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Monday, September 18, 2017

Xiaomi Mi A1: An All Rounder Budget Smartphone with Flagship Like Features

Xiaomi Mi A1

Xiaomi Mi A1 is seen on the Geekbench sporting a Snapdragon 625 processor

Xiaomi has started a blitzkrieg campaign in the social media which has helped in creating a positive buzz surrounding it upcoming device. Xiaomi a hugely successful smartphone maker from China has found a new home in India by making it way in the top three smartphone brand in India. On 5th September, it is expected to unveil a new device which can either be the Mi5x with stock Android or even the Mi 6 which hasn’t made its way to the Indian shores. The phone in question still under the mystery clouds but on social media buzz is strong this upcoming dual camera featuring device.

Xiaomi has even tried to supress the unwanted speculation of the new smartphone being Mi 5x by releasing teaser which states the upcoming device will be from new series. Quite recently eagle eyed tech enthusiasts has found a new smartphone from Xiaomi on the Geekbench website with a unique name ‘Xiaomi Mi M1. So, in the all likelihood the upcoming device will be named Xiaomi Mi A1 and it will be first device from Chinese manufacturer to offer dual camera set up to the users in India.

Xiaomi works with Google on this new device

Just a few months ago, it was announced that Xiaomi would be working the tech giant Google to develop an Android One device for the Indian market. It is very likely on the 5th September 2017 at the global launch event in India; Xiaomi will be launching the Mi A1 featuring stock Android.

This would also mark the first time when Xiaomi has launched a device with its popular user interface called MIUI. So far the Android One devices launched in India by varied Indian OEM has failed to generate any buzz or popularity among the masses due to their pathetic specification and cheap pricing. But Xiaomi has shown over the years that it has the ability to manufacturer competitive handsets even at low price points.

Everything you need to know about Xiaomi Mi A1

As per the specification listed on the Geekbench website Xiaomi A1 is a high-end Android One smartphone which doesn’t compromises when it comes to bringing the best to the users. It is powered by Snapdragon 625 processor clocked at 2.2 GHz along with 4GB RAM. This device will feature the stock Android experience to the users in the form of 7.1.2 Nougat OS.

As stated earlier this device will not feature the stable MIUI seen on the Xiaomi smartphones. This device has a screen size of 5.5 inches Full HD touchscreen display having a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. It is a dual SIM device with 4G capability.

The spec sheet does shows that Xiaomi has simply brought best iterant of the Android One smartphone for the users which promise quality performance, design and everything else. Quite incidentally no information is provided about the camera on the Geekbench which leaves us guessing how good the camera will be.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

SmartPhone Motion Sensors Can be Used to Crack Your PIN

Image Credit:AP
So you thought that the PIN lock present in the modern Smartphones is best way to safeguard your device from others. Apple’s tussle with government authorities where they were unable to unlock the iPhone without the rights set of PIN has also helped in cementing this notion. However a recent study conducted by the cyber security experts at Newcastle University in UK presents a completely different view with facts and figures. Their study has successfully showcased that the hackers can make use of the sensors present in the Smartphones to crack the four digit PIN which will give access to wide amount information.

In their study the researchers found that when a mobile user visits a website then code present on the page can be utilized in accessing the phone’s motion as well as orientation. This allows the hackers to correctly guess the PIN present on the device lockscreen. During this study researchers were able to guess the PIN in the first attempt for 75 percent of the time and in the third attempt for 94 percent of the time. This might be shattering news for a number of die hard users of smartphones but it also helps in showcasing how vulnerable modern devices are.

People are tired of being asked for Passcode

The major reason behind the feasibility of hacking into the device through analyzing the motion and movements of users is very simple. Most of the people are tired of being asked for permission therefore they tend t accept anything present on the website or app while installing or accessing them. Websites usually collects a lot of information about the users in order to bring better users experience but this can be used by the hackers for their own benefit. They can direct the users to such websites which is specifically designed to collect the location data as well as the motion sensors data in order to unlock the device remotely.

