Sunday, May 31, 2015

iOS 9

iOS 9
iOS 9 – Next Major Version – Apple’s Operating System

iOS 9 seems to be the next major version of Apple’s mobile operating system which is already being processed at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. Details are not yet made available on iOS 9 though rumours are on, indicating that the update would be focusing more on optimization as well as stability improvements instead of the major design changes together with new features.

Users are expecting some changes but a new San Francisco font, Siri improvements, a HomeKit `Home’ app, iPad split-screen multitasking as well as transit direction could be added in the new iOS 9. Apple had introduced a main design overhaul with iOS 7, however with iOS 8, it is said that the company debuted features like Apple Pay, Continuity as well as new abilities like extensions and widgets.

It appears that Apple would be having a hard time marketing iOS 9 update which does not come with showy additions as in the case of iOS 7 and iOS 8, though the new version of iOS which Apple has improved from its previous iOS updates would probably be popular with users who could have faced issues in iOS 8. After the release of iOS 8, some of the Apple’s user base seemed to be displeased with the update, condemning the company in introducing features without resolving lingering bugs.

The World’s Most Advanced Operating System – Finely Tuned

In the case of iOS 8, it has faced an above average number of bugs since its introduction in September, resulting in problems such as Wi-Fi, screen rotation problem, battery drain, Bluetooth connectivity failures and much more.

There is a pattern for an update which aims in improving the underlying structure of one of Apple’s operating system instead of introducing new features. Apple had introduce OS X Snow Leopard in 2009, which had brought about many under the hood optimization improvements and had the complicated task of urging users to pay to upgrade which was done with the tagline - `the world’s most advanced operating system – Finely tuned’.

Snow Leopard has been described as an operating system update which `revitalized existing Macs’ with the introduction of features that made it evidently faster and `refined and enhanced’ than the earlier operating system – OS X Leopard. Probably we would see some of the same opinions in the case of iOS 9 if it tends to accomplish the repairs of all the pending bugs in iOS 8 and make improvements on the many features gained across iOS 7 and iOS 8.

Well Matched with Apple’s A5 Processor

It has been reported that iOS 9 will be well-matched with device using Apple’s A5 processor and may also offer improved performance when compared to iOS 8. iOS devices with A5 chip include the original iPad mini, iPhone, the iPad 2 and the fifth generation iPod touch.Updated security features are also included for iOS 9 andOS X 10.11 and it is said that Apple is also working on a new kernel level security system known as `rootless’ which would be helpful in curbing malware as well as protect sensitive data by refraining users from accessing protected files on their Macs. One of the main optimization which could be in store of iOS 9 would be the decrease in the amount of space the operating system would take up.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

How App is Beneficial for Users

Property portal has come up with a property app that is not only considered to be one of the most innovative features in the search for properties but also one of the simplest and yet effective tools to use while on the move. The app is available both on the iOS and Android platforms. Anyone who is using communication devices on these platforms simply needs to have the best internet plan and he/she can become experts at property search quite easily. The app has been designed primarily to search, shortlist and manage property listings. The portal has ensured that the interface is kept simple and the property seekers do not have to face a lot of problems trying to find the best properties.

The features of the housing app

Anyone who has the housing app can search for properties for sale and rentals. Students and professionals can also find PG and hostel accommodations. There is also a provision of searching property agents. this might be the puzzling bit. Why are property agents needed when the gadget is so effective? Well no matter how good a gadget or an app might be, the work on the ground would have to be done by the property buyer himself or someone helping the buyer. This someone helping the buyer is the property agent who takes it upon himself or herself to have the property offered to the property seeker. The agents not only help in saving time but also allow completion of documentation and other formalities as well. One of the best parts about searching for properties using property agents is that one individual offers numerous options. Take the example of real estate brokers in Mumbai. These brokers are able to help find the best apartments in a jungle of apartments and high rise. It just is not possible to search for the best house on your own considering the number of options that are there. This is why the app offers a special provision to those who would rather have the options ready or made available to them. The search features of the app also allow one to explore the houses under the charge of each of the agents. This helps in sourcing numerous options from one source. Then of course the completion of formalities or negotiations are also done by the real estate agent.

How to search for property agents? 

When logging into the app, there are clear options which show where to search for property for sale from. Similarly there are options to search for rental houses and PGs. The option to search for property agents is also available. All that one has to do is to type the name of the locality where the property agent is sought. Then the map of the locality appears along with cluster markers highlighting concentrations of real estate agents in Mumbai. One can zoom in to see the individual markers to see which agent is present in which part of the locality. The agent details come up by tapping on the marker and all that the end user has to do is to explore the various options of property agents in Mumbai to select one and contact him/her.

