Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ITunes Match: explanation of some statutes icloud

A column of information in iTunes is used to find, as its name suggests, the "Status icloud" a piece after treatment with iTunes Match. It may have seven different information and quite explicit in their titles. However there is one that can sometimes seem incongruous. The criterion "Downloaded" indicates that this song in your iTunes library is uploaded to icloud because there was no iTunes Store. In contrast to standard "matched" that indicates that a local song was found on the iTunes Store. However, sometimes this criterion "Downloaded" is featured on songs or albums that we had just purchased from Apple.

An apparent contradiction is explained, it goes to iTunes and Spotify as other similar services, some singles or albums sometimes disappear from the sale. For some reason x or y, the author or the record company removed the contents of the iTunes Store. But his references are still there, hence the somewhat ambiguous status. There is the opposite case, as noted Macworld US. iTunes will establish a correspondence between a piece of your library and the iTunes Store for an artist who never sold there, however his works.

In the example it was AC / DC. The most likely explanation is that the group refuses to sell its songs on iTunes, but it accepts, however, that the owner of his CD, which will be encoded, can be updated.

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