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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Apple Watch Series 3 Smartwatch to Launch

Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) on 9th Feb. The GPS version of the Watch Series 3 was launched in Singapore in September 2017.

The Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) version can be used while you are on the go. It does not need to be connected to the iPhone all the time.

The Apple Watch Series 3 built-in cellular allows you to stay connected. You can receive notifications, answer calls and lots more without actually having the iPhone near at hand. Payments too can be made using Apple Pay with this watch.

As of now, the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) can only be used with the Singtel mobile line. Singtel is offering the NumberShare plan ($6.90 per month) whereby the phone number, data and talktime are shared with the cellular watch.


The Apple Watch Series 3 comes in two models, the GPS and the other; the GPS and Cellular version. Both the versions have a 70 percent faster dual-core processor for downloading apps at a faster rate, smoother graphics and allowing the use of Siri through the built-in speaker. Apple Watch Series 3 has a new wireless chip whereby the WiFi speed is enhanced by 85 percent and the Bluetooth and WiFi are more power efficient. The Apple Watch Series 3 will be beneficial to health and fitness enthusiasts. There are coaching features added like water resistance 50 meters and a barometric altimeter to measure relative elevation, outdoor exercises and flights climbed.

The Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) has a full LTE and UMTS cellular radio which switches to cellular when the iPhone is not near at hand. The number for the watch and the iPhone will be the same. When the 3rd generation Apple Watch is paired with AirPods, one can enjoy the wireless experience. The display of the watch acts as an antenna to transmit and receive calls for LTE and UMTS, and has an in-built eSIM, little over one-hundredth the size of the regular SIM, so that over-the-air activation is possible without compromise on the space.

The Apple Watch Series 3 comes in varied colours and styles. The Apple Watch Series (GPS + Cellular) comes in Grey, gold or silver aluminium or with silver or black stainless steel cases along with various bands. The (GPS) version is available in gold, silver or grey aluminium cases with a Sport Band. They are lightweight and designed to provide a comfortable fit to the wrist.
If you want to take your fitness to the next level, stay in good health, be more connected and active, then Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) is the watch for you. It provides smart coaching, has a heart rate app, you can listen to your favourite tunes and also have an interactive Siri experience. It can be used while swimming, can track a casual jog or an intensive workout, track activity levels.

All-in-all, the Apple Watch Series (GPS + Cellular) makes your body your main priority.

The Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) comes at a price of $598.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Apple Announced GymKit in the Summer


Apple watch and GymKit

The sport, lead a healthy life and training is increasingly fashionable, but Apple knows that more than one is hard to go on their own to the gym, and more when you have no one to tutor you or help you prepare a Exercise table best suited to your physique and activity. Since its inception with the Apple Gymkit, many people were curious that could not resist the temptation to get one and start to try all the benefits that it offered.

But the following had to be kept in mind: the iWatch has no GPS, no audio input, and the connection to the mobile is made via Bluetooth 4.0. But not only that. An iWatch without an iPhone is practically unusable, since the watch could be said to be an extension of the phone that allows you to receive notifications on your wrist of those applications that you have installed on your iPhone and that allow connectivity with the watch.

That is why with the passage of time, and due to the strong dependence that exists between the clock and the telephone for its optimal use, many have been losing their interest or seeing their utility increasingly reduced.

However, this is something that has not gone unnoticed for Cupertino, and that is why in the Keynote of this year 2017 and with the advance of watchOS 4, apple decided to make the most of the health and training.

For this reason, in its advance of presentation Apple has included several improvements, such as very striking elements in the training app with the idea of offering the most practical information for users throughout the day. But something that draws much attention to the rest is the update of the app train much improved jointly with Apple Gymkit, a platform with technology that will offer users training connected with cardio equipment of gyms.

This is what Jeff William, COO of Apple, said:

"The Apple Watch is the perfect device to lead a healthy life and is now smarter than ever thanks to watchOS 4. We have designed a truly individualized experience with the most intelligent Activity and Training apps, the Siri sphere that shows the information that you need at the right time and, in addition, we will offer users their favorite music easily. "

But what is it and how does Apple Gymkit work?

Apple Gymkit is a specific development kit for gym machines that will allow both the iWatch and the machine to share data of the user. With Apple Gymkit, customers who use their favorite gym machine can link their Apple Watch directly with treadmills, ellipticals, indoor bicycles or step machines from manufacturers around the world such as Life Fitness and Apple Gymkit with a single touch. And how is this achieved? Through NFC technology.

This means that, just by bringing the iWatch closer to the area specified in the fitness equipment and through the communication of the NFC chip between the machine and the clock, our data will be recorded and an automatic training will be started on the clock, in accordance with the training that we programmed in the machine. Both devices, machine and clock, will begin to exchange data of the exercise in real time (calories, distance, speed, raised floors, inclination and rhythm).

Of course, some questions arise about the operation and the start-up, but we will have to wait until its deployment in the autumn of this year to dispel any doubt. But what is clear is that Apple is strongly committed to the sport to get more juice to Apple Gymkit and in turn encourage users to lead a more active life.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

LTE Apple Watch 'Series 3' tipped in leaked iOS 11

iOS 11
Just before the most awaited launch event of this year, tech enthusiasts has found that upcoming Apple Watch Series will come loaded with LYE connectivity. All this was revealed from a single images which was sent to the source showcasing an Apple Watch pairing screen for iPhone. Highly smart individuals with hawk like eyes were to fin small cellular signal bars right on the watch face. To be more precise these bars appeared nothing more than few dots which gave the first indication of having the LTE capability on a smartwatch. This screenshot also showed what appeared to be complication faced by the phone and GPS apps on daily basis.

Even a month before the ultimate launch of the Apple Watch Series a number of reports has emerged in the media claiming that new smartwatch will feature the coveted cellular capability which will be utilized by the users to download songs in Music and transfer data from one device to another with pairing.

Improved display and performance

Apple has done a lot of work on making the display brighter than ever before. This simply happens to be the brightest display Apple has ever produced for its range of products. This awesomely bright display is supported by a highly improved GPU which has been developed by Imagination Technologies which have a credible record of providing ground-breaking GPUs.

Apple has brought a new chipset on the Apple Watch Series 3 which has been dubbed as S2 microprocessor. This processor happens to be 50 faster than the processor present on the original Apple Watch. This is powerful enough to deal with some of the resource consuming apps. This processor is highly energy efficient which means user will be able to use the Series 3 Watch for a whole good day on a single charge.