Today more number of websites is concerned with collecting the location information by bringing location pop up on the site. Secondly sensors are going to be become more commonplace in near future once people start adopting the smart home and kitchen based electronic products. This study shed light on the way hackers can make use of the motion sensors present on the Smartphones but later on it can be brought to other devices as well to gain access to critical information.

Preventive measures to take

The best way to get over this problem is to make use of highly complex passcodes on the Smartphones. An earlier research has already showcased that the Smartphone users tend to make use of dead easy combination of 1111 and 1234 in 27 percent cases when they have to opportunity pick anything in the 4 digit set. The major reason behind it is that people find it easy to remember and it is highly convenient to unlock the device quickly. Secondly one should always keep the mobile operating system up to date by receiving and installing the latest security and system upgrade patches on regular basis. Thirdly one should always download apps on their device from the trusted sources like App Store, Google Play store and other credible third party stores. And don’t forget to kill the apps after using them.

Monday, February 6, 2017

iPhone 8 Concept Shows Off Display Covering Entire Front of iPhone

iPhone 8
When it comes to standards of making mobile devices, Apple has set the bar pretty high year after year with their iPhone series. With its 10th Anniversary coming up, Apple is set to release its latest addition to the already glistening career of iPhones, the iPhone 8. Mobile geeks and tech enthusiasts from around the world have begun their speculation of what features would the new iPhone 8 have and how would it be different from its previous versions.

What can be expected from the new iPhone?

ConceptsiPhone has recently released a video detailing out the possible design that the new iPhone can have. The most eye catching feature that the video has is the display of the new iPhone, which covers the entire front of the device. Many reports suggest that the iPhone 8 will move towards an all glass design feature straying away from the usual metallic design they implement. However with the new iPhone 8 commercial, it can be seen that the new device will have a similar design as compared to iPhone 7 plus in addition to many newer features.

Apart from these features, the new iPhone 8 shown in the advertisement does not stray away from its original design that has been the company’s pride for many years. The volume button and the side switch designs are influenced by the original iPhone 4 models and a rounded metal frame falsifying the rumor about the new device being made in an iPhone 4 style.

A unique feature that the iPhone 8 can have is the dynamic Home button which performs similar function like the MacBook pro touch bar. However the biggest visual change in the 10th anniversary iPhone would be the use of a curved screen that uses OLED technology. This would mark the first time that an iPhone has a curved screen.

The iPhone 8 will be facing a tough competition with its release as Samsung and Google both are releasing their newest devices at the same time iPhone comes out. To keep its new innovation a step ahead, Apple has implemented an edge-to-edge display that does away with top and bottom bezels and holds features like Touch ID fingerprinting and front facing camera. The touch ID and the camera may be built directly into the display!
Special feature: Wireless charging

The new iPhone is rumored to have a state of the art long range wireless charging system, a first for any iPhone device. Long range wireless charging is superior to other wireless charging systems as it does not require your device to be in close proximity of the charging source.

The news of release of iPhone 8 has indeed caused a lot of stir and with tons of rumors and speculations flying around regarding its features and design. But all we can do is wait for Apple to officially release the iPhone 8 which is sure to be a popular indeed as it has been for many years.

Friday, January 27, 2017

So You Dropped Your iPhone in the Toilet, Now What to Do?

Apart from few selected phones if your latest Smartphone goes in a pool of water or drops in the toilet then it will bring a panic attack. Sony Z lineup is waterproof and so do Samsung’s elite flagship devices but not every one of those devices. Sadly Apple’s premier Smartphone of iPhone series isn’t even waterproof so problem lies at core is how you could recover the data or get your phone functional again after dropping it in the water accidently. Here are some of the smart ways which can set you in the right direction.

Steps to perform right after the incident

If you had accidently dropped your phone in water then quickly get into action in order to minimize the water damage. Turn off your device and dry it off using towel then pop out the SIM card, memory card and remove the battery. One should not put their Smartphone either in the microwave or under the hairdryer as it will end up in damaging the phone further.

