (0.6 V), a housing containing a voltage booster is now required. "In the future, the component will be natively integrated with Wysips the phone battery or connected to the control circuit power of the phone," says Wysips. The sun, the power generated by the component Wysips reached 2.5 mW / cm ²: What win 2-4 minutes of battery every 10 minutes of exposure with this screen 3.7 "which offers an exhibition area of 39 cm ².

Power is obviously weaker indoors under artificial light. Crystal Wysips rather allows to consider not consume battery when the device is idle on a table, offset operations research network, or gain a few tens of minutes of battery that can be valuable later in the day. In the future, however, Wysips Crystal could be even more useful. If it can already adapt to all screen types (LCD, OLED, eInk, MEMS ...), it will soon be integrated with screens finest passing 300 microns thick this year. It can already generate 10 mW / cm ² with a transparency rate of 60 to 70%, but should be able to generate 5 mW / cm ² in a few months, and even 10 mW / cm ² in 2014 with a transparency rate of 90 to 95 %.

Wysips soon have production lines in Rousset. They will not be used to produce displays with, but rather "to continue research and development and to develop industrial processes." The French company works with screen manufacturers and devices so that they integrate themselves Crystal technology in their products: a first unit equipped should be sold before the end of the year - the name of the manufacturer is for the moment a mystery.

This film best suits the phones 3.5 "to 5", but can also be integrated into tablets and computers up to 13.3 "diagonal" by the third quarter of this year. "French company detailed more that it would go perfectly in watches, electronic labels and jackets, devices that consume little and accept many of the limitations of the technology Crystal - and therefore could happen in the future charger.

Telesigns Identity Verification Software

For smart security and all authentication solutions, TeleSign protects the global consumer web and Cloud companies against all types of fraud with its amazing products. Telesign products, of identity verification software, are easy to implement with powerful method to identify and reduce online fraud and spam, like Telesign 2FA, Telesign verify, thus eliminating frauds which has helped many users with this technology especially in the form of the user’s phone. Their product set empowers the phone as the main mechanism to eliminate fraud and are designed with a focus on reliability, scalability and delivery. They offer localization service in over 87 languages, protecting around 2.5 billions downstream accounts in more than 200 countries. The provider uses the phone as verification and authentication tool by sending a call to the user and a one time pin code enabling the user to provide information to trace an audit trail. The use of identity verification software helps in the prevention of fraud, spam as well as bulk registration.

It is essential to use the identity verification software to overcome any instances of fraud or spam in the present scenario with many fraudulent prowling all over the place. It helps to authenticate the consumer’s identity quickly within a few seconds. This service is operational all over the globe wherein the interested user receives a call or a text message. No start fees or set up cost is involved for this service, on the contrary, a consultation on best services according to the user’s requirement is provided by their supportive team on board. Their teams are available to help users to navigate the fraud prevention eco system thus creating dynamic approach in fraud reduction. Their team partner with clients creating custom solution integrating the provider in holistic fraud strategy. The customer service team also works in close coordination with partners and customers striving to understand their business and fraud challenges that come their way, providing industry best practice and expertise on the best option to integrate and deploy their products and services. The company’s experts have been trained on specific challenges, compliance regulations, threats, where they use cases for specific industries helping customers in the overall security and risk strategy.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


HTC has downplayed his presence at MWC, merely a small stand somewhat apart. The opportunity to spend some time with its new model, the One, presented a few days ago. The photos do not do justice to the  HTC One X, especially in the light purple and green stand HTC. With its all-metal unibody shell back rounded, HTC One X is just as luxurious as the iPhone 5. It is a little more reassuring, perhaps because it fits better in hand, perhaps because it has only one polished bevel. In all cases, it is an undeniable success.

HTC One X is another success in screen technology. HTC is restrained and did not exceed 4.7 ", but there cased 1920 x 1080 pixels, for a definition record 468 dpi. Add some bright colors but not too bright and good and you get, in a nutshell, a beautiful screen. Quantum leap between the screen and the Retina display is less impressive than a screen between non-Retina and Retina display, but remains sensitive.

The overall level of performance is excellent thanks to the 1.7 GHz quad-core processor, the new Snapdragon 600, accompanied by 2GB of RAM. The new HTC overlay, which reminds home screen and Windows Phone Flipboard, this mask a little power with transitions too long and too unwanted effects present. The home screen, called BlinkFeed, also leaves an impression mid-figue mi-raisin. It is supposed to give information at a glance, but the thumbnails are so large you have to scroll to see would not do three songs. It is a constant Sense: by wanting to do too much, HTC finally create noise, lots of noise. We can happily hide BlinkFeed.

The camera Zoe leaves a better impression. If it is impossible to judge the actual quality of the environment seen pictures of exposure, the ability to record a variety of animated pictures, with a duration of three seconds, is more interesting and useful than expected (the parents may appreciate). HTC burst mode is always practical to select the perfect shot from a selection of 20.

HTC One X will be available in March for less than € 700.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

HP Slate 7 An Cheap Android Tablet

HP really finished the Slate 7 with the expense of a billion dollars and a few months later, it is presented at the Mobile World Congress, which is a 7 "tablet running Android. Announced the price of $ 169.99, the Slate 7 hardly be distinguished from other tablets 7. It is really cheap: it has a 7" screen FFS 1024 x 600 px, a 1.6 GHz processor double heart, one gigabyte of RAM, 8GB of internal memory expandable via microSD, and a couple of sensors 3 MP / VGA. Most Asian manufacturers offer similar tablets 20 to $ 30 less, it is not the price that can stand 7 Slate.

HP does not overlay on top of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but made a few changes and added a printing application wireless - which is enough to delay updates. Or for just 30 € more, the Google Nexus 7 has a IPS screen, a quad-core processor, and ensuring regular updates. Again, Slate 7 does not shine. In short, the experience ended webOS, HP has returned to simple and proven solutions. But the market has changed since the fantastically Touchpad and Slate 7 bring nothing. The new HP tablet will be available in May.