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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Apple Says a Processing Error Led It to Send Developers Wrong App Install and Ad Spend Details

apple ads
The recent past, we distinguished and stated on how Apple was conveying developers’ emails by means of a regular set up as well as ad pay out niceties for some developers’ applications. In the present day, Apple has hurl out a memo to developers to articulate that a dispensation error grounds the quandary, as well as that in the upcoming it will barely fling alerts through email, however that developers will need to record in to their reports to make out a few real figures or else other particulars. Louis D’hauwe - one of the developers, distributed a message from Apple express regret for the boo-boo, which come into sight cramped merely to a number of developers by means of the company’s new-fangled Search Ads Basic rank of promotion:

The corporation believed that to steer clear of whichever tribulations such as this in the upcoming, developers will require signing into their accounts to inspect their control panel with particulars. The recent past mess exposed particulars on the subject of apps by the Search Ads Basic check, together through how various bed in every app was receiving, the outlay per set up, as well as the entirety used up. At the same time as called attention recently, not merely might developers not would like to contribute to perceptive info such as this among new developers, however they may be for the most part dejected if the information was shared in the midst of straight players.

Search Ads Basic was commenced merely some months before, during last year, as well as is meant on together new developers and persons who are in a minute opening out by search ads. Apple is having a jiffy level of tune-up that is meant at better ad buys, among additional statistics spots as well as charged on a cost per impression charge fairly than cost-per-install.

In cooperation products give emphasis to a pair of motivating tendency just about Apple as well as the App Store. In the company of millions of application at present on the marketplace athwart together web along with indigenous set-up, notice vestiges a test for a lot of developers, as well as in suspense for virility or else advertising in added types unaided to endorse an app may not be sufficient for the most part.

Attached among that, in a backdrop endemic by means of devious “development scythe” system, Apple has detained the flash to offer somewhat that it could be in command of more itself, as well as create a small income from it to boot. Its incentive: beds in put on from these ads are prejudiced more greatly than further set up from other promotional way, as Apple believes them “Top class.” In receipt of the protection for developers exactly around those ads as well as ad services must and will be measured element and tract of whether Apple beyond doubt is distributing on that value oath.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

You Need To Update Your iPhone Right Now


Update iPhone to Latest Operating System iOS 9.3.5

Users need to update their iPhone to the latest operating system iOS 9.3.5 and to do it; they could go to Settings app and tap `General’ followed by `Software Update’ and then tap `Download and Install’. According to Motherboard report, security researchers have located a new malicious program which can bypass the security on your iPhone secretly and seize practically all the data inclusive of the texts, emails, phone calls as well as delving in the Facebook and Gmail apps.

 The latest version of its free iPhone software iOS 9.3.5, of Apple seems to fix the security susceptibility which this malware tend to use in attacking the phone. Users are cautioned to be careful while downloading and installing the same. Known as Pegasus, the malware is presumed to be developed by an Israeli intelligence software vendor, called NSO Group, which had been discovered after the UAE human rights activist, Ahmed Mansoor had received an unwanted text message last month from an unidentified number provided by a link. On clicking the link it tends to install the malware as per the researchers who had analysed it on a test iPhone.

Followed Digital Trail – Group of Hackers

These researchers comprised of members of CitizenLab, which is a multidisciplinary cyber security and human rights group from the University of Toronto and Lookout, a mobile security firm. The said malware which had been detailed in a report was said to be aserious compromise which had never been observed against iOS devices earlier.The researchers had followed a digital trail back to a group of hackers known as Stealth Falcon believed to have ties to the UAE government.

Moreover they also discovered identical links directing people in Kenya as well as a journalist in Mexico. When the security researcher had discovered about the malware, they had informed Apple where the company had spent 10 days in building an update which would help in fixing the security holes. If a user with an iPhone which tends to run an older version of software would be vulnerable to this particular spyware and hence needs to update it as early as possible. Apple who had issued an urgent iPhone and iPad software update includes a patch for serious security susceptibility.

Exploits Addressed in Latest iOS 10 Seed

Though the majority of iPhone users are possibly iOS 9 presently, they should install that version without much delay. According to spokesperson who had informed The Verge, stated that `the exploits have been addressed in the latest iOS 10 seed’. That is either beta 7 if one is a developer or beta 6 if one is in the public test. Users are recommended to update if they tend to run an earlier iOS 10 beta seed.

The treat dubbed `Trident’ by Lookout, tends to exploit three zero day susceptibilities in iOS 9 forming an attack chain which can break through the secure platform of Apple. A per CitizenLab, Trident is utilised in a spyware product created by NSO Group. CitizenLab and Lookout had become alert of the problem when links with the Trident exploit and the spyware had been sent to Ahmed Mansoor who had not clicked on the links but had forwarded the emails to CitizenLab.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Apple’s New iPhones Arrive, as Glow Fades


Apple’s Latest Versions iPhone – Thinner/Enhanced Water Resistance

As the iPhone tends to mature reaching its 10th year, Apple Inc recently introduced its new versions of its flagship smartphone, though most probably would not be including the important types of new features which the Apple consumers have been expecting each year. The new models are said to be coming at a serious stage, where the iPhone sales seems to be dropping for the first time, consumers have been prolonging in upgrading their phones and Apple tends to face fresh opposition from competitors such as Samsung Electronics Company and Huawei Technologies Company.

According to the report of Wall Street Journal, earlier in the year, it is said that Apple intends to eradicate the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack and would be making the phone thinner, enhancing its water resistance. However critics have criticized the idea.

Moreover, the Journal has also mentioned that Apple intends to bring about more radical changes for the next year’s model, the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. Apple had refrained from commenting on rumours ahead of the announcement of Wednesday. The iPhone has pushed the extraordinary growth of Apple in recent years, making it the most valuable company in the world.

Exploring New Product – Project Titan

In the year ending September 26, 2015, Apple had sold almost six times as many iPhones, as five years earlier and the phone has accounted for almost two-thirds of the revenue of the company. Neil Cybart, an independent Apple analyst has commented saying that the easy growth has begun to disappear.

International Data Corp, the research firm has estimated that iPhone sales would grow only by 1.5% each year between 2015 and 2020. Apple, in reply had intensified the research and development spending that had reached to $8.1 billion in the year ended September 2015, from $2.4 billion in 2011.