Apple Watch Series success rests on the LTE Capability 

Even after adding the LTE and cellular capability on the smartwatch Apple claims that this device will be able last for 18 hours. This is more than enough to get through a day’s work without any need of charging but this claim isn’t tested by the users. Apple has claimed that in order to bring cellular capability to this device they had brought a new invention which people have failed to recognise so far. Apple engineers have developed one a kind antenna which is designed to make use of the display in order to both transmit and receive signals from the device.

Apple Watch Series 3 has been successful from the moment it was shown on the huge screen due to its breakthrough design which appears to be immensely inspired by iPhone X as well. We should note that in the past a number of cellular connected watches have made their way into the market and Apple isn’t the first one in this regard but all of them failed due to their bulky and unattractive design. Thankfully Apple designed first LTE smartwatch isn’t unworthy to look upon not it is too bulky to work around with ease.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

How to Track Your Sleep Using Apple Watch

Sleep Tracking

One would often wonder if they tend to get good sleep and though Apple Watch can track steps, heart rate, time that is spent standing etc. it does not do sleep tracking. Sleep tracking has become one of the essential requested features for Apple Watch though Apple has yet to implement a solution.

This has not stopped developers from developing their own watchOS app in doing the same and there are several third party apps which could do the needful. To start off you could turn off the Wake Screen on Wrist Raise feature that can be done by pressing the crown and then tap General > Wake Screen. This needs to be done each night and thereafter re-enable it once again in the morning.

The battery problem seems to be a difficult to manage. This can be sorted by getting it charged first thing on waking up in the morning and it could get charged while you take your shower, have your breakfast and get ready to set to work. A span of 30 minutes charging could be quite adequate for the next 24 hours off operation. Another option would be considering charging while one would be getting ready for bed or reading etc. and one should not forget charging before falling off to sleep.

AutoSleep with Apple Watch 

Tracking your sleep would mean wearing your watch in bed which could be pretty uncomfortable. One of the most known apps for sleep tracking with Apple Watch is the AutoSleep which enables you to track your sleep in two different methods. To get started with this all that is needed is to download the AutoSleep app from the App Store and feed in some of your basic details.

But AutoSleep tends to work even if one does not seem to wear it some nights. When this seems to occur, it begins tracking the hours instantly as you put the watch on the charger and then stops when the watch is back on in the morning or when the phone is first used.

 Though it is just time tracking, the real advantage is from wearing your watch. When the watch is worn, the app tends to measure the sleep hours together with the quality, restlessness, heart rate and much more. It then presents the data collected utilising Apple Health-style visuals.

 Another benefit is a `smart’ alarm which tends to wake you when the app seems to sense you are in a light sleep phase, as against your bedside alarm which might struggle you from a deep sleep.

Restless Versus Restful Sleep

Sleep Watch tends to manage the basics – sleep tracking heart rate reporting and much more though seems to waver a little in the depth together with the performance of data. The Sleep Activity graph for instance, utilises a series of gradated band to specify the restless versus restful sleep and is not mainly instinctive to view it.

When it is tapped, presuming probably one would get expanded or more detailed date, the app tends to pop up a lengthy text description of the graph. Besides that, there is also a part known as 3-Day Sleep charge which is presented as a `fun way of tracking your sleep debt’.

 However most of the sleep experts are of the belief that you cannot `catch-up’ on lost sleep and that it is better to get the same amount of sleep each night. Hence the very concept of this feature is said to be a flaw.

Monday, April 3, 2017

How to Enable Theater Mode on Apple Watch in watchOS 3.2

theater mode
With lots of innovative devices and wearable gadgets, Apple has now gathered attention from many tech enthusiasts. Apple watches have also become the preferred products to the consumers, though they are used by people for different purposes. Some users like to utilize it as simply a timepiece, while others want to consider it as a kind of workout tracking system. To most of the consumers, Apple Watch involves a very simple or uncomplicated design. However, it turns out to be flashy to some people, while the screen lights up now and then.

Want to stop flashing of Apple Watch? Use Theatre Mode-

Whether you’re watching something in a theatre or driving a vehicle, this flickering of Apple Watch is quite disturbing to you. That is why Apple has updated watchOS 3.2 with the addition of a special feature to prevent the issue. Theater Mode is the newest feature, which allows all users to get rid of the problem. While you have activated this mode, the timepiece becomes silent. However, you will be able to access the screen only by tapping or pressing Digital Crown. This type of feature may be compared to flight mode, which you often find in Smartphone. But, it does not interfere with the function of wireless system, though it retains the silence of other things.

To say more clearly, the screen of your Apple Watch screen will not get lighted up whenever you are moving around your own hands very frequently. Moreover, you may not hear any sound of notification. But, though notifications will not stop reaching your device, the display area can never flicker.

Know the way to turn on the new mode-

When you have not installed new firmware of Apple, you need to do it instantly. Choose the option- General, and then click on- Software Update. It may allow you to have the new update on your wearable device. Connect your gadget to a source of power and install it.

  • After installing this firmware, you may access Theater Mode option, offered by Apple. In order to have the interface, you need to swipe up the display part to the upward direction from base of the watch. You may instantly have a view of different things, such as, current percentage of battery and different icons (Don’t Disturb).
  • An icon of AirPlay may get shifted towards the bottom part to create a place for Theater Mode. Until a new different icon is seen, you need to keep on scrolling Control Center. 
  • Touch the icon for Theater Mode to get extra information. It lets you know that this mode activates Silent Mode, keeping your display dark. 
  • After pressing the button, you will automatically have the benefits from this new mode. No matter, whether you’re lifting up your wrist, its screen may stay dark without causing diversion. 

Thus, with this few steps, you can make use of Apple smartwatch in your own way. However, if needed, you may also deactivate the function.

Friday, March 31, 2017

New Apple Patent Could Make Driving With Apple Watch Less Distracting

Apple Watch
Isn’t it tempting when your smartwatch or Smartphone throbs to inform you about the latest notifications? It often urges you to clandestinely glance at your wrist or flip the phone cover to check what’s happening. Whenever our Smart device lets us know about the latest buzz or keeps us updated on the daily nothings we feel satisfied. However, the truth is that looking at your wrist quite often gives others around you the feeling that you’re bored, and the constant notifications on your mobile device can sometimes be intrusive. Even worse is when your gadget makes you succumb to the thought of ‘who this could be’.

A new prospect 

Although this habit of constantly checking your device might seem harmless, it’s not that safe when you are driving. Apple watch owners, who check the watch for navigation while driving, generally get into the habit of squinting at it without any reason. Apple is known for its constant thrives to create and present something new to its loyal customers. Once again the mega-tech company has come up with a new prospect to help reduce this habit of squinting at the watches while driving. The new Apple Patent will know when the watch owner is driving, and will temper the behavior.

