Thursday, August 25, 2011

Watch and Enjoy Music Video Online

Muzu is your new online Music TV, where you can watch, create and share music videos. MUZU is the best online TV to watch most popular documentaries, reality shows, interviews of the famous personalities, behind the scenes, how they made it, tutorials and tons and tons of exclusive and rare footages. You can freely create your own personalized music TV channel with multiple video playlists. You can embed your MUZU player on all social net working sites like Facebook, Bebo and MySpace. If you are a blogger then you can embed your favorite music videos on your own site. If you are the fan of X Factor boy- band One Direction then MUZU is the best place for you to watch your favorite artist’s mind blowing performance including One Direction What Makes You Beautiful. Almost daily I visit MUZU TV for watching Nicola Roberts Lovely Day (which is the second single of her debut) and Magnetic Man Anthemic music video album. If you are a artist or having your own band then this is the right place to earn money through advertising revenue share partnership. Whether your music videos are played on MUZU or other external social media websites with MUZU Player the income generated will be shared with you. Here you can create your Public profile so that your fans can watch your videos, your photos, and your program schedule - virally promoting you and thereby creating even more potential for you to earn money!

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