Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Your best Mac OS X - I

Last week we offered you a selection of applications to discover the same time as your Mac. We ask you then your own advice and many of you to respond to offer applications.

Here is a selection of ten applications from your proposals. If you have any questions to ask regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Office Suite: OpenOffice.org

Provided interface to accept outdated and quite far from the standards of the Mac, the free office suite OpenOffice.org is a free and effective solution to create or edit documents bureautiques.Logiciel platform, OpenOffice.org is not really suitable for Mac OS X and later does not use any of the new features of OS X Lion. You can also use NeoOffice, a version dedicated to Mac OS X that handles including full screen mode and features automatic backup and version of OS X Lion. It will be necessary against donate at least € 7 for download.

iWork, Apple's office suite is a safe bet. The three applications that make it up each time to have an original design that contrasts compared to those of Microsoft. Each application is sold € 15.99.

Client mail: Postbox

Postbox ($ 30) offers an interesting alternative to the default mail client for Mac OS X. The application offers many good ideas as its interface with the proposed functions, such as integration with social networks or sending attachments on Dropbox.


Postbox was built on the engine of Thunderbird mail. Free and open, it can also act as efficient mail client.

Video encoding: Handbrake

HandBrake is a complete software to convert all video formats to other formats. This free application, free, multi-platform can handle DVD and it comes with several default profiles for creating videos compatible with iPhone, Apple iPad or the TVOS X Lion is also able to convert videos natively. Just secondary click on a video, select the command "Encode videos selected" (if you can not find it, look in the menu "Services") to set the conversion before the operation. The choices are more limited than Handbrake, however, and you can not pause and resume the process.

Audio encoding: XLD

X Lossless Decoder for XLD can be frightening at first. Not found better yet to convert audio files or CDs, but do not stop to his bushy preferences. Choose an output format and then simply drag audio files XLD's icon to start the conversion. You can even add them automatically to iTunes after conversion.

Listen to the radio: fstream

Fstream for minimalist interface, free player radio broadcast on the Internet. Unlike Radiolina (€ 7.99) that we mentioned in our previous article, this application does not propose any radio by default: you must look for places by hand. This site lists a few in France, to begin with.

Manage your DVD collection: Filmotech

Filmotech (Free) is a complete file manager for your DVDs, Blu-Ray, CD or other format. The application allows you to enter the securities you own with an assistant who is looking for information on the Internet. You can then publish your collection on a site or use the information anywhere with an iPhone app (free) or iPad (Free).

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