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Thursday, November 1, 2018

New Mac Mini Packs a Huge Punch

New Mac Mini

A More Powerful New Mac Mini to get the Job Done!

The theme running with all the Apple gadgets released this time has been- more power and more work done. The new mac mini is no different too. Apple has boosted the performance of the new mac mini with quad and 6 core processors, 64GB of enhanced memory and a super- fast all flash storage. What’s more and this one is going to be greatly appreciated by all those concerned with protecting the environment- Apple has made the new mac mini from recycled materials.

So, now without wasting more time let’s look at the specs of the new mac mini: 

Sleek and recycled enclosure with the new Mac Mini:

Apple has made the enclosure of the mac mini in a cool space grey with recycled aluminum. This is the first time that an Apple gadget has been made from recyclable materials.

Don’t you go and think now, that it wouldn’t be as good as other Apple gadgets. Apple promises that you get the same quality finish with the new recycled material that all their other gadgets have.

Aluminum is not the only recycled material that has been used but Apple has also gone ahead with recycling post- consumer plastic in parts like the foot of the new mac mini. All in all, the carbon footprint in making the new mac mini is dropped to less than 50%.

A More Powerful Processor with the New Mac Mini: 

Apple has given the new mac mini a major upgrade in terms of a power boost with the quad- 6-core 8th generation Intel Core processor. This processor gives you turbo boost like never before with speeds reaching 4.6GHz.

Tasks that seemed taxing before are now made easy with the new mac mini such as photo and video editing and even software and app development.

The new mac mini gives you 64GB of 2,666MHz memory so that you can now load larger files in much lesser the time than before.

Apple T2 Security Chip inside the New Mac Mini: 

Apple has brought industry level security to the new mac mini with the T2 security chip. The T2 security chip features an SSD controller with data encryption which means that any and all of your data that passes through the chip is automatically encrypted.

The T2 security chip also comes with a Secure Enclave which ensures that all software that loads during the booting process has not been tampered with. The T2 chip also comes with features like HEVC video transcoding that enables you to work more quickly and with a higher resolution.

macOS Mojave on the New Mac Mini: 

All the latest or new macs come with Apple’s new macOS Mojave, featuring the new dark mode that puts the focus on user content and a whole bunch of new features.

The macOS Mojave is pegged as one of the best desktop OS to be released to date.

You can get the new mac mini starting at $799.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Mac mini turns right

At the Macworld 2005; Steve Jobs introduced small Apple products including the iPod shuffle ... and the Mac mini. Today they celebrate their seven years.

According to some it is the Board of Directors, at a time when Apple was preparing its passage Intel, which would have led to the creation of the Mac mini, against the advice of Steve Jobs. According to others, is the successor to the G4 Cube, and Cube NeXT before him, and therefore born from the will of Steve Jobs, obsessed with the idea of ​​a desktop clean and simple, the antithesis of tower PCs. The truth is probably somewhere halfway: the board of directors at the time was eating into the hand of Steve Jobs and the Mac mini is far from the versatility of Cube.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Which MacBook Air and Mac mini 2011 to choose?

MacBook Air and Mac mini Mac are two very different, but the lines pose the same problem: four machine on one side, three on the other configuration options with a shovel ... was soon to hesitate between two models, even after they scanned sheet in detail, even after reading tests MacGeneration. Here are some items to help you choose. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Expect soon new Mac Pro and Mac mini!!

Once is not custom, the Apple Store did not close its doors during the keynote on Last week. But this is probably only a postponement. The news should be plentiful in the coming weeks.

Furthermore Final Cut Pro X officially announced by Apple to the end, Apple would soon revise the MacBook Air, and an update of the Time Capsule is still valid.

To this list, 9to5Mac adds two new products that would begin to rare server editions of Mac Pro and Mac mini. Nothing too surprising, these products have not been updated since about a year. In recent months, it was rumored that the tower Apple is reviewed in depth so as to enter more easily in the racks of a data.

The entire Mac range is announced with a shipping time of 24 hours at the Apple Store with the exception of core Mac Pro 12 and declination server, both available with a delay greater than or equal to 3 days.

By the way, we note that if one has the right to rumors to the entire Mac range, a machine is beyond this game, it's the white MacBook. Yet it is now the oldest model in the range. Has he gone to meet the same fate as the eMac on the end? The latter was revised only very rarely did before Apple finally abandoned.