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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

iPhone 6s Plus Service Program for No Power Issues

iPhone 6s Plus Service Program for No Power Issues
While Apple is busy with the new iPhone 11, it still keeps tabs on its older phones. If you happen to have brought an iPhone 6s or 6sPlus recently, you might just be able to get it repaired for free. The no power issue with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus seems to affect iPhones manufactured between October 2018 to August 2019. These phones all have a similar serial number, which may have the problem. The problem is when the phone does not power on due to a component part that might fail. Apple has even provided a serial number check to see if you’re affected, and offer a free iPhone 6 Plus Service program.

The iPhone 6 Plus Service Program?

With iPhones 6s and 6s Plus not powering on due to a failure on behalf of a component part, Apple has now initiated the iPhone 6 Plus service program. Under this program, you can get your iPhone 6s repaired for free if any breakdown is caused by the said issue. If you already have paid to get your iPhone repaired, then Appel is willing to give you a refund.

Any prior issues will have to be repaired first, like a cracked screen, for example, before the issue can be resolved.

iPhone 6 Plus Service Program, not the only Program in Town?

This isn’t the first time iPhone 6 has come under the radar with its issues. In 2016, Apple started the iPhone 6s Program for Unexpected Shutdowns and a worldwide Battery Replacement program too. All these programs are geared towards the iPhone 6.

Under the iPhone 6s program for unexpected shutdowns, the iPhone 6s will be covered for a period of 2 years since its initial sale.

Is your iPhone 6s in Trouble?

Apple has said that the not – powering on issue affects only certain iPhone 6s’ and 6s’s plus. Only a certain series of these phones are affected. To know if your iPhone 6s is affected, you can always check with Apple’s Support page. In this support page, Apple has given users the ability to check if the user’s phones are eligible for the iPhone 6s Plus service program. All you have to do to check if your phone is eligible is to enter your iPhone serial number into the serial box.

Apple has also said that by providing the iPhone 6s Plus service program, does not mean that Apple is extending the standard warranty on all these phones. This program will supposedly cover the phone for only two years after your initial purchase.

The free repair will only be applicable in cases where the iPhone isn’t powering up due to the Component failure. Any other issue will have to be looked in to at the user's expense.

Where to get your Phone Looked into if you’re Eligible for the iPhone 6s Plus service program?

You can have your phone looked at in an Apple store or in an Apple-authorized service provider, or alternatively, you could get in touch with Apple Support online, if you happen to be affected by the issue.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Which is the right iPhone model for me?

With millions of proud owners around the world, the iPhone is one of the most widely used smartphones on the market. Over 20 versions of the phone have been released since its initial introduction, and the most current models available, the iPhone 6 and 6+, both bring a slightly different set of features to the table. Although the iPhone 6+ may be the absolute best device Apple has to offer, the iPhone 6 is an extremely capable device as well and may be the perfect solution for some users.

iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 claims 14 hours of talk time along with 10 hours of music, making a single daily charge all a user needs for a typical day’s adventures. It also has a camera designed to function better in low light with improved auto focus and facial detection, so users largely satisfied with what the iPhone 5 or a similar device has to offer but looking for a superior camera will find an ideal answer in the iPhone 6.

The most talked-about difference in the iPhone 6 is the improved screen, which upgrades from the old 4.0in display to a 4.7in display delivering 326 pixels per square inch. The iPhone 6 is both slimmer and lighter than the previous version and includes enhanced 4G LTE support, making it an outstanding choice for those who want to keep things as similar as possible while still having access to all the current generation iPhone features such as Hey Siri and Apple Pay.You can grab an iPhone at iiNet, check out their site & read about their plans.

iPhone 6+

The iPhone 6+ adds even more features to the already ample package provided by the iPhone 6, making it the undisputed choice among users looking for the best from the manufacturer. The 4.7 inch screen of the iPhone 6 is replaced with an enormous 5.5 inch display capable of 401 pixels per square inch for images and video unrivaled in sharpness. This makes the iPhone 6+ an easy choice for those who enjoy videos or games on their devices regularly.

