Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Transporter Developer Program By Connected Data

Connected Data has officially announced the Transporter developer program for its transporter platform which will enable third party iOS and OS X developers to integrate their apps with Transporter cloud features together with sync features in their desktop and mobile apps. This announcement is a move that envisages Connected Data challenge with alternatives like Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. Transporter a private cloud storage platform enables to turn any USB drive with Transporter Sync or local storage, original Transporter into a personal cloud storage space which is private and does not have any monthly charges. Brief announcement by Apple has also been done, encouraging application sellers to employ the Transporter tool and discussing Mac addresses in iOS7 while registered developers are now informed that they can use Transporter to deliver localized App Store metadata in bulk.

Transporter – Good Performer

Transporter at $199, is an internet connected 500 GB hard drive which helps users to set up their own private cloud providing access from desktop and mobile with the help of dedicated iOS app, with Dedicated Data adding Dropbox inspired Camera upload feature to the app enabling it to automatically send contents to iOS Photos app over to Transporter. On the other hand, Transporter Sync at $99 is a hockey pucked-sized device which users can attach to external HDD to achieve a similar setup. The Transporter Sync enables the user to use the unused spared hard drive if available into a private cloud, much under $100. The Transporter though not super fast while trying to upload data, is a good performance when the need to access data arises. It is also easy to use as Dropbox while replicating data across location and is far quite cheaper.

Transporter correctly format XML file and locate app metadata 

Being an Apple developed command line delivery tool, the Transporter can also be used to deploy screenshots, rights, pricing and much more. Moreover, the tool can also locate app metadata and correctly format the XML file and developers intending to employ the tool could download the Transporter user guide. The tool can also find app metadata to correctly format the XML file. Developers looking to employ the tool are encouraged to download the Transporter User Guide. Connected Data had also reported that the initial partners for the Transporter developer program will be Smile’s PDFpen for iPad and Readdle’s Scanner Pro who will be receiving updates adding Transporter’s platform as a sync option. Besides these, PrintCentral, hopTo and Trial Pad are also among Connected Data’s partners for the new developer program.

Transporter, a Seamless way to Privately Share, Store, Access

The new program would also be offering consumers as well as businesses, a seamless way to privately share, store as well as access files from any devices, from their favorite applications. Transporter was designed to deliver great experience which users can expect from the cloud native Finder – Explorer integration, automatic sync which can be accessed from anywhere with unlimited sharing without the need of the privacy concerns. Its ecosystem covers millions of users who would be interested in private storage alternative and by integrating the app with Transporter, users can reach a huge growing audience and get a great deal of Transporter experience.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Connected Data Updates 4-Bay Drobo Storage System

4 Bay Storage Devices with Enhanced Support

Connected Data, recently announced that Drobo Gen3, the next generation 4 bay storage devices, a new feature concurrent with its release of the new array, is much faster and cheaper than the previous Drobo models. Its enhanced support also features Apple’s Time Machine backups and Mac owners can now avail the improved Time Machine support in the Drobo Gen3 wherein instead of using an entire drive for Time Machine, they can now maximize their data storage space by way of allocating a fixed amount of capacity for their Time Machine derived backups. If the Drobo array is connected to the favorite Mac and used for Time Machine backup, the backups would take up the entire capacity of the array. It is now possible to set aside part of the total capacity of the Drobo array and work with Time Machine making provision for additional capacity for daily storage.

Drobo’s BeyondRAID Protect Data From Hard Disk

The Drobo 4-bay sports a pair of USB 3.0 ports, priced at US$349 for bare box which can begin filling with any 3.5” SATA II/III drives that one may have. Drobo’s BeyondRAID technology enables the user to mix and match drives in order to start off with smaller drives and change them with higher capacity drives according to their choice. The Drobo is the latest generation storing device and holds true to its design and simplicity making it the most favored desktop storage and protection data solution. Drobe’s BeyondRAID storage technology protects data from hard disk crash which is simple for any user to operate and no expertise is needed to ensure that the data is safe and protected. As long as there is more than a single disk in Drobo, all data on Drobo can be safe even if any of the hard disk tends to fail. Drobo is the easiest array anyone can manage wherein if a drive fails, all that needs to be done is to slid it out and plug in a new one without any tools. Drobo utilizes simple form of thin provisioning enabling the OS in believing it has more capacity than it does and when a larger drive is added the need to reformat and reload your data is not needed.

Dual Failure Protection

Besides this, the new Drobo also features a redesigned architecture with improved speed which is about three times faster than the prevailing ones and array rebuild times which is four times faster than before. Moreover the company has also provided battery backup, giving the new entry more protection from power problems by temporarily storing in progress transactions till the power gets restored. Consumers can opt for dual failure protection, which can reduce the total capacity though it would mean two drives which may tend to fail but with the data safe, this feature could be helpful. Current Drobo owners interesting in migrating to the new device can avail the company’s offer of $50 discount while purchasing the new Drobo through the company’s online store. This deal would be available through June 9, 2014 on sales made through their stores as well as some authorized resellers and the devices will be shipped in late April.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Apple’s GT Advanced Sapphire Plant

Apple Sapphire Plant
Apple is progressing in building its manufacturing presence in the US, its new plant in Mesa, Arizona and the GT Advanced Sapphire plant, a large nondescript building seems to reach completion with AppleInsider receiving a batch of photos showing the recent progress. It was stated that the construction personnel have been working round the clock and mostly at weekends in order to get the job completed by June this year. The documents filed with the US International Trade Administration in January has revealed Apple’s `go live', focused date was somewhere in February and the plant would probably be partially active as the construction reaches completion. It is said that the Apple GT Advanced factory under the code name Project Cascade is responsible in the production of a new sapphire part which is bound for consumer Apple device while some speculate that the component will be either a replacement part for the current hardware like the iPhone screen or could be something new.

