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Saturday, June 1, 2019

New iPod Touch Delivers Even Greater Performance

new iPod touch

Everything That You should Know about New iPod Touch

New iPod touch is the latest feather on the crown of apple. This iPod is loaded with some fantastic features that will blow your mind. For the first time, it consists of AR or Immersive Augmented Reality as well as group face-time feature. It will help the user to chat with his or family, friends, relatives as well as colleagues. So, you can understand that it is a fantastic product launched by Apple, and it comes at a remarkable price. Now, let us have a bit detailed discussion about the new iPod touch.

The features of the new iPod touch

The New iPod touch comprises of some excellent features. It is one of its kind product, and several people are opting to buy it, looking at the features of it. So, let us know the features of new iPod touch so that you don’t face any confusion while buying it:

  • It consists of a rear camera and a forward-facing camera. 
  • Capable of using Wi-Fi. 
  • It also comprises of Safari web browser. 
  • You can store photos, audios, videos as well as playbacks. 
  • It also has a YouTube video player. 
  • New iPod touch consists of contacts and calendar, which you can sync with your computer.
  • Calculator and clock applications are there. 
  • With the help of Wi-Fi, you can access the i-Tune music store of New iPod touch. 
  • You can install more than 250000 apps that you will get in the app store and get that you need an internet connection. 
  • It also has headphone and dock connections. 
  • The earphones of New iPod touch come with a microphone as well as a remote control. The capacity of New iPod touch
The size of the New iPod touch is 256 GB. And 256 GB is more than sufficient to store a vast number of songs. You can download plenty of songs from Apple Music or iTunes and listen to them offline. With apple music on your side, you will get access to thousands of playlists, more than 50 million songs, Beats1 Radio as well as the best editorials created by the world’s most excellent music experts. Also, the subscriber is capable of forming his or her playlist; listen to the Beats 1 shows by their beloved artists. Also, they can share their music with their friends. Right now, Apple music is available in more than 100 countries, and it provides one of the best music experiences of the world.

It will give an enjoyable gaming experience

You can consider iOS to be the world’s largest platform for gaming. Compared to other iPods, it will provide you with three times faster graphics, smooth gameplay as well as a beautiful display. You can also take subscription of the Apple Arcade that consists of exclusive games and also, you don’t have to worry about as if you download your games from there.

So, these are the things that you need to know about the New iPod touch. It is a fantastic product that is capable of providing you with some excellent music and gaming experience.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Apple Discontinues iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano


Apple strokes iPod nano and iPod shuffle

Apple has quietly thrown the iPod nano and iPod shuffle out of the program. Both MP3 players will still have it in the stationary retail, but not for much longer. Apple justified this at Bloomberg with "simplifying the iPod series".

The iPod touch has not been updated since 2015. For this, he is not so bad with 230 euros for 32 gigabytes of memory and 340 euros for 128 gigabytes of memory.

In the Apple shop, only the iPod touch is sold cheaply: With 32 and 128 gigabytes of memory for 229 and 339 euros respectively. IPod Nano and iPod Shuffle are the only remaining stocks. This makes the iPhone-like iPod Touch the only digital music player that is still officially in the Apple program.

Apple spoke of a "simplification" of his iPod offer, the other devices would no longer sell. Apple is not likely to be more valuable, so far, only original unpacked, unused iPod have significantly increased in value.

Streamed music replaces older players

Apple had introduced the first iPod in 2001, later, it was available in smaller versions with less memory and also without display. The iPod Shuffle, for example, was no bigger than a matchbox and also played songs by random.

The downside: All songs have to be played on the devices via software. Only the iPod Touch is capable of internet access - so it is the only one that remains in the assortment. The original iPod does not exist any longer.

Of course, it is not a big surprise that the last two offline players are taken off the market. Music is streamed today and is no longer held locally. You could also use this argument just for a new kind of music player: a kind of modern radio station, where music comes from the Internet, but without a screen or further interactivity would have to do. An iPod nano that is connected to the Internet and does not know the difference between cached and streamed music.

For people who would like to have the advantage of streaming music (even if it is from their own collection) and still do not want to be automatically on, that would be a good compromise. And maybe that would open up the impasse in which audio player and streaming offerings are located. The triumph of streaked music from the Internet has gradually replaced players who can not resort to appropriate services. Apple has meanwhile its own music service ("Apple Music") and is thus very successful besides providers such as Spotify and Amazon Music.

The end of the two classic music players is not quite unexpected. Apple has already said several times that the iPhone will lead to the decline of the traditional music players. The music playback software installed on the smartphone offers at least the same functions in comparison. Users also do not have to carry a second device with them.

