Thursday, March 31, 2011

A SuperHero iPhone / iPod

As big as Apple TV, but aluminum clad, the SuperHero of iomega will not allow you to show your movies on your TV but to save the contents of your iPhone on an SD card. When I say content, contacts and the photos, Farewell music, notes, emails and appointments ...


But what is the advantage of this SuperHero from iTunes backup?
Well for a guy like me who has access to the Mac every night, there is none. Actually the backup is much longer than the SuperHero in iTunes. I found talking with my colleagues, users of iPhone 3Gs and 4 ... but not mac users! These people here have an iPhone but almost never sync their phones because they do not use iTunes. Well for those people, there the SuperHero!

For the first when you unlock your iPhone and / or iPod Touch (slide to unlock), The SuperHero prompt you to download the free application backup iOmega for data backups. Then the remaining is very simple, one button backup ", another" restore "and a third" options. "

Superhero 2

At performance standpoint, my 400 contacts are stored in 8 seconds. My 44 pictures took 30 min at 10 kB per second. The superhero does it well. Note that it only backs up photos from the film!

In conclusion, this product is the ideal companion reluctant to iTunes, people do not have a computer, or while traveling. Damage, however, that the backup takes place only on SD card, USB port would have been nice.

You will find complete information on the iOmega website here.

For the checkout, the price is 69 to 90 Euros

SuperHero 3

In the box you will find the dock, power supply with two adapters (U.S. and UK), and a 4GB SD card and a summary documentation.


* No computer required, the Superhero is autonomous
* Easy to use
* SD card backup
* Easily transportable


* Very long time to sync
* Backup on SD card, no USB
* Backup contacts and photos

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No keyboard / Dock for Apple iPad 2

Predictably. If the iPad first generation has seen some dedicated accessories keyboard / dock which had been spoken here, there will not be the same for the iPad 2.

It's Phil Schiller, repeated here, which indicates a client Apple hint.

Asked whether a keyboard dock special is planned for the iPad 2, Phil responded that most users prefer to use the keyboard iPad Touch and in other cases they prefer the BT wireless keyboard to used with Apple iPad, iPhone and Mac!

One can imagine that sales have not necessarily been the rendezvous for the keyboard dock and an Apple iPad has decided not to renew the experience.

You had already spoken, we do not recommend this keyboard at all, less versatile than the BT wireless keyboard and especially complicated to carry with its dock protruding on top.

The Apple Wireless Keyboard Bluetooth is available on the Apple site at a price of 69 euros here, here's a picture:

Otherwise, for fans of keyboards, you should see the arrival of keyboard cases built in the iPad 2 as we have seen for iPad 1 here or there, with unfortunately too rare availability QWERTY version.

About iMovie

iMovie is a program to easily manipulate the High Definition Video (HDV). Viewing and editing become as intuitive for the video for the photo. The integrated video library automatically organizes your video content so that all sequences and imported videos are always just a click away. Thanks to its interface, iMovie simplifies and speeds up browsing in the video library and the implementation of new films. It was designed for sharing, in a few steps, it is possible to transfer movies on its website, publish them on YouTube and create versions for iPod and Apple TV.

Help to use:

Connect your camcorder and let iMovie do the rest. You can work on more ambitious projects by taking advantage of performance gains. Rearrange clips directly in the timeline, try the last Skywalker Sound effects and video transitions.

iMovie application

Mac and me is the site, to relate the information involved turning around the firm at the apple, which holds some information about the iMovie application for iPhone, adaptation of the famous video editing software available on Mac. And no, this is not so pleasing that you might think.

The iMovie application in full use

- To uphold the excellence of video and the idea of "instant transition", the function will only work on the gadgets with A4 Apple's processor, not including models proceeding to the iPhone 4.

- It is not possible to export iMovie projects on a Mac to continue editing videos. However, it is possible to transfer them via iTunes sync.