Powered by Renewable Energy

It is rumored that around the local electrical industry in Arizona, Apple could be going in for a project expansion into a building on the site which was previously owned by photovoltaic panel maker First Solar and the purpose of the support structure is yet unknown. The project will make provision to bring around 2,000 local jobs and the building will be completely powered by renewable energy. Apple uses sapphire which is an incredible and a durable material which has been used in small parts of the iPhone, the protective glass over the camera sensor and the Touch ID sensor in the iPhone 5s is made of sapphire as well. This sapphire glass will be made at the Mesa plant together with GT Advanced Technologies.

Manufacturing Equipments by GT

It is reported that the Arizona Governor, Janice Brewer stated that `Apple is indisputably one of the world’s most innovative companies and that he is thrilled to welcome them to Arizona. He further states that Apple will have an incredibly positive economic impact for Arizona and its decision to locate here speaks volumes about the friendly, pro-business climate that has been created for the past four years. Their investment in renewable energy will also be greening their power grid and create significant new solar and geothermal power sources for the state’. GT Technologies will also be providing all the manufacturing equipment per a multi-year agreement to Apple and when the facility is up and running it would be providing around seven hundred jobs.

Sapphire Glass – Key Component for Future Devices

Apple’s interest in sapphire glass indicates that it could be more of a key component for the future devices. Touch ID would eventually make its way to iPad and then there could be the possibility of Apple switching to sapphire display. Sapphire being a highly durable glass could also be a best for choice for wearable. According to a statement made by spokeswoman, Kristin Huguet to AllThingsD, she states that they are proud to expand their domestic manufacturing initiative with a new facility in Arizona, creating more than 2,000 jobs in engineering, manufacturing and construction and that this new plant will make components for Apple products which will run on 100% renewable energy from the very first day.

New Apple TV

Apple’s New Device with Quick Processor

Apple TV
It is reported by Bloomberg, that Apple had held negotiation meeting with Time Warner Cable somewhere in the middle of last year along with other potential partners for video content and an agreement with Time Warner Cable could probably mark the first deal with a satellite or cable company. The new device will be a successor to the current Apple TV which is in the process of testing and is likely to be announced towards April for sale by Christmas, it was reported. It would be a set top box instead of the full fledged TV set and that the product would include revamped operating system in line with iOS. It is also said that the new device which plugs into a television set would have a quick processor unlike the earlier version with an upgraded interface enabling people to navigate between TV shows, movies, together with other online content. The Time Warner deal would enable Apple TV customers with a wider choice of live TV channels while at the moment customers can access only a limited number of individual channel apps some of which worth mention are ESPN, HBO, ABC, PBS, Bloomberg TV, Disney, etc.

Time Warner Deal to be Finalized Soon

According to Apple Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cook, he states that the year would be full of new production introduction. It is also reported that Time Warner who had been in talks with Apple for over a year now would be willing to hand over the reins of the customer facing user interface to Apple and that the deal would be finalized very soon. Apple who is aiming to make the device available for sale by the time Christmas approaches is a bit uncertain on the release date since the company is still in the process of securing new agreements with programming together with distribution partners, which was anonymously stated.

New Apple TV with Added Support for Apps

With reference to a new Apple TV hardware which was discovered earlier this week, in a recent release of iOS 7, rumors indicated that a new Apple TV would now see added support for apps as well as Bluetooth game controllers in the forthcoming months. Towards the end of January, Apple TV had received new prominence on the Apple Online Store with suggestions that the platform could be developed into more than just a hobby. The long delay between introduction of the new entry and its launch is something which Apple is capable of handling as it is a known fact that Apple prefers to announce and release products in a short period of time. As Apple has been developing the new strategy for Apple TV, these past few years, there are issues as well as legalities relating in establishing partnerships with the movies and television distribution companies which it seems may make this venture of Apple TV content experience not much of a difference from the current and past Apple TV models. Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, showed big ambition for the television issue while speaking to Walter Isaacson. We need to wait and watch of what lies in store with the launch of Apple’s new entry. Do visit Macmyth for updated information on Apple News.

Apple Intending to Update its Library of Emojis

Apple, Google and Microsoft together with other tech firms design their own versions of their 800 basic emoji characters and how they ought to appear. Apple it was reported has vowed that it will now update its library of emoticons and smileys called emojis to fill the diversity gap after the complaints of celebrities about the cartoon emoticons lacking diversity which was conveyed through email by MTV Act blogger Joey Parker to Apple CEO Tim Cook and received a reply from Katie Cotton, Apple’s Vice President of worldwide corporate communication, stating that their emoji characters were based on the Unicode standard which was necessary for them to be displayed properly across many platforms with a need of more diversity in the emoji character set and that they have been working closely with the Unicode Consortium in an effort to update their standard’. Cotton though did not make a mention on when Apple intends to update its emojis.

More Ethnic Diversity in Range of Emoji

Apple it was said wants more ethnic diversity in the basic range of emoji that are available to text messaging apps, adding that it was operating the body responsible in deciding the range of standard graphic symbols which could be added to text messages. Presently the characters have dozens of faces of people which appear white though only two of the symbols are said to be Asian and none are black. A list had been developed and maintained since 2010 by the Unicode Consortium, a Silicon Valley based nonprofit organization consisting of major computer firms, software producers, user groups and several others to ensure that different devices and mobile carriers can altogether share a basic set. Emojis which are based on a Unicode character set allow them to be displayed across platforms where the changes or any type of addition to these characters need to go through the Unicode Consortium.

Emojis – Text with Expressive Power

Apple’s emojis depict a variety of objects, moods together with people including art for LGNT couples some of which was included in its last update. Several users have observed lack of diversity with regards to emojis especially African-Americans. The fact that emoji had become popular first in Japan; the current list of Unicode has only two Asian people; a man with a turban and a man with Gua Pi Mao which is a type of a Chinese hat. Broadcaster had approached the company after the petition had been posted informing Apple to increase the ethnic diversity which was found within its emojis keyboard. It was stated that the keyboard has already offered a graphic which shows a same sex couple and informed the company to present people with skin tone on a wider range. An Oxford University research, Bernie Hogan has been studying the use of emoji as a part of his research on how the users represent themselves on the internet. According to him it seemed to be a trivial problem since many device owners were now more reliant on the tool stating the emoji existed first and foremost as a purpose to augment text with expressive power and if they restrict the sort of people who are used in the images it may restrict the expressive power of the user and would not feel that emoji speak for them.

