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Sunday, October 29, 2023

How to Right Click on a Mac

How to Right Click on a Mac

Although there are two-button mice available to use with Macs, people still want to know how to right click on a Mac or MacBook. Do you not know how to right click on Mac? Then, don't be worried, as you are not the only one whom this question is baffling. Apple previously insisted the one-button mouse was the way to go instead of the two-button mouse that Windows users use.

However, Apple mice aren't the only reason for which Mac users want to know the answer to this question. In most cases, Mac users use laptops without mice. So, they want to understand how they can use Apple’s trackpad. Let's learn how to right click on a Mac.

What Is The Right Click Menu Option?

A right-click on Mac is known as a secondary click or Control-click, which is similar to a right-click on a Windows computer. You can control-click an item using the keyboard and mouse or trackpad for opening shortcut menus.

How To Right Click On A Mac:

Press Control To Right Click On A Mouse Or Trackpad:

You can right-click on a Mac by hitting the Ctrl (or Control) key when you press the trackpad or the mouse button.

Ensure that you are not confusing the Ctrl key with the Alt (or Option) key. The location of the Ctrl key on a Mac isn't next to the space bar. Instead, it is located at the end part of the keyboard on the right or left side.

 Use Two Fingers On A Mac Trackpad:

  • You need to use your two fingers for clicking when you have a trackpad and are willing to right click on a Mac.
  • If the process doesn't work, you have to set up this in System Preferences. The method to follow in this case is:
  • Your first task is to open the System Preferences option.
  • Then, your job is to tap on the Trackpad.
  • Now, you should choose the option ''Click with two fingers'' next to the Secondary click in Trackpad Preferences.

You will find more gestures, which you can set up there.

Tap A Corner Of The Trackpad:

Some people do not like the two-finger click option. If you are one of those, then you should set your trackpad's corner as a designated right-click button. You need to set it up under System Preferences. Then, you have to go to Trackpad and press the drop-down menu for Secondary Click. Then, you are required to select Click In Bottom Right Corner or Click In Bottom Left Corner. If you don't want to use your fingers or Control key, you have to tap on the corner of your selected trackpad. Then, you will get to see the right-click menu.

Use An External Mouse With A Right-click Button:

Mac users who need the feature usually connect a wireless mouse with the right-click button/touch zone. If you use a laptop with a trackpad and don't need an external mouse, read other methods to simulate the right-click mouse action. 

Use Control + Click:

Holding down the “control” key is the simplest process to simulate a right-click on your Mac. Then, your task is to tap on your trackpad (or Mac mouse).

Right Click With Accessibility Options:

  • If you are looking for a more accessible option, you need to open the Accessibility Options menu by hitting Option + Command + F5. After tapping on Enable Mouse Keys, your task is to use the Function + Control + I shortcut so that you can open a right-click menu of your selected program.
  • In order to add a virtual keyboard on the screen, your task is to tap on Enable Accessibility Keyboard. Thus, you will be able to tap on Control on that keyboard. Then, you can click with the mouse where you will need the right-click menu.

Right-clicking On A MacBook With Force Touch Trackpad:

Taptic feedback is used by the Force Touch trackpad to let you think that different pressure levels can be used to achieve clicks.

Along with the standard right-click functionality, a deeper click is used to open up a contextual menu with extra options.

Whether you are willing to right-click, you need to tap with two fingers. Or you can set this to tap in the bottom or right corner. In order to get the equivalent of a right-click, you need to press & hold the trackpad.

 Activate Secondary Click On A Trackpad:

It is another solution that you can follow to right click on a laptop using a trackpad. In order to activate the feature in the trackpad settings, you need to follow these below-mentioned steps:

  • Your first task is to type “System Preferences” into a spotlight search to open the “System Preferences” section. The spotlight search looks like a magnifying glass symbol in the menu bar's top right corner.
  • Then, you need to tap on the “Trackpad” icon to head toward Trackpad.
  • It will open a Trackpad settings box. In the “Point & Click” tab, you need to click on the checkbox to activate the “Secondary Click” feature.
  • You can tap anywhere on your trackpad using your two fingers to check the changes on your desktop. Then, you will see a small box containing features. Changing the settings is also possible so that you can right-click while you tap on the trackpad's bottom right or bottom left.
  • In order to set up “Secondary click” on your mouse, you can alternatively navigate to the “System Preferences” option. Then, go to the “Mouse” and “Secondary click” options respectively. Now, your task is to select the setup option you like.

Use A Two-button Mouse:

When you buy a mouse with two buttons for use with the Mac device, you will be able to use right-click as you expected. You need to hit the i button to set choices like: Choose the way you wish the pointer to follow your face or head movements, Pointer speed, Distance to edge, Camera options, etc.

Right-click Enhancer For A Mac:

When you explore Mac, you can see that a few of your favorite options in the Windows right-click context menu aren't available in the Mac right-click menu, mainly when it comes to talking about creating new Office documents like Excel, PowerPoint, or Word files with a right-click.

Hence, iBoysoft MagicMenu, a right-click menu enhancer which comes with several functionalities, can be used to extend your Mac right-click menu to get an enhanced user experience & boost your productivity.

This versatile tool allows you to add a few shortcuts to make Mac's right-click menu the way you need. These shortcuts are as follows: New File, Quick Access, Copy To, Move To, Screen Capture, Duplicate Files, etc. After knowing how you can right click on an iMac, MacBook, etc., you may want to know how to right click on an iMac from an iPhone. The next section will let you know about it.

Right Click On Your Mac From Your iPhone:

Remote Mouse can turn your iPhone into a correct input device for the Mac. If you download the application for iPhone & Mac, you will be able to type, scroll, zoom, and click from the phone. You need to move your iPhone in the air in order to move the cursor. It is also possible to voice-type into any app, change volume, customize different actions, control some Macs at once, etc.

How To Right Click On Apple Mouse:

While those who have MacBooks use Trackpad to perform right-click on Mac, iMac users use an Apple mouse (Magic Mouse) for this purpose. Generally, an Apple Mouse uses multiple similar multi-touch gestures like the MacBook trackpad.

You should know that this type of mouse isn't a two-button mouse. So, you can click the entire top part of it. When you tap on the mouse's left side, you find this registered as a left click. Similarly, you need to tap on the Magic Mouse's top-right section for a right-click. Before proceeding, Apple mice have to be connected through Bluetooth or plugged into a USB port.

If you are willing to enable the right-click option with the Magic Mouse, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • You first need to navigate to the Apple menu on the Mac. Then, you should choose System Preferences and Mouse.
  • Next, your task is to navigate to the Point & Click pane.
  • Now, you should check the available checkbox, which can be seen next to the Secondary click option.
  • You need to select any of these options that are available in the list in the drop-down menu:
  • Click on the right side: This default option assigns the right-click function to the mouse's right side.
  • Click on the left side: It is intuitive for left-handed Mac users. This option assigns the right-click function to the mouse's left side.
  • Once you close the window, the new settings will be saved.

Right Click On Mac With A Non-apple Mouse:

When you connect a 3rd-party mouse to the Mac, it will work the same way as on the Windows PC. The MacOS can identify that the user is using a two-button mouse. After that, it will map them accordingly. In simple words, you have to hit the right mouse button to perform a right click on a Mac. In case you see that your non-Mac mouse is scrolling in the opposite direction when you are using this, then you need to change the Scroll direction settings in the Mouse window.

Force Click For More Options:

Although it is not the same thing as a right-click, you can get more functionality with the help of Apple's Force click feature from a simple click. This feature enables you to click with a single finger or three fingers for looking up text online, previewing links, viewing files in Quick Look, adding dates to Calendar, opening App Expose, etc.