Several advantages 

Parker Wilhelm from Tech Radar recently in an interview mentioned about the several advantages of Patent. One of the biggest plus points is that it will automatically discern when you are driving. The Watch will automatically adjust and will turn off its raise-to-wake feature. Due to this new feature you will not be mesmerized to look at the watch every time your wheel takes a right turn, say. Another added advantage of Patent is that it will only pass the important notifications. So that, you because of this new feature you don’t miss an emergency call, but Facebook and Instagram notification will not bother you.

To keep you from looking at the watch constantly, some of the information or notification would be directed elsewhere. The information would be projected either in vehicle speaker, or heads up display, or dash. This way you would not be puzzled by the constant wrist vibrations, and you would also receive the all the notifications. The feature would simply direct the calls to the speaker, or you would be able to see the navigation on the car’s display. Other modifications include snubbing recognized gestures.

Enhanced steering focus 

The gestures would be disabled and due to this the person driving would not be confused by the vibrations or steering movements of the vehicle chassis. The steering focus will be controlled meaning, that the driver would not find the watch behaving differently all of a sudden. While some have pointed out that active gestures might confuse the driver, the truth is that unless you’re practicing Zumba on a speeding bus, you’ll probably not feel puzzled. Another feature which is going to available on the Apple watches in a few days is the Theatre mode. This mode will make the display less responsive and will not disturb the audience.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Faster Apple Watch 2 With GPS to Launch Later This Year

Apple Watch

Of news and rumours about Apple watch 2

We may already know a great deal about the next iPhone already, however, details of a possible Apple Watch upgrade have been on show by their absence keeping in mind the original model was declared more less two years ago. An investor note sent out by Ming-chi Kuo, a well-connected analyst obtained by Apple insider and Mac Rumors gave us the first clue of what Apple has in hoard. It is believed that for 2016 Apple was planning two new models of the watch.

The greater update, called Apple Watch 2as of now, will apparently have the same common design as the present watch, but will comprise of new interior mechanisms like a GPS radio, a barometer, a sleeker display and a new and a more rapid, 16nm processor from TSMC. These features demand a greater battery life according to Ming-chi, inhibiting Apple from reducing the device’s dimensions. The second Apple Watch of 2016 won’t have much of an upgrade.

According to the note, it will not have Apple Watch 2’s new features, and the built-up design will remain the same with a few updated constituents. It may set a price cut for the series. Also, an additional model having a parallel form factor is anticipated to be launched next year in conjugation with LTE support, if one is waiting for a more significant design renovation, temporarily, Kuo debates that she doesn’t think it will happen up to 2018.In around a month’s time, Apple will possibly hold an event to launch this year’s iPhone. Any new Apple Watch models to be launched will be done at the same event.

Features of Apple watch 2

Rendering to a recent report, Apple Watch is rumoured to come with micro LED panel size varying from one to hundred microns. The production costs of these are higher than that of the OLED panels, and the usage of these could indicate to a slimmer and greater battery competent device.

While Apple fans look forward to the next Apple Watch, Cupertino keeps pushing updates to present models. Watch 0S 3 is scheduled to be launched this autumn, proudly publishing rapider app load times all credit to the new ‘dock,’ which can immediately unveil integral and third party programmes.

Pressure on Apple

Apple Watch continues to maintain their position at the top for selling smartwatch in the world, data from IDC declared. Apple’s dominance of the market of smartwatch is so solid that if the sale of their devices takes a turn south, it results in a poor quarter for the entire chain.

In accordance to the data by IDC, 1.6 million watches in q2 of 2016 where shipped by Apple, which has been the first time where deliveries have plunged for the company. The senior research analyst for IDC Mobile Device Trackers, Jitesh Ubrani said that, ‘Apple yet manages to maintain a noteworthy lead in the market and unluckily a drop for Apple indicates to a drop in the whole market. Every vendor goes through comparable challenges related to style and functionality, and although improvement is expected next year, growth in the remaining of 2016 will mostly be subdued.’

Thursday, June 16, 2016

8 Reasons you are finally Going to Wear Your Apple Watch


The Next Software Update of Apple Watch 

Apple had made an announcement at its yearly developer conference on Monday and renamed OS X to MacOS showing off new features on TVOS. The succeeding software update for Apple Watch - Watch OS 3 drew a lot of attention and tends to look exceptional. The following are the eight features which seem to make the Apple Watch a lot better:

1. No staring blankly at the wrist

The Apple Watch from the first day, has been overwhelmed with slow loading time for apps and presently the process goes thus - one can raise their wrist and tap on an app icon, the circular, spinning dots start up and with the wrist raised, on can walk the dog, take out the trash, or take a nap and then the app tends to eventually load. According to Apple, with WatchOS 3, the mostly used apps seem to load seven times faster. The onstage demo of app launching seemed to be inspiring and if it tends to work the same after the WWDC stage, loading the app faster would be making the watch very helpful.

2. Apple Watch gets an app dock

Now with the loading of app being much faster, it could be reasonable to have a quicker access to these apps. Apple presently has included an app dock which is similar to MacOS or iOS and you could set some apps to reside in the dock and open the dock quickly on pressing the side button of the watch. On scrolling through the previews of the apps, you could tap on the respective card in launching the app which is much better than using the side button as a shortcut for digital touch.

3. In fitness, compete with friends 

Tracking of activities on the Apple Watch has been remote since the same cannot be shared or the stats sent to family members or friend and to motivate them for improvement. Apple seems to bring friends on the Activity app wherein one can cheer on or trash talks with those on your list of friends based on their regular activity status.

4. Scribble

Apple has the potential of writing on the watch utilising the finger when at times, one is unable to dictate a message to the watch. Apple has a feature known as Scribble and when it is activated, you can write the message one letter at a time on the screen of the watch. The watch will then identify the handwriting, translating it into text which is ready to be sent as a message.

5. More Apple Pay 

With the launch of WatOS 3 this fall, one will not only have the option of using Apple Pay on tapping your wrist on compatible terminal for payment but also complete purchases directly on your wrist with the help of the app.

6. Improved switching between watch faces

The procedure of switching between watch faces has been enhanced which needs a simple swipe to the right or left across the prevailing watch face. Besides this, the Apple Watch app on the iPhone would now display the complication an app tends to have which would be helpful in making a purchase decision, on being aware precisely what an app seems capable of doing on the wrist.