The biggest question concerning whether the iPhone 6 is right for an individual user concerns the size of the device itself. The larger screen and higher capacity battery create an unusually large smartphone, making it somewhat difficult to handle for some and inconvenient to store in many pockets. The large size of the battery does bring the benefit of 24 hours’ talk time and over 12 hours of Internet browsing, the fact that the device is simply much larger than other phones may make it unsuitable for some users.

Apple has gone to great lengths to ensure that there is a current generation iPhone for virtually everyone, and have done just that with the iPhone 6 and 6+. Those looking for the latest in iOS convenience and utility in an approachable form factor will probably prefer the iPhone 6, but for the ultimate in mobile entertainment, the iPhone 6+ is tough to beat.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rear Shell - Apple’s iPhone 6 – Images revealed

From the time invitations have been sent by Apple, for its September 9 event, rumours have been circulating with fresh iPhone 6 information and the majority of them have their focus on the 4.7 inch version of the iPhone 6. A new video has been revealed by Steve Hemmerstoffer, editor-in-chief of French site, Nowhereelse, which is the author of several iPhone 6 image leaks, showing a rear shell destined for Apple’s much anticipated 5.5 inch iPhone with a ruler placed along it showing that the previously leaked specification of the yet unannounced handset could be legitimate.

The new photos portray one key detail on the upcoming handset which some consumers would be interested in making a purchase which is the phone’s size. Apple for the first time would be having bigger iPhone models in their stores this year which would be similar to rival devices running other operating systems though not all consumers would want a bigger device.

Device likely to be named `iPhone Air’

The shell seems to be physically scaled up version of the same part on its 4.7 inch counterpart and is complete with internal mounting points together with plastic rigging. The length shown in the video indicates between 150 to 160 millimetres and French blog NWE shows that the device is likely to bear the iPhone Air, moniker.

Besides this, the dimensions line up with specification from what was previously sourced is said to be a computer system at Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn. The screenshots of 4.7 inch version measures 138 millimetres on the Y axis, 66 millimetres on the X axis and 6.9 centimetres on the Z axis while the 5.5 inch version compares at 158 millimetres, 78 millimetres and 7.1 millimetres respectively. Not much has been portrayed in the video with very few parts for the `phablet’ model has been shown.

Thick Antenna/Rounded Opening/Cut-out for Apple logo/Elongated Volume Buttons

The latest revelation of the metal frame seems similar in appearance to a rear shell which appeared last month and both shells have thick antenna breaks, rounded opening for updated True Tone flash, and a cut-out for the logo of Apple, space for elongated volume buttons with a side mounted power button.

From various reports inclusive of a well-connected analyst Ming-ChiKuo, it has been indicated that the 5.5 inch model would probably be delayed till late 2015.Based on the company’s recent history, Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 6 and would be announcing its next generation iPhone line-up at the media event to be held on September 9 at the Flint Centre for the Performing Arts together with availability likely to follow on September 19.

 AppleInsider would be providing live coverage from the event in Cupertino. If Apple intends to introduce the 5.5 inch version on September 9, the company could stagger the retail sales of the two phones, with the availability of the 4.7 inch model somewhere in September and waiting to ship the 5.5 inch model till the end of the year due to issues on production.

The iWatch most probably would also make an official appearance along with the new iPhone 6.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

iPhone 6 Coming in Gold, Silver and Grey Colours

iPhone 6
Apple’s iPhone 6 in Three Shades –Gold/Silver/Grey

A French website, NowhereElse has recently posted images of the leaked iPhone 6’s Sim card trays indicating that the model would be available in gold, silver and grey. The images uploaded by Steve Hemmerstoffer, editor of French Apple fansite portrayed the three trays which currently featured on the iPhone 5s.

