Saturday, September 20, 2014

How to Back Up Data to New iPhone 6

iPhone 6
Apple’s latest entry, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are now available to consumers and one of the first options for these owners would be to move all their contents to their new device. Apple has provided the support with the process of backing up as well as restoring the data with the use of iCloud and iTunes.

Getting the data over to the new device is a simple process irrespective of which iPhone model the user may previously haveand they could use either of the options of iCloud or iTunes. Most of the iPhone users probably have enabled automatic backups through iCloud but if one is not sure, the status could be checked by navigating to Settings, then iCloud and finally storage and backup.

If iCloud backup has already been enabled, users could check on the `last backup. The iPhone performs automatic backups when it gets locked, or plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi and while the latest backup may be around two weeks old, user would want to run a new one before going ahead by using the option of `backup now’.

New Cheaper iCloud Storage Plan 

Apple has recently launched a new, cheaper iCloud storage plan for their consumers. If the iPhone is too big to back up a free 5 gigabyte account, one could add additional space to ensure that precious data does not get lost but restored.

Users could also use the option of iTunes if they do not want to upload their data to the cloud by connecting the iPhone to the computer with the Lightning cable and open iTunes wherein they can either sync the device or open File, then Devices followed by Backup to bring up the backup menu. To begin the backup, a right click on the iPhone and selection of Backup Now can be done.

 Restoring data from iCloud is done straightforward wherein during setup and after signing in to iCloud, iOS poses a question on the user’s desires to restore the device from a backup or set it up as a new iPhone. The option of `restore from backup’ shows up a list of the latest backup enabling the user to make a choice on what needs to be restored.

Backup & Restore Process Easy and Simple

On doing so, it will allow you to set up the iPhone without the need of connecting it to the computer and based on the size of the backup, it could take a significant time limit for download. User need to make sure to start the restore when the phone is plugged in to an external power source.

Restoring from iTunes back is also equally easy and you need to update iTunes to the latest version before connecting the iPhone to the computer with the included Lightning cable, then Choose File, Devices, Restore from Back up followed by the on screen prompts to opt for the backup and start the restore procedure.

Movies, music and photos that are synchronized from the computer are not included in the backups and hence one will have to resynchronize their handset after restoration is done. You could also subscribe to iTunes Match, Apple’s cloud-based music locker, for music wherein the service comes at a cost of $24.99 annually providing download of any song which is available in local music library from the iTunes Stores as well as those which are not sold in iTunes could be uploaded and made available to the user.

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