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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

iPhone 6s Plus Service Program for No Power Issues

iPhone 6s Plus Service Program for No Power Issues
While Apple is busy with the new iPhone 11, it still keeps tabs on its older phones. If you happen to have brought an iPhone 6s or 6sPlus recently, you might just be able to get it repaired for free. The no power issue with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus seems to affect iPhones manufactured between October 2018 to August 2019. These phones all have a similar serial number, which may have the problem. The problem is when the phone does not power on due to a component part that might fail. Apple has even provided a serial number check to see if you’re affected, and offer a free iPhone 6 Plus Service program.

The iPhone 6 Plus Service Program?

With iPhones 6s and 6s Plus not powering on due to a failure on behalf of a component part, Apple has now initiated the iPhone 6 Plus service program. Under this program, you can get your iPhone 6s repaired for free if any breakdown is caused by the said issue. If you already have paid to get your iPhone repaired, then Appel is willing to give you a refund.

Any prior issues will have to be repaired first, like a cracked screen, for example, before the issue can be resolved.

iPhone 6 Plus Service Program, not the only Program in Town?

This isn’t the first time iPhone 6 has come under the radar with its issues. In 2016, Apple started the iPhone 6s Program for Unexpected Shutdowns and a worldwide Battery Replacement program too. All these programs are geared towards the iPhone 6.

Under the iPhone 6s program for unexpected shutdowns, the iPhone 6s will be covered for a period of 2 years since its initial sale.

Is your iPhone 6s in Trouble?

Apple has said that the not – powering on issue affects only certain iPhone 6s’ and 6s’s plus. Only a certain series of these phones are affected. To know if your iPhone 6s is affected, you can always check with Apple’s Support page. In this support page, Apple has given users the ability to check if the user’s phones are eligible for the iPhone 6s Plus service program. All you have to do to check if your phone is eligible is to enter your iPhone serial number into the serial box.

Apple has also said that by providing the iPhone 6s Plus service program, does not mean that Apple is extending the standard warranty on all these phones. This program will supposedly cover the phone for only two years after your initial purchase.

The free repair will only be applicable in cases where the iPhone isn’t powering up due to the Component failure. Any other issue will have to be looked in to at the user's expense.

Where to get your Phone Looked into if you’re Eligible for the iPhone 6s Plus service program?

You can have your phone looked at in an Apple store or in an Apple-authorized service provider, or alternatively, you could get in touch with Apple Support online, if you happen to be affected by the issue.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Which is the right iPhone model for me?

With millions of proud owners around the world, the iPhone is one of the most widely used smartphones on the market. Over 20 versions of the phone have been released since its initial introduction, and the most current models available, the iPhone 6 and 6+, both bring a slightly different set of features to the table. Although the iPhone 6+ may be the absolute best device Apple has to offer, the iPhone 6 is an extremely capable device as well and may be the perfect solution for some users.

iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 claims 14 hours of talk time along with 10 hours of music, making a single daily charge all a user needs for a typical day’s adventures. It also has a camera designed to function better in low light with improved auto focus and facial detection, so users largely satisfied with what the iPhone 5 or a similar device has to offer but looking for a superior camera will find an ideal answer in the iPhone 6.

The most talked-about difference in the iPhone 6 is the improved screen, which upgrades from the old 4.0in display to a 4.7in display delivering 326 pixels per square inch. The iPhone 6 is both slimmer and lighter than the previous version and includes enhanced 4G LTE support, making it an outstanding choice for those who want to keep things as similar as possible while still having access to all the current generation iPhone features such as Hey Siri and Apple Pay.You can grab an iPhone at iiNet, check out their site & read about their plans.

iPhone 6+

The iPhone 6+ adds even more features to the already ample package provided by the iPhone 6, making it the undisputed choice among users looking for the best from the manufacturer. The 4.7 inch screen of the iPhone 6 is replaced with an enormous 5.5 inch display capable of 401 pixels per square inch for images and video unrivaled in sharpness. This makes the iPhone 6+ an easy choice for those who enjoy videos or games on their devices regularly.

The biggest question concerning whether the iPhone 6 is right for an individual user concerns the size of the device itself. The larger screen and higher capacity battery create an unusually large smartphone, making it somewhat difficult to handle for some and inconvenient to store in many pockets. The large size of the battery does bring the benefit of 24 hours’ talk time and over 12 hours of Internet browsing, the fact that the device is simply much larger than other phones may make it unsuitable for some users.

Apple has gone to great lengths to ensure that there is a current generation iPhone for virtually everyone, and have done just that with the iPhone 6 and 6+. Those looking for the latest in iOS convenience and utility in an approachable form factor will probably prefer the iPhone 6, but for the ultimate in mobile entertainment, the iPhone 6+ is tough to beat.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

How to Back Up Data to New iPhone 6

iPhone 6
Apple’s latest entry, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are now available to consumers and one of the first options for these owners would be to move all their contents to their new device. Apple has provided the support with the process of backing up as well as restoring the data with the use of iCloud and iTunes.

Getting the data over to the new device is a simple process irrespective of which iPhone model the user may previously haveand they could use either of the options of iCloud or iTunes. Most of the iPhone users probably have enabled automatic backups through iCloud but if one is not sure, the status could be checked by navigating to Settings, then iCloud and finally storage and backup.

If iCloud backup has already been enabled, users could check on the `last backup. The iPhone performs automatic backups when it gets locked, or plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi and while the latest backup may be around two weeks old, user would want to run a new one before going ahead by using the option of `backup now’.

New Cheaper iCloud Storage Plan 

Apple has recently launched a new, cheaper iCloud storage plan for their consumers. If the iPhone is too big to back up a free 5 gigabyte account, one could add additional space to ensure that precious data does not get lost but restored.

Users could also use the option of iTunes if they do not want to upload their data to the cloud by connecting the iPhone to the computer with the Lightning cable and open iTunes wherein they can either sync the device or open File, then Devices followed by Backup to bring up the backup menu. To begin the backup, a right click on the iPhone and selection of Backup Now can be done.

 Restoring data from iCloud is done straightforward wherein during setup and after signing in to iCloud, iOS poses a question on the user’s desires to restore the device from a backup or set it up as a new iPhone. The option of `restore from backup’ shows up a list of the latest backup enabling the user to make a choice on what needs to be restored.

Backup & Restore Process Easy and Simple

On doing so, it will allow you to set up the iPhone without the need of connecting it to the computer and based on the size of the backup, it could take a significant time limit for download. User need to make sure to start the restore when the phone is plugged in to an external power source.

Restoring from iTunes back is also equally easy and you need to update iTunes to the latest version before connecting the iPhone to the computer with the included Lightning cable, then Choose File, Devices, Restore from Back up followed by the on screen prompts to opt for the backup and start the restore procedure.

Movies, music and photos that are synchronized from the computer are not included in the backups and hence one will have to resynchronize their handset after restoration is done. You could also subscribe to iTunes Match, Apple’s cloud-based music locker, for music wherein the service comes at a cost of $24.99 annually providing download of any song which is available in local music library from the iTunes Stores as well as those which are not sold in iTunes could be uploaded and made available to the user.