Current devices are also to be supplied with the new iOS 11 in autumn. In contrast to the now adjusted models, they can also play videos, access the Internet and download apps. And something else makes it more attractive for Apple: With the iPod touch users get access to Apple 's own in - house and paid streaming service Apple Music.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Apple’s Launch of Colourful New iPod Touch

An updated version of iPad touch device with a new 16GB model has been launched by Apple adding a rear facing camera which now comes in a range of four colours like its more expensive versions and though this updated version is not yet available in the UK, the UK Apple Store website indicates that the old model of 16GB silver model marked as `currently unavailable.

Till now, the 16GB iPod Touch was available only in grey colour and though a sensible choice, it failed to reach the hearts of design fans and hence Apple is hoping that the new range of colours would draw more fans towards it.

The updated version retains the four inch retina screen and A5 processor of the earlier 16GB version which is a throwback to the previous generation of iPod touch with the addition of a five megapixel iSight camera which comes with an LED flash and onscreen filter to jazz shots, to its existing FaceTime HD camera.

Equipped with 5 Megapixel/4 In. Retina/A5 Chip 

The new version is priced at $199 in the US while Apple had sold the16GB version of its fifth generation iPod Touch for $229 without the rear camera and in only one colour option. Available in vibrant colours like pink, yellow and blue, the iPod touch besides being equipped with a five megapixel, a 4 inch Retina display and A5 chip, has a FaceTime camera with 1080p HD video recording, as stated by Apple.

Moreover, the iPod also has a fingerprint resistant oleo phobic coating which will enable it to remain beautiful and bright.Now with this new launch, customers in the US have the choice of buying the new iPod touch in the same range of different available colours on the 32 GB and 64GB models.

Apple’s iconic music player sales had slumped in recent years while smartphones have compensated all the functions of the standalone digital music player and Apple considered revamping the market by bringing in a lot of features on the iPhone like a camera and access to a variety of apps to the iPhone touch on the App Store.

Featuring iOS 7 Operating System

The new updated versions come as two different iPhone with a 4.7 inch and a 5.5 inch screen which are rumoured to have gone into production and the current iPhone 5s has 4 inch display.

With difficulties in the production of a large screen model, the 4.7 inch version would probably be released first, somewhere around early autumn.

The iPod was responsible in bringing in the major share of Apple’s revenue but had been dwindling recently in smartphones which gained more popularity.

The iPhone and iPad presently are the company’s biggest earners where Apple in the last quarters released figure of 2.7 m iPods sold.

Apple had also launched its range of portable media players in 2001 on iPod in various versions like iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Touch and iPod Classic.

The iPod touch will feature the iOS 7 operating system as well as offer more than 200 features, inclusive of camera app filters and probably later this year the device would be supporting the latest iOS 8 versions.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The iPod shuffle is celerbating its seventh candle

On January 11, 2005, Steve Jobs introduced the iPod shuffle to the public from Macworld, as one of his famous "one more thing." The iPod shuffle is when the first iPod with no screen and opens the use of flash memory NAND.

Beginning of 2004, Apple controlled 31% market share of digital music player: the iPod's competitors are then hundreds of models of key USB flash drive, and some models opulent HDD. The Cupertino Company decides to go to conquer the market by launching the iPod mini, iPod hard drive a little smaller and a bit cheaper than its big brother. It is a success in one year, double the iPod's market share to 65%.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The History of the iPod

2011 marks the 10 year anniversary of the iPod, an incredible music player created by Apple. With the earliest mp3 players being of subpar quality, Apple founder Steve Jobs wanted to create something that would be truly revolutionary. In 2000, Jobs envisioned the iPod and had his company's programmers get to work on his vision.

The iPod first saw the light of day on October 23, 2001 as Steve Jobs introduced it at Apple's headquarters. It carried a capacity of 5GB of space, which held up to 1,000 songs. It was a simple looking white device with a grayscale screen and entered the market at $399.

The next summer, the second generation iPod was introduced in two versions and had a storage capability of either 10 or 20GB. The scroll wheel was slightly different than on the original device, having been redesigned to be touch sensitive. Additionally, the iPod now had Windows compatibility, which introduced it to a whole new group of people who did not own a Mac. However, these users were only able to get their music on their iPod via Music Match, a program that converted tracks for the Windows environment. It also saw the hold switch redesigned and was synced via FireWire.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cards or the revival of iCards

Cards will be iOS that were iCards web in the early 2000s. This application will be available for free download will send cards that can be customized at will. They may be virtual or tangible as any postcard. But in this case, it will of course get hold portfolio is $ 3 for a card sent to the U.S. and $ 4.99 for worldwide. Nothing very original, many similar services already exist. This is the case among other Popcarte that can do the same thing.