If your phone appears faulty

In case your phone misbehaves or tend to work in an unusual way then you follow these steps. Silica gel is undoubtedly the best drying agent available in the market which can wonders for your Smartphone. Buy or get hold of some packets of silica gel and put it together with your Smartphone in a ziplock bag. Now forget about your device for a day or two in which time all the water in your Smartphone will be sucked up by the silica gel.

If this solution fails to work for you then opt for one of the simplest DIY cleaning or simply take it to your local repair shop to assess the amount of damage and root cause of malfunctioning.

Precautions for Future

One has to be cautious with their phone while using it near water body or resource in future. The best way to secure your device against water is to get a waterproof case which might be a costly affair but it will help you in saving hundreds of dollars in the long run. Online stores are filled a large variety and kinds of waterproof cases across the price points, models and makes to serve your need. Secondly you should develop a habit of baking up all your data regularly on your PC, laptop or Mac or even external hardisk to limit the amount of data loss from such incidents.

If you are an Apple device users then you can recover all your data from the iCloud or iTunes but you have to enable regular cloud based backing up feature to make most this feature. On Android you should start using the Dropbox or Google Photos to back up media content automatically at regular intervals. On the bright side Smartphone makers are giving a push towards waterproof devices in future which means consumers will get to choose more number of water proof devices but at an expensive price point.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Samsung Galaxy A8

Samsung has been actively promoting its latest smartphone in the Galaxy series named A8. This model itself feels like a flagship premium device with its bit different design and refreshing looks. Samsung Galaxy A8 has been pitched as a mid level premium device which aims at offering high end features which is just little bit short of the Samsung’s own premium S series. Samsung Galaxy A8 offers top of the line features and specifications at fair price which might give a serious competition to the Chinese rivals not on the price front but on the brand front.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Features

Samsung had long been using the similar designer and look which makes it tough to distinguish one phone from the other. But this time Samsung has opted for refreshing design which makes it standout from the dozens of Samsung handsets. Samsung Galaxy A8 uses a thin bezel design with signature Samsung looks attributes coupled with premium metallic finishes and an impressive 73 percent body to screen ratio. It features the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop on the top of Samsung’s TouchWiz UI along with a hybrid card slot.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy A8

Samsung has provided a relatively larger display to A8 model with 5.7 inch full HD Super Amoled Display. This smartphone is powered by Samsung Exynos 5430 processor coupled with a 2 GB RAM along with a robust internal storage of 32 GB. Users can easily bump up the storage on this phone up to 128 GB through the use of micros sd card. Camera is worth mentioning as it features one of the fastest and beautiful snapper with 16 MP auto focus rear camera with wider lenses, optical image stabilization and a flash. And for selfie Samsung had provided a real sharp and awesome 5 MP front shooter.

On the connectivity front, this phone offers options like Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi, Glonass, GPS and LTE support. Samsung had packed this device with a large battery of 3050 mAh which easily offers more than a day usage to the users.

Few minor issues in Samsung Galaxy A8
Samsung had brought some high end premium features in its A8 smartphone but it still has a few numbers of issues of its own. The finger print scanner is highly touted to be the one of the premium feature but it is extremely frustrating to set this feature up in the first place.

 It possess a hybrid sim card slot which simply translates either the user has to sacrifice on the advantage of dual sims or to rely on a micro sd card for extra storage. Certainly one cannot have both which means dual sim and extra storage at the same which is a letdown.

More color options for Samsung Galaxy A8
Glaxy A8 happens to be the slimmest smartphone ever made by the Samsung with a thickness of just 5.99 mm. Galaxy A8 will be made available in different options of eocnic Wite, Black and premium Gold colors.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Apple and Google Criticized Over Encrypted Smartphones

Apple and Google’s policy to encrypt their smartphones will be making the rescuing of kidnapping victims as well as foil the terror plots difficult, according to US with the FBI warning them of their decision which would not be helpful in kidnapping cases and terror plots. James Comey, FBI Director, criticized Apple and Google recently for developing smartphone encryption so secure, that it has become difficult for police to access easily on information stored on the devices even in times of search warrants.