The company has been exploring the new product named Project Titan, which is an Apple branded vehicle. In the meanwhile the Apple Watch that could envisage an upgrade at the event seems to be a unsure achievement and Tim Cook, Chief Executive is still on the look-out for another getaway hit to rival the iPhone.

Not Expecting a Radical iPhone Design

The iPhone had been mainly popular in China wherein the sales of Apple had amounted to $58.7 billion ending September 2015. At a July conference call with the financial analysts, Mr Cook had stated that he was encouraged by the prospects of Apple, in China and India.

Considering the surge of Apple in China after the introduction on China Mobile, said to be one of the biggest wireless carriers of the nation, analysts seem to be less confident. Apple watchers and the analysts are not expecting a radical iPhone redesign this week, which would be breaking the tradition of Apple of offering a significant hardware overhaul after couple of years.

On the contrary they are expecting the device, which is likely to be named iPhone 7, to resemble the iPhone 6, which had been introduced in 2014. The screen size would probably be 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. People familiar with the matter have stated that Apple could eradicate the home button of the home and add a fingerprint reader into the screen and also change the display of the phone to an edge-to-edge organic light emitting diode screen.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

iPhone 7 - UK Release Date, Price, Pictures and All The Latest News

iPhone 7

Apple’s iPhone 7 - No Major Design Tweaks/Few Changes

Apple usually seems to reveal its next smartphone in early September and it would be disclosing the new iPhone in less than a couple of months. It would probably be the iPhone 7 which has been rumoured online much ahead of its announcement. Together with forecasts and remarks from analysts in the industry as well as specialised tech media, there were also many made-up leaked images.

Several portray the casing or material which are said to be in the new smartphone. Latest images displayed tend to give some insight on what the iPhone 7 looks like. On a Chinese social media, it has been portrayed as a similar model to the present iPhone 6s. The iPhone 7 is not expected to see much major design tweaks, though with a few changes.

 The camera lens for instance is much bigger which tends to hold true to the rumours circulating that the tech has been improving the on-board snapper. Besides this, the lines across the back are removed since the antenna has been shifted to the curves of the device. Unfortunately from the images, it is not clear whether the headphone jack is in place and its removal has been the main rumour regarding the new phone where most of the supporters of Apple seemed to disapprove on losing it.

Listed to Launch Three Variants

This year, Apple is said to be taking it a bit further and is listed to launch three variants, the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 Pro/Plus/Premium. Yet another report has been listing the presence of three variants namely the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro.

Apple would be doing away with the 16GB storage variant, replacing it with a 32GB choice. Initially the company had introduced the 16GB variant in 2008 which seemed to stay as the base model since the iPhone 5 in 2012. However with the growth of the app culture together with the capabilities of 4K recording, this moved to a 32GB base model which seems reasonable in more ways than one.

A report of July again restated the end of the 16GB variant with confirmation from people who were familiar with the matter. Besides the 32GB base storage alternative, Apple is also planning to knock up the storage on the top model taking to 256GB.

Smart Connector

A latest report informs that the iPhone 7 would be made available in 32GB, 64GB and 256 GB options while the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro would be offered in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB alternatives. It has been reported that the antenna band has been moved to the top and bottom edges and a recent leak has once again pointed this too.

 Some reports have indicated that the iPhone 7 would be coming with Smart Connector which was first introduced with the iPad Pro to connect the Smart Keyboard Cover together with the other accessories such as charging docks, though other disclosures have shown no existence of the Smart Connector.

We need to wait and watch to see if the Smart Connector would make its presence on the iPhone 7 or if it would just be the top end alternative.The iPhone 7 of Apple will not be easy on the wallet compared to its past alternative.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Apple to Encourage Organ Donation with Health App

Health App

Apple’s Attempt on Easy Procedure of Organ Donation

Apple has been making attempts in making organ donation an easy procedure. The company had mentioned recently that the updated Health app, will be made available as part of iOS 10 and would be providing latest option which would enable users to sign up to donors of organ. Apple wants to motivate millions of iPhone users to register as organ donors through its software update which will add an easy sign up button to the health information app that is installed on every smartphone made by the company.

The app’s Medical ID feature that tends to keep track of the medical and health information includes the capability of registering as a donor of organs, eyes and tissues. The registrations which are sent in via your iPhone or iPad would be forwarded to the National Donate Life Registry, which is an organization handled by Donate Life America. The Health app introduced with iOS 8 in 2014 is Apple’s way of assisting in keeping tabs on one’s health and fitness and is more than just about keeping track of your daily stats. With the combination of a huge selection of data, the app can be time consuming.

One Donor – Saves Life of As Many As Eight

With a feature which is quick and easy it portrays how the app can extend its utility without getting too difficult. The Associated Press explained that if one desires to volunteer as an organ donor, you need to tap the registrations button in the Health app.

This adds yours status as a donor to an `emergency information’ screen which can appear even when the phone tends to be locked. On tapping another button would provide the information on organ donation. According to Apple, presently over 120,000 Americans are waiting for a transplant and every 10 minute, addition of new person is added to the waiting list. Donate Life America President and CEO; David Fleming had stated the demand for organs is greater than the supply which leads to the death of the person in need of a transplant, every hour in the US.He added that one donor could save the life of as many as eight lives.

Easing a Critical & Longstanding Shortage of Donors

The new feature is said to be presently available in the developers’ beta of iOS 10 though it will be more universal when the public beta of the new iOS version tends to roll out. The iOS 10 will be launched for all the mobile device users of Apple, this fall. Tim Cook hopes that the new software would help in easing a critical and longstanding shortage of donors.

 He stated that the issue made an impact when his friend and former boss, the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs had endured agonizing wait for a liver transplant in 2009. He informed The Associated Press that `watching and seeing him every day waiting and not knowing, it stuck with me and left an impression that I’ll never forget’.

He was very much concerned that he offered to donate part of his own liver though Jobs had refused. Jobs had died of complications from pancreatic cancer in 2011, two years after receiving a liver transplant in Tennessee which had attributed in extending his life span. He had enrolled in that state’s registry when doctors had advised him the lengthy waiting list in California. This meant that he would not live long to get one in his home state.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Your Next iPhone Could be Built by Robot Workers

Credit: Bobby Yip/Reuters

Foxconn – Replace Human Workers with Mechanical Ones

One of the manufacturing companies developing iPhones has replaced around 6,000 factory workers with robots. According to the South China Morning Post, Foxconn that tends to produce components for Apple and Samsung has reduced the workforce in half, in one of its factories to replace the human workers with the mechanical ones. It has not been revealed by the company, what factory the robots seem to be working in and if they would be manufacturing the iPhone 7.