Best Tips for Beginning Digital SLR Photographers

Many beginning photographers adore DSLR cameras. DSLR cameras for beginning photographers give them the opportunity to learn the nuances of manual photography without having to go through an extensive learning process upfront. Photographers can use auto features on digital SLR cameras almost literally right out of the box. Digital SLR cameras offer the best of both worlds for beginners.
New photographers can use smart features to get clear images right away and start working on composition as well as other fundamentals of photography that do not have a lot to do with the camera used. As new photographers gain more interest and advanced skills, digital SLR cameras provide a little extra help. For example, the autofocus feature is almost always good to use, no matter what the skill level of the photographer is.
Below is a list of some of the best tips for DSLR photography beginners.
1.Understand ISO Setting Principles
Using a DSLR camera on automatic settings will not work in all instances. Understand the basic principles behind ISO. A few decades ago, ISO was a method used to understand film speed. The same basic ideas still apply to digital photography, especially when taking action shots or shooting in low-light settings. In short, the shutter speed combined with the aperture settings results in how much light reaches the image in what amount of time.
A high shutter speed can allow photographers to snap pictures without much of a chance that they will be blurry. The aperture can be set to allow more or less light in by changing sizes. Focusing on aperture settings can allow photographers to alter the focus in pictures. DSLR cameras allow beginners to play with settings that are not purely manual for optimal results. After all, incorrect manual settings can result in images that are overexposed or underexposed to the point where the image is not discernable.
2.Change Perspectives and Paradigms
One of the best parts of photography is the ability to capture images in a different way than people normally see them. One of the best tips for beginners is to get close. Find out how interesting pedestrian items can be when photographed up close. A bell pepper or a highway might be more interesting than first thought. Expand artistic ability by focusing on everyday items instead of impressive monuments. Find out how to make a wooden patio or a coffee cup interesting. Look up, or take a picture of the sidewalk. Find out what photography is all about by taking away focal points that are naturally interesting.
3.Take Many Photos, Then Take Some More
Have fun taking photos. Take photos of the same scene using different camera settings, and see what happens. One of the best parts of digital photography is the ability to experiment with new techniques and ideas. There are conflicting views on whether or not photographers should stay true to legal rights when taking pictures of a building on the street. Some argue that rights are rights, and others argue that respecting others is the way to go.
Form an Individual Style and Philosophy
Create a unique style and philosophy as to what photography should be all about. Learn the basic principles behind ISO photography, and go from there. See what new creative avenues a DLSR camera can open, and see what unique images a DLSR camera can take.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How To Market Your IPhone App With A Wacked-out Teaser Video!

You've come up with the perfect idea for an iPhone app.  Yeah, right - you and 33 million other enthusiasts.
 photo iphone_apps2_zps53fd42a9.jpg
Ah, but you are different.  You've raised some funds on and you've shaken down a few of your favorite relatives.  With that  money, you've hired yourself an iPhone App Developer and you app is so close to fruition that you can almost taste it.
That means you will soon have to market your app.  Uh-oh.
No worries, I am here to give you some one-of-a kind app video marketing tips that you can take to the bank.  If you can make a video that is creative enough, put it on YouTube , then get it shared through places social media channels like, Buzzfeed, Digg and Reddit ... you should get plenty of downloads for your app.
Tips to make a creative teaser video
Act crazy.  The last thing you want to do is to sit in front of the camera and talk.  If you can pull it off, get into a medieval costume and sing like a minstrel.  Or get into caveman attire and ugh your way through demonstrating your app.
 photo caveman_costume_zpsc7f94117.jpg
What you do should of course depend on the app itself, but some common elements that are good to work in as best you can would be outlandish costumes, music and possibly slightly crazy singing of funny lyrics, acting and jumping around, props, other folks in costume.  Using a green screen, you can edit the video to be doing all this in mid-air or under the sea or deep inside a cavern.
Interview random people.  Got a demo?  Take it to the streets.  Bring along a filmer friend to capture your moments of triumph in the streets.  Who can you interview?
  • Try a hobo.  Seriously, anything unexpected. 
  • Hit up strangers in the bus or train. 
  • Ask shoppers in the dairy aisle. 
  • Pull up beside a marathon runner - what a great video clip as the runner is trying figure out why this guy with an iPhone is trying to show him an app while he's running. 
  • Approach someone at the cinema - while a movie is playing.  And when someone says, "Shhh!", take that as a queue to demonstrate the app to them. Sure, they'll never let you in again, but you'll have some great footage.
  • Ask a foreign tourist who can't speak English. 
You could have a lot of fun creating a video that keeps people watching.  Just make sure that along the way, you have enough clips of what your app does, how much fun it is, and how useful it is.
Play the straight man. What you could also do is explain the virtues of your app - from the iPhone app development process right through to how people get to zap their enemies or call up the ghosts of their great grandparents or whatever your app does.  You could do this in total deadpan while clowns surround you and try to distract you.  Or while movers come and remove all your furniture and replace it with a totally different furniture.
If you record against a green screen, there is no end to what could be going on in the background.  Perhaps a murder.  Perhaps a war.  Perhaps somebody gagging from a horrid smell.
The specifics should depend on exactly what your app does.
Fundamentals of a creative video
Whatever approach you take, there are a few fundamentals to remember.  You want good quality clips, so please use an iPhone 5.  An iPhone 2 or 3 or 4 just won't give you the same quality image.
Make sure you enunciate when you speak.  All the filming is useless, if all we hear you say is, "...aun wee huff ih aln iln hiss..."
In most cases for something wild and crazy, you and a friend can shoot the footage.  There might be some situations where you might be better off with a professional videographer.
For editing, however, get a pro.  You want someone who can put together your somewhat unconventional footage in a way that pulls viewers through and leads them to go download the app. A professional video editor can also handle music and other sound effects, maybe even add voiceover narration if needed.
So get crazy.  Be creative. Create a teaser video for your app that nobody will forget and everybody will share.  If you've managed to explain your app amidst the craziness - and explain the amazing benefits of the app! - you should be on the road to the download fast lane.
Melody Spikes has been an iPhone fan since her first iPhone 2.  "I take it everywhere, I live and breathe my iPhone," she has been overheard to say.