If you are willing to use the feature, you will require a MacBook or MacBook Pro from 2015 or later, a MacBook Air from 2018 or later, or the Magic Trackpad 2. Then, you have to set up this in System Preferences > Trackpad. Moreover, you have to enable Look up & data detectors and Force Click and haptic feedback.

Additional Ways:

You can try these extra features as well:

  • When you double tap with two fingers, it will bring out Zoom. In order to zoom, you can pinch with two fingers.
  • You can slide two fingers to scroll.
  • Swipe your two fingers left or right to go between pages in a single browser.
  • You can use your three fingers to drag. It has to be enabled in the Accessibility features.
  • Slide your two fingers from the right edge to open the Notification Center.
  • You can tap with three fingers to look up items in the dictionary.
  • You can spread your thumb & three fingers to show the Desktop.
  • You can pinch with your thumb & three fingers to open Launchpad.

 How To Completely Customize Your Mac Gestures:

If the gestures that are provided by the Magic trackpad & Apple Mouse are not enough for you or you need custom gestures that might fit in the workflow, you can use apps like Swish.

 Swish is a controller which is simple to use and expands the possibilities of the regular trackpad. It comes with 28 new gestures by default. A few gestures are like- pinching out, go fullscreen, double-tapping, hide, etc. Window control is a crucial feature of Swish. You can use your trackpad to create different-sized pixel-perfect window grids to use all spaces automatically on the screen.


Right-clicking on Mac can open up a new level of interaction with additional contextual menus, which are not available for single clickers. For instance, it is possible to right click on a Word or Pages document and you are able to view some options for cut, paste, change the font, etc. In addition, you are able to right click on an open app's icon in the Dock and select to quit it. Based on your program's complexity, these right-click options will add an additional layer of detail.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why can you not right-click on Mac?

You should know that if you use a Mac mouse, you have to hold the “control” key down and tap on the mouse. Or you can set up “Secondary click” in the section called “System Preferences” under “Mouse”.

How do you right click on a Mac without a mouse?

In case you do not have a mouse or your mouse is out of battery, you are able to right-click with a trackpad or even with the phone. You only need to install an app, such as Remote Mouse on your phone.

How do you right-click copy and paste on Mac?

While performing right click on Mac in most apps, you will get an option to copy the content & paste this from the clipboard. Your task is only to choose to copy in one app & then paste in another. Whether you use keyboard shortcuts, you need to use Command + C for copy, whereas for paste, you should use Command + V.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

WatchOS 9 is Available

WatchOS 9 is Available

Today, Apple has launched the watchOS 9. It comes with new features and improves experiences to the leading wearable OS. In addition, richer complications provide more information and chance for personalization. These can take their workouts to the next level. Furthermore, the Sleep app comes with sleep stages. 12 September 2022 is the watchOS 9 release date. Now, let's dive in to the article to know about watchOS 9 concept. Read all these modern features carefully to get the most of it.

WatchOS 9 Features:

We have given here the modern features of WatchOS 9. Go through these features to know about them. New and Expanded Watch Faces:

Apple watchOS 9 has four new faces, including Lunar, Playtime, Metropolitan, and Astronomy.

Lunar: Several cultures like Chinese, Hebrew, and Islamic use it.

Playtime: This art's dynamic piece is unique to Apple Watch. It is made in collaboration with artist Joi Fulton.

Metropolitan: It is a classic watch face.

Astronomy: It is a real face remastered entirely.

Moreover, the Portraits face can display the depth effect on more pictures like cats, dogs, and landscapes. You can choose an Apple Watch to face appearing while they begin a specific Focus on iPhone.

Workout App Updates:

It is one of the most famous apps updated to provide richer metrics to measure performance. In addition, the new training experiences allow you to achieve your fitness goals. The in-session display uses the Digital Crown to rotate between simple-to-read Workout Views. Besides, you can use Heart Rate Zones to monitor the intensity of a workout.

This app features Custom Workouts for interval training. You can use it for a structured workout, including work and recovery intervals. In addition, it adds new alerts like pace, power, heart rate, etc.

The app is compatible with a new Multisport workout type for triathletes and duathletes. It can switch between swimming, biking, and running workouts. Besides, there are motion sensors to detect movement patterns. In addition, there exists a redesigned summary page in the Fitness app on iPhone.

Updates for Runners:

For runners, it is a helpful tool. In addition, it can bring more data and features to monitor users' running. You can add new running form metrics like Stride Length, Ground Contact Time, and Vertical Oscillation. These come in the Fitness app summary and the Health app. In addition, you can view trends over time and learn from patterns.

Swimming Enhancements:

You can add kickboard as a new stroke type for Pool Swim workouts with the help of sensor fusion. It helps to recognize while you are swimming with a kickboard. In addition, this feature allows swimmers to track their efficiency with a SWOLF score.

Sleep Insights:

The Sleep experience feature enables you to generate Wind Down and Bedtime schedules. In addition, it also allows you to monitor your sleep to meet your goals. Besides, the Sleep tracking feature can offer more insights with the introduction of sleep stages. The device uses the accelerometer and heart rate sensor signals to estimate the time while you are in REM, Core, Deep sleep, or awake. Moreover, you can view sleep stage data in the Sleep app. It lets you see more detailed information, like time asleep, heart rate, and respiratory rate.

First-of-Its-Kind AFib History:

Time spent in AFib can impact your symptoms, overall quality of life, and risk of complications. Generally, we were unable earlier to monitor the frequency of AFib. In addition, we cannot manage lifestyle factors to influence one's condition.

You can get notifications weekly to realize frequency. Thus, you can see a detailed history in the Health app. For example, the app displays different lifestyle factors influencing AFib, like sleep, alcohol consumption, and exercise. Besides, you can download a PDF that contains a detailed AFib history and lifestyle factors. In addition, these are shareable with doctors and care providers.


Now, you can adjust and monitor your medications, vitamins, and supplements. As a result, making a medication list and setting up schedules and reminders becomes possible. Besides, you can see information on your medication in the Health app.

Moreover, the Medications app allows you to monitor medications discreetly at any time. You can make custom schedules for every medication. It does not depend on how often you want to take it daily. Even it is possible to set up reminders to keep users on track. People in the United States can add medications using their iPhone camera.

Updates to Cycle Tracking:

If you are a cycle tracking user, you will receive an alert if the logged cycle history displays a possible deviation, like irregular, infrequent, prolonged periods, and persistent spotting. All these are bad health conditions.


Is your iPhone locked with a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID? Then, you will find all health and fitness data encrypted. If any Health app data is synced to iCloud and is encrypted end-to-end, it indicates that Apple cannot decrypt the data. As a result, they couldn't read it. Extra watchOS 9 Updates:

These are some additional features which are as follows:-

  • The Low Power Mode can extend battery life. Besides, it can maintain core Apple Watch features such as Activity tracking and Fall Detection.
  • It comes with a Family Setup feature compatible with the Home app. Therefore, you can invite your kid as a member to control HomePod speakers and innovative home accessories.

WatchOS 9 Availability:

You can get watchOS 9 as a free software update. However, there are a few features that are unavailable in all regions or all languages.


The AFib History feature in watchOS 9 got many local clearances and approvals from health authorities worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. Is WatchOS 9 out?

It arrived on September 12, 2022.

  • Q. What time will it be released?

It was released on 12 September 2022 at around 10am ET/1pm PT/6pm BST.

