Friday, August 19, 2011

iFixit's Dozuki

IFixit manuals no longer need to prove themselves. Precise, well documented with pictures in high definition, they are invaluable for anyone who wants disassemble a Mac, an iPhone or even a car. With this experience, the site has decided to offer its engine manuals to all. Dozuki offering businesses who wish to create and host their manuals online. The focus is on the wealth of content, but also the ease of making updates and maintaining the interest of information. Two elements make up makes Dozuki: on the one hand and on the other hand a question / answer. Responses are made by experts and they can then be used for all Internet users. Dozuki is collaborative: the textbooks are developed by working groups. As needed, several options are available, starting at $ 99 per month for 50 public and guides up to $ 499 per month for an unlimited number of guides, public or private with own domain name. Each time, the guides can be transformed into applications IOS in the same kind as that of iFixit: Repair Manual (Free). Dozuki is currently in private beta, but you can contact them if you're interested.

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