Where To Buy Designer iPhone Cases?

Chocolate case
With each individual in possession of their own personal devices, they can be treated with care in the form of custom phone cases from reputed service providers who have engineered an innovative powerful print technology to cater to the needs of consumers. Provider with the largest range of cases for Smartphone, iPhones and other devices in India are the first online site selling these accessories on custom cases. With Micron Transmat Thermal Technology – MT3 the image which combines various leading printing process in grafting designs on the surface of the case, that does not peel off or get erased. Individuals can give their phone a personalized touch by creating an image which may be dear to your heart providing opportunities to live those moments on glancing on these images on these amazing custom cases. Since they are thermal printed, the images printed are permanently embedded on the case never to disappear.

After deciding on a case for the device it is essential to choose a case which would be appropriate for your device in possession, after which designer mobile cases, could be checked from the various templates that are made available to the user at the site. This could be of one’s choice followed by photos and added with personalized text. The providers are equipped with a wide variety of choices to choose from wherein their designs are hundred percent original besides being exclusive and will not be available at any other store anywhere. These designs have been created with the individual in mind which is all together unique and long lasting.

Mobile Cases comes with peerless print quality with brilliant lasting finish which can enhance the look of your personal device. To get further advantage on the purchase of their product, users could also opt on the opportunities of discounted coupons made available at the site and benefit from the same. Testimonials from existing users have given great insight on their products which speaks for itself on their quality and performance. Great products offered at attracting price enabling users to add color, image with a combination of class, style and a personal touch.

Apple and ReSound’s New Hearing Aid

Apple together with Danish hearing aid company, GN ReSound has announced a new hearing aid which would be compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Named LiNX, the device can sync wirelessly with Apple’s latest mobile devices taking advantage of the accessibility options of iOS 7 for hearing impaired. The LiNX functions like a hybrid of hearing aids with stereo Bluetooth headphones. It also has the capabilities of streaming phone calls, Face Time chats, movies, music, turn by turn navigation or any other audio directly to a small earpiece and when the hearing aids are not pulling in audio from any tablet or Smartphone, the same works like normal, picking up conversation and the surrounding sounds. Being an Apple products, it is packed with plenty of bells and whistles and a feature called Live Listen turns an iOS device into a microphone.

Streaming Directly from Smartphone’s Mic to the Ears 

When a person is in an environment which would be loud, or a busy meeting or a noisy car and would like to focus on single voice cutting down on the background noise, they can get a stream directly from the Smartphone’s microphone in to their ears. Apple and the device maker are hoping that it will encourage people with hearing problem in getting help with their hearing aids. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorder, more than 36 million people in the US have some sort of hearing loss though few of them who really need a hearing aid actually have them.

Control Device Setting Directly from the Phone 

With the help of GPS, one can save custom settings for any location, a movie etc and get pop up notification on the mobile device asking whether the user would like to switch every time they return to that spot. Most of the advanced current hearing aids tend to draw unwanted attention when people reach out to change the settings and for most of the hearing impaired people, the best advantage of Apple’s hearing aids will help to control the device settings directly from the phone. Wearers can now make adjustments as they can check email or even watch a video with Apple integration. Basic setting such as volume and battery life, are directly built into the operating system of the iOS 7. Apple’s hearing aids are specialized medical devices and one will not find them on the shelves of local Apple store since customers should get their hearing tested and fitted for the devices by an audiologist.

Hearing Aids with System’s Accessibility Features 

With Apple’s added support for the new technology when the iOS7 was released, this seems to be the first hearing aids to really work with many system’s accessibility features. Due to the specialized technology, no third party hearing aid maker can come and create devices which work with iOS 7 without partnering with Apple. Executive of ReSound has not disclosed anything regarding developing hearing aids for Android devices or any other platforms. ReSound has worked for a long time on this new technology and the entry of the hearing aids would be welcomed by many hearing impaired people. Do come back to Macmyth for latest Apple news and information.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Content Management Systems: The Pros and the Cons

What is a CMS?

A content management system (CMS) is a user platformwhich allows one to easily edit and maintain the content on their website including pictures, videos, text, and blog posts. Some popular examples of CMS platforms are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Web designers and developers work together to create themes and integrate them into the system to make updates an effortless process for you. These are generally customized to cater to your individual needs.
The benefits of a CMS
There are numerous advantages to a content management system including SEO, ease of use, and many more.
A Back-End
A content management system produces a powerful back-end for your business to manage. Without one, you’d be stuck editing documents you don’t understand with some word editing program you have. A back-end eliminates the confusion, code, and uploading process and lets you focuson the things you need: the content.
Search Engine Optimization
How you rank in the popular search engines is very important to your website’s traffic and sales. Generally speaking, a website powered by a content management system is known to rank higher. Additionally, there are optional plug-ins (or add-ons) that can be installed that increases your SEO by giving you the ability type in details such as keywords and website descriptions. Another option to consider is addingplug-ins that can closely advise you on your SEO efforts and provide additional support in this area.
Easy to Use
Generally, content management systems are simple to learn and continuously use. All it takes is a few lessons of training and you will become an expert on the basics. Once you have, you can fluently and effortlessly manage everything on your website.
May cost less over time
Having control over the content on your site means that you do not have to engage your web designer to update the site for you. If you require regular updates on content or products, then a CMS may prove to be the most cost effective option for you.
The disadvantages of a CMS
Like every great thing, content management systems do have some down-sides. These disadvantages should be taken into great consideration when it comes to your website management.
It’s costly
Compared to a static website, a CMS driven website will generally set you back more. If you are limited by a budget, you might need to weigh up the difference in cost in building a static or a CMS driven site.
Content management systems require maintenance and updates to ensure the security and integrity of the website. However although these are recommended annually, they are not compulsory.
A CMS will require additional build time. So if you have a business or product launch date, this may affect the type of website you can build in time.
So, The Verdict?
The answer really lies within your individual business needs. Are you building an ecommerce site where you will regularly update products. Or do you have a cake business which requires regular image updates of your latest design?
If you still need help on this topic, we at JTBStudios would be glad to assist you further in your website needs. We offer affordable yet effective solutions to innovate your online business identity.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Apple’s iOS 7.1 Cures Motion Sickness

