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iPhone 14 Pro- Would The Rumors Become Reality?

iPhone 14 Pro- Would The Rumors Become Reality?

We are not sure of the timing of the release of the brand new iPhone 14 pro, but the anticipation of all its new features has already begun. All the experts have their say on what it would look like and perform, but it does remain speculation or, in other words, a rumor. There is no doubt that the iPhone has always been Apple's flagship, and its market has passionate users who would not dream of using another phone to sacrifice it.

Therefore, please find below a compilation of what is anticipated by all as of now. The rumors are still brewing and would change sooner than later.

As we speak about the rumors surrounding the new iPhone 14, the previous release called iPhone 13 and the mini, iPhone 14 pro, and Pro Max are on the stands now and selling well.

  • Rumor No 1 - The Design

Here are the rumors surrounding the design.

  • The new one would adopt many iPhone 4 and iPhone 12, which means flat edges. The edges would not be kept barren as the volume control buttons, rounded along with the mute button, would be placed in them.
  • To make it stronger, titanium would replace the existing metal on the sides, thus making it tougher. •The satin-like finish would be compounded with the existing glass finish with no changes to the Lightning ports.
  • The three cameras at the rear would not protrude as in the previous models, and they will be seated in the new model without a projection.
  • They could remove the display notch, and a USB- C type would enhance the connectivity.
  • Expectation of a sliding iPhone 14 Pro

  • Rumor No. 2 - Mini iPhone 14!

The failure of the iPhone 12 did not deter the company from releasing iPhone 13. It is rumored that they would not come out with a mini now but launch a large screen at 6.7 inches, thus making the regular phones automatically mini-sized.

  • Rumor No- 3. A shakeup in display

With the 5.4 inch mini under threat, all the iPhone 14's are expected to have a minimum of 6.1-inch display at the minimum and a 120Hz display which was resident in the pro versions of iPhone 13's. It is expected that at least one of the iPhones in the new batch would have LTPO.

As regards the Face ID, there is a possibility that it could become OLED. Such a move would eliminate the sensors but hinder the proposed punch- the real Camera! It is up to the designers now how to introduce both. IPhone customers would be happier to say goodbye to the display notch that is in use now.

  • Rumor No.4- A leap in Camera?

As of now, it is a 12 MP camera in vogue, but certain rumors suggest a 4X leap in this through iPhone 14. In other words, there could be a 48MP sensor in the pro-iPhone 14. The patrons would be delighted by this, but they would wish for a better telephoto lens along with the snapper, ultra-wide anyway. All these are great, but the true excitement lies in anticipating a zoom camera modeled behind a periscope!

  • Rumor No 5 - Introduction of USB - C?

Would the iPhone manufacturers move to a USB- C port from the Lightning Port? Among all the expectations, this one is the least expected. On the other hand, this rumor is fuelled by the fact that the iPad and MacBook have already switched to USB - C!

  • Rumor No 6- Return of The Touch ID?

Despite this, there are strong speculations that iPhone 14 Pro would not have a touch ID factored in. It is rumored that it is in the ' Testing Stage.' It would be embedded in its display rather than integrated like before.

  • Rumor No 7-Storage increase?

We expect the iPhone 13 storage options to be maintained, starting at 128GB and going up to 512GB for the iPhone 13 Pro models. On the other hand, the iPhone 14 is rumored to feature 2TB of onboard memory. Admittedly, with the ProRez video that Apple has to offer, it really would make sense for Apple to increase the storage capacity of its Pro phones. On the other hand, such a rumor is something we've been taking very seriously.

  • Rumor No 8- Battery impact & RAM Increase.

Apple's takeover of Intel's modem business could lead to an Apple-made 5G modem for the iPhone 14. In theory, this would provide Apple full influence over both the performance of 5G and the battery capacity impact.

For the iPhone 14 Pro models, at least the CPU is expected to be combined with 8GB of RAM, giving these devices a significant speed bump. Because of Apple's strong control over both equipment and Software, its iPhones have rivaled and even outperformed the finest Android phones with less onboard RAM. Due to this, there is a considerable likelihood that with an additional 2GB of RAM, the iPhone might function at an even higher level than it now does.

  • Rumor No.9- Chip Changes matter!

Apple's A-series chip would be in the iPhone in 2022, and we're very certain. The A16, which is expected to be the iPhone 13's chipset, will give a significant performance gain over the A15 Bionic.

Apple's rumored iPhone 14 could still use a 5nm technology because of a recent revelation that TSMC is having difficulties making the smaller chips. According to rumors, the iPhone 14 is expected to use an even higher A15 Bionic chip from TSMC than the 5nm A15 Bionic anticipated for the iPhone 13. Assuming that is the case, it would be the first time that an IPhone has endured more than three years with the same sized chipset.

