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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Best Browsers for Ipad and Iphone

The iPhone and iPad browsing facilities are available with default Safari browser. So it doesn’t mean that they have to stick out with that browser. They have now offered several good iPhone browsers that have released and working well and giving an extra option for mobile browsing. Safari offer Flash video or navigate web pages but the new browsing app also offers these features some extra acceleration.Let’s see which offers a better feature browsing facility.

1. Chrome:
 Chrome the first major desktop browser to make a mark at the iOS. This is integrated with Google account and services featuring with nice interface option. Safari with new design to the header is competing among web browsers to kick start to higher arena.

2. Dolphin:
 From the list of given browser it takes the lead to satisfy the user with more options. It is innovative, powerful and free. This browser is little faster than Safari can work with, provideddownloading management and crash recovery in case of failure. One of the best in the list, but lack of iPad support and doesn’t import bookmarks form Safari.

3. Opera Mini Browser:
 If you are searching a perfect alternative for Safari then I would recommend you to go with Opera Mini, faster than the build in browser of iPhone and difference is surely noted while surfing heavy graphics websites. Opera is faster due to compressed version of web pages that is routed to its servers.

4. Atomic:
Atomic unlike other browser can be availed at $.99 and not a full replacement of Safari. This full version is better than Dolphin, Atomic allows you to import book marks form Safari. Varity of options and setting are available when you opt for web development

5. Mercury:
 Clearing bugs this provides a solid browser with full screen, tabbed browsing, bookmarks importing and gestures. Download manager is buggy and if it’s cleared then it will be top contender.

6. Photon:
 Photon deals best with flash. It takes remote desktops Flash and map to your iPhone. Sometimes this cause slow connection, or cause user-interface creepiness, or it works well. Desktop version is not that good at considering iPhone is worthy. This version is Available at $3.99 in Android Market.

7. Switch:
Switch is aiPad specific browser, that includes multiple account and can have a privacy to the user accounts, it supports Airplay and HTML 5 video. Browsers much faster than Safari while loading.

8. Webout:
Webout worthy if you tend to have Apple TV. It supports both audio and video for second generation Apple TV and you can notice video loading a much faster rate.

9. Cloud Browser:
 Many iOS browser not supports Flash or Java. To overcome n this Cloud Browser can be installed, it runs full version in Firefox as server and streams this to iOS device. Problem with this is that audio and video get out of sync and jerky during play.

10. Knowtilus Pro:

This provides more feature and different from other app, while focusing on this basic are being missed and needed to redefine. This app is available at $5.99. Feature offered by this is RSS reader, a barcode scanner, text-to-speech capabilities and efficient than other browsers.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Talk With Your Chrome 27 Browser!

The new version of Google's browser is here. Yes the Google Chrome; Chrome 27 shines with faster load times and a full screen mode for Android Smartphones. On Android Smartphones Chrome displays 27 sites in full-screen mode. Adding up the loading time of websites is very fast, save all Chrome users together 510 years of their weekly life time, as in Google announcement. Chrome 27 is of fast browser, the manufacturer promises to be an average of five percent faster load times. For this, the developers have optimized the processes. However, the daily surfing these improvements are comparably small. The advantages of faster loading times should be noticed only when accessing complex pages with a variety of different elements. Google's surprise announcement that set instead of the proven WebKit technology in future on its own "browser engine" to come in the current version but not yet to be in force and only going to utilize with Google's new Chrome 28 browser-base indicator in appearance.

As usual, Google has in the new Chrome version again closed some security holes. For the discovery of the vulnerabilities of the Internet giant let go this time almost 15,000 U.S. dollars. With over $ 3,000 received from the Finnish University of Oulu, the highest premium for the detection of memory errors in the audio playback. Security researchers found a total of 14 classified as risky vulnerabilities from Chrome and those have been removed from Chrome 27. In addition, the new browser receives an improved version of the Flash Player. With Chrome 27 Chrome users get the opportunity to use the framework presented in the developer conference intelligent voice search from Google. Interestingly, Google Voice Search understands but not as an exclusive new feature of Chrome 27: In the announcement, the function appeared not once on. Go to the Google search with the latest browser version, a microphone icon appears in the input line. Have appropriate audio hardware installed or connected to your PC, ask and you dictate from then blithely go.