The workers in the US have been demanding $15 per hour wages, which has put pressure on employers. Though the initial investment in robots could be higher, they could be beneficial in the future since they don’t tend to get sick, deterred or have other problems. Reports from China have shown that Foxconn pays its employees very low together with unwarranted stress on them with big orders. One report has suggested that the company had installed safety nets in the factory in order to prevent the workers from committing suicide. A spokesman for Foxconn had mentioned that they are applying robotics engineering as well as other innovative manufacturing technologies to replace the monotonous task which was earlier done by employees.

Harnesses Automation

It has been indicated by Foxconn that it intends to grow its robotic employee roster as it `harnesses automation. On doing so, it expects that its human workforce would be able to focus on higher value added elements in the process of manufacturing, like research, development as well as quality control. The manufacturer had spoken to BBC and had confirmed that a lot of the manufacturing tasks seem to be automated though did not mention whether this would mean huge job cuts all over the board.

The company has plans to train its workers to focus on other elements in the manufacturing process. The robots would be brought in to ensure that monotonous task earlier done by humans would be performed by the machines. According to the experts it is an accepted element that the robots would be replacing human workers and within a span of 30 years it would be likely that mechanical beings would take over most of the jobs.

Changeover to Robots Hurtful to Human Job Markets

Moshe Vardi, professor in computational engineering had mentioned at a conference earlier in the year that they are approaching a time when machines would be capable of outperforming humans at almost any task. With the increase of robots, humans will end with an existential dilemma. Vardi states that computer scientists have been working on building machines which could compete in everything humans tend to do.

 If machines are capable of doing all the work or even 50% of the jobs that humans tend to do, what will the people do? Companies which operate in the region where Foxconn had engaged its robotic workforce had invested 4.2 billion yen in robots since September 2014. The first employee in the UK which could lose out to robots is customer service agents.

With Silicon Valley giants going directly with new chatbots, there would be interaction with more and more robotic customer service personnel instead of human employees. The changeover to robots would be hurting the human job market though the manufacturers are of the belief that it would open up potentials for highly skilled workers to fill in the vital posts.

Monday, May 23, 2016

How Rose Gold became the new Black


Gadget have become Blushing Hue of Rose Gold

Gadget which has been black and white these days have now become hot colour of blushing hue of rose gold. This is an option for gadgets of Apple from iPhone to MacBook to Beat headphone and phones from a number of Android device makers. Rose gold began with a glowing start last September with the launch of iPhone 6S line. It was reported by CNET staffers around the world that people had been queuing up specially to get hold of the shimmery, sugary shade and iPhone shoppers in China have been swept up in a pre-order state for the rose gold tint. Apple has not released the breakup of sales figures by colour and has not responded to the request of it for comment, but around 40% of pre-orders during the opening weekend of iPhone 6S, were for rose old models as per an estimate by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. What the sensation of rose gold has to prove is whether it can withstand. Maria Killam, an interior designer and colour expert has said that it is definitely a trend and not a classic look. Presently it is almost everywhere.

Difference Between Samples Apparent

Since the launch of iPhone in September, rose gold had arrived on Sony’s new Xperia X Performance, Huawei’s Mate S and P9 and the latest flagships of Samsung, the Galaxy S7 and S7Edge, though Samsung tried to distinguish itself by calling the colour pink gold. An inside look at the process was obtained during a visit to the Sony Mobile headquarters in Tokyo wherein design pro Jeanna Kimbre had laid out an array of 15 or so colour samples which has been considered for the Xperia X. It was not as simple as looking at a Dulux colour chart and each colour had been printed on the material the phone will be crafted to precisely represent the final product. Difference between the samples had been apparent though dizzying. The designer’s job is to work out which shade would produce a favourable response with regards to the final product proposed to appeal to consumers all together.

General Material Trend Moving Towards Metal

According to Kimbre, general manager of the Sony Creative Centre, which brings together all the designers of the company under one roof, has commented that the general material trend is moving towards metal and rose gold seems to be high-class with that. Earlier to that, she was the design lead on the Xperia X phone project. The design team at Sony tends to have a strong brand heritage to take into consideration, though Kimbre is of the belief that designers should look beyond their own companies as well as industries for a sense of direction. She states that what are the needs and wants, one is going to have in two years’ time. When it comes to colour, looking to trends beyond the tech world is mainly important and fashionable hues seems to be well known in industry lines. Rose gold is not just the go-to colour for tech designers presently but is also the hot thing in the world of hair styling as per multiple celebrities, Cosmo and the arbiter of cutting edge style – Instagram.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Apple Loses Trademark Fight Over iPhone Name in China


Apple Lost Trademark Fight in China

Apple has lost a trademark fight in China which means that the firm that tends to sell handbags together with the other leather goods can continue using the name `iPhone’ and the `R’ registered trademark symbol. According to the official Legal Daily newspaper, the Beijing Municipal High People’s Court had ruled in favour of Xintong Tiandi Technology.

 Xintong Tiandi, in 2010 had trademarked `iPhone’ for leather products. In 2002, Apple had filed a trademark bid for the name for electronic goods but the same had not been approved till 2013. The Legal Daily, in Chinese, is extensively recognised as the official spokesperson for the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission of the country and its report had come out in late April though it had only just been widely circulated.

Apple had first bought the case against the company to the Chinese trademark authority in 2012 then when that failed had filed a lawsuit in a lower Beijing court. However, both had ruled against Apple and so it had appealed to the higher court. The higher court ruled that Apple could not prove that it was a popular brand in China before Xintong Tiandi had filed its trademark application in 2007.

Apple Facing Problems in Other Operations

Apple iPhone had first gone on sale in China in 2009. The decision comes close to the latest quarterly earnings report of Apple which indicated a 13% drop in revenue on slower iPhone sales and sales had dropped by 26% in China.

Apple has also been facing problems in other operations in China. Beijing had passed a law in March which required all content shown in China to be stored on servers established on the Chinese mainland. As a consequence iBooks and iTunes services of Apple were shut down in the country. Apple had mentioned that it expected access to the service would be restored quickly.