- It is possible to use a video saved in the film, but also to film directly from the application. As a result, the videos received by mail will also work, knowing that they register within the film. The only condition? We need the video to H.264 approved Apple files to AVI format are not compatible.

Finally, the iMovie application will be available on the App Store on 24 June at a price of $ 4.99 (approximately € 4.12).

Almost zero probability of an iPad version being felt by the absence of Retina screen or the lack of a digital camera on the device indicate that the application will not be usable on a device other the iPhone 4.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

iMovie on the iPad to fast some Mac computers

Chaten Tim from App Advice decided to test performance of the application iMovie and got quite surprising results. It turns out that if you are looking for a good and fast workstation for video processing "in the field, it simply must pay attention to iMovie to iOS, designed specifically for the latest generation iPad 2.

Tim wanted to see how the work mobile iMovie handles mounted in apple tablet dual-processor Apple A5, as well as to compare the performance of this program with desktop applications for Mac OS X, which he ran on different machines Mac. For their tests, he took a set of files, went to the nearest retail Apple Store and had similar tests on all drainage computer models, except for Mac mini. And the results surprised all of his expectations.

In the first trial, Tim pinpoint how many minutes will take up a two-minute test clip, shot on the fourth-generation iPod touch, for each selected for testing apple device. Became the winner of the iPad 2 coped with the task in just 25.5 seconds, but the "intergalactic Mac Pro took 56.5 seconds on it.

The second test is to change the encoding speed is the raw video clips in 720p. Again iPad 2 surpassed the rest of the large family of Apple products with the result in 1 minute and 56 seconds, just 3 seconds ahead of the iPhone 4. Time of the fastest and ultraportable Mac Pro was 2 minutes and 15 seconds, while most 17" MacBook Pro cope with the task in 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Naturally, the third test was the most difficult one. Tim has worked well over the video in all versions of iMovie, added background music, captions and a variety of images in the beginning and end of the roller. Of course, with coding at 720p a roller processed most quickly mastered "the older brothers iPad 2: The clear winner was the 17 "MacBook Pro with a score of 1 minute and 48 seconds, the second place finish Mac Pro (2 minutes exactly), and now perform this operation on the second generation apple tablet took a little more time - 2 minutes and 5 seconds. Of course, there are some important nuances also.

Monday, March 21, 2011

No iPhone "nano" - The New York Times

The New York Times makes its contribution to the rumor of an iPhone model of smaller and therefore more affordable for customers. However sources claim that the daily there is no provision to that effect ...

Apple is currently finalizing the 2011 version of its iPhone and no project leading to a variation of smaller size is on the menu. For several reasons: it would be impractical to handle, it would add an additional profile to handle for application developers and its cost would not necessarily reduced.

An official from Apple, unnamed, has urged the New York Times that he was not in the sense of Apple to offer multiple models all different. However, Apple could hear well, as it does every time a new iPhone arrives, apply a drop in prices outgoing model. The 3G is still sold today, next to the iPhone 4. Orange for example offering from 99 €

Other information obtained by The New York Times, however, corroborate some tracks in the Wall Street Journal, which had revived the hypothesis of an iPhone mini (read New rumor of an iPhone "nano" and a free MobileMe). Thus the improvement of navigation on the iPhone for voice who wants to avoid as much as possible the keyboard.

Without changing the format of its iPhone, Apple could change some of its components, whether the memory capacity or quality of the camera, to offer a less expensive model explains a person who worked on multiple versions of this model.

The New York Times also mentions the possibility that MobileMe becomes free and it hosts music with other types of files. A MobileMe available to all and most versatile of the coup that could justify a smaller storage capacity on some iPhone.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

iPad, MacBook Pro: minor revisions until something better?

