Friday, January 27, 2012

Breaking into the Mac in the enterprise concerned

5 million Mac or almost! The number of Macs sold in the last three months of 2011. We will know whether or not Apple has crossed the symbolic threshold during the presentation of its financial results next week. The underlying trend is changing to an apple branded computers. 

The engine of growth does not come from the general public in the United States, but emerging markets and the corporate world.

Previously reluctant vis-à-vis the Macintosh, IT managers have been forced to adapt with the explosion of the phenomenon BYOD (Bring Your Own Device / Bring your own equipment).

Attitudes have changed, especially in very large companies, who attended at the same time the wave of the iPhone and the iPad. Many high-tech companies like Google provides an option to their employees. Mac or PC, it's up to them ... The various compatibility issues which affected both Apple computers in the past are less relevant. For about a year, General Electric has launched a pilot program in which it gives its employees the choice to choose between a Mac and a PC. 1000 people have for now decided to use an Apple computer. This figure is small next to the computer equipment manufacturer that is 330 000 computers, but the program at the moment is largely unknown in the business. The publication of an article in the Wall Street Journal about this initiative, however, should make a difference.

In 2008, General Electric had proposed a similar program for its employees, but for smartphones. For four years, they can opt for an iPhone or a BlackBerry, then the default. Currently, the park consists of GE 10 000 50 000 iPhone and BlackBerry.

The "rise" in the Apple market is beginning to worry about competition. HP told the WSJ that it was aware of the situation. Carol Hess, director of commercial PC division, against attack by saying: "We focus on our small business customers and large accounts, and I'm not sure that these markets are targeted by Apple." However, to cope with the success of the MacBook Air, it indicated that his company was working on laptops thinner and lighter for professionals.

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