In Conclusion

Property portal has ensured that all property search related services are as impeccable on the mobile as ever.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

iPhone 6C: Mysterious Updated iPhone Appears On Apple Store Website

Mysterious Update on iPhone – Apple Store Website

Apple seems to have leaked a picture on its own website of what could be the iPhone 6c, much ahead of the Worldwide Developer Conference – WWDC, which is scheduled to be next month.The mysterious phone has been seen on the Apple Store website on an unsurprising product page where some are speculating that it could show the unreleased phone.

The picture of a plastic backed iPhone in the same manner of the iPhone 5c comes with a Touch ID sensor on its home button, which is not shipped with the 5c and was utilised to advertise the company’s latest lightning connector charging dock.

While the shot has been replaced since then with a standard iPhone 5c, there is a possibility that the original was poorly-rendered and the small difference has given rise to speculation that it could be a different phone altogether.It is presumed that Apple would wait till September in order to proclaim its next iPhone.

More probable announcement according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities would be variation on the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Research note by the analyst states that the next phone would comprise of 12MP camera as well as 2GB of RAM.

Phone with Different Home Button

The phone with a different home button unlike the prevailing 5c does not have the square icon on it which is the same in the case in new iPhones and iPads featuring Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor, having an all-black home button.

Many are of the opinion that the version could portray the iPhone 6c; the imagined update to the 5c would probably come with the new high end versions of the iPhone towards the end of the year. The possibility of an upgrade is likely, as the iPhone 5c seems to be the only member of the iPhone and iPad series which does not have the Touch ID sensor.

However it is also likely that a rendering fault created the phone which could be identical to the prevailing iPhone 5c. If an incremental update is showcased with regards to the iPhone 5c, it would be likely to be with larger more powerful model, since the iPhone 5c was earlier released together with the 5s way back in September 2013.

High End Model

The Touch ID sensor enables users to unlock their iPhone without the need of the password and can be used for identity verification. The technology introduced in the iPhone 5s, is also a part of the iPhone6 and 6 Plus as the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3.

Other reports with regards to the iPhone include that the next high end model would be available in a rose gold hue besides the silver, space grey and gold versions. It is also rumoured that Apple would be bringing out a new `C’ version of its phones while others indicate that the phone would be alongside the updated versions of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus enabling users with a cheaper or smaller phone than the handsets to still get a hold of them.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Apple Now Sells a Lightning Dock for Your iPhone

Apple Adds Lightning Dock for large iPhone 

Apple had switched from 30 pin to Lightning way back in 2012 with the iPhone 5 and has finally added a dock for its new larger iPhone. While the updated 15 inch MacBook Pro with Force Touch track-pad and the 5k Retina iMac are the focus at the moment, Apple has quietly added an iPhone 6, 6 Plus Lightning Dock to its store recently.

Being priced at $39, the new dock tends to cost $10 more than the earlier model, though without any additional features. The only difference is the broader base to handle bigger iPhone. Users do not get a USB cable with the dock and will have to use the one which was provided with the iOS device.

Apple began selling its Lightning dock of its own recently and the accessory is available online, though presently there is a one-to-three day waiting period. The dock also charges the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and the fifth generation iPod touch and is available at Apple stores. However at most of the locations, it seems tobe sold out. Apple has ultimately done what several hoped it would and released an official dock for Lightning-sporting iPhone.

Comprises of Two Port

The new design should work with devices going ahead unlike the earlier Apple docks, since it features a freestanding Lightning connector which does not need the device to fit the dimensions of a usual slot. It offers a basic design with a rounded rectangular white plastic base with a single male lightning rising from the top.

The Lightning connector is provided from what seems like a reinforced projection that helps in avoiding wear and tear from the weight of the device which it supports. The Lightning dock comprises of two ports at the back one of which is for Lightning to support charging and data connectivity and one 3.5mm stereo headphone jack to support audio out.

The connector is also provided with required pins to support headsets and play-pause control which operates with iPhone. Users can charge and sync any iPhone which features the Lightning connector with the iPhone Lightning Dock. iPhone could be kept upright in the dock while it charges or syncs and is appropriate for a desk or countertop. It is easy to dock even when the iPhone is in an Apple designed case
Supports Other Lightning Accessories

One can unlock iPhone or also use Touch ID without the need of removing it from the dock. The iPhone Lightning Dock features an audio line out port which is connected to powered speakers and supports headphones inclusive of a remote control.