The French website also had images of internal components of the iPhone 6 indicating trays, speakers, home buttons as well as vibrator motors besides pictures of the SIM card trays which was not surprising since the iPhone 5s is already available in the same three shades though the grey colour has a somewhat darker shade than the iPhone 5s, according to 9to5Mac report.

Besides posting images, the site has also confirmed the release date and has added that Apple’s new phone would also have 128GB of internal storage and the report seems to be coming from the most trusted and loyal Chinese sources who is known to have an exceptional track record of disclosing features of Apple’s products much prior to its launch.

According to 9to5Mac, alongside the SIM trays, besides the home buttons and vibrate motor, speakers are also photographed wherein the internal speaker appears to be much larger than the components used in the earlier iPhone.

Internal Speaker Larger with Sound Quality/Louder Volume

iPhone 6  sim trays
Besides, the internal speaker being larger in size is not the only factor determining the sound of speaker but there is a possibility indicating that the iPhone 6 will be offering sound quality or a louder volume and according to the last image, the design of the vibrator motor too has changed significantly. Though it is likely that the effect on the end user has not changed, the change was essential to accommodate the new internal layout of the phone.

The site had posted images which according to Mr Hemmerstoffer claimed to be promotional artwork for the new flagship model with the date of September 9 and according to news reports, the Californian Company is likely to unveil the next iPhone on this date together with the rumoured iWatch. Mr Hemmerstoffer alleged that the artwork had been handed to him by his loyal and most trusted Chinese sources who had given a familiar piece of artwork to him prior to the launch conference of the iPhone 5s.

Yellow Metal – Important Role in Smartphones

iPhone 6
In the updated round of iPhones 6 images, besides the new set of photos portraying the SIM trays et all, what is very noticeable is the curved edge to the SIM tray, which makes a seamless line with the iPhone 6’s curved edges seen several time earlier and the images depicts some changes to the speaker as well as vibrator motor of the device.

Going by the success of gold iPhone 5s, users prefer the gold colour and few know that most smartphones utilise gold in their internal components. Moreover, the yellow metal’s strong conductive properties and malleability are the cause which has an important role in smartphones.

Apple is likely to announce the new 4.7 inch iPhone at a press event in September which would be going on sale a few weeks thereafter. Rumours are on that the 5.5 inch variant of iPhone 6 would also be released though the timeline for the same is not known with several supply sources posing delays.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Resolution of the New iPhone 6 Calls for an Assured Askance

iPhone 6
The count of people holding their breath for the iPhone 6 is really high and ever increasing. Experts have brought up their words regarding the phone’s resolution and apple stands on a raised scale with the eye boggling specifications on the iPhone 6. A the words are out form the Apple headquarters in California, the new mobile will come out in two size- a 4.7” model and another with quite a big screen at 5.5”. The most common question placed on the table is regarding its resolution. People are curious about the count of pixels that screen will have inside its boundary.

Apple has always shocked us with the new margins they set when it comes to the screen resolution of iPhone. They have been setting benchmarks with their exceptional resolution standards and one they started with the retina display they became hard to compete. This calls for a thorough analysis on the screen resolution of Apple’s upcoming tech masterpiece.

The different sizes come with different resolutions

The 4.7” display comes with an awesome screen resolution of 1334x750 that makes a pixel density of 326 PPI or Pixel Per Inch. This one has got a 2nd level retina display. The larger model with a stretched screen has nothing to upset but a lot to impress. Its pixel density is a league ahead of its predecessor and no doubt from its other competitors. It has got a screen resolution of 2208x1242 and with a pixel density as high as 461 PPI, it will be a complete new experience.
A thorough analysis on the iPhone’s resolution has an assured positive outcome

Though all these information are far less certain, you can eat on it when you know it is Apple you are talking about. While the analysis is on progress the key ingredients for its screen size and the number of pixel that is made to fit on the screen. They will be your basis of the resolution analysis. Apple has always caught eyes with the values they set on the specs table beside the Pixel per Inch criteria.
It is going to be a common mind play for all iPhone admirers to judge its new increase in size and that is how Apple answers with an outstanding resolution for the iPhone 6L, which is the 5.5” model. If you go by the verdict of the analyst, the company was testing both the sizes of the new iPhone 6 on the same resolution scale of 1704x960 pixels. This is supposed to be the new standard for the iPhone 6’s screen resolution.