Q. Does it require iOS 16?

It needs iPhone 8 or later running iOS 16 or later.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

iOS 16 is Available

iOS 16 is available today

Whats new in iOS 16? It has the largest update in the Lock Screen, new tools in Mail, etc. It offers more ways through which users can interact with photos and video with Live Text and Visual Look Up. Do you know when is iOS 16 coming out? 12th September 2022 is the iOS 16 release date. Do you know what will iOS 16 bring?

iOS 16 features:

Lock Screen:

iOS 16 lock screen can provide deeper personalization. Thus, you can include a depth effect to your Lock Screen picture. In addition, these can customize in the font and type style. Besides, the new widgets inform about upcoming calendar events, battery levels, alarms, time zones, Activity ring progress, etc.

Stay in the Moment with Focus:

You can easily set up focus and connect to the Lock Screen. Thus, you can swipe to a designated Lock Screen to activate the corresponding Focus. Focus filters allow apps like Calendar, Mail, Messages, and Safari to showcase content that connects with a user's Focus.

New process of interaction:

Updating Messages helps to edit, undo, send, and mark conversations as unread. This device allows you to invite friends and family to SharePlay via Messages. Thus, they can enjoy synced content such as movies or songs.

Increase Productivity with New Tools in Mail:

You can schedule an email delivery before time or cancel the delivery of a message before reaching a recipient's inbox. Besides, you can set reminders to return to a message later. Use Remind me or receive automatic suggestions in such cases.

Visual Look Up and Live Text Enhancements:

You can tap and hold on to the subject of an image. After that, lift this from background to place in Messages. The Visual Look Up feature also easily detects birds, insects, spiders, and statues. Thus, you can get information about them.

On the other hand, Live Text enables you to identify text in videos across different systems with the help of on-device intelligence. In addition, if you want to interact with text, you can pause a video on any frame.

More Secure Browsing in Safari with Passkeys:

Browsing is safer with passkeys. It is a next-generation credential that no one can phish. Thus, it becomes more secure and simple to use. It helps to exchange passwords. While passkeys use Touch ID or Face ID for biometric verification, it uses iCloud Keychain to sync across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV with end-to-end encryption. Passkeys support apps and the web. In addition, you can log in to websites or an app on non-Apple devices only with your iPhone.

iOS New Accessibility Features:

It comes with a Door Detection feature for those who are blind or have low vision. They can use their iPhones to reach their destination for the last few feet. In addition, it features Apple Watch Mirroring for those with physical and motor disabilities. They can control their Apple Watch using Voice Control and Switch Control.

Besides, Deaf and hard of hearing users can follow any audio content using Live Captions. They can do it on a phone or FaceTime call, using a videoconference or social media app, streaming media content, or while conversing with someone in front of them.

Additional iOS 16 new Features:

Apple Pay Order Tracking:

This feature allows you to receive detailed receipts and order tracking information in your Wallet.

Apple Maps:

When updates are available in Apple Maps, it will let you explore the globe. In this case, you should use improved driving and transit navigation and multi-stop routing features. Besides, you can make paths easily with multiple stops. In addition, it is possible to sync paths automatically from Mac to iPhone. Moreover, you get to know about the cost you need to spend for your journey using transit directions. Furthermore, add transit cards to your Wallet if you want to see low balances.

Family Sharing:

Using the feature, you can easily create accounts for your kids. It provides the proper parental controls in place from the start. For instance, it provides different suggestions for age-appropriate restrictions for apps, movies, books, music, etc. Additionally, it can offer an easy set-up method for a new device for kids who apply existing parental controls automatically. Suppose your kid asks for more screen time. So, you can approve or decline it in Messages.

Moreover, it offers a new Family Checklist offering tips and suggestions. For example, it suggests updating a child's parental controls if they get older. Besides, it also suggests turning on location sharing.


This feature can provide a new on-device experience. Therefore, you can move easily between voice and touch.

You can use the keyboard for typing, tap in the text field, move the cursor, and insert QuickType suggestions without using stop Dictation. Besides, it can offer users automatic punctuation and emoji dictation benefits.


Once you download the app without upfront setup, you can easily run shortcuts. Besides, you can include iOS 16 emojis while sending a message. In addition, it is possible to select to send messages automatically. Just say, "Hey Siri, hang up" to hang up mobiles and FaceTime calls.

Home App:

This reimagined Home app enables you to navigate, set up, and see your accessories.

The Fitness App:

All iPhone users can now enjoy the app. It helps you to track and meet fitness goals even if you don't use an Apple Watch. Besides, if you are an iPhone user, you can set a personal Move goal, check trends, and share activities for more motivation. There are iPhone motion sensors enable you to track steps, distance, and flight climbed. Thus, these can let you know the active calories you have burned.

Health App:

This app comes with Medications that enable you to create a medications list and manage it. Besides, you can make schedules & reminders and monitor medications, vitamins, or supplements. Even users in the United States can point their iPhone camera at a label.

This app helps them to learn about medications, including medication, receive an alert, etc. In addition, they can send invitations to their loved ones to share Health data. Moreover, users can make a PDF containing health records of connected health institutions.

Apple News:

The feature comes with a new My Sports section enabling you to follow your favorite teams and leagues. In addition, you can access scores & schedules, receive stories from different publishers, and see highlights in the News app. It is possible to sync the Apple TV to enjoy a seamless sports experience.

Game Center:

It makes playing with or competing against your friends via the dashboard simple. You can see your friends' games activity and accomplishments on the dashboard.

Personalized Spatial Audio:

It can deliver an immersive listening experience. In this case, you can make a personal profile with the TrueDepth camera on iPhone for Spatial Audio.

Safety Check:

If your personal safety is at risk, you must use this privacy tool. You can review quickly and remove any access granted to others. In addition, it also comes with an emergency reset used to sign out of iCloud on all other devices. Besides, you can reset privacy permissions and limit messaging.

iOS 16 2022 Availability:

It is a free software update beginning today for iPhone 8 and later.

In a future update, Apple will offer an iCloud Shared Photo Library feature enabling families to share images seamlessly where about six users can collaborate.


Live Activities also allow you to stay on top of things happening in real. For example, sports games, ride-share, food delivery orders, and Clean Energy Charging want to reduce the iPhone's carbon footprint. If you want to know more, visit In this case, you should know that a few features will not be available in all regions, languages, or on all iPhones. Now, you know when will iOS 16 be out and about its features.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What iPhones will get iOS 16?

These are a few of the iOS 16 compatible devices.

  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. 
  • iPhone X. 
  • iPhone SE (2020)
  • iPhone XS and XS Max.
  • iPhone XR. 
  • iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. 
  • iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max.
  • iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max. 
Q. When can you update to iOS 16?

It is now ready for download.

Q. Will iPhone 7 Get iOS 16?

Yes, iPhone 7 supports it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Apple Previews Innovative Accessibility Features

Apple Previews Innovative Accessibility Features

Apple previews innovative accessibility features introducing the latest techniques for its users with disabilities for navigation, connection, and other related things. Its excellent updates come with the latest technologies to offer unique and customizable tools for users. Door detection technology is one of the new advancements in these updates for blind people and those with low vision, and using the technology allows these people to use iPhones and iPad.

The company's users with motor & physical disabilities and who depend on Voice Control and Switch Control specifications can control the company's Watch completely from the iPhone. If you belong to the Deaf and hard of hearing community, you may follow the Live Captions on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

The company is increasing support for the industry-leading display reader VoiceOver with more than twenty new languages and locales. As a user, you will get the specifications available with software updates this year across the company's platforms.

Sarah Herrlinger, Apple's senior director of Accessibility Policy and Initiatives, said they would introduce these innovative specifications to provide even more options for the company products.

Recently Apple previews innovative accessibility features:

Door Detection:

The new specification is especially for people with blind or low vision. You can find a door upon arriving at a new destination using the specifications. Besides, the specification lets you know how far the door is, the attributes of the door, if the door is closed or opened, and whether you can open it by pushing, turning a knob, or pulling a handle.