Besides this, it also supports other Lightning accessories like the Lightning to USB Cable which has been included in the iPhone. Some ways of using the iPhone Lightning Dock are –
  • Connect the dock to the computer with the USB cable to sync iPhone and charge the battery
  • Connect the dock to an electrical outlet with the Apple USB Power Adapter to charge the battery
  • Place the iPhone in the dock and experience clear audio during speakerphone calls
  • Connect the dock to powered speaker or stereo with the use of 3.5mm cable to play music and podcasts from the iPhone.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Reset a forgotten passcode on the Apple Watch

Passcode – To Protect Information on Device

The main purpose of passcode is to protect information on the device. Forgotten password is a common error committed by users and hence need to be changed frequently which could be different for each service. This could be difficult to remember or recall.

 However there is no need to panic if one tends to forget their passcode on the new Apple Watch since it would only take a couple of minutes to reset it once again. If one enters the wrong passcode on Apple Watch, six times, they tend to get locked out and will find a message prompting them to try again later. Should one forget the passcode, one would need to take a few steps to erase their Apple Watch after which they can pair it with their companions’ device once again and restore from a backup if they tend to have one.

Apple finds it essential to create a PIN at the time of initial Apple Watch setup process. The user is asked to enter the code to unlock the watch every time it is taken off the wrist. To reset the watch from a paired iPhone, one should click the Apple Watch app which is on the phone’s home screen and then select General.

Reset – Erase All Content & Settings

On scrolling down to the end of the page, one could tap `reset’ and opt for `Erase All Content and Settings’. This would take the watch to the original out of box state though it would mean that everything on it would also get deleted.

 The brighter side is that the iPhone automatically tends to create a backup of the watch when the same is unpaired on using this method. Once the user is ready to re-pair the same, they can select the` restore from backup’ choice at the time of the setup process. One can reset the watch even though the iPhone is not with the user though they would need the watch’s magnetic charging cable to be nearby.

To get started, one could hold and press the side power button of the watch and perform a Force Touch that is the hard press on the Power Off option. Thereafter choose Erase All content and Settings.

Unlock with iPhone Feature

During this time, the watch needs to be connected to the charger and confirm that one would want to reset the same. It is recommended to use passcode which will not be forgotten easily like a date of an anniversary or birthday. It would also be helpful in making a note of the code on the iPhone or in another secured place.

However, the best and easiest option to ensure that the user is not locked out of the Apple Watch, is to enable `the Unlock with iPhone feature’, which would let one unlock the Apple Watch with the iPhone instead of entering the PIN.

To enable this feature, the user needs to open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone, select Passcode and toggle the `unlock’ with iPhone switch from `off’ to `on’. It could also be enabled on the Apple Watch directly by going to the Settings, and tapping the Privacy and then slide the switch from `off’ to `on’, position.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac

Movavi Screen Capture Studio is the best software available for Mac for screen capturing as it provides the best services just in few minutes. With the help of Movavi Mac OS X screen Capture Studio we can –

  • Record the activity on the screen and captures whatever we want including streaming video, video guides and the Skype calls. 
  • Enhance the quality of the video and also we can cut the unwanted video fragments which can be done with the help of this video editing tool. With it we can enhance the video, join different video clips and make them stylish. 
  • Save the videos so as to watch them later on any device. • The best part of this software is that we  need to follow just three simple steps to enjoy the above features.
How it Works? 

Let us see how the Movavi Screen Capture Studio works-

Setting the parameter for recording the screen on Mac

  1.  We need to set the desired rate of the frame. 
  2.  The area of recording is adjusted. 
  3.  Audio from the desired source is captured. 
  4.  The actions of mouse and keyword are captured.
Recording the Screencast

  1.  The capturing process has to be managed by the hotkeys. 
  2.  When we are recording hold the HD screenshots. 
  3.  We can enjoy a break by setting the particular time when we want to stop the capturing process.
Editing the Video

  1.  It enhances the quality of the video. 
  2.  Make divisions of the video and remove the parts which are not required. 
  3.  Make addition of some sound clips and music to give a unique transition.
Saving the video in the desired format-

  1.  Videos can be saved with the help of a new SuperSpeed mode in a flash. 
  2.  Videos can be converted into different formats like MP4, AVI or MOV.