A proper hardware and software synchronisation is what should be thought about

However,any interested buyer will consider the display factors and resolution to be one of the prime factors for buying this super-phone, what matters more is the software developer’s outlook on this matter. It is more important to consider the analysis of app developers and website designers on the resolution as their software also bears the responsibility to justice to the high levels of hardware specs.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Apple’s iPhone 6 Improved LTE Networking

iPhone 6
Announced originally in 2012 and feature support for speed up to 150 MBPS with improved LTE networking, the Category 4 chip would be an improved version over the Qualcomm MDM9615 chip which is found in the iPhone 5s as well as iPhone 5. The iPhone 6 would incorporate Qualcomm’s MDM9625 LTE modem as showed according to a new photo of the device’s logic board shared by GeekBar which is more durable than its predecessor enabling lower temperatures under heavy performance due to its refined 28-nanometre production process.

 Together with these features, the MDM9625 is also inclusive of support for the next generation LTE Advanced network which are yet to reach out to the other ends of the world and information on the inclusion of the MDM9625 in the iPhone 6, showed a detailed but sketchy report from VentureBeat which was reported early this month, indicating that the iPhone 6 would comprise of a Category 6 LTE modem capable of a speed of 300 Mbps.

It was said that the radio would not support LTE Advanced networks as featured in the MDM9625. It was also posted by GeekBar that a supposed schematic from the iPhone 6, appeared to show support for NFC - near field communication in the device and the schematic also has a NAND flash chip, originally presumed by the website to be of 1 GB of DRAM in the device.

Battery Life for LTE Browsing – 10 Hours

The iPhone 5C is actually an iPhone 5 in plastic shell which is available in various colours while the 5s is the faster version of the iPhone 5 due to a new 64-bit chip which has the capabilities of the 64-bit iOS 7 and while the budget iPhone which was predicted failed to come true, the 5c is still priced at £469 phone SIM free and is not much appealing to developing markets.

Both these phones are capable of taking advantage of added LTE bands than any smartphone presently available which are available in five models of each to opt from, based on the region. Surprisingly, despite the extra bands which are now made available, Apple states that the battery life for LTE browsing is around 10 hours, up to two hours from the iPhone 6 which is an achievement due to the improved power efficiency of the LTE modem chip, likely but not confirmed to be a Qualcomm MDM9625 as well as the larger battery due to the internal redesign.

Faster LTE Experience 

This will enable to support a faster theoretical LTE speed of 150 Mbps down and 50 Mbps up but only a few operators would be deploying the bandwidth in delivering this faster LTE experience around the world. 
Apple is likely to launch the iPhone 6 at an event on September 9 this year and the launch of the 4.7 inch version will possibly follow thereafter, as production related issues may hold back the release of the 5.5 inch version till later this year or probably early next year. Moreover, besides the larger display, the iPhone 6 would also feature a thinner chassis, an improved camera with stabilization, a faster A8 chip and much more.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Apple’s Upcoming iPhone 6 with Sapphire Screens

iPhone 6
It was reported by The Wall Street Journal recently, that the first sapphire screens for the upcoming iPhone 6 and the iWatch are likely to be expected this month from a Mesa, Arizona factory which is jointly operated by Merrimack, New Hampshire based material produce, GT Advanced Technologies Inc. – NASDAQ-GTAT, and Apple. It was said that the plantwould be manufacturing double sapphire than the current synthetic sapphire producers all over the world.