Apple previews innovative accessibility features and it is one of them. This specification allows you to read signs and symbols around the door, including the presence of an accessible entrance symbol, the number of houses at an office, etc. In addition, the innovative specification is the combination of the power of LiDAR, camera, and on-device machine learning. Users can get the specification available on iPhone and iPad models with the LiDAR Scanner.

The unique technology will come in a new Detection Mode within Magnifier and be available at the company's default app supporting blind and low vision users.

Detection mode allows users with vision disabilities to use Door Detection, People Detection, and Image Descriptions specifications. Thus, it assists them in navigating and accessing rich descriptions of the surroundings. With the help of the Apple Maps and VoiceOver users will get sound and haptics feedback helping them to detect the starting point for walking directions.

Physical and Motor Accessibility:

Apple Watch Mirroring makes accessing the Watch easier than ever for people with physical and motor disabilities. People can access this Watch remotely from their paired iPhone using the technology, and they can use inputs including voice commands, sound actions, head tracking, etc.

Besides, it uses hardware and software integration, with advanced built on AirPlay. It is lucrative for people depending on the mobility specifications and can provide unique advantages such as Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate, Mindfulness, etc.

In addition, it enables you to do even more with simple hand gestures. Besides, the new Quick Actions help a double-pinch gesture to answer a phone call or end a call, dismiss a notification, take a photo, play or pause media in the Now Playing app. Moreover, it helps to begin a workout, pause or resume it.

Apple previews innovative accessibility features— Live Captions— for iPhone, iPad, and Mac:

Apple previews innovative accessibility features, and Live Captions is one of them. It is available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac for the Deaf and hard of hearing community. They can follow the audio content more easily whether they are texting someone next to them, using social media app or video conferencing app, on a FaceTime call, etc.

In addition, they can manage the font size to read easily using the specification. Live Captions comes with auto-transcribed dialogue in FaceTime to call participants. Thus, making group video calls for people with hearing disabilities makes it easier. You can use the Live Captions for calls on Mac. In addition, you can get here an option to type a response. The users' information remains protected as Live Captions are created on the device.

VoiceOver adds New Languages:

VoiceOver is the display reader of the company for blind and low vision users. Besides, it can support over twenty extra locales and languages, including Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. In addition, you can choose dozens of new voices optimized for assistive specifications across languages.

All these locals, & languages, are available for Speak Selection and Speak Screen accessibility specifications. VoiceOver users may use the new Text Checker tool to find basic formatting problems, including duplicative spaces or misplaced capital letters. As a result, proofreading documents or emails becomes easier.

Apple previews innovative accessibility features (additional):

  • The Buddy Controller helps you to ask a care provider or friend to help them in a game. In this controller, you will get two game controllers into one. Therefore, many controllers can drive the input for a single player. 
  • People with speech disabilities manage the response time of Siri to a request with Siri Pause Time. 
  • With the help of the Voice Control Spelling Mode, people can have a choice to dictate custom spellings using letter-by-letter input. 
  • They can customize sound recognition specifications to recognize sounds specific to a person's environment, including the home's unique alarm, doorbell, or appliances. 
  • The Apple Books app comes with new themes. In addition, it can provide different customization options, including bolding text and adjusting line, character, and word spacing. All these specifications offer a reading experience even more accessible.
  • The Sound Recognition updates help to train iPhones and iPad to recognize a unique alarm, doorbell, or appliance.

The bottom line:

The company is celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day with special sessions. They will launch SignTime in Canada on May 19 to connect the company's store and its Support customers with ASL or American Sign Language interpreters. Apple previews innovative accessibility features, and users of the United States, British, and France can get SignTime available. These are for those who use ASL, BSL (British Sign Language), & LSF (French Sign Language).

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Apple Just Leaked a Key iPhone 8 Feature by Accident


How a developer stumbled randomly over the new iPhone

A month before the official keynote of Apple, a developer stumbled over official details of the coming iPhone. The embarrassing thing: The Leak came this time from Apple itself.

When Guilherme Rambo saw the firmware of HomePod released by Apple, he initially thought of a mistake. The smart loudspeaker assistant finally comes to the market in December. Rambo's curiosity was aroused and he began to look at the code more closely. What he found, he probably expected at least: Apple's next iPhone.

While some details on Apple's high-end smartphone were already leaked, Rambo found more in the HomePod than rumors, he found Apple's own records of the greatest release in years. The code confirmed that the iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro - so exactly knows the name outside of Cupertino no one - would have a new design, a narrower frame, no home button, and a powerful facial recognition. The biggest Apple Leak comes for years - from Apple itself.

The firmware of the HomePod appeared a few days ago as an official Apple update. Rambo had just downloaded the code in the hope of finding interesting information about the Siri speaker when Apple noticed the error and took the code from the page. Like the iPhone, the HomePod runs on iOS. In itself is not noticeable, developers have access to the beta version of iOS 11 months ago. But Rambo, a Brazilian developer of an ecommerce company, made the decisive discovery: The released firmware was for iOS 11.0.2, two Update levels beyond the current state.

The code included some performance enhancements. Much more interesting, however, was that the update was not intended for the public. So Apple had not yet removed the mentions for unpublished devices - as well as the next iPhone, which will be released in September. It is a process that Apple goes through every year to ensure that developers can access iOS without experiencing anything about the new iPhone.

When he recognized the potential of his discovery, Rambo went to work. "I searched for lines in the firmware that confirm the alleged 'Face ID' feature," says Rambo. "I've searched for the word 'face' and noticed that it matches several icons in the BiometricKit, the Framework for Touch ID." These references do not actually exist in the iOS 11 beta.

Rambo was a bit big, he was safe, so he continued to search. As he walked through BiometricKit, he noticed that the terminology for adding a fingerprint ("EnrollTouchID") also had a counterpart for face recognition: EnrollPearlID. "Pearl ID" always appeared again, each time in connection with the topic of face recognition. Apple may like the face recognition to be quite different at the end, to call it "PearlID", but is not exactly a disguise tactics: "The code name makes it only easier to find all the appropriate code snippets in the operating system and see what function it has "Says Troughton-Smith. In other words, what Rambo had found was an unpublished, unannounced Apple feature.

Finding out what "Pearl ID" means, led to a much bigger find. "While I was looking for mentions of this 'Pearl ID' thing, I found a reference to Pearl-D22," says Rambo. "So I searched for D22 and discovered that this is the internal code name for the 'iPhone Pro' or 'iPhone 10'."

Although there are not very many mentions of D22, Apple leaves no doubt what the abbreviation means. How did Rambo get it? He found a file in the PassKit framework used by Wallet, named "Payment_glyph_phone-D22.caar". This is a file format in which Apple stores vector graphics for animated user interface elements. When Rambo read the picture, he saw an iPhone that he had never seen before. For the simple reason, because it does not yet exist.

Another mention of D22 resulted in a video file that was not present in the firmware, but the name "Enrollment_Tutorial_Loop-D22" indicates that it is a guide on how to register its face with Pearl ID. "There are also a few indications that the D22 model uses a new method to charge the battery," says Rambo. IOS 11.0.2 does not give any indication of what changes might be.

The extent of this leech is the biggest of its kind except for the premature debut of the iPhone 4 on Gizmodo. The minimal frame and the lack of the home button mark the biggest design change for years. And the FaceID feature seems to be a major consideration for the later presentation of the iPhone.

"Apple is now in a difficult situation," says Troughton-Smith. "It will surely cheer up many people internally that they themselves are the source of the only concrete leaks on design and functions." Apart from the disgrace, the impact on sales of the new iPhone will probably be rather small. "I believe that the people who hope for a new iPhone because of Leaks already know all the reports," says Jan Dawson, founder of the data analysis company Jackdaw Research. Dawnson notes that the revelation confirms existing rumors, but the real value is how well the new features work. A firmware has somewhere its limits.

