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Friday, March 2, 2012

Apple: report of the meeting of shareholders

Apple on last 23rd held its annual meeting of shareholders. All members of the board (which is Tim Cook) were re-elected; Apple CEO received a score for his part Soviet, with 98% confidence votes. Shareholders have first obtained the members of this board are now elected only if they obtain a majority of votes. Otherwise, the person has to resign voluntarily.

Tim Cook began by recalling that this was the first meeting since the death of Steve Jobs: "There is not a day that goes by that I missing," and thanking the shareholders have expressed their condolences, he added that this sadness in him had turned into determination. He promised to pass that Apple was still working as hard and this year it will launch products that would make sense ("some products That Will Blow Your Mind").

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Author iBooks, heir to HyperCard

The new edition iBooks have a little deja vu. They have a lot to remember the CD-ROM encyclopedia and the cultural heyday of multimedia.

Killed by Internet, multimedia CD-ROM launched an entire industry that will really lived a short decade. Encyclopedias such as Encarta, but also more or less specialized titles such as the Louvre or The Anatomy Lesson, or true UFOs as Xplora and Eve by Peter Gabriel, or The Book of Lulu Roman Victor Pujebet: these to digital works that were the "good book" were editing.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Overview of iBooks Author - II

Once obtained the desired result, Author iBooks can test it before publishing it. For this, the application does not use the simulator for the iPad, but an iPad. A "Preview" button to generate a version and open it directly on the tablet from Apple.

Good idea but the implementation is quite restrictive since it is necessary not only to connect the iPad Mac with a USB cable, but leave open the terminal iBooks. IBooks you can add it to iTunes and sync with other iPad. It will also create a PDF file, which is convenient because universal, but much more limited in terms of interactivity. Author iBooks can also change the look of the book in both directions.

Overview of iBooks Author

Author iBooks is Apple's solution to quickly and easily interactive textbooks. What is the solution in practice? If you know of Pages (€ 15.99) or Keynote (€ 15.99), you will not be disoriented by opening the application for the first time. Apple did not just draw inspiration from its iWork to create iBooks Author: the new application is based on the suite Apple. From the opening, there is the traditional list of models. Apple offers only six, but six very different with specific guidance. Feel free to adapt them to your needs and possibly create your own templates. Legacy of Pages, Author iBooks can manage styles (the drawer above left), chapters and sections, and all options for changing the text are also meeting both you say, it was almost free with a Pages last application for Apple Mac.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

QuarkXPress 9 Part.III

The tool "Publisher history" (Story Editor) is to display the text of a page layout in an interface similar to that of a word processor. The text can be read in a different font and a body of the model without affecting the formatting of the layout. The text changes have a direct impact and are instantly reflected in the model. This tool will be useful if the text of the model is very small, rotated or distributed across multiple pages.

The tool "ImageGrid" function targeted for photographers and graphic designers. It helps to create a contact sheet with little difficulty. The tool can import a folder of images and automatically build a catalog with many options for page layout. Each image can be associated with its file name and be indicating its resolution and size. The number of pages will also be determined by the number of images and their size indicated in the setting box.
Leo: full screen mode unsuitable for multi-monitor configurations. During the presentation of Mac OS X Lion, Steve Jobs has placed great emphasis on the fact that many innovations were inspired by IOS. Full screen mode is the same illustration.

Many applications come with Mac OS X 10.7 use. This is the case among others Safari, Preview or Mail. In some cases, this new method is very convenient. We find this type of use that is sometimes the strength of the iPad (but also its weakness) is the possibility of being able to focus on a specific task.

Unfortunately, this method was not designed for configurations with multiple screens. When you activate this mode, the second monitor is useless. It is not possible for example to use another application on it. This is unfortunate, because there were better things to do.

This behavior with every version has not changed. And given the status of the system, it's a safe bet that the way it is managed by mode does not change its marketing.

Note finally that builds succeed, and Front Row is still not showing. Those who used the media center of Apple will have to be a reason...

QuarkXPress 9 Part.II

The tool "ShapeMaker" (below) allows the creation of forms from simple to more complicated. The mere wave of a block in a spiral or a complex polygon, all types of blocks are possible. The dialog box provides an overview of real-time convenient for viewing directly the development of the block in which all parameters are customizable.

Entire page could with earlier versions of XPress, but required the stunt (mode railway ...) and worked only from one document to another. This time, we can affect any part of the document or one or more pages within a single project. The dialog box lets you choose what to copy and the destination area. It will choose the options to complete the copy operation in the current layout, a new file in a new layout ... or by splitting into single pages or splitting the layouts in the project. Many options are comprehensive and indispensable.
"Linkster" is also a tool that can be described as obvious. It fills a gap in the options of linking text blocks. He knows indeed loose blocks and keeps the entire text without causing overflows. All the text of each block of a chain remains in the block after hairline. The dialog is very well designed and allows, for each option selected; understand the impact on the existing block chaining.

