Sunday, September 14, 2014

Apple’s Updated iCloud Storage Plans

At the recent iPhone’s launch event, Apple has updated its iCloud page reflecting its price changes trimming the prices on iCloud storage plans and the top level being offered is 1 terabyte of online storage for $19.99 per month or £14.99 in UK.

At the WWDC event 2014, Apple debuted iCloud Drive, which is a cloud storage service and one can back up any kind of file with the capability of accessing it from anywhere through the internet connection. The service is built in Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 wherein the iCloud Drive enables the user to back up important files, documents, photos which can be accessed from Mac computer, iPhone, iPad or PC.

Besides Apple, there are others who have been offering cloud storage. iCloud users will now get the opportunity of paying less on Apple’s online storage with the recent development of Apple’s updated iCloud page mentioning its price changes which are as follows:

- 5 gigabytes – free

- 20GB – 99 cents or 79p per month

- 200GB- $3.99 or £2.99 per month

- 500GB - $9.99 or £6.99 per month

- 1 terabyte - $19.99 or £14.99 per month

iCloud – Easiest Direct Choice of iOS Users

The earlier plans were offered at four levels with the 5GB being free while 10GB was $20 per year, 20GB for $40 per year and 50GB for $100 per year.For an abounding storage plans, Apple should be competitive in order to convince iTunes users to take advantage of the same though there are better deals through other storage sites.

 Sarah Mitroff, associate editor of CNET has made her comparison on storage plans with examples wherein Google Drive has been providing 15GB of free storage with charges of $9.99 per month for 1TB. Microsoft on the other hand offers 15GB for free with charges of $2.50 per month for user for 1TB though iCloud seems competitive when compared to sites like Amazon Cloud Drive and Dropbox.

iCloud seems to be the easiest direct choice for iOS users intending to store their content in the form of movies, music or any other files in the cloud which can easily sync their content with multiple iOS devices taking care that the contacts, appointments, reminders, photos, mail together with other items does not get disturbed across their iPhone and iPad.

iCloud to be More User Friendly 

Recently, iCloud got a black mark with the revelation that hackers had accessed certain accounts, releasing a number of nude photos of celebrity and though there was a denial from Tim Cook that poor online security was the outcome of the photo leak, the company did promise to improve iCloud’s security by sending alerts to users, should someone try to change their password or log into their account from any unrecognized device.

Apple on its part is striving to make iCloud more user friendly with a new iCloud Drive feature which will be working similar to Google Drive with same services as complete cloud storage site enabling the user to access directly in order to save as well as retrieve files, from and to the iOS device, a Mac, and Window PC which will probably be launched as part of iOS 8 on 17 September this year.

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