Therefore, the biggest realization is that Apple's internal security has failed, as macOS Sierra days before the release already revealed the OLED TouchBar of the MacBook Pro. The current faux pas is even more striking. Apple expects more from the iPhone 8 than from the entire laptop line together. To see the details leak a month before the official revelation may end up causing financial damage. "We are watching an interruption in iPhone purchases, which is attributable to the increasingly frequent and early reports of future iPhones," said CEO Tim Cook in the past earnings call. This time, however, the blame hits nobody other than Apple itself.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Apple Files Patent for Walkie Talkie Headphones


Apple’s Patent for Device to Call over Local Wireless Network

A patent for a device which tends to permit people to call each other over local wireless network has been filed by Apple wherein the patent describes a set of headphones connected to a mobile device. The headphones are said to transmit voice calls to a person wearing an identical set-up and who could be within the range for the devices to get connected. It does not seem that Apple intends to phase out all non-technological human interactions at the moment, though the patent may provide a way to talk securely and subtly in busy environments for individuals.

The device tends to utilise ad hoc wireless network that enables user to speak using encrypted signals, which could be complex to interrupt. The patent states that the other types of local communications like walkie talkies do not support encryption and could be vulnerable to interference. According to the patent, the wireless headsets, elsewhere would permit users to `communicate over secure wireless communication connection while at the same time retain freedom of movement within a range of each other. Moreover, the device could also be capable of automatically detecting and notify similar headsets within a certain range.

Direct Audio Communication Between Users

The patent details features, from the headset, like ambient noise filtering, Bluetooth calls and the ability to control a variety of apps comprising of email and camera.Apple has mentioned in the patent filing that conditions for direct audio communication between users in close vicinity could be less than ideal. For instance where two users seem to be nearby in a noisy atmosphere, direct audio communication between the two could be difficult taking into consideration the interference from ambient noise, that could hinder one or both the users from being able of distinguishing words that are spoken by the other user.

Such ambient noise would need the users to be in proximity of each other, which could impede freedom of movement of one or both the users during the duration of the direct communication. Unrestricted freedom of movement of one or both the user may be essential, in some instances and a headset which tends to double as walkie-talkie device could handle these issues. Digital communication suite tends to offer improvements such as signal encryption as well as multi-user conference calling. Besides, ambient noise could also be filtered through the application of dedicated software.

Patent First Filed in November 2014

The wireless headphone does not seem to be the only development which Apple has been probably keeping a secret for the moment. The German paper Franfurter Allgemeine, had reported in April, that the firm has been setting up a dedicated `car lab’ in Berlin. The rumoured plan of Apple to launch an electric car, the German car lab, by 2019, is intended to bring `15 to 20’ of the top automotive engineers of the country on site to play with the idea, which is likely to be connected to Project Titan.

As in the case of all patents, there is no surety that the product would develop and Apple refrains from commenting on rumours. It is not clear whether the company intends to implement such technology. The advanced walkie-talkie patent application of Apple had first been filed in November 2014, crediting Esge B. Andersen and Cedrik Bacon as the inventors.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Apple Car cometh


Apple’s Project Titan’

Apple has been the topic of many rumours that have been circulating for most of 2015 which has been ranging from advanced high tech interior systems to Apple Car. Now six months from the several rumours with regards to Apple upcoming `Project Titan’, it looks like it is surfacing though majority of these rumours tend to be unconfirmed.

 It is said that Apple’s Titan team has numbered around 600 individuals which is sizable by most standards and if the recent rumours are to be believed, is set to triple very soon. This would be putting a lot of stress on Silicon Valley automotive engineer employment pool.

 Those availing the facilities within a short drive from Apple’s Cupertino headquarters are Ford and many others.The manufacturing plant of Tesla Motors is around 30 minutes from the Highway 880 and has been the most exposed hiring source for Apple with the founder and CEO Elon Musk.

It is said that Apple would be offering $250,000 signing bonuses to entice employees, but it’s Mercedes-Benz that offers the highest profile new hire – Johann Jungwirth. Jungwirth had earlier been the boss at Mercedes Benz Research & Development in North America researching on how to make the car find out where one intends to go, without being told.

Apple – Out-dated Human Piloted Machines

Steve Zadesky of Apple, former Ford engineer who had joined Apple in1999 is the leader of the entire Titan strength and had a big role in the launch of the original iPod and till recently had supervised the iPhone design also. Earlier rumours and reports have fixed the Apple Car as being an autonomous thing but different from Google’s self-driving machines.

With reports regarding Apple meeting with California DMV related to securing autonomous registration for a vehicle, clearly indicates the autonomous competences for the vehicle. But the recent report show that Apple would be coming up with a more out-dated human piloted machines.

The same reports fixed 2019 as the probable date for a presumed Apple Car which will be four years from now and presuming that Apple has been working on it for about a year it would fall in-line with the usual five year vehicle cycle of production.

Volvo Partially Selling autonomous Cars - 2017

It is the cycle period which is usually perceived when a developer tends to release a new version of the prevailing vehicle. For instances the new version of Porsche 911 which had been unveiled recently in Frankfurt was in development for around five years and in the grand scheme of things, it was a comparatively trivial update with new engines, new suspension tunings in addition to Apple’s CarPlay.

But the things tend to change and the Ford CTs design cycle took around 14 months, from ideation to Detroit debut. It would then be another two years thereafter before the car would be made available in the market if Apple intends to unveil the car in 2019 which is said to be greatly optimistic for a fully autonomous machine to hit the streets of America. This would aim on the need of a driver for the Apple Car though not 100% of the time. Volvo would be partially selling autonomous cars by 2017.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Apple's Rapid iOS 9 Adoption Shows the Future of IT

Apple has released the latest version of its iOS named as iOS 9 just a few days back and it has seen an incredible adoption rate, which is unbelievable in itself. Within two days of its launch, more half the iOS users have installed the new iOS 9. These numbers are only expected to rise more steeply with the retail sale of the latest iPhone 6s from the Friday. This shows that Apple is simply causing a huge upside down in the technology industry and it is on its verge to dominate with a solid grasp. Apple marketing chief, Phil Schiller went on say that it is a never seen before adoption rate for new iOS in the Apple history.

The future of technology industry in next five years

Next five years will be crucial for the Apple and with the current rise in the technology market, it is widely expected that Apple will overthrow the Windows to dominate in both consumer and enterprise sector. iOS devices are already seeing better adoption rate among the younger generation and Apple is aggressively pushing its iOS devices in the enterprise sector with an aim of boosting its overall footprint.

Apple has created a robust ecosystem for its iOS platform, which features a wide number of devices from desktops, laptops, smartphone to tablets providing an opportunity to businesses to easily migrate to iOS 9.

Apple faces competition from others but keeps expanding its ground

In the wake of Apple continuous rise Microsoft is seen changing its business strategy to appear more appealing to the consumers and enterprise alike. Google on other hand is quite limited to online sphere and relies more on the advertisements. The percentage people accessing YouTube for watching videos via mobile has increased up to 50% which is an alarming sign for Google. On other hand iOS devices like iPhone and Macs are going through a boom period as more and more people are migrating to the Apple solutions and it is not far when business will also turn towards its side.

Microsoft does have a great influence over the businesses sector with a wide adoption rate but it should be noted that current millennial are expected to take reigns in future and they are happier with Apple devices at the moment. This simply translates that in future iOS devices will easily make their move in the business sector with ease and grace.

