Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Apple to Unveil its Long Anticipated Products iPhones and iWatch

Apple is in the process in unveiling a set of the long anticipated products namely the two iPhones with larger screens together with a wearable computer which has been nicknamed the iWatch. This smartwatch would be the first brand of updated product unveiled under Timothy D. Cook who has taken the reins as Apple’s chief executive three years ago after the death of Steve Jobs.

It is expected to be offered in two sizes with a combination of functions such as health together with fitness monitoring as well as mobile computing tasks like maps displays. It will be offered with a flexible screen and just like the new phones, will support technology, enabling users to pay wirelessly for products.

Smartphones have come in several shapes and sizes, some being big, bright and curved with some having their own apps and some have none at all. Some of the smart-watches work with just Android whiles others on iOS and Android and there are also others which track fitness.

Growing Market for Fitness Tracking Gadgets

Apple will be entering a growing market for fitness tracking gadgets as well as smart-watches with its first wearable computer from Fitbit, Samsung Electronics and Nike together with two of its larger phones and will be fighting against Samsung whose big screen Galaxy smartphones had taken the sales away for the last few years.

Smart-watches could be slaves to smartphones since they are capable of operating through Bluetooth accessories and can offer an on wrist way of interacting with things without checking the phone all the time. Presently, phones are capable of managing the relationship between smart-watches and several other things as well as locations though the wearable have more scope for better performance and maybe in the near future we could be living in a world which would be well connected where smart-watches would have the potentials to work with them and also save extra strain on our phones.

Hardware & Software – Near Field Communication

Apple’s wearable or smart-watch would probably have an improved and a smarter way of conserving battery life or recharge on the go, or even an effortless and fast means of functions though some sources seems to be apprehensive over this issue. It could be that battery life on these types of devices is not quite ready to take the next plunge.

Since wearable need to be worn all the time, it would need recharging and the less they seem to be worn, the sooner they may end up as discarded stuff. The wearable device and the smartphone will consist of hardware and software which technology called near field communication - NFC that enables devices to impart information wirelessly within a short distance and which would make paying for products with a phone, less complicating.

With Apple’s hub of Health and Healthkit, it will give way for shared and exchanged health tracking data between accessories and apps providing information on health and fitness more continuously with improved software coaching that would be worth beyond basic fitness bands. The expected wearable will be debuted very soon and the watch is unlikely to be available in stores next year according to some sources while the price of the new device is not yet known.

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