The ability to search photos, messages as well as Web history on smartphones would help in solving various serious crimes right from murder to child pornography to attempted terrorist attacks. He also commented that someday it would matter a great deal to people and help them tremendously when they would be able to gain access to such devices when faced with these situations.

Comey further added that the FBI officials had already contacted the two companies who had announced their new smartphones encryption initiatives the previous week. His comment was that `he could not understand why companies marketed something expressly to allow people to place themselves beyond the law’.

New Encryption System of Privacy Concern

Comey remarked that Apple’s latest entry of mobile operating system, iOS 8 had been so thoroughly encrypted that it had been impossible to unlock iPhone or iPads for police while Google has been moving to an automatic type of encryption for its latest version of the Android operating system which has also been unable to unlock though it would be taking longer for the updated feature to reach its users.

The two tech giants have now decided to add new encryption systems of privacy concerns which have been sparked out by Edwards Snowden’s revelation of mass government surveillance.With Google and Apple, criticized for handing over reams of customer data over to the National Security Agency – NSA, they are now offering encryption software as a form of default on smartphones stating that it would now be impossible to comply with US government searches.

Quick Access to Phone Data – Save Lives in Emergency

Apple comments were that it was not technically feasible for them to respond to government warrants for the purpose of extraction of data from devices, the announcement of which has disturbed the American law enforcement with Comey adding his criticism to the issue.

He cited two examples of situations where the quick access by authorities to phone data could save lives in emergency. He also informed reporters at FBI headquarters that the officials of US were in talks with the giant tech companies, accusing them of placing people in a position where they would be beyond the reach of law.

Law enforcement does have the capabilities of intercepting telephone conversation if they have a wiretap warrant from court, however the new encryption system would block any access to call data, photos, contacts and even emails that may have been stored on the phone.

The former assistant director of FBI Criminal Investigative Division, Ronald Hosko, stated that the encryption would be protecting thousands of criminals who intend to do great harm, to people, both physically and financially.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Life on a Smartphone

First off, the existence of tiny little computers that are also phones is an amazing thing. That just needs to be said from the start. It is an absolutely amazing time in technology—an amazing time to be alive. A world of information waits patiently in a pocket, until some pub debate spurs a trivia challenge; got a wager on the answer? Bring out the mobile. Not having to wait to get home to check emails has helped people land jobs and quick texts have made it possible for milk and nappies to come home without a second trip. Not to mention sharing video, promoting cool new businesses, and GPS conveniences. Smartphone technology is awesome.
But even as wonderful as it all is there are some new behaviours that have developed as a result of the widespread adoption of mobile usage, and not all of them are pretty.
As strange as this may sound, it's true. Though technologically more easily connected to friends around the globe, it is all too easy to get sucked into staring at a phone and ignoring the people you're sitting with. Look around and notice how many people are sitting together but staring at individual phones and only halfheartedly speaking to one another. At what point did common courtesy and the communion of eating together get ditched over the allure of the status update of someone you've never actually met in person? Being overly attached to a mobile also means the opportunity for chance meetings or impromptu conversations with strangers are also greatly diminished. Less connection in a far more connected world.
Photo Frenzy
Phone cameras are absolutely brilliant inventions, there's no denying that. But it's become so commonplace to spend more time documenting life than actually living it. It's terrific that everyone's now a budding artist or documentarían but how about putting down the mobile and actually doing stuff for the sheer joy of doing it instead of stopping every two seconds to snap a pic? Plus when caught up in the moment there's a real habit of instantly sharing something that not all might want shared. Everyone has different privacy boundaries that are consistently trod on by well-meaning, yet overly enthusiastic photographers. And again, there's the disconnect of watching an event instead of actively participating in it.
Always On
Sure, parents want to be able to hear from the sitter and there are doctors and nurses on call. And then there's the rest of the world. If the mobile is constantly on and in hand it's something you might want to look at, particularly if you feel really stressed out. Being constantly bombarded by news and other peoples' status updates fills one's life with a lot of unnecessary noise. If having trouble sorting through anything in your own personal life first try to filter out some of the updates on everyone else's. Even if it's just a matter of taking your tea without technology, turn the phone off and hear yourself think.
Safety Last
In addition to lapses in courtesy, the incessant breaches in safety on mobiles is highly alarming. Many social media profiles are left wide open to public viewing, where some may post an image of their street address and then mention going on holiday. Seriously? Too, checking in to a location is just asking for a stalker to stop by. At no time should anyone post where they are and that they are alone. So why has this become such common practice, because everyone's doing it? Homes have gotten burglarized after posting images of expensive items and then giving an open announcement on when the home will be unattended. Remember when setting privacy settings on all social media that your mobile settings need to be checked, too. And try to be wise about telegraphing your movements on any given day.
Mobiles are marvelous. They aren't the problem. Yet technological advancements should never take the place of common courtesy, investment in life, or simple street smarts. There are simple ways to enjoy the benefits of mobiles but to also be sensible, empathetic and engaged. And until there's an app reminding of these things, it's still up to the humans to make it so.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


