Monday, August 15, 2011

Test Magic Bar

The Magic Charger reloaded the Magic Mouse by induction (see: Testing Magic Charger Mobe). The Magic Bar intends to do the same, but the wireless keyboard or trackpad Magic. The concept is similar, as the price, but is also a success? The principle of the Magic Bar is identical to the Magic Charger. An induction module replaces the two batteries or batteries and a charging cradle allows, not surprisingly, to reload the module.
Unlike the mouse module, dedicated to the trackpad or the wireless keyboard is not completely invisible when in place: it exceeds a few inches to the side. In use, it's really not a problem unless your workspace is cramped. The two AA batteries or batteries that is normally the keyboard or trackpad are heavier than the module Mobe. These devices are not supposed to be moved is one factor that has little influence, unlike the Magic Mouse.The area above is actually the only one that can recharge the induction module. The base has a hollow area of ​​the same size on the left side and charging will begin only if the module is there. If the active area to recharge is small, the base is as long as the wireless keyboard from Apple. This choice has reasons both practical and aesthetic, much of the foundation is not involved in charging.
This solution has one advantage: you can leave the trackpad or keyboard on the base, being charged, and continue using it. This is most useful for the keyboard which is precisely the width of the Magic Bar, once placed on the base, you can forget it and type text as before. The only change is in the corner of the keyboard or trackpad: the inclination of the device is enhanced and the top slightly raised.
This advantage can also become a disadvantage, especially if you use the Magic Bar Magic with a trackpad and not with the wireless keyboard. The base is impressive and it will take to find a good spot on the desktop. The extra cable is discrete (and white), but the base itself is struggling to forget where the Magic of charge remaining discreet and end.
The very choice of induction is questionable with this product. While it seemed obvious and magical to the Apple mouse, it seems more compelling here than really useful. The battery pack than the wireless device, we would have preferred that it incorporates a USB port in order to completely remove the base compact. Consideration for a recharge actually easier (the device is slid on the base, charging begins) seems very heavy, especially since the benefits of induction are not exploited here. The shape of the Magic Bar prevents charging another device with an induction module, unlike the base of the Magic Charger.Still, the ease of use of the Magic Bar is undeniable compared to traditional rechargeable batteries, such as the Apple battery charger. No need to think out the batteries to recharge, no need to find a coin or threaten to loosen his nails protection, no need to immobilize either the keyboard or trackpad while charging. If you have an office large enough to accommodate the charging cradle, the Magic Bar is a good solution if you have not already invested in a battery pack and charger.If you have not yet invested, however, the charger Apple is cheaper and less restrictive: it also works well with the Magic Trackpad with the Wireless Keyboard, a Mouse Magic or any other product that uses AA batteries.

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