Thursday, September 25, 2014

Apple TV Support to HomeKit App

It was reported that Apple has updated its Apple TV boxes enabling them to support the brand’s HomeKit app.

The HomeKit is Apple’s attempt to make the home smarter by providing home gadgets, software which is designed to control home automation systems, by introducing protocolto communicate which can connect domestic devices from an iOS device with all the safety as well as simplicity that the iOS environment could provide.

HomeKit support was first included in late beta version of Apple TV Software update 7.0 that had been released along with iOS 8 recently. According to Aaron Tilley of Forbes though the Apple’s official update documentation was unavailable, the HomeKit frameworks did make the shipping update.

Apple has always been doing far progressive thinking and with the latest update it would be making a great leap from the computer world to the living room world in an era where Smart TV functions have begun to strain from the PC and AV environment.

Apple TV Box with Integrated Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Capabilities 

The HomeKit app control app was first introduced to Apple tablets and phone as the latest iOS 8 update though the main element was missing from the ecosystem, which was a device that bridged the gap between the domestic gadgets and the tablets as well as the phones resulting in the Apple TV box together with its integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities making its appearance.

With this latest entry, Apple TV would be the hub which will combine the fragmented smart home industry enabling users to turn on lights or unlock the door from an iPhone remotely with the help of Apple TV being a bridge device.

With both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless technology as the primary technologies connected devices to communicate in the iOS environment and the Apple TV being always at home, makes it as a hub to communicate with smart devices, an ideal idea.

HomeKit First Software Salvo

With the entry of the HomeKit on the Apple TV box, there could be changes in an instant which proves that Apple is no longer making conduits which tends to simplify the access to the computer and online worlds.

Instead of keeping the home at arm’s length, Apple seems keen in getting involved in every area of the home as well as every part of the domestic life. In June, it was predicted by AppleInsider that the Apple TV was the most likely HomeKit hardware product from Apple.

Many have speculated that Apple’s HomeKit seems to be the first software salvo in the home and iLights and iLocks would soon be following it. This choice could now be more certain since millions of third generation Apple TVs are already available at individuals’ home which can serve the purpose.

According to Tilley, it was stated that anyone with a third generation Apple TV together with the latest 7.0 software update would probably have a HomeKit enabled central hub whether they are aware of it or not.

Apple refrained from commenting about the HomeKit at the summer’s Worldwide Developers Conference though it could be an indication that more developments are in the pipeline probably as early as the rumoured media event which is to be held somewhere by the end of October.

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