Will not go back on the 10 new iOS 5 that were presented at the developer conference (WWDC): Notifications, IMessage, Reminder, Integration Twitter, Booth iOS, Camera, with direct shortcut on the Home screen by double-tap, Game Center, Booth iOS, Safari and Mail. Note that just Forstall showed the Facebook application for iPad without explicitly mentioning as it is still not available.The main information of his address will remain the date of availability iOS 5 to be proposed to the public October 12. This update will be available free to iPhone owners 4, iPhone 3G, and iPad iPad 2, iPod touch, 3G and 4G. Apple offers a GM tonight to developers, who can submit their applications to the App Store iOS (read: iOS 5: GM is available).Find my Friends: new feature icloud Eddy Cue succeeded Scott Fortsall. The general manager of online services Apple began by recalling the features lights icloud: iTunes Match, Photo feeds, documents, in addition to mails, contacts and calendars. On this occasion, he introduced a new feature associated with icloud: Find my Friends, that will quickly locate your friends if they are finally in agreement. This service is very reminiscent of Latitude. That could revive the controversy about geolocation, although the service is protected by a system of temporary location, and parental control.icloud and versions of iWork will be available for IOS compatible together IOS 5 on 12 October.iTunes Match for his part in reaching the end of the United States.

Set to launch in the U.S. at the end of the month and in other countries (France?) By the end of the year. Apple's new service will be charged $ 25 per year.iPod: Small touch-ups! While iPod sales are not what they were, Apple has introduced various amendments to nano. On the agenda: a journal interface with larger icons to navigate more easily on the small screen of the player whose appearance has not changed. Phil Schiller introduced the new range, has also introduced the new Nike + integration, which now does not need to dongle to function.

The shape of the iPod nano that inspired accessories, which turned it into shows, Apple has revised the Clock function. It now offers 16 new styles of clock, including the colors, yes, Mickey Mouse.The iPod nano will be available in seven colors. In an attempt to boost sales of its Walkman, Apple has lowered its prices: € 139 for 8 GB (a decrease of € 30) and € 169 for 16GB (down from € 40 ).The Shuffle is still offered € 59 for his part as the iPod classic is go again, while everyone buried.As expected, Apple also offers a very minor update to the iPod touch. It is now available in white and contains no major changes in hardware. Prices have been revised downwards: € 199 for 8 GB (-40 €), € 299 (-10 €) for the 32GB and € 399 (- € 10) for the 64 GB

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Windows 7 Phone theme for iPhone and iPod Touch!

I'm not used to relay this information, but I think it might interest you. A theme available on Cydia proposes to transform the interface of the iPod Touch interface "Metro" Windows Phone 7.

Launched in October 2010, Windows 7 Phone successor to Windows Mobile offers an innovative interface (which includes the Zune's HD that I presented in summer 2009). Given the success of this mobile OS, WyndWarrior, a member of the community Modmyi decide to bring this interface to the IOS.

All the views of the IOS (excluding applications) are modified to use the features of Metro. Thus the Springboard disappears and gives way to a main menu that displays a list of thumbnails. These vignettes are dynamic and are updated by applications (for example when receiving an email, the sticker "Mail" actualized).

It is easily possible to pin an application to be featured on the home screen.

The result is pretty impressive! The interface is fluid and we really feel like being in front of a Windows 7 Phone:

The theme is available for free on Cydia on the official source Modmyi. Installation does not require going through Winterboard. The theme is in beta but is stable enough to be installed.

Installing the theme "OS7"

* Backboard install from Cydia
* Create a backup with the default button "add" (to avoid nasty surprises)
* Go to the URL: backboard: / /
Apputez "Yes" and wait for full download
* Select Backboard since OS7, click Install and do a respring.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

synchronization feature Wi-Fi for iPod

Apple would test a synchronization feature Wi-Fi for its iPod for two years now, and consider the use of carbon fiber to improve transmission. Cult of Mac says that Jobs is pushing to integrate such functionality in portable music players, a way to revitalize technically. And probably also cling to the next line services that are ready to Apple. Fire Zune Microsoft already offers this type of wireless synchronization.
Apple would be difficulties in developing a system that can combine several criteria: reliability and signal strength, design of the player and autonomy. The source said that several of CoM materials and design have been tested, but with modest results. The use of contrast in the carbon fiber to the cabinet would have improved things significantly.