HTC has downplayed his presence at MWC, merely a small stand somewhat apart. The opportunity to spend some time with its new model, the One, presented a few days ago. The photos do not do justice to the  HTC One X, especially in the light purple and green stand HTC. With its all-metal unibody shell back rounded, HTC One X is just as luxurious as the iPhone 5. It is a little more reassuring, perhaps because it fits better in hand, perhaps because it has only one polished bevel. In all cases, it is an undeniable success.

HTC One X is another success in screen technology. HTC is restrained and did not exceed 4.7 ", but there cased 1920 x 1080 pixels, for a definition record 468 dpi. Add some bright colors but not too bright and good and you get, in a nutshell, a beautiful screen. Quantum leap between the screen and the Retina display is less impressive than a screen between non-Retina and Retina display, but remains sensitive.

The overall level of performance is excellent thanks to the 1.7 GHz quad-core processor, the new Snapdragon 600, accompanied by 2GB of RAM. The new HTC overlay, which reminds home screen and Windows Phone Flipboard, this mask a little power with transitions too long and too unwanted effects present. The home screen, called BlinkFeed, also leaves an impression mid-figue mi-raisin. It is supposed to give information at a glance, but the thumbnails are so large you have to scroll to see would not do three songs. It is a constant Sense: by wanting to do too much, HTC finally create noise, lots of noise. We can happily hide BlinkFeed.

The camera Zoe leaves a better impression. If it is impossible to judge the actual quality of the environment seen pictures of exposure, the ability to record a variety of animated pictures, with a duration of three seconds, is more interesting and useful than expected (the parents may appreciate). HTC burst mode is always practical to select the perfect shot from a selection of 20.

HTC One X will be available in March for less than € 700.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

ZTE Open Firefox OS Smartphone Unveiled

Mozilla has benefited from MWC 2013 to announce the upcoming launch of Firefox OS in Europe and South America. One of the first Smart phones Firefox OS is the ZTE Open. Open the ZTE is a decidedly low-end Smartphone: it has a 3.5 "screen 320x480 px, heart of a single processor 800 MHz, 256 MB RAM and a 3.2 megapixel sensor. Do look no 4G LTE, NFC or Bluetooth, there is not - the ZTE reminds Open mid-range Android Smartphones in 2011. Available in blue and orange, Open ZTE is also nice in hand that could be another device in its class - ZTE does not disclose the price, but it will be "aggressive." Yes, it is light years ahead of the iPhone 5, but it can be compared to Nokia Asha.