  • Rumor No 10- No changes in Software!

The iPhone 14 is expected to arrive in the fall with a new version of Apple's iOS Software if the company follows its usual pattern. It is almost certain that the next version of iOS will be iOS 16.

  • Rumor No 11- Low or Higher Cost?

IPhone 14 Pro pricing is still a mystery, but Apple hasn't made major price movements from 2020's iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13 in 2021, so the current price structure is a suitable place to begin our guessing. The purported iPhone 14 Pro Max (a 6.7-inch phone) will be sold at a record low price of under $900. However comparing to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which may cost as much as $1,599, this is a bargain.


T is evident that the patrons of the iPhone would love a new attractive design, a touch ID, smarter comparatively, and a powerful camera. The riddance of notch and battery endurance, along with an increase in RAM at a lower price, would be difficult to resist. However, the question remains 'Would the Rumours turn into reality '? The wait is getting shorter every day!

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

How to Screenshot on Macbook Pro

Taking a screenshot is always beneficial, and with MacBook pro, high-quality snap can be easily taken and shared. If you want to show someone something on your display or capture any website page, take a snap as it's handy.

But Apple does not make it so obvious how to take a snap. But there are many ways to do so given by the company.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to screenshot a MacBook Pro. So read the article till the end.

Without any further due. Let's begin.

How to take a screenshot on a MacBook Pro, the right and quick way?

  • Hold down: Command key & Shift key
  • And tap on the number 3 key

After this, your entire screen, which is captured, is shown on the monitor's bottom right side. Then it got saved on the desktop.

You can edit the image you screenshot both at the time when it displays on the bottom right corner or anytime by just selecting and tapping on Spacebar.

For editing tools, click on the marker pen icon. You will be able to see various tools of editing, including crop and markup, etc.

How to take a screenshot of part of a MacBook Pro screen?

It's in your hand to take a snap of any selective window or one section of the screen.

  • Hold down: Command key & Shift key
  • And tap the number 4

All steps are the same except the number 4 key. After doing so, your cursor will turn into a crosshair, and now you can drag it and select which you want to grab.

After letting go of the mouse, the snap is done.

How to take a snap of a single window on a MacBook Pro screen

For this, here are the significant steps which you need to follow:

  • Hold down:Command key & Sift key
  • Tap the number 4 key
  • Move the cursor over a window.
  • Tap on the Spacebar
  •   Now click when you are set.

How to take a screenshot of a single window on a MacBook Pro screen on a timer?

It means a snap can only be taken when you click. In the other case, it happens instantly. You can use a timer to snap to be ready or select a particular area, arrange the window, etc.

In other ways, number 3 and 4 keys are used. Here we are going to make use of the number 5 key.

  • Hold down: Command key & Shift key
  • Tap the number 5 key

In this case, a control strip appears on the screen. This control strip contains start-off buttons, keystrokes like grabbing any portion of the complete screen. Also, you can take a video of the screen rather than an image.

Apart from it, Options control is also there.

Here you are provided options like taking a snap instantly, after 5 seconds or 10 seconds.

Command, Shift, Number 3, 4, and 5 keys are the most effective for speed and convenience.

Where to find screenshots

Screenshots are by default saved to the desktop with the naming, " screenshot [date] at [time].png." You can easily change the location of the snaps just by going to the options menu in the screenshot app or by dragging the thumbnail to the desired folder.

Change snapshot default to JPG

As we discussed above, the snap gets saved to the desktop by default but as PNG files. It tends to be larger files. To change it into smaller files or JPG, follow these quick steps:

  • Open the terminal app
  • Enter " defaults write com. apple. screencapture type JPG."
  • And, press enter

Advanced Snapshots Options on Mac with third-party Apps

We recommend CleanShot X as it's the most powerful snapshot app for Mac. This app offers over 50 features to capture an amazing snap of your screen. But this application is not for free, and you need to get a subscription starting from $29 for a single mac, including an annual update.

Here is what is included in the app:

  • Annotations
  • Self-timer
  • Capture complete screen, a particular section of the window
  • Compatible with PixelSnap
  • Custom snap backgrounds
  • Freeze screen
  • Excellent screen recording
  • Custom branding and domain
  • Tags
  • Team management and much more.

Some other third-party options are also there:

  • Snagit
  • Monosnap


In this article, we have discussed four ways to screenshot your screen. It's possible to take a snap of a particular window or section or entire screen in a few steps discussed above. You can also take video instead of image capturing. And a timer option is also there. So we hope now you find it easy to capture full and high-quality snaps by using keystrokes like shift, command, or number keys.