Prototypes have been made with the iPod Classic and the previous nano, but that is not the ideal or standard of what engineers want. However they do a lot of progress, "said the informant.

Apple has filed patents involving carbon fiber and in particular how the color (which would be fine in the context of a family of iPod) and last month it has secured the services of a specialist composite materials, which ran for 13 years a manufacturer of bicycle racing, a pioneer in the use of carbon fiber.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Test flash: ITE iBeat Monster Beats

Along with his headphones, Monster also offers several models of ITE, which these iBeat marked with the seal, and targeting primarily users of Apple products (iPhone, iPod, iPad in sight of course). Certainly, the manufacturer knows fashion products trend. But would not it eventually tendency to rest on its laurels lately?


Embracing natural format 3.5mm, this iBeat, developed with the help of is not running for hours around the bush: it was shaped and designed pieces for lovers of heavy bass playing, and what are Priority lovers of hip-hop that will get the best. You have been warned: if your playlists are limited to songs that could be called calmer, and if you do not usually stir up your subway train by pushing the sound of your headphones to the last stop of the volume, know that you'd be hard pressed to find your account with this product ...


With its red wire and chrome finish, the iBeat clearly attempting to distance itself from the competition. We like where we like it, but does not leave their bet in any case not of marble, especially since the headphone wires shows a strength of the evidence. Getting back to the fact that it is especially designed for the iPhone, to name him, we note that it has the technology ControlTalk, resulted in the presence of 3 keys. One to take a call, the other 2 go up and down the volume. Nothing to spoil the product is shipped in a sturdy cardboard box, containing a total of 6 bits, and allow everyone to find his account. In short, the builder knows how to do to attract the eye of the barge, and proves once more.

Sound Quality

Too bad: we really thought that the manufacturer had learned from its past mistakes. It is not so, and this iBeat, volume "normal" tends to support too low, to the point of spoiling the pieces do not line up in the genre of rap well nag. Frustrating, because parallel, lovers of hip-hop will delight in throwing their favorite club bangers, even at a volume driven. However, do not think that we are here in front of the last dated yardstick in the genre. In case you do not usually listen to music encoded at perfection (so to speak), you go with these iBeat, bitterly regret your "lax", the headphones do not hesitate to place low above all, to the point that sometimes plays a bit dull. However, to end on a good note, it is stated that they are doing the honors with regard to the issue of isolation. A point to consider is undeniable!


Despite their devastating design (at least that is my opinion) these people to toil iBeat eclectic musical tastes. Designed to allow you to enjoy a good listening to your songs hip hop, they struggle when they are asked to get out of the way, as to render it difficult to listen to more music classics. Damage, especially when one realizes that it is still sold 99 € ...

iBackupTunes sharing your music

Without access to the new Amazon Cloud player, iBackupTunes [1.0 - U.S. - 1.59 € - iPhone / iPad] offers an interesting solution if you want remote access to your music. The application accesses music stored on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and allows you to duplicate all or part of this music in the application. You can then read iBackupTunes, but that is not the main focus of the application.

iBackupTunes also share music managed internally or by sending it in iTunes (it will then go through the software to retrieve it from the Apps tab) or by creating a Web or FTP server. You can then remotely access the music, provided, however, be located on the same network as the mobile terminal which acts as a server. You can exchange music between devices for example, even if a step is required by iTunes to add music to the iPod application.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The future of Apple MobileMe $ 20 per year?

The redesign of the online service MobileMe Apple would bring with it a new fee that could rise to $ 20. Therefore not free, but a price below 79 Euros currently asked.

A new rumor is in addition to those already many surrounding MobileMe, the service pack online from Apple. This includes webmail, an online photo gallery and a feature to remotely locate its iPhone, MobileMe would experience a major update soon, specifically in April.

The latest rumors are not all consistent. iLounge announced a revamped version free; The Music Void speaks him a subscription to $ 20 per year. For this price, the new MobileMe include storage space in the cloud on the music, allowing listening to his nightclub from anywhere.

Apple has already reached an agreement with Warner's, while a deal with Universal Music and EMI should be achievable without much difficulty as The Music Void. Sony remains that show less endorsement.

Getting to the iPod nano 6

When September 2010 Comes, the revival of the iPod line is here! This year Apple has made changes more or less visible on his iPod. Let's start with nano. Nano in two versions: 8 GB to 169 GB and 16 € to 209 €, the range is available in 7 vibrant colors.

What's new in this version?