Apple Store closures expected to succeed at a steady pace in the coming days. The ball will start today with the arrival of new MacBook Pro. In terms of innovations, this new range is presented as an incremental update, which should be distinguished by the adoption of SSD arrays, generalized processor Core i and the arrival of the famous port Thunderbolt. But to iLounge, the best is yet to come. The next generation expected for 2012 should be a major revision with significant changes in terms of design. One thing is certain, it is not shortage of ideas to Apple (read: The future of the MacBook keyboard but will not with sensors).

But the most interesting revelations concerning the iLounge iPad 2. Lately, there have been lots of rumors going in all directions; some left waiting for this model would be commercially available in June, while others argued that the initial production of tablets is less than expected.

For iLounge, there is some truth behind these rumors, and Apple has had to readjust his plans.

The site cannot say whether Apple would respond to the problems encountered, we have the right to a minor revision of the device until better in the fall. iLounge mentions the possibility of an iPad 1.5 which could still be called iPad 2 but did not have all the features originally planned for this model. The Cupertino Company would deal with production problems in the short term and give a little air. To our colleagues, the situation resembles that Apple had known at the launch of the iPod touch 3G, whose camera was withdrawn at the last minute due to production problems.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

iTunes: negotiations on the (re) download unlimited

Apple is in talks with record labels to allow unlimited download content already purchased from the iTunes Store. Following the Financial Times in late February, Bloomberg has obtained, from three sources, similar indications on the evolution considered.

The idea is that a client can access at any time for songs purchased on iTunes. Whether for listening on the move on their iPhone or iPad or to recover from a hard disk crash or handling unhappy.

In the latter case, the rule that prevails today is ... it is better to regularly back up their iTunes content. Videos, music or games iPod (excluding iPod touch) can be purchased in fact downloaded only once. If you lose, it's for your apple. The free re-downloading is only available for applications iOS and electronic books.

Apple is in talks with major record labels to reconsider this rule and relax. According to two Bloomberg contacts, an agreement could be announced in mid-year.

It appears on the face of such repeated and consistent rumors that we are heading towards a less iTunes competitor that would arise in Spotify or Pandora (unlimited streaming access to the catalog) and to a strengthening of the download model, where the streaming might possibly be proposed only for tracks already purchased. A shared commitment to equality by Apple and record companies wrote Bloomberg.

In addition, Bloomberg also mentioned a shift from the MobileMe offering free and store much more content.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Apple talks about the slow web apps

The controversy swells on Nitro, the JavaScript engine found in Safari Mobile from iOS 4.3. Earlier this week, we noticed that the web app were 2 to 2.5 times slower than the same site displayed in Safari.

Shortly after a study by Blaze Software said loud and clear that a Nexus S averaged 52% faster than a 4 iPhone to surf the web. However, this study was not conducted directly through Safari, but in a WebView.

These various data have not failed to create a little controversy, which once will not hurt, drove Apple to break the silence. One of his spokesmen, Trudy Miller, confirmed that the web views do not include all optimizations for Safari. Therefore, the study of Blaze Software is partly inaccurate. It is true that the iPhone's browser is slower than that of Android. By cons, running web app (thus bypassing the browser) is actually much faster on Android.

So why web apps are they deprived of Nitro and the lack of support for the HTML5 cache? For John Gruber, we must not see evil everywhere and think that the way the Californian Company focuses on native applications to web applications.

The real problem for Apple is safety. Unlike its predecessors, Nitro is a JavaScript engine that includes the time compilation (JIT). However, a JT needs to have the ability to mark pages in RAM memory as executable. However, unlike Mac OS X, Apple iOS prohibited on grounds of safety. Such a mechanism could lead to hijacked the execution of unsigned code.

In other words, if Safari 4.3 is under iOS much faster, there is a significant part-cons: if someone manages to exploit a vulnerability in its browser, then it can do much more damage than before. One can imagine that Apple has enough confidence in its browser to integrate such a possibility.