The "bullet style, numbering plan and" is it, any kind of structured document according to a precise indentation. Not necessarily very useful model releases, this function will be of great help in editing and everything that affects directly or indirectly to the book. It allows selecting and applying automatically to all the paragraphs style bullet or numbering via a drop down menu. Each style plan has nine levels of indentation. The dialog box allows you to finely manage all of the parameters of indentation.

QuarkXPress 9 Part.I

Now over 25 years that the veteran of the layout is to work. Mock press advertising XPress ... went from the golden age of electronic publishing to the even more modern, cross-media publishing with line of sight iPad and all that matters tablets on the market electronic reading lights. Launched a few weeks ago, QuarkXPress 9 is still not able to export its contents to the iPad. It was not until the end of July to have this opportunity as a free update. For now, we have only a brilliant demonstration of the publisher of the export module in Quark QPS to ensure the full potential of the tool "AppStudio". It is very easy to use and will convert the models into interactive content for iPad.

Nothing distinguishes the version 9 of the previous one, except the home screen of the software. No effort to take control of the interface is therefore requested.

Meanwhile the extension "AppStudio" XPress itself to export its content to various industry standards. We can convert our documents into electronic books in ePub format (for Apple iBooks, the Amazon Kindle ...) or for the electronic reader Blio eReader. The tools allow XPress easily redefine the formats of models specific to these formats while defining the different meanings of reading. Tools used by any designer "paper", which should be the same philosophy for the tool "AppStudio" and the transposition to the iPad. Still, the layout for a reading lamp and a print magazine does not carry the same creative imagination and it will take getting used to manipulate the tool in getting rid of paper patterns.

XPress does not miss the turn to digital publishing, but does not neglect his business. The design and publication of paper documents are still the heart of the target and the ninth version brings some new tools. They consist mainly of changes in this version. One also wonders why some of them (e.g. Clone) were not incorporated into the software from version 3.32 ...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Apple unveils iPad 2: an evolution than a revolution

After months of waiting for fans of tray, and much speculation, Steve Jobs introduced Wednesday a new generation of iPad: iPad 2. On sick leave since last January, he eventually became the conductor of this keynote.

As usual, Steve Jobs first pointed out the success of the company: 100 million iPhones sold since its launch, 200 million customer accounts (App Store, iTunes and iBooks confused) and 100 million books downloaded on iBooks. And for the first generation of the iPad, it is neither more nor less than 15 million iPad already passed!

You said power?

The iPad 2 adopts a new processor, double heart, Apple A5 successor to the current A4 processor built into the iPhone 4. Technically, the A5 is based on the architecture of the Cortex-A9, ARM.

Each heart is clocked at 1 GHz, which allows Apple to announce an iPad twice as fast without sacrificing battery life, which remains unchanged. And about video games, the iPad would be 9 times faster!

The first grip velocity confirm this and note a marked improvement against the first generation.

Gyroscope and cameras

This new model takes almost the same improvements that the iPod Touch 4. Thus it inherits a gyroscope and two cameras, one front Booster (VGA), and one that can capture video in HD (720p).

However, purchasers of the iPad 2 would be equally disappointed that the owners of the iPod Touch 4 quality photos of cameras. It would be the same optical view of the technical constraints to the thickness.

A new design

It is lighter and above 33% thinner (13.4 mm against 8.8 mm). To give you an idea, the iPod Touch 4 has a thickness of only 7.2 mm. Two colors: black or white.

The iPad 2 will be sold March 11 in the U.S. and March 25 in other countries. Regarding rates, no change to note compared to the previous generation (first prize of 499 €). Note that the first generation is still on sale at the Apple Store and it will cost you more than an arm to get it. WiFi 16 GB version is sold at 389 €.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The iMac

In January 1998, Jobs announced the first positive result for over a year. In May, he presented the next release of a new type of Mac: iMac, offering a compromise between power and money to satisfy basic users. He also explained that the project would be based not only MacOS X Rhapsody (NeXT technology) but also on MacOS 8.

The year 1998 was a year of profit for Apple iMacs are selling like hotcakes. In 1999, the output of the PowerMac G3 Blue and the announcement of the release of the iBook kept up the wave motion. Then came the announcement of the generation of G4 PowerMacs.

In January 2000, the release of iTools Internet tools dedicated, demonstrated the new strategy strongly oriented Internet firm to Apple, as Steve Jobs announced that he remained at the head of the company.