This move had been seen as a blow to Apple since China seems to be the second biggest market for its products. Carl Icahn, billionaire investor had recently sold all his shares in Apple due to concerns regarding the technology firm’s predictions in China.

Apple Credited for Popularizing iPhone

According to a source familiar with the matter, Apple and Xintong Tiandi had also earlier knocked each other. The U.S. firm had won at least five distinct iPhone-related trademark disputes against Xintong Tiandi in other categories like rubber products as well as advertising services. At least from Xintong Tiandi’s side there does not seem to be any hard feeling regarding the lawsuit. Mr Xiong had stated that his company would be open to any kind of commercial cooperation with Apple in the near future.

The Chinese firm, in a press release had also credited Apple with popularizing the iPhone name and in turn contributed to the success of Xintong Tiandi. Xintong Tiandi had mentioned in the release which had been posted online by PRNewswire and verified by Mr Xiong that the successful commercial operation and marketing of Apple had made `’iPhone the symbol of high tech and fashion.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Addictive new iPhone Game Lets You Play Without Unlocking Your Screen


Play Games from Lock Screen

Anyone who has spent a little time around the App Store will confirm that users of iPhone and iPads tend to have no shortage of games from which to select. App Store tends to have a variety of choices to choose from. Besides this game, there are six games which the user can play from your Lock Screen.

The need of unlocking the phone to play the new Flappy Bird which is quite addictive does not arise, since it tends to live in your Notification Centre. The same was built by Ivan De Cabo, a 22 year old who had built it in a weekend. The creator informed TechCrunch that he wanted to do a simple game just for improving his code skills and decided to do it in the Notification Centre. This was done for two reasons; one was to challenge himself and to see if it could be possible.

The little dinosaur tends to sit between the weather and the stocks and one can get him to jump over cacti for as long as possible. The game is said to be based on the Google Chrome Easter egg. This enables the player to play a version of the game when Google Chrome is unable to access the internet.

Favourite Locked Screen App

To play the Chrome version of Steve The Jumping dinosaur one needs to just press the space bar when the computer informs that the internet is not available and can play the game. Though Steve The Jumping Dinosaur is surely the favourite locked screen app, it is definitely not the first. In 2014 the tech company had cracked down on developers creating apps for the Notification Centre since they stated that it was for `information presentation only’.

On the App store, an unlikely platform game which one would recognise from the broken safari browser `Steve The Jumping Dinosaur, is now made available to the user. The game for now is fun and one can unlock new characters as you progress. Steve The Jumping Dinosaur is a free game which can be accessed without unlocking the phone. It not only kills time but also makes it just a bit easier to have fun with gaming without the need to fidget about while entering the passcode. It is a fun game wherein users can play on pulling down the Notification Centre of the iPhone on the locked screen.

Integration with iOS Notifications

On doing so, it will bring up Steve The Jumping Dinosaur as he tends to sit between the weather and the stocks, running as well as jumping over the incoming cacti. It also tends to feature Nyan Cat. Being highly addictive and oddly baffling, the game tends to work as a widget in notification enabling the iPhone user to play any time without the need of unlocking the phones. The remarkable thing is the integration with the iOS notifications. Some of the apps that had been blocked from being utilised include PCalc, a quick access calculator, Launcher, an app-launching widget for the notification centre and Drafts an app to make notes.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Apple is reportedly Setting up a 'Car Lab' in Berlin


Apple’s iCar Officially Named Project Titan

Apple is a company with a lot of secrets and its rumoured iCar is officially named Project Titan. The Cupertino tech giant intends to enter the electric vehicle market and is probably moving ahead. As per reports by Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine, Apple plans to set up a dedicated `car lab’ in Berlin. The facility is said to be intended to tap into key talent from the automotive industry in the country, employing between 15 to 20 top class men as well as women from the German automotive industry having backgrounds in engineering, software, hardware and sales.

 The workers at the car lab have been described as progressive thinkers in their own respective fields who have agreed to work with Apple after their ideas for invention were subdued by the more conservative outlooks of their earlier employers.

The labisalso exploring more routine characteristics of bringing a car to market such as who would partner with Apple in the country, a fact which could impact Europe-wide production or distribution that regulation would require to be followed as well as evaluating how far ahead the competitors are.It remains a mystery as to what the iCar would really be an autonomous vehicle to compete Google or something in between.

Branded Vehicle to Hit the Road of Germany – 2019 -2020

The Frankfurter Allgemeine had also claimed that an Apple branded vehicle could hit the roads of Germany in 2019-2020. Sources claim that it could be a small vehicle and launch on a car sharing model identical to service like Zipcar which would involve short-term rental or per minute billing instead of customers buying iCar out-right. Considering the price premium of most of the products of Apple, this could be a blessing to the consumers while also enabling Apple to test demand before a wider release.

Interestingly, automotive manufacturer Magna International has been named as a production partner. Parts-maker owned by Austrian-Canadian businessman Frank Stronach has apparently cut production on the Mini range of BMW, enabling capacity for hypothetical car of Apple. The launch window of 2019 repeats the earlier reports that Apple intends getting a vehicle on the road before the decade is out.

 Last autumn, Apple seemed to be hiring specialist in the vehicle industry and as reported by Reuters at the time, significant figures comprising of Jamie Carnegie Mellon University and Xianquao Tong, who came from Nvidia after creating computer vision software for driver assistance systems.

Technology in Development Stage

The article goes on to recap the earlier speculation regarding the rumoured vehicle research of Apple, observing that the first car of the company will be electric though also claims that it would be lacking self-driving abilities since the required technology seems to be yet in the development stage. Besides this the report claims that Apple is investigating a vehicle sharing model alike to BMW’s Drive-Now and European car rental service Sixt, due to the lack of a nationwide distribution network of the company.

 Related to the earlier rumours, Austrian contract manufacturer of high-end cars Magna Steyr has also been mentioned as a partner for vehicle creation on completion of the R&D. The bulk of research and development is presumed to be taking place in an Apple leased Sunnyvale campus in California, where motor noises were heard, giving rise to speculation that the building is a secret car testing facility for the automotive project of Apple.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Apple Revenue Falls for First Time Since 2003


iPhone Officially in Decline

Apple has reported a drop of 13% on Tuesday, in its second quarter revenue as sales of iPhone had fallen. The quarterly sales reported by the technology giant was $50.56bn down from $58bn last year, which is the first fall in sales for the company since 2003. Apple had sold about 51.2 million iPhone during the quarter, down from 61.2 million the same quarter of 2015.China had been a weak spot where the sales had fallen by 26% and the results were hit by the influence of a stronger dollar.

