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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Author iBooks, heir to HyperCard

The new edition iBooks have a little deja vu. They have a lot to remember the CD-ROM encyclopedia and the cultural heyday of multimedia.

Killed by Internet, multimedia CD-ROM launched an entire industry that will really lived a short decade. Encyclopedias such as Encarta, but also more or less specialized titles such as the Louvre or The Anatomy Lesson, or true UFOs as Xplora and Eve by Peter Gabriel, or The Book of Lulu Roman Victor Pujebet: these to digital works that were the "good book" were editing.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Test of Author iBooks

Kind of mixture between Pages (€ 15.99), Keynote (€ 15.99), and iWeb, Author iBooks) is a new application designed to create books electronic interactive WYSIWYG. Is it as easy to use as Apple claims? Does it really create rich, interactive books? If it is powerful, but free, there is something to hide? The response in our test! Case study: creating a "history of Apple"

With OS X Lion: first steps and iOS 5: first steps, we had the opportunity to lay out several digital books. To do this, we used conventional tools: writing XHTML code in an editor, assembled in Sigil, with ePub Validation Check and Book Proofer, submission to iTunes Producer.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

iGeneration iPad 1.2.9 is available on the App Store

An update to iGeneration iPad is available on the App Store. It brings a new feature and several bug fixes. [1.2.9 - Free]. We worked in recent weeks with readers who met regularly cases of crashes and freezes that have emerged since iOS 5. Several corrections were made to remove and the passage of other bugs has been erased.

A new function was added: To report a fault. iPad on iOS 5 it will allow those of you who want to notify us of a spelling mistake or a wrong formulation turned in a paper to do so very easily. Simply select with your finger the wrong way in the text and a new button "Report a fault" appears.

Friday, November 18, 2011

A point on MacG iPad Mobile and iGeneration

The release of IOS 5.0.1 is an opportunity to take stock of the two applications iOS. Updates are about to be sent.

- MacG Mobile version 2.7 has been sealed off from 10/11/2011. It has been tested with the beta iOS 5.0.1 we will make sure now that it works well with the final. If everything is ok they will submit a priori during the weekend at Apple. This update fixes a problem in the display of responses. In certain circumstances the window remained empty of all content.

- IGeneration iPad: Same as Mobile MacG was completed an update 1.2.8 today and we will submit it by Monday if it is validated with iOS 5.0.1.