For Gruber, it is more likely that Apple will not stop there. He believes that to generalize Nitro web applications, there should be a web application to run JavaScript in a process separate and independent, a bit like Safari on Mac and PC that creates a separate process for Flash. In theory, this is what Apple is preparing for Webkit 2, whose project was announced last April: "WebKit2 is designed primarily to support the separate processes, where the Web content (JavaScript, HTML, etc.). made his living in a separate process [...] this model is comparable to Google Chrome, the chief dissimilarity that we have built straight into the structure, and it is easy to get to other browsers.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flash 10.2 Android arrives today

Announced in early February after its release on Mac and PC, Flash 10.2 shall be offered for download today via its Android Market or updates OTA. This book is written for Android 2.2 (Froyo), 2.3 (Gingerbread) as well as some users already blessed Android 3.0 (Honeycomb).

In the latter case, it is still a beta and the audience is smaller - even if that geographically - as consisting of Xoom customers. The tablet Motorola will simultaneously receive its first revision system 3.0.1. More will follow before Flash 10.2 do it is proposed final version.

This new Flash Androphones provides video acceleration on H264, but only for Honeycomb. Another novelty reserved for shelves next Android 3.0, an improved browser integration, resulting in navigation and view more smoothly pages. Flash content embedded in Web pages should be better supported as well.

More generally, the performance should be slightly up on today's mobile. Flash applications and data on the PC that used to be used with a physical keyboard can be better managed on devices that offer a virtual keyboard. It will be displayed, for example automatically by the application when necessary. Adobe maintains a list of compatible devices with Flash.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Orange down a little price iPad and evokes the arrival of the iPad 2

In turn, Orange has timidly down the price of the iPad. It offers the tablet from Apple in its 16GB version starting at 249 €, 30 € less than previously. This price includes a reimbursement coupon of 100 €. The 32 GB is sold for its share from 329 € and 64 GB from 389 €.

By comparison, Vodafone has dropped its prices yesterday moved the 32 GB price of 16 GB, or € 279.90 and the 32GB from € 379.90. As we told you yesterday, if an iPad first generation seems you enough for your needs, rather go for a ride on the refurb.

Meanwhile, Orange has announced the imminent arrival of the iPad 2 of his shop, without giving details or on the date of availability nor its price ...

On the other hand, you are very likely to write about the release date of the iPad 2. Unofficially, the launch of the tablet from Apple is still scheduled for next Friday starting at 17 hours. These are certainly the latest information communicated received several companies responsible for disposing.

Still, it was exactly like last year before Apple decides to delay the marketing of the iPad in Europe of a month. The decision was reached directly from the United States without anyone (or almost) never have known this side of the Atlantic before. If Apple chooses to postpone the sale of its shelf internationally, stakeholders will - as always - informed of this decision at the last moment.

Anyway, we should know the end of the story early next week. Apple, which never misses an opportunity to brag after marketing a new product, is surprisingly quiet since the beginning of the week, just stating that the application for the iPad 2 is "incredible".

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thunderbolt also a great price

LaCie has announced a product but not its price, which will perhaps not trivial, especially in the SSD version of the Little Big Disk. "We will have SSD-based products with prices that will match the performance (ndr, implied, consequential, ndr). They will be adapted for video pros, and the general public as a vast majority will not buy Little Big Disk SSD. However it also provides a model 1 TB Hard Drive 7200 RPM, in order to consolidate its presence in the market, but it will not be exclusive. Being supported by Intel and Apple should see this technology become affordable or fall into the norm. "

He cites as an example the case of the USB 3 still expensive three years ago and found today in all the ads on hard drives big government "We wanted the Little Big Disk lock on that is the definition of a MacBook Pro. It does work on other products Thunderbolt. We can not say when it will arrive today, but it will happen fairly quickly. It has been said quite clearly is a technology in which we believe and what album is the first in a family to come. "

Finally, given the willingness to invest in Thunderbolt LaCie, it would almost paris for expansion cards for the Mac Pro today. The manufacturer has already exist with 3 USB, FireWire, eSata. Here too LaCie is silent, but we feel that the idea is on the table.