It was also suggested by thesources that the sapphire screens would appear in variants of 4.7 as well as 5.5 inch versions of the iPhone 6, though the sapphire covered models would be a bit expensive as well as rare. If the sources are right, then it would be a good change for Apple who has been offering good variety in terms of colour as well as internal capacity on earlier iPhone though they have not charged premium for updated materials in the same model. Sapphire which is a material known for scratch and crack resistant properties, is the hardest material and while its properties are an appropriate choice to increase the durability, high cost for manufacturing have made it unsuitable for a large scale mass production applications, enabling sapphire for only selected items like covers for luxury watches.

Speculation on Sapphire Screen with regards to Cost

Apple has been currently using sapphire for iPhone camera lens as well as its touch ID fingerprint reader. It is estimated that the sapphire iPhone screen would cost $16 to produce when compared with the cost of around $3 for the Corning Gorilla Glass, which is the company that currently utilises its entire iPhone line-up though detractors are of the opinion that the sapphire in large quantities would be prone to shatter as well as make the displays much harder to view in sunlight. Apple though presently has been using sapphire in limited portion that protects the Touch ID fingerprint sensor beneath the iPhone 5s home button, prevents scratch on top of the camera lens in its iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. But with regards to cost, in the production of larger quantities, like for a full iPhone display, it has brought about some speculation that a sapphire screen may not come up in this year’s iPhone line-up.

Complete Redesign from iPhone 5s

With rumours floating that Apple has plans to introduce the two new iPhone models this year – 4.7 inches as well as 5.5 inches, both are expected to be a complete redesign from the present iPhone 5s. With many speculating about sapphire in the next iPhone, Apple has managed to strike a deal of $578 million with furnace maker GT Advanced Technologies which enables the companies to finance as well as operate jointly a Phoenix facility which will produce sapphire crystal material. Many of Apple fans looking forward for a sapphire front panel should consider that the company arrangement with Liquid metal that had existed since 2010 has yet to appear in any of the company’s product in a more significant manner. The only known utility of Liquid metal till date was in SIM ejector tool which was shipped with the iPhone 3GS.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

iPhone 6 Modified Recessed Volume Button Cut-Outs

iPhone 6
A month ago, the luxury modified iPhone vendor, Feld & Volk – Instagram page, shared a few high quality photos and video of the purported rear shell of the iPhone, while it had not been polished or fully processed and was in an intermediate stage of production, though it still offers a look at the body of the device. Feld & Volk who has received the completed 4.7 inch iPhone 6 rear shell, has shared some of the new photos, revealing some features not indicated in the earlier information.

These include a good look at the volume button cut-outs which have been slightly recessed in a change enabling a lower profile along the edges with decreased likelihood of accidental volume changes. The new images are put on display and are believed to be the final casing for the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and with it we now have some details which had not been given earlier. Similar recesses have also been seen, on a purported perfect replica for the volume buttons and have been claimed as actual rear shell for the iPad Air.

Extraordinary Scratch Resistance Metal

A look at the embedded Apple logo by Feld & Volk’s photos is also offered, which Apple has not used on the iPhone from the time of the original iPhone in 2007 and as per Feld & Volk’s statement, the embedded logo is said to be similar to the original iPhone and it is made of very extraordinary scratch resistant metal which is presumed to be of liquid metal alloy, though there is no specific proof which supports this issue.

Another image portrays it to be an external camera ring measuring 6.66 mm in diameter and fits accurately on the rear camera hole of the shell. Design drawings and physical mock-ups which have been revealed convey that the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 would be seeing a protruding rear camera as in the case of the current iPod touch though the rumours have shown it to be a flush camera for the smaller 4.7 inch model. It is now left to be seen if the camera ring would be paired with the rear shell of the 4.7 inch model or not.

Flex cable, New Home Button

The last image is shown with a flex cable which is the source for the iPhone 6 and as in the case of the previous rumour, it is speculated by Feld &Volk that it could be the new home button but as MacRumours points out that based on its length it more likely tuned towards the flex cable for an iPad and not for its upcoming iPhone..

