Monday, January 9, 2012

Anonymous Support ToTthe Action Of eBizcuss

Two Apple Premium Resellers have confided anonymously to ChannelWeb on their relationship with Apple. Of anonymous witnesses who are going in the right line of the situation in which the group has publicly eBizcuss after Christmas and has led to an application for interim relief.

One of the APR, a European, details some opposition made by Apple for its activity and that of its peers. For example, the products most in demand during a period (iPad, MacBook Air) are not available for resellers like him while Apple and its partners in the mass distribution are properly delivered.

Then the authorization granted by Apple system integrators to come compete with APR market for SMEs and education, with the key impact on margins. Then the event of termination of credit lines granted by Apple and which have difficulties in certain brands.

The inability to store these APR iPhone with frustration for customers when the supply does not follow. The requirement in the new formula "V2" of the contract between the signs at Apple, to reduce the number of accessories offered as they help to offset the low margins granted on the machines.

Or renovation costs of the shops. Following the adoption of the contract and V2 estimated at € 300 000 per store, they must be completed before the end of 2012 or risk losing that status APR and between 2 and 4 point margin in the process. Difficult to undertake an investment at the same time when Apple does not adequately supply, says the APR. This contract V2 is known for 18 months and involves a change of style popular in APR (with a more pleasing decor) but it is expensive while the period is difficult.

But for another professional examination, and belonging to a non-Apple retailer, these APR must refocus their efforts and services around the Mac where the pressure on stocks is less, rather than trying to accumulate orders iPad. Especially given the situation today from Apple, which is its product volumes are not available at request.

The tone of the testimony received by ChannelWeb, including English, shows that they follow with interest the initiative of their French counterpart, but not (yet) as to discover and to act in concert with him...

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