7. Just Breathe

A health app known as Breathe will alert you to take a moment and breathe and the thinking here is that you take some minutes daily to clear your mind and be more conscious of your breathing to relax and reduce stress levels.

8. Accessibility 

Apple has created a wheelchair mode for the Apple Watch and when activated, user would get credit for activity as they move around in a wheelchair. Instead of getting hourly alert to stand up, wheelchair user would be informed that `it’s time to roll’.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Apple has Created a Tablet for Your Wrist


Launch of Apple Watch 2 – iPhone 7 in September

The first group of Apple Watch is at the tail end of its life as the flagship of Apple wearable and those who tend to purchase it being an Apple product will have it already on their wrist. According to a recent research note from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo, Apple had sold around 10.6 million units during 2015 and level of sales should not be condemned.

Selling ten million of any given product is considered an achievement and there are smartphone manufacturers who cannot generate that level of sales over their total product range besides a single peripheral which needs a parent device to be bought individually.

The wearable is following the same pattern of adoption and understanding like the iPad and tends to promise a long and healthy life as a secondary product range. However it is not one that could create the sort of wealth which the iPhone could foster.

Kuo’s study highlights September as the date of the launch of the Apple Watch 2 together with the assumed titled iPhone 7, considering the synergy between the watch and the smartphone which tends to make sense from marketing as well positioning viewpoint

Basic Features – Deal with Notifications

Even with the launch of the second generation Apple Watch, the estimate of the 2016 is smaller by 7.5 million units in total, a 30% drop on the sales of 2015. This year the slowdown in sale as well as the slower projected adoption of the forthcoming smart-watch indicated that the product profile of the Apple Watch seems to be more in keeping with the iPad instead of the iPhone.

The basic features of the Apple Watch are to deal with notifications from the connected accounts, to tell the time and to provide quick access to short surges of information. Though the Apple Watch 2 is likely to have enhanced hardware, built-in Wi-Fi for standalone connectivity as well as a FaceTime video camera, it will not be changing the basic functionality of the Watch.

 Beside the hungry geekerati, the package does not provide a convincing reason to upgrade from an impeccably serviceable first-generation Apple Watch.

Reliable Device – Generate Predictable On-going Sales

As the users of the first Apple iPad had observed, the marginal gain in the next duplication of the hardware is not sufficient to hide the functionality of the original. Individual Apple Watch will be having a much longer life cycle than the iPhone and it is probably going to match the iPad with regards to hardware turnover as well as importance to Apple’s bottom line, which is a notable contribution though not a driving force.

Not every part of hardware could be a home run over the green monster. As it approaches its one year anniversary, the Apple Watch is not the revolutionary product of Tim Cook, it is not a genre defining slice of hardware and it is not going to affect any huge spike in the gross revenue of Apple. However, it tends to join the iPad as another solid, dependable as well as a reliable device that could generate predictable on-going sales all through the year.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How to Use Nightstand Mode on Apple Watch


Nightstand Mode – A Feature to Replace Bedside Alarm Clock

Some of Apple Watch UI elements seem to be in place like the Home Screen with a network of unlabelled circular icons, while there are other parts of watchOS which have been changed for improvement. For instance, the watchOS 2 has a Nightstand mode which enables the Apple Watch to stay in service as a timepiece while charging.

Nightstand mode is a feature which could replace the bedside alarm clock providing that one prefers turning the Apple Watch into landscape mode to utilise it. Nightstand mode presently has zero configurability and it could either be on or off, where a single switch is adjustable in iOS 9 of Apple Watch setting on a watchOS 2 equipped Apple Watch. To turn on Nightstand mode, you could
  • Place the Apple Watch on its side
  • Connect the Apple Watch to its charger
  • When it starts charging, your Apple Watch will automatically be in Nightstand mode

Chime through Watch’s Integrated Speaker

When the Apple Watch is in Nightstand mode and not in use, the display tends to go off. To view the display again, one could tap it and press the Digital Crown or the side button or lightly push the Apple Watch. Tapping or pushing the table could also work.

When it is on, a battery indicator towards the upper right area is displayed along with a large digital clock having a pulsing colon with the day of week together with the day of month. If the alarm is set, one will see an alarm icon in the upper left area and an additional line of text towards the bottom of the screen indicating that an alarm has been set for a certain time. The screen tends to change when the alarm goes off and a chime is heard through the Watch’s integrated speaker.

Alarm on Apple Watch Different from iPhone

If the `Snooze’ button is pressed, the user tends to return to the Nightstand clock face where the alarm line of text reads `Snoozing’ with a countdown timer of 9 minutes. Presently force touching the screen in Nightstand mode doesnot enable the user to change its appearance or functions, it tends to bounce back to recognize the Force Touch without the need of doing anything. The alarm on Apple Watch seems different from the alarm on the iPhone and one needs to set or adjust the alarm for Nightstand mode from Apple Watch. This can be done by:

  • Opening the Alarms app on the Apple Watch
  • Pressing firmly the display and tap Add Alarm
  • Tap the screen or rotate the Digital Crown to regulate the alarm
Users could take the help of Siri in setting an alarm which can be done by holding the Digital Crown till Siri appears and say `Set an alarm for 6 am’ or `Wake me up at 4 am’. Prior to the start of the alarm in Nightstand mode, the display turns brighter while the text turns yellow.

When the alarm begins, the apple Watch makes a sound and to turn off the alarm, the side button could be pressed. WatchOS 2 is in its development stage with 6 or 7 consequent betas to go prior to becoming final in the fall and there seems to be adequate time left for improvement of Nightstand before its release.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Reset a forgotten passcode on the Apple Watch

Passcode – To Protect Information on Device

The main purpose of passcode is to protect information on the device. Forgotten password is a common error committed by users and hence need to be changed frequently which could be different for each service. This could be difficult to remember or recall.

 However there is no need to panic if one tends to forget their passcode on the new Apple Watch since it would only take a couple of minutes to reset it once again. If one enters the wrong passcode on Apple Watch, six times, they tend to get locked out and will find a message prompting them to try again later. Should one forget the passcode, one would need to take a few steps to erase their Apple Watch after which they can pair it with their companions’ device once again and restore from a backup if they tend to have one.

Apple finds it essential to create a PIN at the time of initial Apple Watch setup process. The user is asked to enter the code to unlock the watch every time it is taken off the wrist. To reset the watch from a paired iPhone, one should click the Apple Watch app which is on the phone’s home screen and then select General.

