Monday, January 16, 2012

IPhone: Free Mobile deal with competitive offerings - IV


It is now rare to have a mobile phone but no fixed Internet. All operators offer ADSL offerings combining fixed and mobile television and telephone.

Free does not offer independent, but the company offers its subscribers Freebox € 4 per month on wireless service plan. A total of 24 months with the purchase of a 16 GB iPhone 4S, you'll get € 2015 in Free. We compared the equivalent offerings from its competitors by not taking into account the additional costs that may apply if, for example, you are not in unbundled areas.

24 months

With Ideo, Bouygues Telecom has opened the way for combining broadband and mobile offerings. Even today, the company remains the cheapest of the three incumbents with a total of € 2,457 after 24 months. It's always more than € 441 Free mobile however.

SFR is slightly less well with its offer multi-packs. At € 99.90 a month for 24 months and € 149.90 iPhone sold, it will spend € 2547 after two years, € 531 more.

Bad student of this comparison, Orange charges its offer Open 24 / 7 no less than € 2936 or € 920 more than the equivalent offer at Free mobile.

12 months

Differences are also more measured and the supply of Bouygues is only € 95 more expensive than Free. Orange and SFR remain well above with more than € 300 difference after one year of package.

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