iOS 7.1
Every problem comes with a solution and Apple has been doing well when faced with situations which may be a cause for complaint to the users. The problems faced by many iPhone users with the release of the iOS 7 was that some of the new animations on the platform ended in making them feel motion sick. While movement sickness normally is a type of sickness which could be reserved for long car or truck journeys or boat trips, users of iOS 7, introduced on Apple iPhone and iPad, complained of dizziness and actual physical health problems on searching at their screens. Latest updates now reveal that with the release of the iOS 7 there is more to set this issue right and for the best. This has been done by revamping in reducing the motion control option in the form of iOS 7.1 which has done more to fix this issue than any other latest updates so far. It is stated that 7.1 has refined this feature to the point where it could put an end to all instances of motion sickness of iPhone users.

Cause of Complaint, Zooming Effect and Heavy Screen motion Animation 
These symptoms have probably been caused by Apple’s heavy use of the screen motion animations as well as zooming effect in the operating system’s interface usage where the main cause of complaint lies in the parallax. This effect was used in order to create a perception of depth on the home screen of the iPhone where icons, `wallpaper and alerts could shift slightly as the phone was moved’, according to Apple’s website. Though there is a `reduce motion’, button available to switch parallax off, users complained losing the zooming effect which was replaced with a cross fade whenever the option was enabled. To disable parallax individually without losing the zooming effect, users could click on the preview of the current wallpaper and choose new wallpaper seeing the `perspective zoom to off mode, tech which is similar to a pill for motion sickness.

Improved Features in iOS 7.1
According to The Guardian’s Craig Grannell, he states that `with iOS 7.1 Apple would be thrashing out further the details and with reduce motion active, the app switcher which previously had retained a lurching zoom and slide when opened and closed, is now tamed with the same cross fade effect folder use, with the weather’s parallax background eliminated. In messages, the whole scrolling area moves as one instead of each message playfully sliding around as if on ice and has the potential to trigger motion vertigo and sickness. Besides eliminating motion sickness, the new feature in iOS 7.1 also features a new slide to power off button which will slowly dim the display of the Smartphone as one moves it from left to right changing to the phone interface with an easier way to improve in calendar navigation, add new contacts, improve accessibility to passcode settings, new contrast options to enable the user in reducing transparency, darken colors or reduce white point as well as new setting in managing Car display feature which is in the pipeline. Do come back for more updates at Macmyth for refreshing Apple information.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Apple Expansion to Educational Content

Apple Expansion to Educational Content
Learning made more Interesting and Impressive

Recent report states that Apple has announced iBooks Textbooks and iTunes U Course Manager which will now be expanding into new markets across Europe, Latin America, Asia and other countries across the world. These iBooks Textbooks would bring Multi Touch textbooks which would be current, interactive and dynamic content to teachers and students as well, in around 51 countries including Japan, Brazil and Italy. The iTunes U Course Manager which is available in 70 countries including Russia, Thailand, India and Malaysia enables tutors in creating and distributing courses for their classrooms or even share them publicly through the iTunes U app. This amazing tools and contents made available for iPad will be providing the teachers with an improved method to customize learning which will now help teachers to create their new lesson plans with interactive textbooks together with apps accompanied with rich digital content which would make learning more enjoyable.

iBooks TextBooks – Full Screen Textbook

The idea of the iBooks Textbooks is to offer iPad users with a full screen textbook which is gorgeous, with interactive animations, with rotating 3D diagrams, flick through photo galleries and tap to play videos. Besides, the iBooks Textbooks can be updated according to events, does not weigh down a backpack or need to be returned. iBooks Textbooks now covers 100 percent high school core curriculum and the General Certificate of Secondary Education- GCSE core curriculum in the UK with around 25,000 educational titles which were created by teachers, independent publishers, leading education services companies also include new educational content from Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press together with Hodder Education.

Enriching the Language Learning Experience

According to Peter Marshall, Managing Director, ELT Division at Oxford University Press states that Oxford University Press would be using iBooks Author for Headway, Oxford’s all time best selling English language series in order to create iBooks Textbooks for iPad. He further states that in releasing thirteen new iBooks Textbooks inclusive of Headway Pre Intermediate, the best selling levels in the series would be enriching the language learning experience for students across the globe. According to Miguel Dominguez, Marketing Director of Imaxina Nova Tecnoloxias, in Spain, who is an independent educational content developer as well as publisher of iBooks Textbooks inclusive of `The Senses’, which would incorporate interactive elements like video and animated images of human ear and eye to display how the body works and believes that iBooks Textbooks would represent monumental shift in learning since they engage multiple potential of each individual student.

Share Easily Knowledge and Resources with Class and Global Audience

With iTunes U Course Manager teachers will have the opportunity to share easily their knowledge and resources directly with their class or a global audience on iTunes U. Moreover the free iOS app will also give millions of learners, the opportunity to access the world’s largest online catalog of free education content from renowned schools prominent institutions and leading universities. Besides this, iTunes U Course Manager would also enable the teachers with the ability to integrate their own documents for their course curriculum together with content from the internet with wide selections of books on the iBook Store and over 75,000 materials from prevailing iTunes U collections. More updates on technologies waits at Macmyth.
Check it out for more insight and knowledge related to Apple News.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tips to install the iOS 7 Control Center on Android

Control center
Apple’s latest next generation software, the new iOS Control Center will enable users with quick access to several key settings and apps. Apple for the first time has brought about this feature for quick access to frequently used device settings and after the iOS 7 is launched; users would be able to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to activate Control Centre to toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and screen rotation together with much more features and settings with shortcuts to applications on the device. Android has many systems of accessing device setting from any screen, with developer like Hi Tools Studio’s decision to take iOS 7 Control Centre and bring it to Android.