Reset – Erase All Content & Settings

On scrolling down to the end of the page, one could tap `reset’ and opt for `Erase All Content and Settings’. This would take the watch to the original out of box state though it would mean that everything on it would also get deleted.

 The brighter side is that the iPhone automatically tends to create a backup of the watch when the same is unpaired on using this method. Once the user is ready to re-pair the same, they can select the` restore from backup’ choice at the time of the setup process. One can reset the watch even though the iPhone is not with the user though they would need the watch’s magnetic charging cable to be nearby.

To get started, one could hold and press the side power button of the watch and perform a Force Touch that is the hard press on the Power Off option. Thereafter choose Erase All content and Settings.

Unlock with iPhone Feature

During this time, the watch needs to be connected to the charger and confirm that one would want to reset the same. It is recommended to use passcode which will not be forgotten easily like a date of an anniversary or birthday. It would also be helpful in making a note of the code on the iPhone or in another secured place.

However, the best and easiest option to ensure that the user is not locked out of the Apple Watch, is to enable `the Unlock with iPhone feature’, which would let one unlock the Apple Watch with the iPhone instead of entering the PIN.

To enable this feature, the user needs to open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone, select Passcode and toggle the `unlock’ with iPhone switch from `off’ to `on’. It could also be enabled on the Apple Watch directly by going to the Settings, and tapping the Privacy and then slide the switch from `off’ to `on’, position.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Apple Watch: Everything You Need to Know

Details on Apple Watch Before Sale – April 24

At its recent `Spring Forward event’Apple had put the watch on display once again and provided some details on the Apple Watch before going on sale on April 24. The Apple Watch has three editions which vary in material and luxury such as the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition.

While Apple Watch is of stainless steel with a shiny chrome or a space black finish, its touchscreen is shielded with sapphire crystal which could be scratch resistant than the Gorilla Glass that Apple had used in iPhones. The prices range from $549 and $1,099 subject to purchase of the 38mm or 42mm case and the band.

The Apple Watch Sport comes with an anodized aluminum case, much lighter than stainless steel, in a silver or space gray and the face is of Ion-X glass, designed to be hard and rugged than the sapphire and is the lightest of the three editions. This makes it an apt exercise choice and is also the cheapest at $349 for 38mm version while 42mm model is priced at $399.

The Apple Watch Edition on the other hand is a luxury with an 18-karat gold casing in rose or yellow, is heavy and has a fancy leather box which doubles as a charging cradle. It also costs as an entry level car varying between $10,000 to $17,000 based on size and the choice of the band.

Each Edition in Two Sizes

Each edition has come in two sizes which was not envisaged with any Android Wear watches and these are available in heights of 38 and 42 mm around 1.5 and 1.65 inches resp. Apple has declared six bands which will be easy to mix and match with any band with any watch if the band and the watch tend to be of the same size.

The Sports Band comes as the default on the Apple Watch Sport and for working out, the sweat resistant elastomer sports band has a black, white, blue, pink and lime green shade with different colours having different weight where black is the lightest. Apple Watch and Watch Edition owners are provided with three leather straps together with two metal straps to choose from and the leather loop is styled to be soft and comfortable having adjustable hidden magnetic closure where one can just wrap the same around the wrist and the straps stay stuck together and remain closed. It comes in stone, light brown and bright blue.

Pre-Orders to Begin on April 10

The Leather Modern strap is available in pink, brown and midnight blue having two piece magnetic closures with refined texture while the Classic Buckle strap comes in a black leather strap which closes with a stainless steel buckle like the traditional watches seen. The Link Bracelet band is fashioned of stainless steel which closes with a butterfly clasp.

Apple had built-in release button on some of the links in order to remove links easily to customize the fit rather than having to take it to a jeweller or the repair shop. This comes with regular stainless steel tone or in space black. The Milanese Loop band comes with myriad tiny, interlocking loops which resembles chain mail though it seems to be much modern and the stainless steel mesh is magnetic enabling to adjust it to more size than the Link Bracelet.

Apple Watch would be shipped on April 24, though pre- orders tend to start on April 10 and on the same day Apple Stores also intend having Watches on hand for trial to get an idea on which combination of case and band to choose from. Users could also check out on the guide in picking the best choice on Apple Watch.

iPhone Essential to Pair with Apple Watch

The requirement of an iPhone to pair with the Apple Watch is essentialthough it does not need to be a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and an iPhone 5, 5s or 5c could serve the purpose.The Watch according to Apple has a couple of different sensors which include a gyroscope as well as an accelerometer together with a custom sensor which utilises visible light and infrared LEDs with photodiodes on the back of the device in order to define the heart rate. Moreover, it can also talk to the iPhone’s GPS as well as Wi-Fi in figuring out location and other details. The accelerometer enables the watch to count the steps and generalize the distance on its own or on the GPS in the paired iPhone for tracing the accurate route and this data is useful for two of the apps, Activity and Workout, included by Apple on the watch. Apple Watch’s big invention is the dial which sticks out at the side known as the Digital Crown which acts more like the iPod’s clickwheel wherein one can turn the crown to scroll a list or zoom in and out of a map. On pressing, the Crown returns back to the watch’s home screen similar to the Home button on the iPhone.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Here's What You Can Do On the Apple Watch without Your iphone

Apple Watch – An iPhone Accessory

The Apple Watch is an iPhone accessory, though there are a few things which the apple Watch can do without the iPhone in case one tends to leave the phone either at home or in the car and go mobile with the iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 Plus. A few features have been discovered in the Apple Watch though there are only a limited number of things the Apple Watch can do without an iPhone. The storage capacity of Apple Watch is 6.2GB of which 2GB could be used to store music.

User can sync music with Apple Watch through the iPhone and Apple Watch app and no Mac or iTunes is needed, though the music should be on your phone in the music app or in iTunes in the Cloud.

 When the music is synced, the user can listen with a pair of Bluetooth headphone and in the Apple Watch Music app, one need to Force Press to select `Source’ as Apple Watch and once done, the music plays like it plays on an iPod. Apple has two built-in fitness apps known as Workout and Activity where both tend to work away without the aid of the iPhone.

Third Party Fitness App – Not Useful Away from iPhone 

One could measure the heart, activity tracks steps, active exercise and the time spent standing and workout enables timed exercise sessions which measures pace heart rate, distance as well as the calories burnt during the various activities and the only thing which cannot be done from the iPhone is tracking walk or run with GPS in which the iPhone is needed.

Third party fitness app cannot be used away from the iPhone and all third party app that are not developed by Apple need iPhone connection to operate. Once a credit card for Apple Pay to work on Apple Watch is set, it tends to keep working even when the iPhone is not connected and on a double click of the flat side button, you can tap to pay at any Apple Pay ready store.

