Saturday, August 27, 2011

Launchpad Cleaner

The Launchpad is a new practice of OS X Leo, but can quickly become binding if you have many applications. As of IOS, you cannot just hide an application: to remove the Launchpad, you must remove the hard drive. It makes sense, but it is also inconvenient for some applications that are used rarely, but it does not completely remove either. Launchpad Cleaner can just hide the icons and so empty the Launchpad, without removing applications. This utility displays the current status of Launchpad and can hide an icon with a single click. We can also rename an application, but not moving. Developed by AIR Launchpad Cleaner is fairly heavy and the application exploits certain features of bad Mac OS X such as gestures to trackpad, but it is functional. The author has in mind in particular the preservation and restoration of the status of the Launchpad and we can restore the default version if something goes wrong. Apple also set a keyboard shortcut to change the wallpaper Launchpad. By default, the grid of icons is placed on a fuzzy version of the wallpaper in progress. Using the keyboard shortcut ⌘ + b, we can change this setting: net wallpaper, wallpaper in black and white wallpaper black and white blur. Once changed, the setting is retained by the system and the bottom is always as you selected. We did not find other shortcuts to use in Launchpad, please share your discoveries.

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