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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

HTC Mobiles

High-Tech Computer Corporation – Taiwanese Manufacturer of Smartphones

The HTC Company which was earlier High-Tech Computer Corporation is a manufacturer of smartphones as well as tablet. It was founded in 1997 and began initially as an original design manufacturer and original equipment manufacturer, designing and developing devices like mobile phones, touchscreen phone as well as PDAs, based on Windows Mobile OS and Brew MP to market to mobile network operators who preferred to pay a contract manufacturer for the purpose of customized products. After its initial development in smartphones which was focused on Windows Mobile it branched out its focus to devices based on the Android in 2009 and towards 2010 to Windows Phone. From 2011, HTC released and marketed its HTC Mobiles under the HTC brand and ranked 98th of the top brand on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands according to the 2011 report.

Founding Member for Open Handset Alliance 

HTC is the founding member for the Open Handset Alliance which is a group of handset manufacturers as well as mobile network operators devoted to the creation of the Android mobile device platform. The HTC dream is marketed by T-Mobile in several countries as the T-Mobile G1 or Era G1, which is the first phone to use the Android mobile device platform on the market. There are various devices, price points together with operating system to choose from their array of collection. The company is endeavouring in updates, to fit the requirements of the customers. It has been reveal from a report published that HTC is working to develop its own mobile operating system to compete with Apple’s iOS. For fast web surfing as well as seamless gaming, HTC has introduced a powerful quad core in its phone and the design set is simple though unique and smart. For good user experience, one could choose from the various options available.

Some Options Available 

Some worth mentioning include:

Android Jelly Bean – If one prefers HTC and is interested in a supersized screen to the likes of the Galaxy Note 3 and Xperia Z Ultra, the One Max is the preferred option. It comprises of a full HD, with a 5.9 inch display with good screen space to offer, together with a 1.7GHz quad-core process, 2GB of RAM of internal storage, 4MP Ultrapixel rear camera and Android Jelly Bean. One Max tends to be big and heavy.

Windows Phone 8–The HTC 8S seems to be attractive, a highly portable Windows Phone handset, a package which is instinctive with style and substance. Besides this, it is fast and slick for a mid-range phone with an edge over some of the top end Windows Phone 8 handsets especially with the inclusion of a micro SD card slot. The battery is average and web browsing could be a bit slow. It does not tend to stand out much in the apps or media department. Overall it is a decent handset.

Android Ice-Cream Sandwich – The lowest HTC range of models is the HTC Desire C which seems a little out of place since the Desire range was once the jewel in the HTC crown. The selling price of the HTC Desire C is the low cost and hence the 600 MHz processor could be overlooked or the HVGA 3.5 inch screen. Looking at the device, the HTC Desire C could pass off as a high end device.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


HTC has downplayed his presence at MWC, merely a small stand somewhat apart. The opportunity to spend some time with its new model, the One, presented a few days ago. The photos do not do justice to the  HTC One X, especially in the light purple and green stand HTC. With its all-metal unibody shell back rounded, HTC One X is just as luxurious as the iPhone 5. It is a little more reassuring, perhaps because it fits better in hand, perhaps because it has only one polished bevel. In all cases, it is an undeniable success.

HTC One X is another success in screen technology. HTC is restrained and did not exceed 4.7 ", but there cased 1920 x 1080 pixels, for a definition record 468 dpi. Add some bright colors but not too bright and good and you get, in a nutshell, a beautiful screen. Quantum leap between the screen and the Retina display is less impressive than a screen between non-Retina and Retina display, but remains sensitive.

The overall level of performance is excellent thanks to the 1.7 GHz quad-core processor, the new Snapdragon 600, accompanied by 2GB of RAM. The new HTC overlay, which reminds home screen and Windows Phone Flipboard, this mask a little power with transitions too long and too unwanted effects present. The home screen, called BlinkFeed, also leaves an impression mid-figue mi-raisin. It is supposed to give information at a glance, but the thumbnails are so large you have to scroll to see would not do three songs. It is a constant Sense: by wanting to do too much, HTC finally create noise, lots of noise. We can happily hide BlinkFeed.