Beyond the future prospects of Apple iOS

Apple has built a robust and giant ecosystem of interconnected devices in a steady manner. More people are eagerly upgrading to its new devices such as iPhones, Macs, iPads and also happen to adopt the new operating system version quite soon than in any other platform. This shows the consumer trust in the Apple solutions and it even reveals the digital transformation, which it is carrying out in technology market.

iOS has kept the security and privacy at its heart which ensures high quality remarkable products which are not so prone to hacks than other devices. Furthermore, Apple is also aggressively setting its print in the Internet of Things segment, which will ensure a range of smart devices in ever widening iOS ecosystem.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Apple to Launch Hardware Stylus – Enhance User Experience of iPad

According to reports from KGI Securities, industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is likely to launch a hardware stylus to enhance user experience for its long rumoured 12.9 inch `iPad Pro’. It is reported that the Cupertino based company is planning to launch a stylus in the second quarter of the year to compliment the larger iPad. Kuo is of the belief that users would not need the stylus initially, thereby prompting Apple to launch the device as an optional add-on.

The report considers that the stylus would be simple to begin with and the future generations of the device could add features such as 3D handwriting. The stylus would be using the Lightning connector to charge and wireless charging would be a much more convenient option for consumers though adding the feature would probably increase the overall cost of the devices. Moreover the device is like to give rise to new breed of application especially for artists as well as for the educational market and the company has now filed for various patents with regards to the stylus which includes a stylus enabling users to transcribe handwritten notes to digital notes which could be viewed and edited from an iPad.

3D Handwriting Feature for Future Models 

Kuo states that the stylus could be more precise than a person’s finger and more convenient to use than the combination of keyboard and mouse in some cases and believes that Apple’s stylus would improve the user experience of 12.9-inch iPad. Moreover, Kuo who has a reliable track record, on predicting Apple’s future product direction, did not indicate any particular source for the rumour beyond Apple’s own patent filings which marks an unusual turn for him, who is known to have close connection to Apple’s supply chain partners.

He commented that coupled with its unfavourable cost structure, high selling prices could turn consumers off, if the said iPad is always bundled with it and therefore it is expected that the stylus should be an optional accessory before sufficient feedback is received from users. Though he does not expects features like a built-in gyroscope or accelerometer in its first year, he believes that Apple would be adding new features gradually and is expecting a 3D handwriting feature to their future models.

Good Application for Stylus

According to Kuo, he states that with the addition of a gyroscope accelerometer to a stylus, it enables users to write on the display as well as on other hard surfaces and even in the air. This being a good application for a stylus, the required software and hardware has not been fully developed yet and hence they cannot expect Apple’s stylus to support 3D handwriting in 2015.

He further added that while wireless charging would also be convenient, there was less likelihood of its implementation in its forthcoming stylus with regards to the higher cost as well as difficult antenna design and that charging could be expected via a Lightning connector. He believes that the stylus would be improving the user experience and that they would help Apple in developing specific customer groups like the corporate sector as well as the educational institutions.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Apple’s iPhone – Advanced Car Remote Control

Advanced Car Remote Control
Recently published patent application called `Accessory control with geo-fencing’ by the US Patent and Trademark office, imagines virtual field or boundary surrounding a car which is called a geofence.

The tech giant has filed a patent which will help the car to perform various functions and on detecting the proximity to the car based on the geofence, the iPhone has the capabilities of performing a variety of task like the opening of the door, starting the ignition or popping open the trunk.

For instance, the doors of the vehicle could lock if the driver tends to move a certain distance away or the boot could unlock if the owner of the vehicle walked to the rear of the car. Smartphones that could act as remote controls for your car with various apps and technologies is nothing new since they are already available enabling the phone to remotely operate in unlocking doors or starting the car.

 Apple is now planning to turn the iPhone into an advanced remote control for cars, enabling users to unlock the doors as well as start the engine whenever they approach their vehicle. Apple’s invention would now perform these functions automatically depending on the position within or outside the geofence.

And the iPhone could communicate with the car via CarPlay or a similar device. For many years now, remote controls for cars have been made available but Apple is striving to use the geo fenced location potentials in taking the technology still further.

iPhone to Signal Message/Alarm to lock Doors

The iPhone can remotely connect through Bluetooth to the in-car system like the Apple’s CarPlay enabling drivers in making calls, send messages as well as use maps through the smartphone’s voice activated assistance – Siri.

CarPlay which was launched in March is presently compatible with five car makers, namely, Hyundai, Honda, Ferrari, Mercedez-Benx and Volvo and Apple is planning the service to 24 other manufacturers including Land Rover, Ford and Peugeot.

Apple had launched its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus recently with Apple Pay earlier this week and the new iPads too recently. This technology could even work over a long distance through cellular signal.

As listed in the patent application, the car could start to warm up whenever it detects that the driver and the iPhone is within a distance of a few minutes. For instance on leaving your car and the geofence, the iPhone could signal a message to lock the doors and turn on the alarm.

Idea of Apple’s Patent Application

Multiple geofences may also target certain areas of the car like a geofence in the rear may automatically open the truck if it detects when the person is in the right place and is in possession of the iPhone.

A brief idea of the patent application is that a vehicle accessory could transmit a first signal to a mobile device, the first signal includes the location of the vehicle wherein the device can monitor its own location.

The mobile device can also assess whether one or more location based criteria have been satisfied based on the location of the device and the vehicle’s location.

On determining that the location based criterion has been fulfilled, the mobile device transmits a second signal to the vehicle accessory indicating a function of the vehicle need to be controlled.

For instance, the mobile device could activate or de-activate vehicle features like the door locking, vehicle defrosting etc. in a way which could capitalize on accurate signal transmission.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Apple iWatch – Nightly Recharging

Apple iWatch
Apple had not conveyed much with regards to battery life at the time of the announcement of its iWatch on Tuesday but the company has since informed that the same needs to be charged nightly since the battery life offers about a single day operation.

According to Apple spokeswoman Nat Kerris’ statement to Re/code, `there seems to be a lot of new technology packed in Apple Watch which people would love to use throughout the day. She further stated that they had anticipated that people would charge the device nightly which was why it was designed as an innovating charging solution that would combine their MagSafe technology and inductive charging.

Sources who interacted with John Paczkowski indicated that the company was not pleased with the present uptime of the Apple Watch while some informed that the watch’s battery life presently is a single day operation and that the company is striving to make some modifications for improvement, ahead of its launch. Basically a one day life of the battery is on par with the other touchscreen smart watches that are at the moment offered which include the competing Android Wear.

New Dimension in Communicating

Apple Watch comes with a new dimension to user in communicating with their circle of family and friends. Just a glance can convey who’s contacting you and the experience is amazing combined with different forms of notifications with their own unique functions.

It comes with a suite of apps which enables the users to remain active and helps to set calorie burn goals everyday as well as keeping track of the activity levels with a reminder to keep on moving. The need of words is much less since the digital touch features on the watch, provides a spontaneous form of connecting with other wrist to wrist users.

The Apple Watch has the potential of uniting the capabilities of fitness tracker together with an advanced sports watch in a single device which can be worn at all time. Besides, it can track a variety of other activities due to its capabilities of obtaining various kinds of data.

The accelerometer can measure the total body movement and its custom sensor can measure the intensity through the tracking of the heart rate. Besides this with the help of the GPS and Wi-Fi of the iPhone it helps to track how far one has moved.

Device to be Launched in Early 2015

The battery life of this upcoming entry seems to be somewhat unclear since the product has not yet been finalized and ready to be launched. It was revealed by Apple that the wearable device would be launched somewhere in early 2015 but refrained from commenting further on this issue.