We can use the handy mobile presets for watching the result of the Movive Screen Capture for videos on tablets, smartphones and other devices.

Movavi is the software program that captures with various options available for the Windows PC and also for Mac OS X. With the help of this software wide range of video projects are created for the businesses. The screen capture software which is a well-known product of Movavi helps in editing the videos so that we can share, view, upload and save the videos of the disc. This program can also be used for recording the live video and audio clips from the computer’s desktop for creating screencast videos. Movavi screen capture studio provides very economic services as most efficient products are involved with this feature which make it affordable as well.

Now you have seen that we have discussed various advantages of using this software as it provides a collection of the extensive editing tool.


However, the disadvantage of using this software is that it does not provide the scheduled recording and provides the limited customer support.

Bottom Line

On the whole it is very interesting and helpful software that assists in keeping the speed of professionals for video making that too without burning their pocket. It can record various activities from the desktop and so that it can grab the Mac OS X screen capture.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Apple’s Social Networking Solutions – Brand New Streaming Music Service

According to reports, Apple’s social networking solutions is said to be joined with a brand new streaming music service similar to Ping, the defunct iTunes features which enables artists in maintaining public pages for sharing music, photos, concert dates and much more.

This means that iTunes account holders on several platforms could comment on and `like’ the artist posts as well as pages though unlike Ping, the users would not have the ability in creating their own profile, thus making the network only slightly interactive.

While Spotify provides a watered down version of the upcoming social media test, enabling subscribers in following generated artist pages which automatically combines same band related information, Apple on the other hand is said to be looking to strike special deals and partnerships together with top music acts for its streaming music offers that could be directed to a more personal platform.

Recent reports indicate evidence which have been discovered in Apple’s most recent iOS 8.4 beta build that comprises of a Restrictions toggle setting for displaying `Artist Activity’ in the app for Music.

Rebranding of Beats Music

Though Apple is still to make an official announcement with regards to its streaming music ambition, the industry sources together with internal disclosures indicate a potential rebranding of Beats Music which could be launched in the near future.

There are reports also claiming that Apple is negotiating with record labels for additional attractive licensing deals though the talks have turned out to be unsuccessful. Apple though continues to negotiate with artists and record labels for its streaming music services. It has also been disclosed that Apple plans to name its streaming music service as Apple Music.

Apple had earlier planned to unveil the new feature with iOS 8.4 though it is recently indicated that a delay is foreseen. Apple seemed to have a tough time closing negotiations with the artists as well as record label in providing the music to be streamed. As a consequence according to some sources, it is indicated that there would not be enough content for a June launch while some other state that Apple has its focus in launching the service next month.

Apple to Offer Free Trial of One to Three Months to Subscribers 

It is believed that the Justice Department would look on Apple since the company has apparently asked record labels with whom they are in talks with, to compel Spotify in putting an end to its ad-supported free tier of service. It is said that around 75% of Spotify subscribers are non-paying consumers. Moreover it is also assumed that Apple has promised Universal Music that it would be reimbursing it for lost royalties if it stops offering YouTube with music.

Inspite of several attempts in stopping the competitors from providing free music, speculations are on that Apple would be offering potential subscribers with a free trial lasting from one to three months wherein after the trail period, it has been rumoured that Apple would be charging the subscribes around $8 per month which would be an undercut of $10 monthly which Spotify has been charging for its paid services.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Through “Highlight” feature users can get the summary of best Twitter Tweets

After the introduction of the popular feature like ‘While you were away’, Twitter has now come up with another feature called the ‘Highlights’ to blow the mind of their users. This feature will about providing a simple summary of the most popular tweets to the users every day. As per the latest information uploaded on the official blog of Twitter, the user will receive the summary of the daily tweets via push notification.
What is the new feature all about?

As per the blog post of Twitter, the recent feature of “Highlight” will help the twitter user to catch up on the best stuff of the day quickly and ensuring that all the information is relevant to the user. However, what remains a mystery is how Twitter will be able to pick the right highlight according to the user? The answer lies in a simple fact that now twitter is looking into the conversations of users and in their accounts that are followed by the user, the kind of tweets that is shared by the user with other people, the topics and the events that will be currently trending in the user’s network as well as in the area of the user. The company will also check on the people who are either trending or most popular that you follow every day.

On the other side, the users will also have the option of turning-on this feature to get all the benefits Highlights. Once the user has been able to activate the Highlight feature, they will be notified twice every day and upon clicking on the notification, the user will be directed to the main Twitter app, which in turn will display the latest highlights in a completely new interface. The users will have to swipe to check all the highlights of tweets. In present the “Highlight” feature is only available to all the Android users in English language.