The first launch apps may take several seconds, and bugs are numerous, Firefox OS is not finished yet. Operations are quite slow in absolute terms, but correspond to the data sheet: we are at a 3G iPhone when apps are stored. ZTE Open Firefox does not allow OS to shine, far from it, but the OS Mozilla has more potential than detractor’s webapps want to believe. The Geeksphone Peak, cruised the aisles of the show, he can already speak better: Firefox OS is not nearly as fluid iOS or Android, but very advantageously replace the proprietary OS in Java. Mozilla plans to launch Smartphone more opulent Firefox OS in Western Europe and the United States by 2014, a period in which will probably refine it and make it more competitive in the midrange.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

PC: the decline is accelerating

There was a time not so long ago when the holiday season alone was able to revive PC sales. But the personal computer is becoming increasingly rare in the hood of Santa Claus. Result, PC sales have stagnated in the fourth quarter. Exactly, they were down 0.17%. The PC head in the bucket since the second quarter and this trend seems heavy. A year finally sign the decline of this unit has taken a hit since the democratization of old tablets and smartphones.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Breaking into the Mac in the enterprise concerned

5 million Mac or almost! The number of Macs sold in the last three months of 2011. We will know whether or not Apple has crossed the symbolic threshold during the presentation of its financial results next week. The underlying trend is changing to an apple branded computers. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Miracle Control Software

If Apple has successfully demonstrated that its model of total control hardware to software was very viable, other companies were able to do the same: HP webOS, Symbian and Nokia Meego, and RIM QNX. The three companies have a large and enviable had all the means to fight inch by inch with Apple, the makers of tablets and smartphones based on Android and Windows Phone has essentially given up their sovereignty to Google and Microsoft enact only way forward.

Friday, September 16, 2011

The 'sales' are gray PlayBook mine at RIM

Only 200 000 PlayBook tablets and 10.6 million BlackBerry smartphones were shipped this quarter. RIM announced yesterday its financial results for its second fiscal quarter 2011. The launch of the Berezina PlayBook turns but still believes his parent on a rebound and put through a review system and business operations.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Test of two pens stylus for iPhone and iPad

Apple is not at all in the camp of supporters of the pen: it is precisely the denial of this piece of plastic is easier to lose than to use that allowed the creation of the iPhone and iPad. The pen, however, remains relevant for writing quick notes, annotating documents, drawing. Many Stylus capacitive screens are also pens, they work equally well on a screen ... on paper. Practice? Useful? The response in our test!

Friday, July 1, 2011

iPhone changed everything Part.II

Why the Apple phone got this much success? Since it will be a great device, if I was not the man stingiest of America, I could buy. The strategy as a whole, however, is based on what I call "iPod magic." Apple has succeeded with the iPod, the theory says. As a result, they can set foot in other categories and put them upside down. Even the press historically benign vis-à-vis Apple may have lack of discernment, both before and after the announcement of the iPhone. Also in December 2006, The Register published; Apple will launch a phone in January, which will be available during 2007. It will be a gem, a joy to behold, and its limited functionality will be easy to access and use.

The Apple phone will be offered exclusively by the network in every major territory and some consumers change their operator just to get it, but not as much as some had hoped. As consumers begin to realize that the competition offers better functionality at a lower price by negotiating a better subsidy, sales will stagnate. After one year a new version will be launched, but the innovation of the first model it will fail and disappear quickly. Even John Gruber himself, he is also so quick to recall the failed predictions of his colleagues, was guilty of blunder on the eve of Apple's announcement; there are still only a few days, I do not expect Apple has a phone this week. But I changed my mind during the weekend, and I think since it is ultimately what is most likely. Not a VoIP phone, which depends on the Wi-Fi or anything of that order, but a real mobile phone pure juice. It seems that we should expect to say "Wow, I thought Apple could announce a phone but I do not expect them to do like that!", But it is the devil if anyone knows what it is. My estimate would be unlikely but nevertheless enough to inspire: it will not be an iPod-phone, but rather the beginning of a new OS for mobile devices.

iPhone changed everything Part.I

Four years after the marketing of the iPhone, and you can not admit that Apple has totally revolutionized the industry of mobile phones in more ways than one. First in technology, since all manufacturers have begun to touch that applications are now the daily bread of Smartphone users, and browsing the web it has become even more natural than on computer, so that before they were content to substitute such as WAP or i-mode.