If the watch is taken off the wrist one would need to enter a passcode to use it once again. Since Apple Pay does not utilise the actual credit card number, one can cancel it from the iPhone and deactivate the Apple Watch’s Apple pay function even when the watch is not active online.

Apple Watch - Small Photo Album App

The Apple Watch has a small photo album app which can store up to 500 photos from the phone library or iCloud and it is hard to see the images on small screen though it’s a good replacement for the wallet photo. Call scan also be made away from the phone and one can see recent caller and read sent texts. The user could also listen to voice mails.

 Apple Watch syncs visual voice mail, most of which could be played back on the watch even with Airplane mode turned on and also receive new messages without connecting the phone again and can browse missed connection. It is presumed that someday Apple Watch would use its Wi-Fi antenna in order to get data on its own or pair with other the other devices such as the Apple TV and Macs.

Friday, March 20, 2015

What you can do with Digital Touch on the Apple Watch

Apple Watch – New Feature of Taps & Drawings

Apple has recently included a new feature in the Apple Watch which enables two users to communicate through taps and drawings as well as by sharing their heart rates. The new feature known as Digital Touch enables two Apple Watch users to communicate with one another without the need of texting or calling.

Last fall when the company had unveiled its watch it had only provided demo models of the new device – polished prototypes of the hardware running on non-working loops of the software. The company has disclosed that the device would be priced at $350. Instead of making any attempts in writing the text message on the small screen, the Digital Touch feature enables two Apple Watch owners to communicate via taps and doodles and once the two users are connected they can start communicating.

The method which is used first in order to contact a colleague is by tapping the screen on the Apple Watch which is similar to the Poke feature on Facebook. The user can tap a certain patter on the watch face where the friend will be able to feel it on their wrist through mild vibrations.

Digital Touch – Sharing Heart Rate 

The next method is sketching an animated message which can be done on dragging the finger across the screen to draw a coloured sketch quickly which could be sent across to their friend. Sharing heart rate with others could also be done with the Digital Touch and when one presses two fingers on the screen the built-in heart rate sensor automatically tends to record sending the beats per minute reading to the friend.

 According to Apple this is `an intimate way to inform someone about their feelings.’ The watch is an interesting creation with its stainless steel middle tier together with the steel mesh Milanese loop wristband and besides being beautiful it is also one of the best looking computers one could have on their wrist.

Earlier the company had made a show of the rotating crown on the side of the device, what most of us would call a watch dial and held the crown as the next great interface something as the mouse, the iPods’ click-wheel or the touch screen on the iPhone. It has two main functions. When it is pressed, one gets to the watch’s main screen of apps or if the user is already on that screen, it switches displaying the clock. One could consider the crown as a home button.

Watch – Computer for Wrist

Moreover, it could also be used for scrolling as well as zooming while in the music app, one could turn it to scroll through the artists. If the user is in the photos app, they could turn the crown to zoom from the various set of photos and focus on an individual one. Scrolling could also be done with the finger on the screen and this method seems to be much faster than the crown where touching and tapping is much easier than turning the dial.

Besides the standard taps the screen has another tap mode known as force touch that functions just as it sounds which is press the screen harder. With force touch it provides an extra level of settings in the apps where in the case of force touch an email, one would have the options of deleting, replying or marking them as unread.

Yet it is difficult to forget that the watch is a computer for your wrist and in its top end versions it misses the understated elegance of old fashioned high end analog watches and Apple is working on something unusual in trying to develop an electronic device which would match the timeless appeal of a piece of jewellery.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Apple Watch: Novelty or Necessity

Apple’s Watch – Scheduled in Spring

The much waited Apple’s Watch is scheduled to be launched in spring and analyst firm CCS Insight firm indicate that over 40 million smartwatches together with fitness bands would be sold in 2015, primarily driven by Apple’s new device.

 Presently, the functions of the smartwatches is quite limited with most of them being used in telling the time though some would require the need to press a button or flick one’s wrist in order to activate the screen. Several of them could also be used as an extension to the smartphone enabling the user to identify the caller, read text messages as well as check on upcoming appointments.

Another interesting feature is the capabilities of tracking activity, which could include the number of steps one has taken as well as the heart rate wherein the data could be fed to a mobile application which can then provide tips on how to improve the fitness. But smartwatches today have a problem that though they can do all these things, they do not perform particularly well. Smartwatches too could be as expensive as smartphones having batteries that could last for less than a day except for a few like the Pebble and the Basis Peak, they are less convenient than the traditional watches with regards to time and depend mainly on smartphones for all their functions.

Apple – Affluent User Base

The app’s focus during its keynote in September were fairly uninspiring such as the etch-a-sketch-like app which enables the user to draw an image and sent it to another user as well as enables them to transmit the heartbeats through haptic vibration.

According to Ben Wood, CCS Insights’ chief of research, states that the Watch will be successful due to the fact that Apple has an affluent user base and that the company is known for developing beautiful products where the Watch would be both an object of desire as well as a status symbol. Based on this

Apple could probably sell millions of Watches even if the device functions more than just telling the time. But the Watch would need something more if it intends to be an iconic product which could stand against all odds, like the iPod, iPad and iPhone and would need a `killer app’ to be a great hit. No sooner Apple Watch gains success, it will overcome the rest of the Smartwatch market and user not owning iPhone will tend to buy Android Wear Smartwatch which are compatible with their own devices with apps that are created for Apple’s Watch will soon be transposed to Android.

Future Devices – Lighter/Thinner/Appealing 

It could comprise of transport apps informing on which platform to go while at the railway stationor a voice recognition apps which enables the user to `set an alarm for 10 minutes’ by speaking the command. Besides, there is also scope for gaming apps which can take advantage of locations as well as biometric date to enable the user to play with other users of smartwatches. Smartwatches users also have the advantage of sport, news and leisure since they are condensed into quick-looks alerts.

Moreover, smartwatches could also be used for identity as well as home automation for instance; the user could touch the watch to their front door in order to unlock it. It could also be utilised for the purpose of payment, the way contactless cards are used currently. Smartwatches in future would also be less reliant on smartphones with some manufacturers already making headway in these quarters.

Companies related to technology will continue working with fashion brands in making devices lighter, thinner as well as more appealing and traditional watch brands such as GUESS has already begun in bringing about their first `smart’ devices which is expected in being very competitive over a period of time.

