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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tim Cook’s Interview with Charlie Rose

Tim Cook’s Interview with Charlie Rose
In a recent interview with Charlie Rose, Tim Cook, Apple CEO discussed several current product lineup of the company like Apple TV, Beats and Steve’s legacy and hinted at latest products of which no one had any knowledge.

Cook admitted that there were a number of things which the company was interested in but their focus on execution prohibited the number of devices on which it could work on at any point of time.According to him there were products that they were working on and which no one was aware of with no rumours about the same.

With regards to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus being the latest handsets, he was all praise about the Retina HD displays, its speed and thinness. He had also stated that some of their products would be great Apple products while the others would probably end up being shelved. He further added that they had been trying around with lot of things internally and if one would take each of their products made by Apple they would probably fit on a small table.

Google – Company’s Biggest Rival

At the time of the interview he was heard stating about his interest in TV which he said is `stuck back in the 70s’, and TV is the one thing they continue to have interest in and that there are plenty of areas that Apple is interested in but they have opted not to work on them.

Cook named Google as the company’s biggest rival which he observed enables most of the other hardware competitors, including Samsung.With regards to Beats, Cook stated the acquisition was more than talents and made a reference to music of Jimmy Lovine and Rap star Dr Dre. He touted the firm’s Beats Music stating the streaming service’s human curated playlist provided a different feel when compared to competing services.

Twitter and Facebook are more of partners than competitors according to him and that Apple has no plans to get into social networking business. He further added that Amazon is a product company even if it manufactures some tablets and phone which is not seen in many places. He went on to talk about Steve Job’s legacy and Apple’s acquisition of Beats.

Changes with regards to User Experience

Cook was asked whether Apple had any catch up plans with Samsung in releasing its new 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch models to which he was heard answering in the negative stating that they could have created a larger iPhone earlier and that it was not about just making larger phone but with intent and purpose to make better phone in every single way.

Cook also spoke about Apple TV stating that television was an area of great interest for the company. Cook revealed only a few things which he would like to change with regards to user experience and did not share much in details.

At the end of it all, Cook made a comment during his interview with ABC News, David Muir, about Steve Jobs, Apple co founder saying that he thought of him every day. Besides, another interesting news revealed was that Job’s office had remained untouched at Apple’s headquarter in Cupertino.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Boot Camp: start keeping Windows on Mac

Our Macs are not just for rotating the OS from Cupertino, these are just as comfortable with Windows 7 via a utility that comes as standard: Boot Camp. If taking advantage of a recent switch in favor of Apple machines you want to keep a little contact with your previous OS, this small installation guide as an aide memoire is there to simplify things.

Boot Camp creates a new partition on your Mac for hosting Windows 7. This solution is more convenient than virtualization if you will use Windows extensively as for the game or software missing on Mac OS, but you are essential.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Alan Kay, a requirement of life

During the centenary celebrations of Alan Turing, the Association of Computing Machinery brought together thirty recipients of the Turing Award, an annual award given by the association to the largest contributors to the computer. High-flying speeches were held to reconsider the legacy of Alan Turing, among which are that the winner of 2003, Alan Kay, a pioneer of modern computing, and author of many principles have influenced the entire industry.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Microsoft: Love to risk

Microsoft pushes again the highlight: the star of its Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is a new hardware product. This is a multitouch screen of 82 "that the admission of Steve Ballmer could be a hit in large companies and the education community.

Perspective Pixel had caused a stir in 2006 by his demonstrations of multitouch on a giant screen - it was a year before the iPhone, and multitouch was then limited to a few niche products.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Complete overview of Mac Tweetbot

This is a much-anticipated release for fans! Tweetbot, the Twitter client available so far for the iPhone and iPad. The application is now available on Mac, but in alpha. Before going into details, here are the basics: you need OS X 10.7 to test this version that is downloaded at this address. 

If you've used on a terminal Tweetbot iOS, especially on an iPad, you will not be lost with this Mac application. The version of OS X takes almost no standard interface element; everything has been changed from what Apple provides. We thus find the interface quite dark well known, although most - the list of tweets - is however quite clear.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Test of MacBook Pro Retina 15 "mai-2012 A 2.6 GHz Core i7

At nearly € 2,900, the MacBook Pro Retina premium is a real Rolls-Royce of computing: it is thin, ultra-powerful and ... expensive! Are small megahertz more have a real impact justifies the expense? The answer in our MacBook Pro Retina test. A upscale ...

The MacBook Pro Core i7 to 2.6 GHz is simply the MacBook Pro Retina upscale. No need therefore to revisit the design of this machine, its brand new ventilation system or the subtleties of his Retina display.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ken Segall: the origins of "NeXT", Siri pubs and the new iPad

The advertising Ken Segall, interviewed by the New York Times, told where the idea came to baptize "NeXT", as the company Steve Jobs founded after leaving Apple. And also to judge how Apple communicates in his later campaigns. An anecdote he had delivered in his book Insanely Simple (€ 9.99 - English) released in April, but worth repeating if one was missed.

NFC: Apple deliberately drags feet

Apple has set foot in an area where it is long overdue: the contact less payment. The presentation of this application may suggest that Apple will go further with the successor of 4S who could manage the NFC. At least that's what you might think on the surface. In mid-June, Phil Schiller had somehow given dot the i. 

Apple does not try at least for the moment to make a payment directly. Schiller also noted that the different mobile payment services were fighting like cats and dogs for their share of the pie. And to say that Apple was not involved in this fight.

Ecology: Apple gives up a standard

While Apple has yet again highlighted the next "green" MacBook Pro Retina during the presentation, she recently decided to abandon the standard EPEAT standard on which the Cupertino company was very supportive in recent year to tout the "energy efficient design" of its computers.

There are still a few weeks on its website Apple was pleased that all of its computers had "received the word Gold, the highest award of the EPEAT". She then presented the EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) as "the most comprehensive environmental standard and widely adopted in the world".

Monday, July 16, 2012

French Apple Store: tensions, evaluations, negotiations and solution...

Following media coverage of the tensions within the French Apple Store and parallel to the annual wage negotiations, several meetings were held this week between the direction of France and Apple's retail employees and employee representatives. The opportunity to take stock and understand the aspirations of both the constraints of context other.

The Chinese dream Apple is falling behind

Whenever Tim Cook discusses the strategy of Apple, Steve Jobs's successor speaks extensively of China. This virus to the Middle Kingdom, he forwarded it to colleagues. We have seen at the keynote developer conference (WWDC) where Scott Forstall and Craig Federighi have heavily emphasized the support of China-specific features in IOS 6 and Mountain Lion.

Bill Gates: Surface, the iPad and approaches of Apple and Microsoft

Bill Gates addressed the subject of the entry of Microsoft into the club of manufacturers of tablets, during a television interview (at 29 min), and that the difference in approach with Apple. If things were to do again, Charlie Rose asked, his interlocutor, "Do you have followed an approach of vertical integration as Steve Jobs did?"

Friday, July 13, 2012

Mountain Lion: the changes that Apple has said little about

Apple Mountain Lion will sell by the end of the month. July 24 is the date that occurs most often in terms of its launch. If during the presentations, Apple insisted on ten features (Reminders, Notes, Messages, ... Notification Center), there are many small innovations on which it has little.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nexus Q: Google looking for a thread

Surprise of the Google I / O 2012, the Nexus Q is an extremely revealing Google's strategy. It is a former research project became a mainstream product. This is a family member Nexus, and not just any one who unifies. This is the first product designed and manufactured by Google from A to Z. The Nexus Q is important - but paradoxically, no one really understands what it serves.