Even more impressive, Apple has moved the debate, making phone capabilities a central criterion when he was once a gateway to the service, if not negligible: Apple has gradually relegated telephone operators to the rank of sellers of pipes, which once made them rain or shine on the market. In short, the success of the iPhone is undeniable, even beyond its sales figures, also impressive for a company that did not put a toe in the market four years ago.

Despite the technological revolution, which put Apple in the years ahead of its competitors, all the oracles have failed to predict his destiny. CNET offers a small selection of Cassandra, and begins to make his own mea culpa with about Michael Kanellos, published by the site in December 2006 when the iPhone was still a persistent rumor; the iPhone sales will skyrocket initially. However, things will calm down, and the Apple phone will take its place on the shelves alongside the video cameras, cell phones, wireless routers and other aspirants to success. Remember the Mac mini? He was supposed to blow up a revolution for small computers. It was not the case. Some have predicted that Apple would derive rates the market up. Oops :P

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Amazon, The Best and Foremost Enemy of Apple Part.IV

Material on which Amazon released a very comfortable margin of 48%: for a little over three years, the bookseller hybrid business model to be closer to that of Apple. The next step, which should confirm this transition, the tablet will Kindle, announced by the rumor and, as it confirmed by Jeff Bezos. While Apple's closed ecosystem with software and services, Amazon goes in the opposite direction and will close with hardware ... Android. Amazon has not cluttered with the creation of an OS in a few months, it has privatized virtually a third OS to be able to offer almost a clean version.

Amazon was a partner in the first hour of Google: the couple face + iTunes iPhone, the firm of Mountain View has used Amazon as a content provider for Android Smartphones. Amazon MP3 application, installed on all or most Smartphones Android and not far from impossible to remove, serves as equivalent of the iTunes Store.

Amazon obviously has its own applications on Android, but the company goes further in recent months, it operates its own application store for Android. The Amazon AppStore, it is called, is a true rival to the Android Market: it has a mechanism of editorial control, offers a free daily application fee, and even allows testing applications directly into the browser through an Android emulator!

Amazon has enough weight to have managed to bend the AT & T, which ultimately allowed the installation of third-party shopping for Android users can download the Amazon AppStore. Google is certainly a well-known brand in the United States and elsewhere, but Amazon is less familiar and has the advantage of being established for a long time. Kindle said the company's presence in the material, while the family is eclipsed by Nexus brand Droid operator Verizon. At the selection on the eve of the holiday season, Amazon could buy up the ante with a shelf under a Kindle Android in which it is deeply integrated.

A tablet may be the best competitor of the iPad, but also, paradoxically, its greatest ally against the other tablets Android - found the game at three music stores. Amazon certainly seems to be the worst enemy of Apple...

Amazon, The Best and Foremost Enemy of Apple Part.III

With icloud, Apple may, however, go far beyond the Cloud Drive. Amazon is focusing effect on media content, where Apple offers various services in addition to "productivity" (email, calendars, contacts, files synchronization, etc). Amazon then simply create a digital record, while Apple was able to convince record labels and management companies of copyright to allow the download multiple purchases or duplication of an iTunes library.

Apple takes the advantage because she thought the solution in the cloud as an extension of its equipment, as part of a full circle closed ecosystem. Amazon also has a closed ecosystem: the Kindle (designed by Lab126 ... in Cupertino). It is difficult to measure the success of Kindle and its associated download platform, Amazon do not provide sales figures, but it is undeniable.

Kindle and iPod are similar: they have succeeded where others have failed with a formula not necessarily new, but distinctive hardware and an integrated software platform available at the right time (technological convergence and preparing the public for the idea). The iPod had a hard drive, the wheel and then iTunes FairPlay DRM, the Kindle screen eIink had its modern, its persistent and 3G as well as its free Kindle Store and a closed file format. In many ways, it has demonstrated the viability of the eBook.

Apple today hunting on the lands of the Amazon with iPad and iBookstore, as do other manufacturers, but from Amazon in this market is 90% (although it is in rapid decline and to fall to 70-75% by the end of the year). In the same way as iTunes, Safari or icloud is available on Windows, you can access the Kindle platform on many devices. Amazon has understood before others, and just as Apple, the central content at low prices and high volume ("set an aggressive price and go for volume" said Steve Jobs): the logical step after that 'we bought books on the Kindle Store, readable only through the application Kindle, is to buy a Kindle.