Issue Envisaged – Battery Life

The main problem envisaged with smartwatch manufacturers is perhaps the long term battery life and a report from 9to5Mac informs that the Apple’s Watch offers 2.5 hours of continuous usage for processor-intensive applications for games, 3.5 hours for continuous use of standard apps and 4 hours of active fitness tracking.
As the battery technology tends to develop and the devices tend to become more energy efficient, there would be further improvement in due course of time though it could pose as a serious inhibitor for first round adopters.

There could also be other issues which need to be taken into consideration before smartwaches are widely adopted wherein glancing at the watch at wrong time could cause offence and smartwatches would demand more attention than traditional time keeping devices.

For instance while at dinner with colleagues, one may tend to glance at your watch which could be creating an impression of boredom to the other person. Wood is of the opinion that this could be changed whereby looking at a watch becomes socially acceptable or alternatively peoplewill have to exercise some self-control.

It is left to be seen if Apple would be able to uncover the killer app prior to launch which could turn the Smartwatch from a novelty to a necessity.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The First Great Apple Watch Accessory

Several companies are gearing up to get on the Apple Watch bandwagon and the dock called by Standzout as `first great Apple Watch accessory will be capable of charging the Apple Watch with induction charging plate which will hold the timepiece. Standzout will be introducing a versatile dock together with inductive charging as well as pivoting stand for its upcoming Apple Watch and its Bandstand Apple Watch Dock would be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2015.

It gets its power from a wire in the dock’s base which is inclusive of two USB ports for recharging other devices like iPad or iPhone. Moreover, the platform also pivots so that one can tilt the Apple Watch if desired to do so.

The Apple Watch would be on the wrist most of the time and one is not likely to dock it for view information when the same information is available on other iOS devices and with a battery already installed in the Apple Watch, it would not take more than an hour or so to recharge the timepiece. Standzout will be showing the Apple Watch dock which would rely on an induction charging plate in order to power the device as it holds the timepiece in place.

Pair of USB Ports/Pivot Stand

Besides this, there will also be a pair of USB ports which would help the user in making use of the dock in order to charge up other devices where an Apple user undoubtedly would be in possession of an iPhone or iPad as well. It has been rumoured that Apple is planning to launch this new entry on Valentine’s Day and it is presumed that the Bandstand Watch Dock would not be the last but probably, one of the first of several other accessories which would be released over a period of time.

It is just a matter of time and we need to wait and watch before the launch comes through for the latest entry and the Bandstand is just what one is looking forward to, a stand for the Apple Watch for charging as well as two other USB devices like the iPad or iPhone wherein the stand pivots the watch to enable its use while being charged at the same time. Users are anxiously awaiting the arrival of this new launch.

Launch at – CES 2015

On launching the `first great Apple Watch accessory’ at CES 2015, the company is planning to sell dock that is equipped with a wireless charging technology with extra USB ports also for charging additional devices together with a pivoting stand enabling adjustment as per the requirement of the user. According to the developer, it has been designed from the ground up making the experience of charging and using Apple Watch, a much better one.

Moreover, the inductive charge which is built in the stand makes it easy and simple for charging as well as taking off the watch and drop it on the stand. It is provided with an LED light to enable the user to locate it in the dark where the brightness can be adjusted. The bandstand which works off on an induction charging plate, seems to be an appropriate choice for a charging platform though to get to know it better it would be essential to field test it with the real thing.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Apple Just Revealed Lots More Info About the Apple Watch

Apple Watch
Apple Reveals Details on Wearable

Apple, who had refrained from disclosure on details about its first wearable, has now revealed some of the secrets of the apple Watch. The company which will be launching the Apple Watch early next year has revealed a few details about the device when it pushed out WatchKit.

 The detailed software development kit – SDK aims at many key aspects of the wearable which comprises of resolutions, screen sizes and the overall app experience of the Watch. The new set of tools has plenty of specification on the function of the Apple Watch once it eventually comes to the stores.

The most interesting details is the resolution of the Apple Watch where the smaller 38mm watch would be offering a 272 x 340 pixel display while the slightly larger 42mm option offers a resolution of 312 x 390 pixels which by comparison, the Moto 360 offers a 1.56 inch screen with a 320 x 290 pixel resolution and LG’s G Watch R provides a 1.3 inch 320 x 320 pixel display.

It also revealed how the Apple Watch would work and obtaining quick notification on the device would be simple as raising the wrist for short look though if one keeps the wrist up for a longer time, it would automatically get more information from any app which would arrest your attention which according to Apple is termed as `long look’. This offers developers more option for customization.

Smartwatch an Extension of a Smartphone 

According to the company, `a Watch app complements an iOS app and does not replace it’. The iPhone is a requirement if one intends to use what are Apple Watch’s most advanced apps which will essentially run on iPhone and the smartwatch would be an extension of a smartphone.

All are aware of the two sizes of Apple Watch which is their heights and not width and now are aware of their display resolutions. Apple states that these are good resolutions which can be labelled as Retina display and are said to be a feature of the watch though it is not known how sharp the displays would be.

Some are of the opinion that the Apple Watch screen clarity would be on the level of the iPhone 5, which has a more hi-res display than the iPads and MacBook Pros and in such a case, Apple Watch would have a better display than the prevailing smartwatch market leader, Samsung Gear S.

The Short Look/The Long Look

Apple has set the interface of Apple Watch like a website instead of a smartphone which would make it easier for the developer to adjust their apps to function on larger or smaller watches occasionally later on.

As per Apple’s developers site, San Francisco, the new font was `designed specifically for legibility on Apple Watch’ and the sans serif font seems a bit like Arial and is meant to utilise less horizontal space. Apple has provided users with a preview of how notifications would work during the unveiling of the Apple Watch, though we are aware of more details now.

There are two forms of looks – the Short Look which provides a brief discreet, minimal amount of information when the wrist is raised and the Long Look which provides more information if one taps on a Short Look notification or keep the wrist held up.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Apple Watch with 512MB RAM, 4GB Storage

Apple Watch
According to recent report regarding the latest Apple Watch which was announced at an event, there seems to be some specifications for the Apple Watch which has been rumoured to be offered with 512MB of RAM together with 4GB built in storage.

Apple was light on its technical specifications and on checking with the company’s supply chain it was found that the product would be included with the said RAM and the GB internal storage. Its details were given in a new research report to investors, recently by Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company, which was provided to AppleInsider.

The note claims that the 512 megabytes of mobile DRAM would most probably be supplied by Hynix, Micron and Samsung. Regarding internal storage, Timothy Arcuri is of the opinion that Apple is likely to offer another version of the Apple Watch which would be an 8 gigabyte version in addition to the standard 4 gigabyte version though he states that the choice on larger capacity would not be the default configuration and expects the memory would come from most of the major NAND suppliers.