The size, Well it's the new nano 2G iPod shuffle with a screen. The screen is multi touch, i.e. with two fingers, you can rotate the screen. Personally I find this simpler technique, because it's annoying to have an iPod that turns its display automatically.


iPod nano keeps the dock connector and 3.5mm jack for headphones. Navigation is at your fingertips. To listen to music, touching music and select your favorite song, to go back? Swipe your finger from left to right. Buttons to adjust the sound very similar to the iPhone 4.

iPod nano features as the previous version of an FM tuner, RDS compatible! And you can stop and restart the radio whenever you want (Buffer 10 min).

It is quite possible to look at pictures, but given the size is not great. For movies, forget it! Over this function. The OS of the iPod is very fast! We would be in iOS 4. The wallpaper can be changed, the icons can be moved as the iPhone, you touch an icon and editing it to confirm.


The packaging is very small compared to the first iPod nano.

A beautiful iPod, very small! But expensive. The functions are intuitive but the price certainly is not my opinion. A price just above 100 € but would have been appreciated or even € 169 € 209 are not justified.

The Plus

* Design
* Simplicity
* Size
* The clip to the iPod shuffle
* The multi touch screen

The Minus
* Price

Thursday, March 31, 2011

A SuperHero iPhone / iPod

As big as Apple TV, but aluminum clad, the SuperHero of iomega will not allow you to show your movies on your TV but to save the contents of your iPhone on an SD card. When I say content, contacts and the photos, Farewell music, notes, emails and appointments ...


But what is the advantage of this SuperHero from iTunes backup?
Well for a guy like me who has access to the Mac every night, there is none. Actually the backup is much longer than the SuperHero in iTunes. I found talking with my colleagues, users of iPhone 3Gs and 4 ... but not mac users! These people here have an iPhone but almost never sync their phones because they do not use iTunes. Well for those people, there the SuperHero!

For the first when you unlock your iPhone and / or iPod Touch (slide to unlock), The SuperHero prompt you to download the free application backup iOmega for data backups. Then the remaining is very simple, one button backup ", another" restore "and a third" options. "

Superhero 2

At performance standpoint, my 400 contacts are stored in 8 seconds. My 44 pictures took 30 min at 10 kB per second. The superhero does it well. Note that it only backs up photos from the film!

In conclusion, this product is the ideal companion reluctant to iTunes, people do not have a computer, or while traveling. Damage, however, that the backup takes place only on SD card, USB port would have been nice.

You will find complete information on the iOmega website here.

For the checkout, the price is 69 to 90 Euros

SuperHero 3

In the box you will find the dock, power supply with two adapters (U.S. and UK), and a 4GB SD card and a summary documentation.


* No computer required, the Superhero is autonomous
* Easy to use
* SD card backup
* Easily transportable


* Very long time to sync
* Backup on SD card, no USB
* Backup contacts and photos

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

About iMovie

iMovie is a program to easily manipulate the High Definition Video (HDV). Viewing and editing become as intuitive for the video for the photo. The integrated video library automatically organizes your video content so that all sequences and imported videos are always just a click away. Thanks to its interface, iMovie simplifies and speeds up browsing in the video library and the implementation of new films. It was designed for sharing, in a few steps, it is possible to transfer movies on its website, publish them on YouTube and create versions for iPod and Apple TV.

Help to use:

Connect your camcorder and let iMovie do the rest. You can work on more ambitious projects by taking advantage of performance gains. Rearrange clips directly in the timeline, try the last Skywalker Sound effects and video transitions.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Apple and Samsung: the enemy brothers

Apple and Samsung are currently two of the largest companies in the field of consumer electronics. They have much in common, often work together, depend on each other on certain points, but are also competing in highly strategic. So, Apple and Samsung partners can they stay long-term goals?

With the success in the first instance of the iPod and the iPhone and iPad, Apple has become one of the biggest buyers of components in the world. Sign a contract with the Cupertino Company is the assurance of almost an order book well stocked for many months. Apple has often used his position elsewhere to rain or shine on the market for flash memory.

If in the 80s at the time of the Macintosh, Apple could afford to live in isolation and develop almost everything she, in a globalizing world, this is simply not possible.

Corporation deemed to be tough in business, Apple has managed to forge some strategic partnerships. Besides Samsung, Intel may be mentioned (for the supply of processors on the Macintosh), NVIDIA (which has created several GPUs for Apple) and Foxconn (one of the largest subcontractors to Apple). Among these companies, it is certainly with Samsung that relationships are more complex. Apple remains true to its culture of secrecy and rarely evokes its relations with its partners.

Proof, if needed, she remained evasive on the processor design A4. On its website, the Apple brand wrote: "Apple engineers designed the chip A4 into a mobile processor both incredibly powerful and energy efficient.”