Apple is all set to launch the iPhone 6 very soon during the event which will be coming up in September and it is confirmed that Apple will be holding its annual iPhone media event then though it is not clear that both 4.7 inch as well as 5.5 inch models would be arriving together. Probably, the 4.7 inch model would be launched roughly one and a half week after the event based on earlier release patterns.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Apple to Partner Foxconn for Next Generation iPhone 6

iPhone 6
It was recently reported that Apple would partner manufacturer Foxconn and hire some 100,000 workers in a ramp up for July production of the next generation iPhone 6, thereby enhancing the company’s total iPhone manufacturing workforce by ten percent while secondary supplier Pegatron would also be preparing to increase its recruitment efforts after netting in a thirty percent share of orders.

Sources well versed with Apple’s supply chain, Taiwan’s Economic Daily News has reported that the hiring spree of 100,000 of Foxconn would result in improving the company’s iPhone workforce when compared to the past production of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

Some have stated that with the combination of Pegatron’s recruitment efforts, the manufacture of Apple’s iPhone 6 is expected to drive the largest job creation boom mainland, China has ever seen in recent time.

Huge Expansion to Two Production Lines

Moreover, the mass recruitment campaign as claimed by sources is that Foxconn has been planning to make huge expansions to two production lines in order to meet anticipated high demand for the forthcoming handset line. Foxconn is also considered to be responsible for the bulk order of Apple’s iPhone.

Some sources havealso been reporting that the company would be handling all assembly of the rumoured 5.5 inch `phablet’, version of the device. According to reports, Foxconn would be producing seventy percent of the iPhone 6 units while Pegatron, the supplier would be handling some thirty percent of order, a consistent figure of recent rumours and it is not clear if the share would be representative of iPhone 6 version or not.

The timing of these hiring seems to be perfect for the rumoured iPhone 6 with reports of the production to ramp up ahead of its scheduled launch in the usual time frame in September and most of the attention is focused on iPhone 6, a 4.7 inch model which is expected to draw the bulk of sale.

Apple has been working on an even larger 5.5 inch model which would be launched along with or in the month following the debut of the 4.7 inch model.

Screen Size – 4.7 & 5.5 with Multiple Sensors

Many are expecting Apple to release two iPhone models somewhere this year with bigger screens of 4.7 and 5.5 inch in size and a number of supposed iPhone 6 mockups have surfaced on the internet with some indications on the final designs of the duo handset.

The duo handset comes with larger screen with thinner design with faster next gen `A8’CPU where the launch willbe during Fall 2014. Besides the bigger screen, the iPhone 6 will also be featuring multiple sensors which would enable the device to measure altitudes together with atmospheric pressure as well as provide different other information with regards to weather like humidity and temperature.

Speculations are doing the rounds for some time now about Pegatron gaining a foothold in Apple’s premium handset assembly business though the exact share of orders given out to the firm is not established yet. Reports of Foxconn’s intention of hiring as well as the iPhone6 issue leaked following previous reports stating that the production for the iPhone 6 is set to be ramped up in July ahead of its release date sometime in September.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rumors swirl around Apple’s iPhone 6

iPhone 6
Rumours regarding Apple’s much awaited iPhone 6, is mounting up and though an official release date has not been given by Apple, it is reported that the features in its upcoming release of the iPhone continues to swirl with many coming up from different sources adding more credibility to the presences of the features in the updated versions of the favourite smartphone.

In the ultra-competitive market for smartphone, the release of the iPhone seems to be a critical one for Apple to maintain its market and several industry observers are looking forward to various significant new features in the new iPhone.

Apple has been facing stiff competition in the market of its smartphones with the Android operating system. In April, Android held 52.5% of the market when compared to Apple’s 41.4%, as per the updated research from analytics specialist comScore.

iPhone with Larger Screen/1GB RAM

It has been reported by Reuter, the Wall Street Journal and Forbes that the new iPhone would have a larger screen which would measure around four inches diagonally. Several other outlets have also reported about the new iPhone which will have the A5X chip, the same chip which is now found in the iPad.