Hi Tools Studio has released a free Android app, the Control Center for Android and once installed, users can swipe from the bottom of their displays on the screen and pull up the new Control Center feature. The new iOS Control Center provides users with quick access to key setting and apps by swiping up though iPhone, iPod and iPad touch users would be unable to access this new feature unless iOS 7 is launched to the consumers, but due to the Hi Tools’ decision, Android users can avail iOs7’s new Control Center features right away.

Menu inside Hotkeys - To get the iOS 7 Control Center on Android phone is quite simple and easier than applying other iOS 7 and the app is available at no cost from Google Play app store. The Control Center menu found inside the hotkeys can be viewed by sliding the finger from the top to the bottom of the screen like the Android notification bar which can give access for airplane mode, music and all the frequently used options and there are two interesting app on Google Play which is similar to the Control Center namely the Espier Control Center and the QuickToggle – iOS Control Center

Espier Control Center 7 - The Espier Control Center 7 is similar to the spitting image of the Control Center on iOS 7 wherein by swiping from the bottom to the top will present the menu through which the user can control the system functions like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, wireless network, flashlight frequently used app. Moreover, this application is easy to use and available free of cost.

The iOS Control Center, QuickToggle app The iOS Control Center, QuickTools app has similarity to Control Center in iOS 7 and is totally free with all its function accessible without the in-app purchases. Users can arrive at the menu either by swiping the finger from the bottom to the top or pressing the home button twice. Moreover the Control Center can also be customized with a lock screen and a launcher. The app is a neat tool to enhance the productivity of any device and nothing created by Apple has been designed to look just beautiful but remarkable and awesome, providing the users with opportunities to experience simpler and useful options which can be enjoyable while operating their devices. Apple’s latest iOS 7 has new structure where the interface is unobtrusive with needless bars and buttons removed and conspicuous ornamentations stripped away.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Latest Apple Entry – iPhone 6

iPhone Layers
Latest Apple News report from Wall Street Journal states that Apple would be experimenting with screens varying from 4.5 to 6 inches after its classic 3 inch handset to the iPhone 5 and 5S five inch and would probably be pushing ahead to the five inch screen, offered by some rivals of Android. One analyst states that Apple could be out to implement a 4.8 inch Retina and IGZO screen by Sharp making the iPhone 6 displays much thinner, clearer and brighter with improved HD resolution. Latest reports also suggest that the iPhone will come in two large screen sizes and the iPhone 6 will ship in 4.7 inch and a phablet of 5.7 inch which would probably be the first time for Apple to launch one mobile product in two sizes with the company making an exception with its entry.

Device with Sapphire Glass Screen

The new product is the outcome of Apple’s experiments with screen sizes and this choice seems to be appropriate since it gives the user more choice enabling Apple to compete with its competition of all type of screen sizes. The new device is likely to have a sapphire glass screen which would be tough and durable. With its focus on improvement in image quality Apple has intention of staying ahead with its latest Smartphone and is looking at quantum dot technology for the iPhone 6 which are manmade nano particles of semiconductor material which is used to create light. These are so small that quantum effects begin to take place and without getting stuck, the end result is that the size of the dot affects its behavior.

Focus on toughening its Products

It is unknown when the iPhone 6 is likely to come out though there are speculations that since Apple release a product when it is good and ready, once a year around September, there are rumors that Apple would be breaking that cycle. Since the iPhone 6 is stated as a complimentary product to the iPhone 5S and providing users with the choice of screen sizes, Apple is likely to release its new entry very soon. Though beautifully made, the iPhone is also breakable like any other Smartphone with many users having cracked screens after dropping them and Apple has intention of resolving this issue in toughening its products.

Deal with CT Advanced Technologies

Apple has made a deal with GT Advanced technologies in producing sapphire glass at their plant in Arizona and this new deal could provide a super tough sapphire screen for the Smartphone. The synthetic sapphire glass got its name due to its transparency, though technically it is not glass. The advantage is that its incredibility lies in its hardness and durability. It values at 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness ahead of diamond which means that it is very difficult to break ending in less broken iPhones thereby saving the cost for repairs. Besides the screen size, Apple is also said to be looking at toughening the case by liquid metal for the Smartphone whereby the liquid metal encasing it would be of super tough metal built up, layer by layer resulting in making it a lot harder and difficult to break down and for this Apple has put in five patents for liquid metals. Check back for updates and get to know more on Apple technology at Macmyth

Friday, March 14, 2014

Apple iOS8

Apple’s Future Plan for OS X

Apple has plans for the future of OS X and we have seen OS X as well as iOS teams merging together in reaching great goals and speculations are on regarding iOS 8, that it might include Preview and TextEdit app as part of its update. According to 9to5Mac which brings about the latest updates on Apple plans, Apple may debut some new apps iOS 8, like addition of Preview and TextEdit that are presently in Apple’s OS X desktop operating system. Apple is planning in bringing in the functionality of these apps through Cloud and those using OS X Mountain Lion or Mavericks are aware that Apple had integrated Preview as well as TextEdit to iCloud for storage of documents, pdfs as well as images on the cloud. Though on iOS, Preview and TextEdit will not be capable to do much on their own, but one will be able to access the iCloud documents which will be quite functional.

Addition of iCloud Synchronization

Apple plans in developing version of the Mac operating system’s Preview as well as TextEdit applications, optimized for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and the application is considered not only to edit pdfs, images or text documents, but also to serve as tool to view Preview and TextEdit files stored in iCloud by OS X. Moreover Apple had added iCloud synchronization for Preview and TextEdit though it has not released its counterpart iOS, to view the synchronized content. Apple could be updating the new app to increase usage of iCloud or as a part of headway, to integrate it into OS X and iOS and has already offered mobile version of office apps Pages, Number as well as Keynotes to sync document through iCloud. Apple could be focusing on iCloud and the new operating system could probably be effective to the user in many ways. Moreover Apple would also be providing 5GB space at no cost no matter how many devices are purchased using the same iCloud account and the space could also be used for iOS device backups as well, which could reach the maximum GB or even more.

