Friday, September 19, 2014

Apple's iOS 8 Released With New Features

Apple's iOS 8

Provision with Tips & Tricks for iPhone/iPad

Apple has granted access to Touch ID with its latest iOS with third party apps such as 1Password which could take advantage over the fingerprint reading hardware. With the preparation of the iOS 8 release, Apple has provided a set of tips with tricks to help users of iPhone and iPad enabling them to take advantage of the new functions and features offered in the latest development of mobile OS.

The much awaited feature rolled out in iOS 8 was initially introduced along with the iPhone 5s which had been opened only to developers. It has the ability to swap out keyboards for third party solution and though earlier Apple had restricted users to the main iOS soft keyboard because of security issues, now with iOS 8, users can download and check out custom solutions like SwiftKey and Fleksy.

In iOS 8, users can access few more features on a locked phone if one intends to do so. They can toggle on the Today and Notification view screens for Notification Centre. With Apple’s iOS release, its privacy expands and diversifies and this new entry is not exception where its biggest addition to privacy settings screen is in the Location Services sub menu. You have a new subsection on sharing the location with more refined control for the apps as well as new system services toggles.

Option to Permit Third Party Apps Access

Moreover in iOS 8, users also have the option to permit third party apps access to Camera, HomeKit, Health as well as Motion Activity data and the apps enabled would appear in new Privacy menu which has been named after each of these features.

The Usage as well as the diagnostics submenu which appears at the bottom of the privacy screen has a new toggle like Share with App Developers and if turned on, it enables third party developers to see anonymized crash data and the statistics on the usage of the apps.

From the point of view of app, Apple’s first party titles have updated features such as in Messages section, quick image and audio/video sharing together with deep email management in the Mail section. Besides this, Apple has also made some more addition of new Camera features enabling the world’s popular shooter up-to-date inclusive of time lapse functions, advanced exposure controls and shutter timers,

iOS 8 Features Siri

The iOS8 also features Siri which has been improved to a great extent with the virtual assistant presently supporting `Hey Siri’, hands free operation when it is plugged into a power source. While audio response has been tweaked to sound more natural, the backend is enhanced with HomeKit integration in order to control smart home products.

Besides Siri, they can also customize Notification centre with widget which have been created by third party app developers and powered by corresponding app, widgets could enable information displayed in Notification centre with the lock screen, from surf reports to sports scores which can be done with a swipe.

With the release of OS X 10.10 very soon, iOS 8 would be able to integrate through `continuity’ features namely answering the calls on their Mac, continue with text conversations as well as open Web pages and documents through Handoff with Apple’s iOS 8 now being available as a free over the air software update.

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