Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CES 2012: Apple in all heads - II

Apple CES 2012 = 2013?

In other areas - where Apple is not (yet) present, it is clear that innovation in abundance gives rise to multiple ads all more interesting than others. If the CES 2011 was marked by an avalanche of tablets, the 2012 edition will be dedicated during the reign of connected. The television manufacturers had to admit the lack of medium-term view of return on investment ...
because Apple still it could enter the market. The rumor of a television scratched an apple is too strong to be ignored, and somewhat leaden atmosphere: the announcement of a new Google TV running on ARM processors now almost went unnoticed, and some have not hesitated to highlight the old clichés about GNU / Linux Ubuntu for fun TV. As explained Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corp. The financial resources of Apple worry everyone ...

... Or almost. Samsung, heavyweight market firmly established and pioneer of television connected, waiting for Apple to a halt. The Korean manufacturer, which also markets smartphones and tablets, can boast of having a closed hardware ecosystem that can effectively compete with that of Apple, and has also launched in the natural interfaces (gestures, voice, etc.).. The only unknown is the ability of Apple to go further, and to hunt on the land of cable operators: the first chain of music in the world, the Cupertino-she can repeat the feat of the couple iPod + iTunes with movies, series, and a future Apple TV?

Paradoxically, a market traditionally absent from CES that may have made the most about him this year on the occasion of an agreement with the organizers of the LDCs, many photo ads were held during the ESC. Professional SLR proposed € 5 799, the Nikon D4 uses a 16 MP full frame sensor and a module with 15 AF points AF cross and actually slightly change the ergonomics of the brand. It marks three trends: the transition from race to race megapixels ISO (wide range from 50 to 204 800 ISO!), Ever-increasing integration of the video (up to 24 Mbps HD 1080p30, 720p60), and adoption of new standard for business cards (the XQD, in addition to the Compact Flash).

The Fujifilm Pro X-1, highly anticipated, confirms the popularity of compact interchangeable lens, but is intended as innovative. Cousin of the X100, it has a viewfinder really usable, it's not a rangefinder, but a hybrid optical / digital is here and more able to adapt according to the attached lens (Fujifilm propose to launch a 18 mm f / 2 eq. 27 mm, 35 mm f/1.4 eq. 53 mm, and a 60 mm f/2.4 macro eq. 90 mm). It features an APS-C CMOS "X-Trans" Farewell the Bayer matrix and the associated low-pass filter, a less rigid hello photosites in a matrix of 6x6, for a more close to the film and a sharper. As you can see, the investment is definitely high-end Digital Focus evokes a rate of $ 2 400 for the basic kit with a 35 mm. 

Include finally the Canon Powershot G1 X, which takes a third position: that a compact "classic" with a zoom "traditional", but it takes a 18.7 MP sensor 14 x 14 mm - four times larger than the larger sensors of most compact, more so that the sensor devices Micro Four Thirds, and barely smaller than the APS-C SLR. This time it will pay $ 799 to afford this equipment to the 28-112 mm zoom f/2.8-5.8.


The CES has an opportunity to ad ... in real fields, photo and TV, which are not directly from the computer. This is the paradox of these shows giant huge catch-all where everyone can find his account, but all exceeded out of an overflow round effects: Most products advertised will be available at best that 'in the summer, at worst ... for CES 2013!

Eternal absent, Apple has managed to disturb the CES indirectly (the rumor about a possible TV) and direct (the announcement of a press conference on January 19 this year). By giving it to an entire industry, it has the luxury of talking to her even in his absence, here because of the Thunderbolt, then through a ultrabook, a little further because of an all-in -a.

Between false innovations and announcements in the vacuum, overflow of exhibitors and dismemberment benefit of specialized events (PMA, E3, MWC), the ESC is now at a crossroads. We understand that a company like Microsoft has decided to leave them, to become again master of its communication.

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