Exploring New iCloud Tools

It is also reported that Apple also has intention in exploring new iCloud storage tools which could improve its system of the third party applications store off device data, due to dissatisfaction among developers, that building App Store app which rely on iCloud seems to be a complex and unreliable process. Apple has been trying to improve how iCloud could handle file and permissions thus helping in making the app development easier and this future potential could be designed to resolve these issues. The entry of iOS 8 is likely to show up at the annual WWDC conference ahead of a fall launch along with the new iPhone and iPhone phablet. The application is in its early stage of development and could be probably released sometime later this year with possibility of the new pieces of software that will be ready to be shipped with the forthcoming iOS 8 More updates will be coming up at, be there ……

Step Detection Wearable Device by Apple

Apple Wrist Pedometer
Speculations are on about Apple’s `Wrist Pedometer Step Detection’, a special type of pedometer and according to US Patent and Trademark Office, this device is described as `optimizations in detecting steps when worn on the individual’s wrist’. The iPhone maker has now patented this pedometer which can locate itself when worn by the person and would be the first wearable device by Apple. This patented technology would accurately track the steps that an individual would take with the help of the device which can be worn either on the arm, wrist or the ankle. This enhanced pedometer by Apple has the capabilities of detecting the amount of steps taken by the user based on the location and the proposed tech then translates the analyzed raw data into the steps taken together with the distance travelled.

Capabilities of Constantly Adjusting and Counting
The pedometer can convert the motion data in acceleration magnitude using it to work out the main frequency of the steps which is combined with the location and correlates the two. Thus the pedometer would have the capabilities of constantly adjusting and counting extra steps it may have missed. Pedometer is used to count steps, in determining the distance travelled by the user of the pedometer which can be either digital or mechanical. The digital pedometers with the help of built in motion sensor namely accelerometers, helps in detecting movements of the digital pedometer. With the digital pedometer, the signals that is received from the motion sensor are analyzed to determine when the user takes a step and the algorithms for analyzing the signals depends on which part of the body the pedometer is worn.

Built in Motion Sensor, Wrist Related Device
This invention by Apple is a wrist related device and states that in some implementations, the wrist optimization mentioned in the invention can only be used when the pedometer is worn on the user’s wrist. In some implementation, the individual can specify a wrist area in selecting one or more options or provide input through the user interface of the pedometer and this interesting feature, is the automatic wrist classification wherein, the pedometer can be configured in automatically detecting that the pedometer is worn on the wrist of the user. In this embodiment, the device with the help of fast Fourier transform – FFT, frequency interprets and automatically detects when the user wears the pedometer on the wrist and the same method is also used when the user tends to run.

Support for Inputs – Thumb Wheel/Stylus/USB
According to USPTO’s listing, Apple’s future smart watch could utilize frequencies in determining where on the user’s body the device is worn. Moreover the patent also includes support for inputs like thumb wheel, stylus and USB port and probably Apple’s newly patented technology could also include the functionality of an MP3 player namely the iPod. According to some, this device could be revealed later this year with reports stating that Apple could be considering a solar powered battery for wearable devices while other findings suggest that it could be shipped with flexible OLED display with slap bracelet design. Besides this it is expected to run a fully functional version of an iOS version together with the ability to interact both with iPhone as well as other devices. You could stay tuned for more technology details coming up at Macmyth

Thursday, March 13, 2014

iOS 8 Rumors About Apple's Mobile Operating System

iOS 8 Rumors
According to the rumors; this year iOS 8 the update probably includes many exciting new features. Recently Apple released the iOS 7.1 update and so corrected several small errors in the previous iOS 7 Owners of an aged iPhone 4 look forward to the update, because it provides a noticeable speed boost.

As soon as iOS 7.1 released there start the discussions about its successor. Already In the internet numerous rumors about iOS 8 appeared, many of which highlight features that the fan community already for iOS 7.1 the much-discussed about “Health Book". The app collects apparently fitness values of the user, which it receives from co-processor of the iPhone 5S (M7) and the planned Apple iWatch SmartWatch.

Due to various errors in their own maps application, in 2012 Apple earned a bad name; and Apple is working hard to remove the stain. For the next big maps update, Apple has apparently done a lot. The Apple wants to integrate Maps - initially for large cities in the U.S., then internationally.

Various acquisitions from third parties (Embark, HopStop, WifiSLAM, and Locationary) were reaffirmed by Apple. Apple's new listing CarPlay is certainly part of iOS 8. A report in the Wall Street Journal claimed Apple is working on a new mobile payment system that not only apps can buy songs and other things from the App Store.

Apple apparently wants to establish a service that allows shopping for physical goods. To protect user the Apple introduced with the iPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor Touch ID. The last major design update came in mid-September 2013; iOS 7 whether and to what extent the language assistant Siri finds an update, is still unknown. When iOS 8 comes, however, is clear for the fans that there is an update that too most probably in the autumn of this year.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Apple Maps Upgrades

Apple Maps
Under the hood Upgrade for Apple Maps
While walking or driving and in doubt about any location, Maps could prove to be helpful in finding the way to any destination. Maps help to navigate your way around any location providing all the details to arrive at the desired destination. Apple Maps app has been providing quality experience giving users access to different modes of relevant interest with regards to tourism, traffic or weather, wherein individuals can switch on the modes related to the situation for a custom map of their choice. Apple has plans in upgrading and making major improvements to its Maps app in iOS 8 with its focus, less on interface improvement and more on enhancement to the application for reliability and accuracy.

