Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A New Technology Video At Apple?

The Wall Street Journal writes "Apple is working on a new technology to stream video to TVs, and has discussed the opportunity to launch a TV subscription service ". The second part is not new, since at least 2009, we hear from Apple will offer packages of content for television, on a subscription. Thus it would compete with cable and satellite. This has not yet translated into action and Steve Jobs later acknowledged that the proliferation of boxes with their TV services and VOD integrated complicated task for those who wanted to enter this market. Regarding the supposed new technology, the veil of fog is thicker still. Is it for example promotes the integration of the AirPlay TV (but would bypass the Apple TV)? Vague formulation of the WSJ leaves the field open to all interpretations of how Apple wants to bring something new on the transport of these images.

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