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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Free Mobile: Network-on and attack against Orange

Free Mobile's network is almost entirely lit from March 2, at 97%, Challenges writing from his sources. Both large breakdowns experienced by subscribers in the last three days might be related (or part) to the scalability of the network operator's own.

A source at Orange does not confirm the information, but this hypothesis book: "Free may have switched its network, but there is no guarantee that it does not drop its powerful antennas that are ours to continue to be solicited. "

Friday, March 2, 2012

SFR Mobile responds to Members

After these FREE mobile and France Telecom, it was the turn of the CEO of SFR go before the National Assembly Economic Committee. Frank Esser, Executive Director of the operator, responded to several questions from members on the redesign of the mobile landscape immediately after arrival. Example of why the expected arrivals - known - lower prices or free the three operators is not reflected in any way a punishment for any length of rope in their face be prohibited clients.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Difficult to manage a successful

Free faces unprecedented demand. And it clearly exceeds the internal objectives of the new entrant who was forced to review its system information A to Z to take into account such an influx of users. Xavier Niel suggested the figure of 3 to 4 million requests for information received from the first day of launch. He promised the arrival of a customer area worthy of the name within a few days for the owners of the package € 2 can block certain options.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Free response to attacks by its competitors

The various operators, including Orange, had gone to campaign in recent days to try to counter Free. Niel has the opportunity while at the Economic Affairs Committee of the National Assembly to try to end some controversy (this hearing can be reviewed online). The members of this commission have literally bombarded with questions about the founder of Free the topics of the moment: national coverage, 4G, competition, the social package operators, fiber optics or the consequences on employment ...

Monday, January 16, 2012

IPhone: Free Mobile deal with competitive offerings - IV


It is now rare to have a mobile phone but no fixed Internet. All operators offer ADSL offerings combining fixed and mobile television and telephone.

Free does not offer independent, but the company offers its subscribers Freebox € 4 per month on wireless service plan. A total of 24 months with the purchase of a 16 GB iPhone 4S, you'll get € 2015 in Free. We compared the equivalent offerings from its competitors by not taking into account the additional costs that may apply if, for example, you are not in unbundled areas.

IPhone: Free Mobile deal with competitive offerings - III

With a fixed 3 hours

If the comparison is final with unlimited plans, rarely used many hours of use per month, especially as the DSL box all offer unlimited and free. We compared the offers Free to cheaper packages that contain 3 hours of voice and options tailored to the iPhone.

24 months

The difference with the offer of Free mobile is less important, but it is always present with these packages on one condition: Sosh. The operator does not propose to offer three hours, but the special edition package comes close 2 hours. Inexpensive (€ 22.90 per month with no commitment), it does not support the phone, but the bill is light total: € 1148 after 24 months, less than € 51 Free. The package is however very different.

IPhone: Free Mobile deal with competitive offerings - II

With a flat rate

Incumbent operators offer packages more expensive monthly, but that fund at the same time the phone partner. According to Xavier Niel, the offer of Free remains largely cheaper anyway.

We compared the offers of the three incumbents on the total price of a 16 GB iPhone 4S and paid a fee for two years. Two profiles were selected package for this comparison:

- A package as close as possible to that of Free, with unlimited calls, unlimited SMS and unlimited internet, but restrained

Monday, March 21, 2011

No iPhone "nano" - The New York Times

The New York Times makes its contribution to the rumor of an iPhone model of smaller and therefore more affordable for customers. However sources claim that the daily there is no provision to that effect ...

Apple is currently finalizing the 2011 version of its iPhone and no project leading to a variation of smaller size is on the menu. For several reasons: it would be impractical to handle, it would add an additional profile to handle for application developers and its cost would not necessarily reduced.

An official from Apple, unnamed, has urged the New York Times that he was not in the sense of Apple to offer multiple models all different. However, Apple could hear well, as it does every time a new iPhone arrives, apply a drop in prices outgoing model. The 3G is still sold today, next to the iPhone 4. Orange for example offering from 99 €

Other information obtained by The New York Times, however, corroborate some tracks in the Wall Street Journal, which had revived the hypothesis of an iPhone mini (read New rumor of an iPhone "nano" and a free MobileMe). Thus the improvement of navigation on the iPhone for voice who wants to avoid as much as possible the keyboard.

Without changing the format of its iPhone, Apple could change some of its components, whether the memory capacity or quality of the camera, to offer a less expensive model explains a person who worked on multiple versions of this model.

The New York Times also mentions the possibility that MobileMe becomes free and it hosts music with other types of files. A MobileMe available to all and most versatile of the coup that could justify a smaller storage capacity on some iPhone.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Orange down a little price iPad and evokes the arrival of the iPad 2

In turn, Orange has timidly down the price of the iPad. It offers the tablet from Apple in its 16GB version starting at 249 €, 30 € less than previously. This price includes a reimbursement coupon of 100 €. The 32 GB is sold for its share from 329 € and 64 GB from 389 €.

By comparison, Vodafone has dropped its prices yesterday moved the 32 GB price of 16 GB, or € 279.90 and the 32GB from € 379.90. As we told you yesterday, if an iPad first generation seems you enough for your needs, rather go for a ride on the refurb.

Meanwhile, Orange has announced the imminent arrival of the iPad 2 of his shop, without giving details or on the date of availability nor its price ...

On the other hand, you are very likely to write about the release date of the iPad 2. Unofficially, the launch of the tablet from Apple is still scheduled for next Friday starting at 17 hours. These are certainly the latest information communicated received several companies responsible for disposing.

Still, it was exactly like last year before Apple decides to delay the marketing of the iPad in Europe of a month. The decision was reached directly from the United States without anyone (or almost) never have known this side of the Atlantic before. If Apple chooses to postpone the sale of its shelf internationally, stakeholders will - as always - informed of this decision at the last moment.

Anyway, we should know the end of the story early next week. Apple, which never misses an opportunity to brag after marketing a new product, is surprisingly quiet since the beginning of the week, just stating that the application for the iPad 2 is "incredible".