Features displaying related Information
It responds to input directed to features in displaying information related to the feature and tapping or clicking on highways indicates the location of the service along the highway. Moreover, tapping two points on the map also provides available routes between them together with relevant data for each route which is computed and displayed to the user. Apple has developed a chip to improve its Maps app with the introduction of its new M7 motion co-processor in the iPhone 5s mentioning that `M7 knows when you’re walking running or driving’. The Map relates between driving to walking, turn by turn navigation and if one is in a vehicle or on foot it can easily tell Maps if driving at 100mph on a road. Besides, this, according to, it also helps a person to locate the car parked automatically, if the location is known and users can now expect enhanced data with clear labeling together with a range of new features from its forthcoming version of Apple Maps.

Interactive 3D views 
In addition to this, Apple has also added public transit capabilities to the app enabling users to locate directions while using train, bus or subway transit though initial public transit information would be available in major cities only but will make headway to other municipalities over a period of time. Maps provide directions, interactive 3D views with amazing flyover features, all in a vector based interface which can be scaled or zoomed with ease. Maps helps to navigate your way to the desired destination with turn by turn spoken indication and as one approaches a turn, it speaks direction enabling the driver especially at the time of driving to keep their eyes on the road turning the screen into a 3D perspective on the road ahead.

Provision for reroutes with ETA updates
If the user enters a turn, the viewing angle also changes providing them with the direction to proceed and should they miss a turn, Maps automatically provide reroutes with updates on ETA along with signs and arrows to guide them in the right direction. It also provides information on how long it may take to get there even when the screen is in locked mode. With the help of Map, one can get real time traffic information, with calculation of ETA, details on what could be causing a backup indicating major incidents or temporary slowdown with alternative routes to save time. Apple plans to make more progress on iOS’s version of Maps with more points of interest making navigation to the locations much easier to the users. Check at Macmyth for more information and updates related to technology.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Apple iWork: New Design With Intelligent Format

An office suite of application, iWork, was created by Apple Inc. for OS X and iOS operating systems consisting of keynote, word processing, presentation program and desktop publishing with the help of Pages and Numbers where the attention of the audience can be drawn towards cinematic application, Pages and spreadsheet application, Numbers. iWork is one of the easiest options in creating excellent documents, presentations and spreadsheets where writing and page layout can be done easily with animations, effects in Keynote and transitions since iWork is compatible with Microsoft Office which makes sharing the work even much easier.

Oldest Application - Keynote
Keynote is the oldest application in iWork which was released in 2003 as a standalone application while Pages was released as the first iWork in 2005. Numbers was later added towards 2007 with the release of iWork’08 followed by iWork’09 including access to This being a beta service, it enabled users to upload and share documents which has now been integrated into Apple’s iCloud service with iOS port which was released in 2010. Towards 2013, Apple then released a new OS X version with iWork for iCloud with a set of cross-platform web applications and an improved version of the native software.
The same year, Apple also announced that iOS devices purchased from September onwards as well as OS X computers purchased from October onwards, whether refurbished or new, would be eligible for free download of all three iWork applications while iWork for iCloud would also be incorporated for document hosting services which would be free for all iCloud account holders. New updates for iWorks suite of productivity apps for both Mac as well as iOS have been released where these applications were rewritten to a fully 64 bit to support a file format between OS X and iOS 7 versions and iWork for iCloud beta.

Stability Improvements and Bug Fixes
The all new design features an intelligent format panel with many additional features along with easy options in sharing documents. Moreover it has capabilities of designed styles for objects, new templates and animations in Keynote as well as interactive charts. Keynote envisaged the biggest improvement for iOS with a variety of new transitions. In addition to it, Pages and Numbers also received unnamed stability improvements, while Keynote for Mac also received the same updated transitions similar to iOS where Pages and Numbers each received toolbar customizations options together with other bug fixes.

App with a 64 bit Architecture
Users with earlier versions of iWork on iOS and Mac can avail the updates at no cost like those purchasing the new Mac and iOS devices. For those with the older devices and without the apps, have the liberty of purchasing each for $19.99 on the Mac App Store and $9.99 each on the iOS App Store. Apple is all out in bringing about the best experience to their users with the provision of iPhoto, GarageBand, iMovie besides Pages, Numbers and Keynote which come free with every Mac and iOS device. With all these app built with a 64 bit architecture, users can take full advantage of the powerful hardware and do excellent work with photos, music, movies, together with their documents, spreadsheets and presentations while the iCloud built in each app also helps in enhancing the work experience. Viewers can check for more information at Macmyth for more insight in techno knowledge.

Friday, March 7, 2014

GnuTLS Affected By A Bug Leaves Users Of Apple Platforms Vulnerable To Hacks

A few days after the revelation of a major security bug iOS and Mac OS, it is the turn of the GNU / Linux to be covered by a major fault GnuTLS. GnuTLS, the library implementation of security protocols SSL, TLS and DTLS most commonly used on GNU / Linux, is a victim of a fault of any magnitude that it easily ineffective in protection, several U.S. sites reported to Ars Technica.

 A worse than go to fail discovered on Mac OS and iOS, and Apple recently patched bug. Particularly it affects at least 200 packets of free or open source software, including GNU / Linux Red Hat (RHEL, Fedora), Canonical (Ubuntu and derivatives) or Debian. In addition to implementing within distributions, we could note that various mail clients and applications are potentially subject to risk.

In fact, any software based on GnuTLS to integrate functionality on the SSL and TLS protocols can hit. The management of certain GnuTLS errors when checking the type X509 certificates. It would bring incorrect certificates validated by the system. According to Red Hat, an attacker could use the flaw to create a certificate that would be accepted as valid by GnuTLS to a site chosen by the attacker. The bug is present since at least 2005 in the library.

Many errors are related to requests "go to cleanup”, which increases the apparent similarity with the flaw affecting Apple systems. But its complexity arises primarily from the impact that many lines of code, says Ars Technica. GnuTLS developers required to upgrade to the 3.2.12 release. This does not fix the bug for now, the discoveries made following an audit requested by Red Hat has not shown all their ramifications. You may expect hear again about this major flaw soon.