 Apple shares had fallen by 8% after several hours of trading and its shares had dropped close to 20% over the last twelve months. Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple had commented that the company had performed well in the face of strong macroeconomic headwinds. Slowdown in sales in established markets had not been much of an issue for Apple, since China has always been there to support its earnings, keeping it posting, after each quarter of record breaking profits. The whole company tends to suffer with regards to revenues in China taking a hit. The most successful technology product in history, the iPhone, is now officially in decline.

Smartphone Boom beyond Its Extraordinary Peak

The company had notified about three months ago and to see the numbers for real would give investors reason for concern. Some have been considering the recent incidents as a sign that it is the end of a gold age for hardware makers and the smartphone boom is beyond its extraordinary peak. Apple, more than any other company, apparently needs the next runaway success sort to come along. The Apple Watch will be bringing in an estimated $1bn every quarter though that would not be sufficient.

It would require another punch like the iPhone but there seems to be no sign of one coming up soon. Quarterly profit of Apple had dropped to $10.5bn from $13.5bn. However, it had been reported that it would return $50bn to the shareholders through an increase in share buybacks as well as a 10% increase in quarterly dividends. The company had cautioned, back in January, that it had been facing its slowest-ever increase in orders for the iPhone and the same would cut into second quarter earnings.

Apple – Expects Access to Service, Restored Soon

Decreasing growth in the sales of smartphone had an impact on the overall industry and companies have been stressed in locating the next area of innovation. Geoff Blaber from CCS Insight had stated that the industry is in a lull between the mobile boom and what comes next in automotive, the connected home, health and industrial applications of the internet of things. Its service unit had been one bright spot for Apple which comprises of App Store downloads, Apple Pay and Apple Music.

 The separation experienced a 20% growth when compared to the same quarter in 2015. But the growth could be threatened at the unit by a new law passed in March, in China which needs all content shown to Chinese people to be stored on servers based on the Chinese mainland. This resulted in Apple’s iBooks and iTunes movies services to be shut down in the country. Apple has stated that it expects access to the service would be restored very soon.

Friday, April 8, 2016

New Code Hints Apple will Finally let you Hide iPhone Apps


Ability of Hiding Unwanted Apple Apps

Apple phones are plagued with various apps which the company has pre-installed on its device in an attempt to compel you to use them. A group of Apple’s first party apps like Weather, Compass and Stocks and most of those apps tend to go into one folder which is rarely used. For several years, Apple had been criticised for not providing its users with the ability of removing or hiding these stock apps. It seems the company intends to give its customers some kind of flexibility with its next version of iOS.

According to new settings discovered in code for the App Store, users will have the ability of hiding unwanted Apple apps very soon. App Advice discovered recently, two new flags for classifying apps `isFirstParty’ and `isFirstPartyHideableApp’. These metadata flags recommend that Apple intends classifying some of its app as `hideable’ responding to one of the user’s biggest complaints for years.

Considering that Apple’s App Store selection is so massive that there are better third-party replacements for most of the built-in apps, several users have abandoned App’s defaults for their favoured experience many years back. However, not all the Apple apps would be hideable and it is safe to presume that the dialler and messages app would need to remain on the home screen.

Apple Bundled over 30 Apps by Default on iPhones

Apple has bundled more than 30 apps by default on iPhones and it is considered safe to accept that Apple views that some of them are not used often.CEO Tim Cook in an interview last year had informed BuzzFeed News that the company was aware that most of the its users were not big fans of the apps which it ships with its devices, but had added the complexities that are in play here before it can even think above giving its users the choice to remove apps.

He further stated that there were some apps which were linked to something else on the iPhone and if they were removed, there could be issues elsewhere on the phone. There were other apps which were not like that and so overtime, he thought of removing them. He was looking at offering the capability of hiding unwanted Apple apps. Some like the weather app seemed to be useful though others like Stocks would be appealing to only few of the users.

Trick to Stop Pre-Installed Apps Filling Up

A YouTube user has revealed a simple trick in stopping these pre-installed apps filling up the home screen. A video posted by the user shows him pressing and holding down an icon for a pre-installed Apple app on his home screen.

The pre-installed apps comprise of Pages, Numbers, Stocks, Calendar, Weather and much more. When the icon begins shaking, it is dragged over the top of another icon, creating a folder containing both those apps. He then presses and holds the app again before dragging it to the right and onto the second page of the folder.

On repeating this process, a third time, the app is dragged to the far right of the folder on the third page, while keeping hold of the app with his finger; he presses the home button, resulting in the apps to disappear. He explains that the apps are not totally removed from the phone but are simply hidden from view till the phone tends to get re-started. This could result in utilisation of storage space but the trick could at least make the home screen appear less messy with icons.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Apple will Remove Headphone Jack from iPhone 7

 iPhone 7

Apple Headphones – Handset without Headphone Jack

A rumour regarding the new Apple headphones have been circulating recently and the first images of what seems to be of an iPhone 7 case has emerged online and seems to confirm the rumours that the new handset would be produced without a 3.5mm headphone jack. The images found by reliable tipster @OnLeaks indicate a transparent case having spaces for two equally sized speaker grillers together with the central lightening port signifying Apple would be intending to renovate the design of the bottom edge of the handset.

After reports first came up in early January, the rumours in recent month reveal that the upcoming model would be made one millimetre slimmer on removing the jack. The choice of removing the headphone jack could be a provocative one. Forbes state that `rumours suggest that Apple seems to be working on some pretty impressive technology comprising of a dual-lens system which means the iPhone 7 camera should be comparable to high quality DSLR cameras’. The company would probably include new wireless headphones together with the new handset or a pair of headphone that could connect to the phone via a lightning connector.

Eliminating Plastic Antenna Strips – Reasonable

Taking in account, Apple’s ownership of Beats, this would not be much of an issue. Third parties have been creating lightning connector headphone since June 2014 when Apple had extended its Made-for-iPhone licensing programme.

Besides this, the report also submits that the camera lens of the iPhone 7 would also probably sit in-line with its body and the plastic antenna bands would not stretch across its surface.As per MacRumours, the rear camera would be within the aluminium casing while the antenna bands would be only on the upper and lower edges rather than extending across the width of the handset.

