Tuesday, January 31, 2012

iGeneration iPad 1.2.9 is available on the App Store

An update to iGeneration iPad is available on the App Store. It brings a new feature and several bug fixes. [1.2.9 - Free]. We worked in recent weeks with readers who met regularly cases of crashes and freezes that have emerged since iOS 5. Several corrections were made to remove and the passage of other bugs has been erased.

A new function was added: To report a fault. iPad on iOS 5 it will allow those of you who want to notify us of a spelling mistake or a wrong formulation turned in a paper to do so very easily. Simply select with your finger the wrong way in the text and a new button "Report a fault" appears.
A tap on it will automatically dial an email with all the necessary information for us. You simply send it (or complete a comment if necessary). If you see again crashes or freezes at a frequency abnormal, do not hesitate to contact us directly so that we look at it with you. The report on the App Store does not help us; Apple does absolutely no way for developers to get in touch with users who post criticism. In talking with you directly, we can isolate the context of the crash, you crash claim files, etc... It can be argued.

An update of the iPhone version is expected soon with this feature also to report a fault and bug fixes. An easy passage through MacG Mobile: The application has a function to serve the database; it can restore some stability in some cases. Go to Other> Preferences and tap on the Version field in the bottom of the window reveals a hidden window. Take a tap on reset (remember to backup your favorites before).

Other corrections iGeneration iPad 1.2.9

- Fixed a small bug in preferences
- Validation of a comment sometimes led to a freeze of the application
- Loss of memory of user IDs after a disconnection of Wi-Fi
- The use of "&" character in the reactions removed the text that followed at the time of publication
- Fixed a bug in the scrolling text field reactions
- Spacing between icons greater sharing and delete the favorites to avoid an unfortunate deletion
- Fixed a bug that restored access to the list of items when the input field was open for comments

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