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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A small guide to NAS - II

 NAS has the advantage of being accessible from any machine on your network, advantage can become a disadvantage. In the professional environment your new intern does not need to access your accounts or even your home, your child may not have needed access to all your data, even if only to prevent an unfortunate loss of data.

That is where the operating system scene of your NAS, usually based on GNU / Linux. In the same way as a conventional Linux or OS X, you can set what is called user rights. Every user - or group of users - can access data from the NAS that will not appear in others. In this way, on the same machine on a network segment can access information.

A small guide to NAS

NAS, network attached storage for: this acronym you may be familiar. It refers to storage systems that are real small home servers using an OS-based GNU / Linux and designed for service 24/24 (small footprint, low power consumption, etc..), Accessible on your local network or from the out. But in the jungle of the proposed models, it is sometimes difficult to navigate ...