Friday, September 26, 2014

Apple Invites AppleSeed Members for AirDrop Test Fest

AirDrop Test
Apple in its note has invited the AppleSeed members to take part in a `test fest’ to focus on AirDrop function in OS X 10.10 Yosemite which is likely to be launched soon.

The company has invited several non-developer users to participate in the AirDrop Test Fest to help in fixing issues in the over the air file sharing system. Those who have been invited would have a notice inside the Feedback Assistant application combined with the public beta of the forthcoming OS X Yosemite.

Users invited to participate will be provided with guideline to test the feature and according to the notice, they will need two Macs which would be capable of running Yosemite as well as AirDrop or one Mac running Yosemite while one would be running Mavericks to test the legacy feature. Since the focus is on Mac-to-Mac transfers instead of cross platform, an iOS device is not needed for participation.

Guidance for Specific Testing Feature

Usually Apple has been restricting test fest activities only to internal teams who have been working on upcoming OS X software but has now decided to include AppleSeed developers in the preparation of OS X Yosemite launch. The Macs would need to run the latest seeded build of OS X Yosemite and if the user would care to test with the iPhone or iPad, then a device with a Lightning connector running iOS 7 or iOS 8 would be needed.

It has been reported according to a letter that the company has planned a special discussion topic in the handling observations as well as test results together with a survey prepared to guide developers for specific testing feature. The directed focus suggest that there are some points of concern which is essential to be sorted out before the completed Yosemite is released to the consumers and the survey is made available through Feedback Assistant.

Information on Right Way to Write up AirDrop Bug Report

Users taking part in the Test Feat have been asked to revert back with issues in special forum which have been set up for the event and this could probably help in avoiding any outstanding critical issue before the launch, which will be in next month. Assistance to these issues for those considering testing feat would be provided with information on the right way to write up AirDrop bug reports.

AirDrop, being one of Yosemite’s important features comes with the ability to transfer swiftly files and media between OS X and iOS platforms without additional steps in sending content through mail and like iOS 7 and OS X 101.9 Mavericks implementations, the AirDrop iteration uses Wi-Fi connection to ferry data to and fro, though it adds in Bluetooth 4.0 for quicker device discovery.

AirDrop automatically collects the list of nearby machines, including Mac running Yosemite when accessed from Control Centre in iOS 8 from which content could be shared. The desktop version too has a dedicated Finder window enabling the transport of files from Mac to iPhone or iPad. AppleSeed members are already in the process of taking part in the AirDrop Test Fest which is scheduled to continue through Sunday, 28th September.

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