Monday, September 1, 2014

Apple Granted Patent – Iconic Cube Design-NYC

Apple Store
According to reports by 9to5Mac, Apple has now been granted a U.S. patent for its iconic cube design, its New York flagship and the patent is for the design of above ground glass cube of 32 foot tall element of Apple‘s Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan.

This self-supporting glass cube is totally without any structural steel wherein a 2011 redesign of the cube had brought down the number of glass panels from 90 to just 13. This iconic Fifth Avenue Apple Store glass cube, had been designed in segments by co-founder Steve Jobs, and is currently a patented ornamental building design which was approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and was officially granted recently, representing the latest design of the 32 foot cube using few panes of glass to achieve a clearer aesthetic.

The simple look was the outcome of the redesign which was completed in late 2011. Being personally designed by Steve Jobs, it is one of the most photographed landmarks in the city where the former CEO had paid for the project and was also the owner of the structure. The patent application, was granted to Apple on August 26, which had been listed as being filed in October 2012 and would last for 14 years

Steve Jobs – Original Design and Manufacture of the Store

Apple Store
Steve Jobs who had spearheaded the original design as well as the manufacture of this store has been listed among the inventors on the filing of the patent. Apple’s Fifth Avenue Store as research published in 2010 indicated that it is the fifth most photographed location in New York which is behind the Empire State Building, Times Square, the Rockefeller Centre and Grand Central Station.

The glass used is very much glass. It was informed that in January, one of the cube’s glass panels had shattered while clean-up crews had accidentally hit it with a snow blower. Patenting design of its stores is not unusual according to 9to5Mac reports, for Apple, since the company had been granted a patent for the cylindrical exterior of its Shanghai Store in 2012.

New Company - Microsoft’s First Retail Store 

Jobs has been given the credits for being one of the seven inventors of the structure and is joined by former retail chief Ron Johnson while the other inventors are Karl Backus, Peter Bohlin, Benjamin L. Fay, Robert Bridger, and James O’Callaghan. The all glass design has now inspired other project from
Apple which includes the mega store that opened in 2010 in Shanghai and similar to the Fifth Avenue store, it has its entrance as a staircase which is enclosed in glass while the one in China is cylindrical glass tower with a glowing white Apple logo floating within which is much like the glass cube in New York.

The company has also trademarked the design of the retail stores which includes the glass panel fronts as well as recessed lighting. Apple is also likely to have new company very soon on Fifth Avenue as it is rumoured that Microsoft is also in talks to open up its first retail store in New York City and would be located at 677 Fifth Avenue near 53rd Street which is in the vicinity of Apple’s store.

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