 Apple spectators had been amazed at the decision of the company in permitting the camera on the iPhone 6 to project from its casing, claiming that it was out of character for Apple’s careful design standards as well as exposed the lens to scratching and other damage. Eliminating the plastic antenna strips also seems reasonable.

Features – Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner/12 MP Rear Facing Camera

The company had been granted a patent, last summer, detailing a metal composite capable of replacing the strips that was essential for the antenna of the phone to send and receive signal. The company is also said to be developing a kind of wireless charging that tends to free the iPhone from the need of being placed on a charging mat, which is presently the most commonly used format, as per Bloomberg. But this is doubtful of being incorporated in an iPhone before 2017.

Meanwhile, Apple has been preparing to send invitation to the media world ahead ofthe unveiling of the reported iPhone SE, which is a special edition 4-inch iPhone envisioned to take over from the iPhone 5s as the entry level model of the company. It has been rumoured that the new handset would feature a Touch ID fingerprint scanner and a12 MP rear facing camera, a near field communication – NFC chip which would support Apple Pay. Rumours reveal that the next flagship handset of Apple’s the iPhone 7, would feature various noticeable differences when it will be launched in September.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

iPhone SE Puts the Same Engine in a Smaller Exterior

iPhone SE
Apple launch event of iPhone SE has not caused the same frenzy as the last year’s iPhone 6S launch. Rumor mills have almost killed the suspense this time by literally offering everything from the size to specifications beforehand. Apple is known to be one of the most secretive companies when it comes to launching of new devices as it tries to hold to the information till the last second.

Most of the users were left wondering by the unique name picked by the Apple for its latest 4 inch iPhone model i.e. SE. SE simply stands for the Special Edition which comes with screen size of just four inches and Apple has lastly released a four inch model four years ago in the name of iPhone 4. This time Apple is trying to woo the customers who are looking for smaller yet powerful devices at a premium range.

Intentions of Apple behind launching smaller iPhone variant

Apple is under extreme competition from the rival manufacture Samsung which has been launching slew of phones tablets at varying sizes on different price points. This has helped Samsung in having product in every price segment and at each screen size. Apple is having a tough time as it have just one iPhone 6 series which has been loved and even hated for its jumbo size. Therefore Apple has to be to bring a new advanced and powerful iPhone which has smaller size and can please the old and new consumers.

Noteworthy features in iPhone SE

iPhone SE offers better battery life than the iPhone 6S almost 30 percent better. All those users who have been slamming and complaining about poor battery life can rejoice at the thought at having better battery life on the iPhone SE.

Apple has priced the powerful and small iPhone SE as the most affordable iPhone at just $400 without a contract. For all those consumers who were looking t buy their first iPhone but couldn’t do so due to premium price point will be able to buy their first Apple smartphone. iPhone SE might be small in size but packs all the features and specification of elder sibling iPhone 6S. The new SE comes loaded with extensive range of popular features like Apple Pay, fingerprint unlocking, Hey Siri digital assistant and Live Photos.

The only thing which was missing in the iPhone SE is the acclaimed 3D Touch. iPhone 6S has a highest selling point with its coveted 3D touch which allowed users to perform different actions on the basis of the pressure applied on the phone’s screen.

A phone you will love to use

iPhone SE is as powerful as the iPhone 6s as it has the same processor which helps this small device to perform multitasking and various other activities with ease and grace. Apple even states that iPhone SE is about 70% more faster at opening apps, processing things as well as other tasks than iPhone 6S.

Apple's Crazy iPhone Plan: No major Update Until 2017, then a 5.8-in, OLED Beast

Apple iPhone rumors doesn’t seem to stop at all as one of rumor proclaims that next iPhone will feature a large display of 5.8 inches with curved OLED screen. This rumor has been circulated by the KGI’s Ming Chi Kuo who has asserted that given the stiff competition in the global smartphone market Apple will be making a significant change in its design language.

It is also known that Apple tends to make some outlandish and visible changes with the phone design with ‘each new’ iteration of iPhone. 2017 is assumed as the year where Apple will be launching its refreshing new iPhone having a different design language. So Ming believes that Apple will be bringing a big iPhone in 2017 with 5.8 inch size and having the coveted curved OLED glass screen which can only be found in the Samsung flagship S6 and S7 series.

Thinner iPhone to debut in 2017

Ming has even asserted that Apple will be launching the new iPhone based on the design theme of the popular iPhone 4 but it will come with a curved display technology. Apple will certainly be thinking about releasing next age iPhone to be thinner than earlier variants but it will keep the stand iPhone design language intact. In order to go thinner the best way is to get hold of the curved glass technology. Curved glass is already seen on the Samsung S6 and S7 Edge devices which have made it possible for the Samsung to please the consumers again. Samsung has even started offering its curved glass technology to the rival OEMs such Vivo has recently launched a device having the same curved glass design.

Ming expects Apple to bring some new features like wireless charging as well as biometric recognition technology on the next iPhone and having curved glass technology seems a sensible solution.

Ming insights are quite provoking in nature

Ming is a noted and reliable Apple analyst who has been offering quite true finding on the online forums for quite some time. It is widely known that Apple will certainly be revamping its iPhone lineup in 2017 in order to remain competitive and up to date with the changing scenarios of the smartphone market. Ming even strays away from his earlier insight where he stated that Apple will be making use of AMOLED screens for iPhone in 2018 but now he is stating that Apple will be opting for the curved glass technology instead.

AMOLED screens are known to offer a greater range of colors, which has made it quite popular, and more and more number of OEMs are using it on their devices. Samsung makes a bulk of its revenue through selling the AMOLED display to the rival smartphone manufacturers. Ming has asserted that Apple’s next iPhone will certainly feature a new form factor which will be made by narrowing the bezels and offering a better and comfortable grip to the users.

Monday, March 21, 2016

iPhone Owners Receive Ghost Emails From January 1, 1970

Ghost Emails

Millions of Apple iPhone and iPads users got ghost emails dated January 1, 1970 in their inbox. However the point to be noted here is that ‘emails’ only came into being in the early 1990’s and there was not even internet in 1970. Well it is not a bug or malware which is trying to get hold of the devices by sending malicious emails to the users. Rather it is a glitch in the Apple’s iOS which is causing users to seem empty email dated January 1, 1970.

