Saturday, September 6, 2014

SIRI – Your Own Virtual DJ

Siri can now act as your own virtual DJ and help in managing and playing some of your most favourite music at your command on your iPhone. Apple’s voice assistant comprises of various skills one of which is the capabilities to play and manage the music on your device.

Users can use Siri to play a certain album or song which may be stored in the iPad or iPhone, or play a selection of tunes from any artist. They can command Siri to pause or stop the music as well as to move forward or track back and much more.

Instead of listening to an entire album from beginning to end, you could tell Siri to play any particular song of one’s choice and if the song may tend to have a lengthy title, the same can be said in short, to get the song played.

 If songs from specific artist are needed, Siri can play music from that artist or group and will randomly shuffle selection of songs from any of the desired albums on the device. Besides this Siri also has the potential if in the mood for jazz or any other rhythm and take your request depending on genre by simple request like `play jazz music’ or `play R&B music.

Selected Album of Songs/Alternate Track

If the need to hear a selected album of songs which is not in order, users can tell Siri to play the required song from the album by naming it and Siri can shuffle the album and play the desired music by shuffling through the track of the desired album.

Moving to another track is also possible if the user desires to move to an alternate track and jump to the next one by commanding Siri to `skip to the next song or would like to hear the previous song again, you could instruct Siri to skip to previous song and get back to the previous track song. If a certain playlist has been created as favourite music, it can also tap in this too by giving the command to `play the song selected from the playlist’ which is selected and played by Siri.

Stop/Resume/iTunes Radio ….

If the need to stop the music for a while you could tell Siri to `pause music’, or would want to start off where you left, the same can be done by the `resume music’, option. Besides playing music on the device, Siri also has the features of tapping into iTunes Radio which can be done by telling Siri to `play iTunes Radio’, and it can start providing the music from the station which was last accessed or the first one on your list.

You could also use a specific station of your choice and the same can be done by telling the desired station which is provided by the user’s command to Siri. Another feature is that should the user need to find out what is playing or is not sure on the song played and would want to know the title or the artist, you could ask Siri on `what is playing’, which will be displayed and the complete title together with the artist of the song is provided.

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