Monday, January 16, 2012

Prohibition of sale for the light kit logo on the iPhone

K.O Gadget received a letter ordering him to Apple to stop selling its iPhone 4/4S kit ($ 79.90) which allowed the Apple logo light up. Reproducing the system in this laptop brand. Apple sees this as an infringement on the copyright of its logo. Ko Gadget also proposed a variation with the famous Apple logo which would fit the profile of Steve Jobs.

The user will receive a kit to install itself, including a new back cover (thinner than the original) and a backlight of the size of a fingernail to plug in the iPhone. The logo lit up along the screen and remained 15 seconds after switching to standby phone. He was also active when the iPhone to the ear.

Gadget Ko, a Hong Kong company, told its customers that orders would be honored, but that it was withdrawing its Article of the sale.

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