Monday, January 16, 2012

IPhone: Free Mobile deal with competitive offerings - III

With a fixed 3 hours

If the comparison is final with unlimited plans, rarely used many hours of use per month, especially as the DSL box all offer unlimited and free. We compared the offers Free to cheaper packages that contain 3 hours of voice and options tailored to the iPhone.

24 months

The difference with the offer of Free mobile is less important, but it is always present with these packages on one condition: Sosh. The operator does not propose to offer three hours, but the special edition package comes close 2 hours. Inexpensive (€ 22.90 per month with no commitment), it does not support the phone, but the bill is light total: € 1148 after 24 months, less than € 51 Free. The package is however very different.

Bouygues Telecom is doing then best: Eden's package is offered at 3am iPhone € 49.90 per month over 24 months and 16 GB iPhone 4S is sold € 229. In total there is doing for € 1427 or € 227 more than in Free.

Package Carré iPhone 3h of SFR to buy the phone for € 199 and € 55 fee is paid each month for 24 months for a total of € 1519 or € 319 more than for Free.

Orange, with the Origami Star 3h, is slightly more expensive: at € 59 per month for 24 months, it qualifies for the iPhone for € 179, for a total of nearly € 1600 and a difference of a Free just under € 400.

12 months

Interest Free mobile is more questionable if you do not need a lot of votes and if you must finance a phone. Repeating the previous packages, but only 12 months, offers of Sosh and Bouygues Telecom are cheaper than Free mobile, with a 16 GB iPhone 4S offers SFR and Orange are slightly above the Free, but few: € 19 and € 48 more, respectively.

Clearly, if you are just calling and unlimited Internet clamped to 3 GB does not interest you, the offer of Free Mobile may not be an interesting year only. Change phones every year and consume little, finance offers of other operators are often more interesting.

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