With regards to hardware and the pricing, Apple seemed to be vague on the matter and while the watch would probably start at $349, the cost breakdown on how much various model would be offered was not specified. Since its starting offer would be $349, there is a possibility that the high end models would escalate to a five figure price level.

 The Apple Watch luxury edition comes with hardened 18 karat gold while its existing 18 karat gold watches are offered for more than $10,000 in the market.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Apple to Partner Foxconn for Next Generation iPhone 6

iPhone 6
It was recently reported that Apple would partner manufacturer Foxconn and hire some 100,000 workers in a ramp up for July production of the next generation iPhone 6, thereby enhancing the company’s total iPhone manufacturing workforce by ten percent while secondary supplier Pegatron would also be preparing to increase its recruitment efforts after netting in a thirty percent share of orders.

Sources well versed with Apple’s supply chain, Taiwan’s Economic Daily News has reported that the hiring spree of 100,000 of Foxconn would result in improving the company’s iPhone workforce when compared to the past production of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

Some have stated that with the combination of Pegatron’s recruitment efforts, the manufacture of Apple’s iPhone 6 is expected to drive the largest job creation boom mainland, China has ever seen in recent time.

Huge Expansion to Two Production Lines

Moreover, the mass recruitment campaign as claimed by sources is that Foxconn has been planning to make huge expansions to two production lines in order to meet anticipated high demand for the forthcoming handset line. Foxconn is also considered to be responsible for the bulk order of Apple’s iPhone.

Some sources havealso been reporting that the company would be handling all assembly of the rumoured 5.5 inch `phablet’, version of the device. According to reports, Foxconn would be producing seventy percent of the iPhone 6 units while Pegatron, the supplier would be handling some thirty percent of order, a consistent figure of recent rumours and it is not clear if the share would be representative of iPhone 6 version or not.

The timing of these hiring seems to be perfect for the rumoured iPhone 6 with reports of the production to ramp up ahead of its scheduled launch in the usual time frame in September and most of the attention is focused on iPhone 6, a 4.7 inch model which is expected to draw the bulk of sale.

Apple has been working on an even larger 5.5 inch model which would be launched along with or in the month following the debut of the 4.7 inch model.

Screen Size – 4.7 & 5.5 with Multiple Sensors

Many are expecting Apple to release two iPhone models somewhere this year with bigger screens of 4.7 and 5.5 inch in size and a number of supposed iPhone 6 mockups have surfaced on the internet with some indications on the final designs of the duo handset.

The duo handset comes with larger screen with thinner design with faster next gen `A8’CPU where the launch willbe during Fall 2014. Besides the bigger screen, the iPhone 6 will also be featuring multiple sensors which would enable the device to measure altitudes together with atmospheric pressure as well as provide different other information with regards to weather like humidity and temperature.

Speculations are doing the rounds for some time now about Pegatron gaining a foothold in Apple’s premium handset assembly business though the exact share of orders given out to the firm is not established yet. Reports of Foxconn’s intention of hiring as well as the iPhone6 issue leaked following previous reports stating that the production for the iPhone 6 is set to be ramped up in July ahead of its release date sometime in September.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Adobe’s Mobile Version for its suite of Photography for iPad

Adobe Lightroom
Adobe will be introducing a mobile version of its Lightroom Raw editing program for iPad, touch friendly accompaniment for its suite of photography software bringing about powerful new tools to Apple’s iOS. Photographers had been asking Adobe for a mobile version of Lightroom for some time.

Adobe had demonstrated an early beta version of the application at a sneek peek session last year at the Photoshop World show in Las Vegas and it seems that Lightroom Mobile is now almost ready for its official launch. Adobe will make the iPad a more viable solution for the mobile version that would largely lineup with desktop version with regards to features.

 The app which is available at iOS Apple store offers users who have invested in Adobe’s ecosystem, a new way to organize and sync images within the prevailing Adobe mobile content creation leasing a version of Lightroom photo editing which is optimized for tablets. Its tagline for the product is `Take Lightroom anywhere’, and the representative indicated ecosystem with an impressive app of built-in RAW image editing functions.

Lightroom enables Tablets to edit remotely 

Adobe with its Lightroom Mobile for iPad has enabled tablets to edit remotely, large RAW image files, adding new dimension to photographer’s workflows but without any limitations from desktops and laptops. Lightroom 5 on Mac or PC with Adobe’s Smart previews technology can generate a DNG image from RAW image data and sync the file with Lightroom mobile. Moreover users can also edit this smaller file on the iPad with Lightroom’s RAW toolset and then sync the changes if any, back to the original RAW image on completion.

Users need to have Lightroom 5 running on the desktop or laptop, Lightroom’s mobile service and lightroom mobile for iPad in order to function which means that owners of non Creative Cloud Photoshop of Lightroom will need to subscribe in order to qualify for Adobe Creative Cloud product.

Various Amazing Features

Adobe had announced that the iPhone version is in the pipeline but has not disclosed the estimated release date. Some of the features include editing and organizing images from anywhere at any time, seamless sync between desktop, web and mobile, access and view photos on lightroom.

Edit everything from Smartphone photos to raw images from DSLRs with Smart Previews since Adobe Lightroom Mobile is capable of handling virtually any image format, Smart Preview creates smaller stand in files for efficient and quicker work, import images from iPhone or iPad camera roll direct into the Lightroom catalog and enhance them using familiar and powerful Lightroom tools while sharing them online easily and quickly.

Advanced Healing brush in removing unwanted flaws or objects, radial gradient tools enables to create off center vignette effects, Creating HD video slide shows with images, video clips and music, showcase images, present photos with built in slideshow and much more.

iPad 2 with running iOS 7

Lightroom Mobile for iPad from App Store is a free 41.6MB download but needs an iPad 2 running iOS 7 or later with also updated Lightroom 5.4 for Mac and a Creative Cloud Subscription.

Besides this, Adobe is also offering a 30 day free trial together with Photoshop Photography Program special which includes Photoshop CC, lightroom desktop, web and mobile, a 20GB cloud storage accompanied by Behance ProSite for $9.99 a month.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Set Up and Use Touch ID, the iPhone Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint Scanner
As the iPhone 5S was launched, there was an additional security feature that caught the attention of tech buffs around the world. It was the fingerprint scanner, a great security feature that secures your iPhone and can be operated only after you swipe your finger on the scanner and the scanner recognizes your finger print. This technology uses your finger print as your pass code, which means that chances of getting hacked are almost zero, as every human being is known to have a unique finger print.

To use this great feature, you need to first set this up and then go on and use it.

Setting up Touch ID: Configuration is quite simple, as you need to first set up a pass code. Even though usage of passcode is substituted by the finger print by way of this application, a passcode is needed while setting up this up, in order to register your finger print in the machine. It is also needed in case you decide to change your finger print by way of using a new finger.

The Steps are quite simple:

a. To set up the touch ID feature, go to settings-General-Touch ID & Passcode-Touch ID.

b. Have a clean home button and a clean & dry finger.

c. Hold the phone normally and touch the home button.

d. Place your finger on the home button, and hold it until it vibrates.

e. Once the initial scanning is done, make small movements to your finger so that all areas of the finger are covered.

f. In case you face trouble scanning one finger, try another finger.

How to use the scanner: 

This feature is like carrying the passcode embedded, not having to remember it. You can always use this as a combination as well, passcode and finger print scanning, but that is like making life difficult for one self. For the scanner to recognize your finger print, you need to ensure that you use the finger that you have already enrolled.

This feature though comes with a small problem. This might not necessarily work for those who are involved with working with bare hands, as the finger prints on such hands are in danger of getting changed frequently. Even a minute change can result in your phone not getting unlocked.

