Monday, January 16, 2012

IPhone: Free Mobile deal with competitive offerings - II

With a flat rate

Incumbent operators offer packages more expensive monthly, but that fund at the same time the phone partner. According to Xavier Niel, the offer of Free remains largely cheaper anyway.

We compared the offers of the three incumbents on the total price of a 16 GB iPhone 4S and paid a fee for two years. Two profiles were selected package for this comparison:

- A package as close as possible to that of Free, with unlimited calls, unlimited SMS and unlimited internet, but restrained

- A package suitable means to the iPhone, with 3 hours of telephone, SMS and MMS unlimited internet unlimited, but clamped

In both cases, we did not include any reductions granted if the subscription on the Internet or in other ways. It is therefore the base price for each package, based on a 24-month commitment.

Free mobile offers a unique package to € 19.90 per month with no commitment and must be added the purchase of the iPhone. After 24 months, we will be € 1198. This will be our reference price in both cases.

Sosh, low-cost subsidiary of Orange, sells a flat rate to € 39.90 per month with no commitment. Free as in mobile, it must finance the terminal except for a total of € 1556 or € 356 more than the reference price.

The three incumbents each have an unlimited supply, but prices are much higher. Bouygues Telecom is doing the least wrong with a truly unlimited package for € 79.90 per month over 24 months. The iPhone is then sold € 229, making a total of € 2,147, or about € 947 more than in Free Mobile.

Package Carré Absolute SFR is more expensive: 99 € per month over 24 months € 149.90 for the terminal, the customer finally pays € 2,525 or € 1,325 more as Free mobile.

Orange is slightly worse with his Origami Jet at € 99 per month, the 16 GB iPhone 4S being sold € 179. In total, there will be something for € 2555 or € 1354 more than Free.

The comparison is thus not subject to appeal on these unlimited plans and very expensive. Especially since the calls are not always truly endless. Orange for the package, the limit applies only to the French call. Taking the package truly unlimited, the bill is even more salt: at € 169 a month, we get a total of € 3755 or more than € 2500 Free Mobile.

The differences are less important in part on the basis of a package kept for one year only. With Free, it takes approximately € 960 in total, with over € 117 to € 1128 and Sosh with Orange. This last fact pay dearly shortened the duration of engagement, provided that the package on the phone itself.

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