These emails are empty in nature without having any subject or sender name even opening these emails doesn’t show anything. It is has been established that the cause of these emails affecting millions of iOS users is simply a glitch in the operating system. Most of the Apple users are shown their discomfort by tweeting about receiving mails on the social media platform.

Reason behind iOS showing 1970’s dated emails

The 1970 dated emails were only received by the iPhone or iPad users when they use their device to check mails in a different timezone. In the computer language the January 1, 1970 is represented as 0 in UNIX time. This is the reason why users tend to get 1970 dated emails when they are using mails in a different time zone.

Furthermore the way computer treats time is very much different and a lot of process work towards right presentation of time on the device. Every second after the midnight of January 1, 1970 happens to be a completely different point in the UNIX time system. Therefore iPhone and iPad devices rendering the default time as zero when email is accessed in different time zone but it gets interpreted as January 1, 1970 on the device. The Apple iOS devices makes use of the UNIX time and this is resulting widespread glitch of showing ghost emails from 1970’s.

Just a month ago Apple iPhone and iPad users got a rude shock when they were simply fooled into setting their devices date to 1970 and later it resulted in rendering the devices unusable. Therefore getting similar kind of email dated into same year simply brought a warning signal for the users even though it was caused by a glitch in the operating system itself. A number of users has found a way to resolve the issue of having email dated January 1, 1970 by performing a hard reset of the device. Users can hard reset their iPhone device by holding down the lock and home button simultaneously.

The world’s first electronic message was sent in 1971 

As stated earlier there is no point one can get an email in 1970 as there was no email in that age. It should be understood that the very first electronic message transmission between two computers happened only in 1971.

Then 1990’s Microsoft came up with an email client called Internet Mail and other software like Lotus Notes followed by the emergence of web-based services. These all ushered the ear of mainstream usage of email over the years.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Intel's new Optane memory technology could lead to 1000 times faster MacBook storage


Optane Launching New Ultra-Fast Memory Technology

In 2017, Intel and Micron branded as Optane would be launching a new ultra-fast memory technology which would overlay the way for a much faster storage on Apple’s MacBooks. Optane is said to be compatible with the NVMe storage procedure which Apple tends to use in some of the MacBook, known by Macworld, which means that it can be relatively easy for Apple to change and benefit from the new technology. Optane is considered to provide speeds 1,000 times faster as well as more durable than the common flash storage on using 3D Xpoint technology which is due to its 10 times denser than DRAM.

The Non-volatile Memory Express support in new 12-inch MacBook had been launched by Apple enabling it with a software update to OS X last April. NVMe is destined to replace old AHCI technology that had been designed for maximum performance in systems utilising spinning hard drives. NVMe is adjusted for operation of lower latency provided by solid state media or non-volatile memory. NVMe, when compared to AHCI tends to reduce latency by around 50%. Intel for instance puts latency overhead in SCSI/SAS systems at 6 nanoseconds at 19,500 cycles though quotes NVMe at 2.8 nanoseconds at 9,100 cycles – PDF link.

NVMe – Designed to Scale over Next Decade

Moreover, NVMe is designed to scale over the next decade, a lifecycle which is comparable to AHCI that had been introduced in 2004. Since 2011, Apple had been using the PCIe transport procedure; the company seems to be in a good position to expeditiously extend support over the complete line-up of Mac. Regarding the super-fast Optane memory and SSD products, Intel had been silent, though some emerging details could hit at how they could be utilised in products such as Apple’s MacBooks. Optane is said to be a brand name for the latest kind of memory and SSD based on 3D Xpoint, which is a jointly developed technology by Intel and Micron that is 10 times denser than DRAM and 1,000 times faster as well as more durable than flash storage. The 3D Xpoint technology is likely to be released soon would be compatible with NVMe, which is a super-fast storage protocol that could be helpful for Optane in attaining its intense speeds.

Apple – First to Implement The Latest Laptop Technologies

Some of the MacBooks already tend to have NVMe based SSDs with Optane providing a further speed enhancement. Among the first vendors in implementing the latest laptop technologies is Apple and it could take the opportunity of putting Optane in its MacBooks. Apple had been the first to implement Thunderbolt as well as processor technologies from Intel. The first products of Optane would be SSDs; reaching supporter’s PCs next year and later would spread to the other desktops as well as mobile products. Optane memory DIMMs that can be plugged in prevailing memory slots would also be coming along. Optane products would first be based on Intel’s Skylake architecture and if Intel tends to ship memory DIMMs, they would need to be compatible with the DDR3/4 DRAM bus which is in most of the present PCs. Some of the Windows laptops also tend to have NVMe storage though most of them depend on the older and slower SATA interface. Fanatic desktop users like the gamers tend to be early adopters of the new technology and several of them would probably move over to Optane.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Device Makers Planning 'True VR Experiences' on Apple's Iphone This Fall

Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone – Fall of 2016

Piper Jaffray, investment firm held sequences of virtual reality panel recently comprising of 13 companies and one of them, IonVR, showed that they expected to have a VR headset for iPhone launching in the fall of 2016. These devices would be somewhat like the Samsung Gear VR headset that utilises Samsung smartphones as the display.

 IonVR, a privately held company that specializes in third-party VR hardware, hopes to have a headset in the fall which would enable the iPhone to be utilised for VR and according to Munster, would come at a price of $100 and $200. Gene Munster, analyst stated that the IonVR product is estimated to be very much advanced than the prevailing iPhone based VR accessories like Google Cardboard and Mattel View-Master.

He is of the belief that those basic products which tend to use IPhone’s Retina display for stimulating VR do not provide `true VR experiences’. However comments from IonVR at the recent panel, recommended that the iPhone could in fact do appropriate VR, with the help of third party hardware, according to Munster. He hopes that those kinds of iPhone connected accessories would start taking off later in the year.

MotionSync – Proprietary Optics System

The Idaho-based IonVR had developed a proprietary optics system known as `MotionSync’ which it claims would reduce motion sickness greatly when utilised with mobile devices like Apple’s iPhone. Unified hardware in its headset is also considered to offload some of the processing from the phone, enabling it to last longer as well as simplify the software development process.

IonVR products are also considered to be modular which means that parts could be replaced or changed out as technology progresses.Virtual reality is talked about much as a hot new technology with concerns that it could follow the boom and bust of 3D TV. Munster states that VR would not flop like 3D in part, due to the larger level of investment in VR with its augmented reality.