To use this scanner, press the home button once to activate your phone, and keep your finger lightly on the button. The phone shall be unlocked. If due to any error, the finger print is not recognised, you will have to try again. Do not try more than 5 times as the phone gets factory locked. In such a scenario, try using the passcode.

This scanning feature can be used as a substitute to your Apple ID when making purchases on iTunes, App store, iBooks or any such transaction on your iPhone as well. A couple of prerequisites for this feature to function seamlessly are a clean home button and a clean & dry finger. So always ensure that your iPhone is clean and dry at all times!

Friday, January 17, 2014

iPhone App Review: DoodleJump

We have seen so many games on mobiles that a new one hardly arouses our curiosity. But, here is one that may generate a fair bit of heat once you get hooked on to it. Many mobile handset manufacturers have come up with various stages and styles of jumping games but Apple has taken a big leap ahead with DoodleJump. This game, brought out on the iPhone is a bit like PapiJump, but is distinct in its style and sketch, a typical uniqueness that oozes charm and chutzpah.

Let me take you through this one. If you are artist, even a starter of one, DoodleJump will give you a nice surprise as it reminds you of the various characters that you have drawn on your rough notes when in school or college. Here, they seem like coming to life. The animated doodles are great fun, and the game is quite addictive and will see you getting hooked on for a pretty decent amount of time, a fair bit more than you would generally anticipate. This game is typical of jump games, where you aim to jump as high as possible. Every time the doodle creature lands on a surface, it aims to jump higher. Jump with care, as the path is strewn with dangerous aliens, UFOs, crumbling platforms, black holes and many such hazards that tend to make life difficult as you go up.

The controls are quite basic, with an accelerometer that helps you move left and right and a tapping on screen function that makes the doodle fire a bullet to kill its obstacles. It is a pretty simple game with simple instructions and a simple goal. Now you would be wondering as to what makes the DoodleJump a great game, if it was so simple. Well, to be honest, it is not a tech marvel, but a simple game with a nice feel and ring to it, something that draws you to keep playing it on and on. A great add on is the global leader board which allows you to track similar players and their scores on iPhone network. Also, the variety of having cute hand drawn doodles jumping furiously to make it to the next level is a great addiction by itself.

A small wish from my end is to make the game a bit more musical by adding some back ground tunes to the jumps as well as the elevations. That could make it very pleasing to hear as well. Over all a good value for price and time well spent, especially if you are one of those who spend a considerable time over the handset.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

DxO Optics Pro 6 Elite is free !

DxO Optics Pro 6 Elite
Christmas is not over yet. DxO editor, specializing in photography software offers until tomorrow December 31 DxO Optics Pro 6 Elite.

Just enter their email address on this page to receive a free activation key and download the application on Mac or Windows. DxO Optics Pro 6 Elite is a good competitor to Aperture and Lightroom used to process RAW files. It is not the latest version (dating to 2009) as DxO Optics Pro is now in its ninth version, but the software has not aged too badly and it works on Mavericks.

The complete list of cameras supported profiles is available there. Note that the license offered does not move to a higher version at a special price. DxO Optics Pro 9 is sold € 99 in the Standard Edition and 199 € in elite edition (promotional rates until tomorrow) .

Another promotional campaign ending soon (January 1) on the Millumin; an application for the video mapping for the Performing Arts. It is sold with a discount of 20% which puts the price at € 479 instead € 599. Several videos show the tool running, alone or through its plug-in After Effects.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to improve your iPhone 4s and iPhone 5s and to avoid the Lag

iOS 7 has been released and reviews seemed not to satisfy the people all need, but surely stepped ahead towards it early design. Battery life of an iPhone has really been an issue, and doesn’t know how far iPhone developers taken into to account, Apple will surely make a note of this problem and try to solve this issue let’s make yourself to protect the battery life.

Some idea’s to improvise the battery life on your own way, here are some technological tips to watch out for. Following ways are not only for iPhone rather to iPad also.

Turn Off the Parallax Effect

People will surely like to attain more attention towards the home screen. Perceptive to this scenario iPhone has enabled flashy looking 3D effect on home screen. The icon’s present in home screen tend to float behind as you move around the screen. This looks really attractive but surely going to use some resource and needs to be noticed. So while you feel that device is lagging a little bit then make sure you turn off this effect named Parallax and try out the work experience with phone at other instance.

Here is Guidelines provided to turn off Parallax effect. Settings -> General -> Accessibility, now tap the Reduce Motion button and closure on this feature.

Turn Down Your Brightness

Automatic brightness in iOS device screen is one of the major power or battery drainer. If you are in instance of low battery instance, just access to Setting app, pass through Wallpapers & Brightness, now turn off Auto Brightness and now manage brightness according to your needs. Now you are in full control towards brightness and that’s your wish to save battery or not.

Turn Off your Radios

Radios drains your battery than any other app prevailing default in iPhone. So whenever you move away from Radio just make a simple note to turn off. Used to play offline games then turn on Airplane mode to indirectly cut the access towards the Radio. If you are not using Bluetooth too often turn off when not needed. Best way to improve this is to have quick switch over to Radio elsewhere in screen.

Turn Off Background Refresh

iOS have a better performance towards the Multitasking environment, but his comes out from the cost of system resource. You are offered to choose which app to refresh and which not to. Guidelines to implement this is, Settings -> General -> toggle Background App Refresh button, from there onwards you can manage the multitasking or when not required turn off completely.

Turn Off Spot Light

Spotlight in sense used to index files on your device, this surely drinks up battery when you tend to have lots of flash storage content available in your device. In order to gain the battery at critical situation and also if you dint mind to lose the search function, the better way is to turn off the Spotlight. You are also made available to selectively disable data types that are not required.

Try out these guidelines to have a better battery backup.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Top Best Free iPhone Music Apps

Band of the day
iPhone little expensive than other leading brands of mobile and tablets. In the same manner iPhone apps can be little too expensive than that of Apps in Google Play Store. This major expensiveness is due to its source. iPhone apps are closed source unlike the Android market. These app will be especially expensive when try to get them too much.Providentiallysome of the best music apps won’t cost you a much. Apps in iPhone can be used to listen free music or also functional to identify unknown song on the radio, so on fetching this iPhone app would add worthy to your collection.

1. Band of the day 

If you interested in discovering new music everyday this will be a precious app. Often app like other music app won’t provide you any sample music regarding the search. Band of the day provide you nearly 3 or 5 songs related to your search and helps to relate that is that musician satisfies your interest. When you skew like mad on a few genres-singer or writer,folk or blue then you’ll love this app, would have downloads at Itune.

2. Pandora Radio 

If you checkout the iPhone App store and review the most downloaded music app then Pandora Radio will be at the top. This is so because it is easy to download, very simple to use and works extremely to your satisfaction. Pandora app sets itself apart from the internet radio, as it allows to play a customized playlist as per the user. But the drawback comes to existence when you need to listen to more music because you’re limited to 40 hours of free music.

3. Shazam 

If your favorite number is going on the radio and doesn’t know who actually composed it, surely it’s going to be frustrating. Shazam really resolves this problem by hearing the music 10sec, it gives the complete details about that particular song. This song provides you 5 song identifications per month.


An competitor to Pandora which offers the same service as them but also it has some unique features associated with them like tour dates, calenders. You can skip as much song as you can and no restriction. It offers as many songs as possible but takes a lit longer to buffer.

5. Slacker Internet Radio 

Slacker Internet Radio offers you to access hundreds of radio stations. Offer you to personalize according to user’s wish, fine-tune also possible to those stations.

6. Rhapsody 

App discussed above will avail at free of cost initially but this app will cost at least $9.99 per month. This on the other side will offer to hear over 11 millionsong. Rhapsody allows you to listen songs offline, which is a massive benefit.