The version for Android devices has received an update. On Smartphones you can now surf with Chrome 27 in full-screen mode. To do this, simply scroll down to leave the address bar disappear. But on tablets that function is not yet available. Use the Omnibox to the web search, this keeps your searches from Chrome 27, instead of the current display the Google address. At the same time there is more space for your search results. For website developers; Chrome offers 27 thanks to support new HTML5 features, the easy way to integrate form elements. How to do this demonstrates in the demo page. Furthermore, the Chrome team has the developer tools optimized in some places, to facilitate the work of the web developer. Also on board is a new audio interface. Which allows feed the browser with a live stream. These benefits include the new standard for real-time communication, which Google introduced Chrome 21. In addition, the makers of Chrome have built a sync file system interface to access data from Google Drive on the Chrome apps. In addition to these changes, the new Google browser comes with a number of other minor improvements.

In Chrome 27, Google continues the trend of its predecessor. The most interesting changes for end users can be found in the Android version. While also gets the big brother profound innovations donated, but play mainly under the hood. With intelligent Voice Search you have the communication with the PC hands free for other things. In terms of speed, Google's browser leaves the competition far behind as usual.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Termination Version Number In Firefox -2

For companies has been put on the table. On this point Dotzler explains that the emphasis is on the home user ("the individual") in defining the evolution of the interface. While another (and new) group, seconded that thought process, liaising with the companies. But then how to know if you have the latest version of the browser? Instead of a number, the about window will display a message such as "Firefox has verified the presence of an updated X minutes ago, you use the latest version". Information that was already in applications with a search feature updates. And if the connection is not present, not allowing any audit, the browser could then display its number or, more likely, indicate how long he could not confirm the existence of a review. This principle no longer rely on the version number is also in the sense of a mode in which the browser receives updates say silent, taking place in the background without the user's initiative. The latest iterations of Firefox will update in seconds with just one application restart to complete the transaction Mozilla's policy with its new round of rapid development is to get users to update as regularly as possible. From there, it is likely that the concept becomes more abstract version. We see it with Chrome, launched three years ago, its output at a steady pace took him for quite a while with two-digit numbers (the 15 is in development ...)! Firefox follows this example, the six arrived June 16 and 9 (most distant at present) should be completed by the end of the year. It was not specified in the conversation when the new policy will be applied. In versions 7, 8 and 9 in preparation, there is still a mix between the version number and build date.

The Termination Version Number In Firefox -1

Mozilla plans to do a lot with version numbers for Firefox. This decision is subject to fairly sharp exchanges in the forums of the foundation are to remove almost completely any reference to the encrypted version of the software, including the inevitable about window. Already on the download page for development versions of Firefox there is no mention of their number, but their progress "Aurora" for alpha and "Beta" for the latest. This principle should also apply to the general download page for final drafts. On older versions of Firefox, such as 3, it was instead the specific details of the version number to the Gecko rendering engine. With 5 and 6 for example have all been cleaned for much. To justify this decision was endorsed with the teams of the user interface and is being set up, As a Dotzler at Mozilla, said he is heading to the prevailing principle with Web applications that use always the latest version, without asking more questions. "Which version of Gmail do you use?" he starts at a time to an opponent to support his argument that the version of software tools no longer necessarily the value given him so far. What a user has countered that, unlike a remote Internet service, he had his hand on locally installed software on his machine. Not to mention about some situations where this information is useful if not essential (eg technical assistance or any problems of compatibility with third-party software). To these critics Dotzler said consistently that the number, in case of real need, would in any case submitted through the Help menu> troubleshooting information. And for web developers who want their eyes, extensions are available for display in the title bar of the browser.