Monday, January 16, 2012

The secondary revolution of Free

€ 19.99! This is the new price "magic" of mobile phones in France. After its success with its offer ADSL € 29.90, Free hopes again cut prices in mobile telephony. Xavier Niel called on all its competitors to align its rates twice as expensive.

Draw me a perfect package

What is it like the perfect package? Xavier Niel described: the voice unlimited (with international calls to Europe, Switzerland, DOM, the United States and Canada. In all, 40 destinations included). The same goes for SMS and MMS unlimited.

With regard to the DATA, Free will offer free unlimited internet usage. In addition to VOIP that is beginning to standardize in competition, Free allows peer-to-peer and newsgroups, but the modem mode of the iPhone. Free does not remove any clamping since the flow will be clamped after 3 GB

The offer is not binding. Free does not subsidize the purchase of the terminals. This will keep your phone or change on arrival at the operator. In the latter case, the phone will not be blocked at Free.

Free has signed a contract with Apple before the launch of the offer, according to a first Xavier Niel. Finance offers on 12, 24 or 36 months, regardless of the package. The iPhone 4S will go on sale from € 1.

The Apple phone will be offered at Free from January 27. The 16 GB iPhone 4S will be sold € 1 more funding to the tune of € 19.99 a month for 36 months or € 29.99 for 24 months. In both cases, the phone will cost you about € 721 or about € 90 more than Apple. You will also get the iPhone 4 for € 541, a score of more than the manufacturer.

Complete information is on iGeneration: iPhone in Free Mobile tariffs

It should of course add to that sum the package itself, but the two are not related in Mobile. Free Freebox subscribers, Free offers a reduction of € 4 per month. The package will cost you € 15.99 and for a month, but you can subscribe to one package per household reduced. It should be noted that the cost of roaming (international call) are well below what one has seen before.

A free package for subscribers Free

Xavier Niel lashed RSA offers of other operators are available at 10 € per month. Free has decided to propose an offer for those who have small needs: 60 minutes and 60 SMS for € 2 per month. And if you subscribe to Free ADSL, this offer is free! Unlike RSA offers, this package mini is not subject to special conditions, everyone can be often modeled subscribe to. Free its communication on the Apple. This was the case; once again, the participants could find their seats in a subscription to € 2!

Free offer other options to allow users to better manage their packages. Free from the console, it will be possible to manage multiple packages and put certain limits to avoid out packages.

Last interesting detail: Free phones will connect automatically and transparently to the Wi-Fi Free. The operator, however, covers most of the territory, including the Cantal. Otherwise, the agreements were signed with other operators.

Details on the launch

This introductory offer is for first 3 million subscribers. With already 300 000 people who attended the conference this morning, we imagine that this threshold will be reached rather quickly. Free also plans to open ten stores by the end of the year. The offer is valid today.

It remains to know how fast the competition will respond to Free. The three incumbents have also been called every name by Xavier Niel in great form this morning. We can agree with at least one thing: there will be a before and after January 10.

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