Wireless Combination Chip

With regards to other internal components, he also expects that the Apple Watch would be featuring a wireless combination chip which would be similar to the Broadcom BCM43342 that is found in iPhone 5s.

 Moreover, the chip also includes a GPS radio which Arcuri states is `somewhat at odds’, with the announcement of Apple, wherein the company states that the Watch would need being tethered to an iPhone to offer GPS data.

No explanation was offered for this discrepancy though there could be a possibility that the chip could be a modified version which lacks GPS or it could be that Apply may have decided not to enable the function, with the aim on improving battery life.

Users would be expected to recharge the Apple Watch every night. Several other companies in the supply chain of Apple Watch is stated to be a wireless charging integrated circuit from Integrated Device Technology, NFC chips from NXP as well as AMS, power management integrated circuits from Maxim Integrated Products and Dialog Semiconductor, a MEMS sensor from Invensense, Wi-Fi front end by Skyworks and microcontroller by STMicroelectronics.

Launch in Early 2015

Some information with regards to the display of the new Apple Watch was also said to be displayed last week, indicating it to be a flexible OLED display with glass as well as plastic versions for various models of the Apple Watch.Apple has not released any details with regards to its launch though all that has been said is that it would be sometime in early 2015 and consumers could expect the launch before the end of the first quarter.

Though the Apple Watch was announced early this month, the company had focused on the design as well as the level of customization which was available in its upcoming wearable device instead of specifications and storage capabilities.

The pricing remains a mystery, but the company had stated that the Watch would be starting at $349 without any breakdown of sizes or collections.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Apple to Unveil its Long Anticipated Products iPhones and iWatch

Apple is in the process in unveiling a set of the long anticipated products namely the two iPhones with larger screens together with a wearable computer which has been nicknamed the iWatch. This smartwatch would be the first brand of updated product unveiled under Timothy D. Cook who has taken the reins as Apple’s chief executive three years ago after the death of Steve Jobs.

It is expected to be offered in two sizes with a combination of functions such as health together with fitness monitoring as well as mobile computing tasks like maps displays. It will be offered with a flexible screen and just like the new phones, will support technology, enabling users to pay wirelessly for products.

Smartphones have come in several shapes and sizes, some being big, bright and curved with some having their own apps and some have none at all. Some of the smart-watches work with just Android whiles others on iOS and Android and there are also others which track fitness.

Growing Market for Fitness Tracking Gadgets

Apple will be entering a growing market for fitness tracking gadgets as well as smart-watches with its first wearable computer from Fitbit, Samsung Electronics and Nike together with two of its larger phones and will be fighting against Samsung whose big screen Galaxy smartphones had taken the sales away for the last few years.

Smart-watches could be slaves to smartphones since they are capable of operating through Bluetooth accessories and can offer an on wrist way of interacting with things without checking the phone all the time. Presently, phones are capable of managing the relationship between smart-watches and several other things as well as locations though the wearable have more scope for better performance and maybe in the near future we could be living in a world which would be well connected where smart-watches would have the potentials to work with them and also save extra strain on our phones.

Hardware & Software – Near Field Communication

Apple’s wearable or smart-watch would probably have an improved and a smarter way of conserving battery life or recharge on the go, or even an effortless and fast means of functions though some sources seems to be apprehensive over this issue. It could be that battery life on these types of devices is not quite ready to take the next plunge.

Since wearable need to be worn all the time, it would need recharging and the less they seem to be worn, the sooner they may end up as discarded stuff. The wearable device and the smartphone will consist of hardware and software which technology called near field communication - NFC that enables devices to impart information wirelessly within a short distance and which would make paying for products with a phone, less complicating.

With Apple’s hub of Health and Healthkit, it will give way for shared and exchanged health tracking data between accessories and apps providing information on health and fitness more continuously with improved software coaching that would be worth beyond basic fitness bands. The expected wearable will be debuted very soon and the watch is unlikely to be available in stores next year according to some sources while the price of the new device is not yet known.

Monday, September 8, 2014

iWatch to Feature Flexible Display/Wireless Charging

Reports from The Wall Street Journal revealed that a curved OLED screen for the Apple’s wearable iWatch will be coming up with a flexible display panel which would be protected with a cover made of sapphire and wireless charging and the company’s larger model of iPhone would be offered a one handed mode for easy use.

Further reports revealed that the iWatch would be coming in two separate sizes with its focus on health/fitness and mobile computing task enabling users to make purchases with NFC support. Its flexible display has been considered as `unique’ and Apple will be settling with wireless charging after their experiment failed with solar charging.

According to some source, Apple’s iWatch is said to be one of the its latest most ambitious project with a large amount of time and money invested into the health and fitness sensors in the device which will bring in much more accuracy than the existing fitness devices.

Different Health Related Metrics

It was suggested that the iWatch would be measuring a variety of different health related metrics right from the steps taken and sleep quality to blood pressure. Moreover it is also said to take advantage of HealthKit which is a set of APIs that Apple had introduced along with iOS8 which will integrate with prevailing health devices and apps, providing data to a central location.

It will also be relying on Handoff, a continuity feature enabling users in seamless transition task from one iOS or Mac device to another device. Regarding the iPhone 6, reports claim that the two new models of 4.7 and 5,5 inches would be offered with updated software for larger displays with the optional one handed mode making it easier to type and control.

The iWatch as well as the new iPhone are expected to be integrated with one another with the `Handoff’ functions of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite and these devices are reported to have near field communications technology for e-wallet mobile payment options.

In Two Different Sizes – Men & Women

Reports have also be circulating that Apple’s wearable device will not be available in the market till 2015 in spite of Apple’s plans to unveil the iWatch at its media event on September 9 this year. This gap between the introduction and the debut of the iWatch would be giving Apple sufficient time to finish work on the device and also provide an opportunity for developers in creating new apps which would be suitable to the smaller form factor.

It is also rumoured that the wrist worn device would be offered in two different sizes intended for both men as well as women with multiple reports suggesting that the iWatch would be missing the holiday shopping season and would be available in the market in early 2015 though customers would not have to wait for long for the latest iPhone since the same would be made available soon after the media event on September 9.

Much is expected to be revealed at the event which kicks off at the Flint Centre in Cupertino, California at 10 am Pacific and 1 pm Eastern. Live coverage of the event will be provided by official AppleInsider app for iPhone and iPad