The camera Zoe leaves a better impression. If it is impossible to judge the actual quality of the environment seen pictures of exposure, the ability to record a variety of animated pictures, with a duration of three seconds, is more interesting and useful than expected (the parents may appreciate). HTC burst mode is always practical to select the perfect shot from a selection of 20.

HTC One X will be available in March for less than € 700.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Computer and mobile services: the battle of ecosystems is preparing

The Mobile World Congress 2012, which closed its doors a few days ago, was less opportunity for sensational ads that brilliant paradoxes. Unavoidable as a manufacturer Samsung introduced products disappointing, while a troubled company like HTC has surprised everyone.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Google buys Motorola

Surprise of the day: Google has opened its wallet to afford Motorola Mobility for $ 12.5 billion. Motorola in January had been split into two groups, acquired by Google consists primarily of business phones and tablets. The statement signed by Larry Page, Google CEO says Android will remain free and independent of Motorola. This acquisition is seen as a way to strengthen the position of Android and enhance competition in the sector. The choice of Motorola makes sense: it is an American company that makes only smartphones and only bet on Android in 2008.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

HTC vs Apple

 The ITC considers the second request from Apple. ITCA mid-July, Apple filed a second complaint against HTC at the ITC (International Trade Commission), accusing the Taiwanese company of violating four patents already used in other procedures and on laptops, scrolling and telematics touch screen. As often happens in these cases, the ITC has agreed to consider this request.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

HTC open to discussions with Apple

HTC is willing to talk directly to Apple about disputes between them. Winston Yung, CFO of the Taiwanese manufacturer told Bloomberg that the two companies "have to sit around a table and sort it out. We are open to discussion". The two companies have each scored a point against each other in recent weeks. Mid-July Apple has won a major race before the International Trade Commission (ITC) regarding two patents. A preliminary analysis still to be confirmed by the international body, but can interfere with device manufacturers Android. A few days earlier, is that Apple had lost, again before the ITC, in front of S3 Graphics, a maker of graphics processing units. Again a confirmation (or not) of the violation of intellectual property should be given in November by the ITC. Except that in the meantime, HTC has appeared in the folder by its acquisition of S3 ... "We are open to all sorts of solutions, since the solution and the conditions are just and reasonable," said the head of HTC "In public and private we have had discussions with Apple, even before these early findings”. Winston Yung, however, suggests that there has been no further meeting this month in the wake of these developments. HTC, July 16, announced his intention to appeal the first decision of the ITC.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The reality is more complex

In fact, the design of the A4 has been provided by Samsung and Intrinsity. The latter was subsequently bought by Apple. This processor is not much different from that found in the Samsung S Galaxy, Galaxy Tab and recently the Google.

But why work with Samsung more than another? At the time of designing the A4, the Hummingbird was one of the most effective flea market, more powerful example than the 1 GHz Qualcomm's Snapdragon found in the HTC Desire among others. In addition, the Korean company is a longtime partner of Apple: it's one of its main suppliers of flash memory. The two companies had even considered in 2005 to build a plant dedicated to the production of memory before being overtaken by the antitrust authorities in Korea.

More broadly, Samsung has the advantage of having a production capacity formidable. Less media attention than the Cupertino company, the Korean company is yet the number one player in the high-tech industry. In 2010, its turnover amounted to 138.7 billion dollars is more than the combined turnover of Apple and Microsoft. The Korean company has indeed a vast field of action: telephones, televisions, printers, tablets, but also an activity in semiconductors and as a manufacturer of LCD panels.

These successful relationships should be Apple's first customer of Samsung in 2011. According to some estimates, Apple should spend its $ 7.8 billion. Last January, the Cupertino evoked a strategic $ 3.9 billion over two years. To say that Apple is positioning itself to get favors from Samsung on its future advances in processors (Hummingbird), Platform (Orion) or to screen AMOLED-Retina-Display ", it does There is only one step.