Amazon, The Best and Foremost Enemy of Apple Part.II

Amazon's strategy could not be further from that of Apple, who swears by the gross margin, but the two companies come together on several issues, starting with the extreme loyalty of their customers. Better roads Amazon and Apple seem to be closer to the point of cross soon: as Apple has expanded the distribution and service (iTunes Store, App Store, icloud), Amazon’s has ventured into the field equipment (Kindle, a tablet soon). Soon, the two companies may well be in direct competition: each will have a complete ecosystem of distributing content to custom equipment designed and equipped with built-in software.

Amazon launched its music store in late 2007, more than four years after the opening of the iTunes Store. The lack of DRM, the highest quality and lower prices than iTunes Store helped catch up: Amazon has quickly become a viable number two, at least in the United States. The size of the catalogs of the two shops is now similar (14 to 16 million according to the counts): Amazon is characterized by regular lower prices, and generally a more flexible fee schedule, while Apple is known to afford some exclusives (the Beatles to name a few).

Jeff Bezos's company managed to consolidate its position as she was only 4% of purchases of digital music in the United States in early 2008, it now accounts for 11.6% of the market. This growth is currently not at the expense of iTunes, solid leader slight increase, reaching 70% market share. In a sense, Amazon helps strengthen Apple, eliminating weaker competitors such as Rhapsody, but Amazon is growing quickly: Apple may need to be wary.

Amazon's business practices are in fact just as formidable as in the early days. For the promotion of Amazon MP3 and its natural extension, the Cloud player, Jeff Bezos has not hesitated to sacrifice millions of dollars to provide music for song bread and gain new customers. Obviously the transaction cost as much as a traditional advertising campaign, with a different conversion rate.


Amazon, The Best and Foremost Enemy of Apple Part.I

It is frequently contrasted with Apple to Microsoft, Apple and more recently in Google. Amazon is to forget: in many ways, the firm of Jeff Bezos is perhaps the most formidable competitor to Apple, the electronic book to digital music, sales of applications for sale of equipment.

Amazon-smile, The fictionalized story of Apple based much of its current image: the return of the prodigal son has helped to revive the phoenix from the ashes, to replay the scene of the Macintosh iPod, iPhone and iPad and iTunes in the background. Less well known is the story of Amazon, so it is no less exciting.

Founded in 1994 and launched in 1995, is designed as the "largest bookseller in the world" free from physical constraints, the site was ambitious to sell more books than all its competitors combined. Its founder, Jeff Bezos, quickly launched an ambitious acquisition policy, increasing the acquisition of electronic bookstores (Bookpages, future Telebook and Amazon UK, Amazon DE future, in 1998, Audible in 2000) and many and varied many Internet services (IMDb, Wise in 1998, Alexa in 1999, several management systems in 1999 and 2000).

Amazon's business model has long been atypical in the first version scribbled by Jeff Bezos, it was not about generating profits, but simply to attract capital (the company goes public in 1997) and grow fast enough to reach many markets. The competitive advantage allows it to keep prices low. The genius of Bezos was to take calculated risks: to provide the delivery is a dead loss, but can attracting customers and hope to sell enough to generate a high margin on volume. This set of communicating vessels is the trademark of Amazon.

After years of losses as investors impatient and have to find all the patches available to present the results at their best, the activity becomes profitable Amazon bookstore in mid-2000 before all the activities going on green end of 2001. The demonstration is striking: 80% of sales are made by regular customers, who then spend about € 30 a month on Amazon.

Consolidation accounting rules, limiting or omitting certain practices disguising costs, Amazon is in the red board? Bezos offers delivery and conceded large reductions: sales explode and losses are reduced by half. Amazon MP3 should be promoted and its companion Cloud Drive? Jeff Bezos's company made loss of $ 2.6 million in selling off the last album in fashion; But earned nearly half a million users.