Besides this, the new iPhone would also have RAM of 1GB up from the 512 MB of RAM which is normally found in the iPhone 4S which will enhance the performance with the combination of these two factors.It is assumed that the new iPhone would be running iOS 6 as the operating system and would probably be launched this month at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference and iOS 6 would be the next release of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Moreover the new iPhone having access to 4G cellular signals, would also be able to connect to 4G LTE networks enabling users to upload as well as download data more quickly.

Sapphire Display – Enhancing Protection 

This feature has been provided since the iPhone 4S does not have it, though the new iPad offers this feature. It is also reported by analyst Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets who had the opportunity of touring the facilities of Apple suppliers, that the new version will be having a sleek look which may require a Unibody case which is an extruded aluminium case found presently on the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

The iPhone 6 is rumoured to be having everything from its screen size, release date and its camera technology. Apple is expected to use a sapphire display for the iPhone 6 which will cost Apple a bunch of money no doubt but will provide a device which would be impossible to break or scratch and the material would be enhancing the protection that is not currently found on any of the iPhones which Apple has been selling.

Apple remained unavailable for comments on the `when and what’, of the latest entry though based on observations and track records by industry analysts as well as observers, the added features looks to be reasonable bets for the latest iPhone and the same is expected to be released sometime later this year.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Latest Apple Entry – iPhone 6

iPhone Layers
Latest Apple News report from Wall Street Journal states that Apple would be experimenting with screens varying from 4.5 to 6 inches after its classic 3 inch handset to the iPhone 5 and 5S five inch and would probably be pushing ahead to the five inch screen, offered by some rivals of Android. One analyst states that Apple could be out to implement a 4.8 inch Retina and IGZO screen by Sharp making the iPhone 6 displays much thinner, clearer and brighter with improved HD resolution. Latest reports also suggest that the iPhone will come in two large screen sizes and the iPhone 6 will ship in 4.7 inch and a phablet of 5.7 inch which would probably be the first time for Apple to launch one mobile product in two sizes with the company making an exception with its entry.

Device with Sapphire Glass Screen

The new product is the outcome of Apple’s experiments with screen sizes and this choice seems to be appropriate since it gives the user more choice enabling Apple to compete with its competition of all type of screen sizes. The new device is likely to have a sapphire glass screen which would be tough and durable. With its focus on improvement in image quality Apple has intention of staying ahead with its latest Smartphone and is looking at quantum dot technology for the iPhone 6 which are manmade nano particles of semiconductor material which is used to create light. These are so small that quantum effects begin to take place and without getting stuck, the end result is that the size of the dot affects its behavior.

Focus on toughening its Products

It is unknown when the iPhone 6 is likely to come out though there are speculations that since Apple release a product when it is good and ready, once a year around September, there are rumors that Apple would be breaking that cycle. Since the iPhone 6 is stated as a complimentary product to the iPhone 5S and providing users with the choice of screen sizes, Apple is likely to release its new entry very soon. Though beautifully made, the iPhone is also breakable like any other Smartphone with many users having cracked screens after dropping them and Apple has intention of resolving this issue in toughening its products.

Deal with CT Advanced Technologies

Apple has made a deal with GT Advanced technologies in producing sapphire glass at their plant in Arizona and this new deal could provide a super tough sapphire screen for the Smartphone. The synthetic sapphire glass got its name due to its transparency, though technically it is not glass. The advantage is that its incredibility lies in its hardness and durability. It values at 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness ahead of diamond which means that it is very difficult to break ending in less broken iPhones thereby saving the cost for repairs. Besides the screen size, Apple is also said to be looking at toughening the case by liquid metal for the Smartphone whereby the liquid metal encasing it would be of super tough metal built up, layer by layer resulting in making it a lot harder and difficult to break down and for this Apple has put in five patents for liquid metals. Check back for updates and get to know more on Apple technology at Macmyth