Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Overview of iBooks Author - II

Once obtained the desired result, Author iBooks can test it before publishing it. For this, the application does not use the simulator for the iPad, but an iPad. A "Preview" button to generate a version and open it directly on the tablet from Apple.

Good idea but the implementation is quite restrictive since it is necessary not only to connect the iPad Mac with a USB cable, but leave open the terminal iBooks. IBooks you can add it to iTunes and sync with other iPad. It will also create a PDF file, which is convenient because universal, but much more limited in terms of interactivity. Author iBooks can also change the look of the book in both directions.
The manuals created with the application are designed for landscape mode but portrait mode is taken into account with less information: images disappear and it is a simplified version that is available to the user. When you have finished your book, Author iBooks you can export it as a package compatible with iTunes iBookstore. Just then submit the package via iTunes Producer to sell the book in the library of Apple, if validated in any case.

As mentioned above, the format of files created with iBooks Author ePub is a file made up. Just replace the extension of the base by the ePub format to open the file in any digital map light. No waiting for a miracle but the result is catastrophic when you put a picture and even worse with the widgets.

Remains a positive note, the structure of ePub format is respected and provided a little tweaking, you should be able to achieve a more or less satisfactory on other platforms as the iPad. Apple makes extensive use of SVG for its images, which can however be a problem out iOS and recall that you can in any case not market the book outside the iBookstore.

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