The users will have to go their settings and access the tab for mobile notifications and click on the Highlights. Twitter has also launches its quality feature, which has been aimed at restricting the abusive tweets on the user’s account. At present, this feature is only available to some of the verified users of iOS. The company also indicated that they are constantly working towards updating their policy to deal with abuses. The company is currently working on their violent threat policy. They want to ensure that this policy features any violence or threats against another person or anyone who is promoting violence.

The company has also rolled out latest features that enable all the twitter users to receive Direct Messages even from the people who are not following the user. Earlier every person will have to follow another person in order send out a direct message on Twitter. With the launch of these new features, twitter has again made a critical change in their strategy and products with the hopes of boosting the user engagement.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Designing Your Slides for Your Next Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation can be a great asset for those who are preparing a presentation, whether at work, school or a social organization. The key to having a PowerPoint presentation that is compelling and interesting lies in how you design each slide. Here are some tips on creating aesthetically pleasing PowerPoint slide designs.

Choose Neutral Colors

No matter how loud and exciting your presentation may be, you will still want to use neutral or muted colors. If you don't audience members may have a difficult time reading text on your slides.

Combine Text with Visuals

No one wants to see slide after slide of nothing but text. That's boring. To make sure your slides are interesting, provide a mixture of text, photos, short videos, charts and more. You can try them on alternating slides or combine them on the same slide.
Stay Consistent

They easiest way to distract an audience or lose their attention all together is to not be consistent in your slides. You are staying consistent in your spoken message, so your slides should reflect the same care. Make sure that the same color scheme and fonts are used throughout to avoid distracting changes.
With professional looking PowerPoint slides, you will be able to ace any presentation you have to give.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Apple to Aid Japan's Elderly with iPads in latest fruits of IBM alliance

Apple & IBM Partnership – iPad to Aid Elders 

Apple will be providing the iPads and IBM would be developing custom software, a low tech scheme wherein postal workers from Japan Post checked in on how elderly would be functioning on hi-tech with the help of iPads as reported by Walls Street Journal. The pilot scheme which is the outcome of Apple and IBM partnership will be seeing Japan Post, give out free iPads to around 1,000 senior citizens to enable close and more regular checks.

 `Watch Over’ so called is a niche which had been started by Japan Post in 2013 wherein mail carriers check in on elderly people providing consultation and share in information with family members. A Japanese Post official had commented that `by handing iPads to the elderly, we can closely check in on them more often, not only confirming if they are doing fine but also making sure that they are not involved in any trouble like a scam targeting the elderly’. Nikkei reports that IBM’s Watson computer would be analysing data from the iPads.

Project – A Commercial Service

The focus lies in turning the project into a commercial service and those caring for their elders could pay a minimum monthly fee for monitoring where the low tech service costs Y 1,000 ($8.40) per month. At a press conference IBM had stated that the goal was to reach 4-5 million clients by 2020 thus providing an improvement for iPad sales. Apple has released an official press release with regards to the initiative. Calling it the `first of its kind initiative which has been focused in improving the quality of life of millions of Japanese seniors’, the program would be including IBM apps which would connect the elderly to services, healthcare, community as well as their families.

The population of Japan comprises of 33 million seniors, which represents around 25 percent of the country’s total population. Taizo Nishimuro, CEO of Japan Post Group commented that they are joining with two of the world’s most respected leaders in technology in bringing elderly generation in the connected world, expand the businesses by deepening relationships and discover new ways of strengthen the fabric of our society and economy’.

The Japan Post Deal – Apple & IBM’s MobileFirst Partnership 

The software by IBM would be reminding the seniors to take their medication, suggesting exercises and diet changes help in tasks like grocery shopping and job matching. The company would also be catering to several behind the scenes services like system integration as well as training. Ginni Rometty, President, Chairman and CEO of IBM stated that they were starting draws on IBM’s long heritage of innovation at the intersection of technology, business and society.

The potential seen here as broad as national economics and as specific as the quality of life of individuals along with their families is an example of the potential of mobile led transformation anywhere in the world where issue of an aging population exist’. The Japan Post deal branched from Apple and IBM’s MobileFirst partnership. The combination of both the companies has given rise to a development of a range of template iOS apps and services for enterprise with divided support responsibilities when organization tend to agree to a contract.