He adds that Facebook which owns Oculus VR is firmly dedicated to its success.He informed that, Apple, Google and Sony are expected to be making substantial investment in VR/AR for the next five years. He believes that these investments would lay the groundwork for VR/AR to be the next computing prototype.

Sony – Best Position to Capitalize on VR

Munster has commented that Sony is in one of the best position to capitalize on VR. It has the content, user base and distribution to enable VR to expand rapidly. He added that they have also been impressed with the demos of Sony on `London Heist’ and `Walk The Wire’ and the company is said to have a slate of around 80 games that would be made available at the time of the launch later this year. Oculus Rift is said to be shipped in 20 countries on March 28 including the U.S. It would also be made available at select retailers in April and would cost $599. It would need a high-end PC with graphic card. Bundles of Oculus Rift headset together with Oculus-ready PC is priced at $1,499. Samsung, in the meanwhile is endorsing its smartphone-based Gear VR that tends to use Oculus technology and the Gear VR will cost $99 which needs a new Samsung Galaxy phone.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How to verify checksums when you download an app for your Mac


Open Source Transmission BitTorrent Infected with Malware

Some of the Mac users seemed to have received a surprise last week when they discovered that a latest version of the open source Transmission BitTorrent client had infected their computer with malware, a condition which had been avoided with suitable securities. Most of the computer savvy are aware of the vigilant about where the download software are from though few of them pause to verify that the files received are the file which they are supposed to receive.

 This could be a grave last step in the prevention of malware infection seen in Transmission. Often, developers tend to post checksums or hashes together with the download links for their projects in order to simplify this type of verification. Generally, a checksum is the outcome of a mathematical calculation that tends to run a certain file, if the file has not been changed. The checksum calculated will tend to match the checksum provided by the developer.

It has not been made known how the infected download made its way on the Transmission’s website, though those who seemed to have received it first in the processhave informed that the checksum of the bad file does not seem to match the checksum given by the Transmission team.

Checksum Validator – Easy to Use Utility – Calculating/Validating Checksum

Checksum Validator is an easy to use utility for calculating and validating checksum – SHA-1 or MDS digests, for files which one downloads or uploads. On comparing a site’s published checksum with one’s calculated checksum one can verify that the download matches with the official copy of the site, which is free from corruption or tampering, unless of course the site’s checksum is also tampered.

All that is essential to calculate checksum is in MAS OS X which is quick and easy and the quicker and easier, the more possibility of actually verifying downloads. If the checksum is verified prior to installing, they would be aware of something being inappropriate. It is worth being aware that this is not a reliable process and if a website is compromised, the attacker can easily change the checksum also.

 Users can learn to verify checksum or SHA-1 which is a software update, provided on Apple software updates for those who intend to verify the authenticity of an update and is optional. Users need to note that for updates that are delivered by Automatic software Update, SHA-1 digest verification is accomplished automatically for you.

SHA-1 Secured Checksum for Data File

In order to verify a manually downloaded software update form Apple Downloads, that seems to comprise of SHA-1 digest, the following steps need to be done:
  • Open Terminal which is located in/Applications/Utilities
  • Type the following at the Terminal prompt
  • About SHA-1
SHA-1 is a secure checksum for a data file which is based on a cryptographic average and for a given file; SHA-1 creates a 160 bit encrypted output which is known as a `message digest’. It is unlikely that a modified data set would create the same message digest. If a file seems to have changed at the time of transit, its message digest also tends to change.

Users can download manually-installable updates from Apple Downloads. Apple tend to use SHA-1 digest on definite Apple Downloads in order that users can verify with great amount of possibility that the software downloaded is the same software one intended to download. When the SHA-1 digest for the file downloaded seems to match the digest for the file displayed on Apple Downloads, one can be assured that the file is reliable. For security purpose, users can utilise the secure https download page for manual updates.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Neato adds Apple Watch control to robotic vacuum in new app update


Neato’s Latest App Release – Botvac Connect

According to Neato’s latest app release, the $699 Botvac Connect is the first robot vacuum which has the capabilities of being remotely controlled by an Apple Watch or Android Wear device. The app that runs on Apple Watch enables users to issue start and stop commands to the vacuum and monitor clean-up progress straight on their wrist. Different from the full-fledged iOS app, the small screen Watch version does not permit users to take full manual control on the movement of the robot.

Last year Botvac Connect as Neato’s first vacuum to sport anon-board Wi-Fi for communication with iOS as well as Android smartphones, providing owners remote setup together with one-touch control directly from a committed app.On-board Wi-Fi support means that Botvac Connect has the capability of receiving commands as long as it tends to be connected to a known network. Moreover the devices also has laser navigation, two cleaning modes as well as LCD screen with associated capacitive buttons intended to select various user settings. From the iOS App Store, the new Neato app version is made available at no cost.

Can be controlled with Smartwatch

Neato’s robotic vacuum now can be controlled with a smartwatch due to an app update announced recently. The update which is automatic enables smartwatch users to receive notifications from Neato’s Botvac Connected vacuum, a Wi-Fi connected Roomba competitors which tend to use laser scanning to map and clean spaces, besides the start and stop commands.

As per Neato, the latest update makes the Botvac Connected, the first robot vacuum to provide smartwatch functionality. The Botvac Connected owners can also monitor the progress of its cleaning on their smartwatches and receive a notification when it is finished. For added analysis of the Botvac Connected and how it tends to stack up against the competition, one could check on the last year’s review. With each passing generation, robot vacuums are getting smarter as well as easier and some of the new models tend to join the Wi-Fi network. Neato has been influencing that feature of its Botvac Connected vacuum in order that one can control and monitor the device with the Android Wear smart watch or Apple Watch.

New Feature Delivered Through Automatic Update

The new feature is said to be delivered through automatic update and would enable Botvac Connected owners to control the various process. While Roomba manufacturer iRobot tends to also offer an app, it does not support smartwatches while other competitors such as Samsung, bObsweep, PowerBot and the Miele Scout do not seem to have apps at all.

Nancy Nunziati, Neato marketing chief had commented in a press release that with the smartwatches, individuals tend to do several things from their wrist like checking for a flight, obtain directions, play music, and answer the phone and added that they are happy to be the first to add this new task of cleaning to the list. Botvac Connected is not an inexpensive way of getting into robotic vacuums, priced at $700. Neato expects that the features like the laser floor plan mapping, a larger brush together with higher capacity dirt storage would win over the customers.