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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

iOS 5: good artists copy, great artists steal?

"Mistress, Luc has copied me, ah!”Since the submission of iOS 5, both sides start from the usual points of what would have been copied or not the new Apple in the competition. On the one hand, the very people who usually yell at war crime when the novelty of a smaller competitor comes from near and far from a concept to Apple today say that it is fair game. On the other, the most frenzied fans of Android laugh at what they see as a catch-up on the Google OS, which would have invented everything from A to Z. As usual, the truth is between two.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Latest slogan of Steve Jobs

If sketched recent years, various manuals bloom to reproduce the winning method of Steve Jobs, they obscure the essential ingredient: the man himself. Number of Cassandras have announced the end of Apple with Jobs that of both the man and his company have seemed inseparable, supporting their argument on the dark years of Apple in the absence of Jobs (and conveniently forgetting well the huge difference in context). Without his visionary angel in charge, who may well spur engineers and designers, and push them toward excellence? The error is precisely to try to do without Jobs.