Thursday, September 18, 2014

Apple and U2 to Team up for the Launch of Free U2 Album

Apple and U2
It was reported that Apple and U2 planned to team up for the launch of Songs of Innocence with Apple’s recent product launch event and announcement of the new iPhone, the Apple Watch and a free U2 album for each iTunes user naming it Songs of Innocence.

A surprise appearance was made by U2 at the event, with a performance of a new single from the album, The Miracle, of Joey Ramone. There was a mixed up review for the free album with several iTunes users stating that they preferred to have it permanently deleted from their device and Apple has launched a tool to remove the album due to these complaints.

In order to delete U2 album, the user needs to visit and after clicking on `Remove Album”, a confirmation for the removal will be asked. When the album has been deleted from the account, the same will not be available for download as an earlier purchase.

Should the user decide to download the album, then you would have to get it again which is free for everyone till October 13, 2014. Guy Oseary, Manager of U2 had stated that it’s a gift from Apple and if they do not like the gift, the same can be deleted. Apple has mentioned in its support page that thereafter it needs to be purchased if the need arises.

Ten Year Anniversary of U2’s iPod Commercial

Songs of Innocence, was considered to be one of the biggest albums launched in history since iTunes users had crossed about half a billion ownership on the first day of its release with Apple giving U2 huge blanket royalty fee with provision of marketing budget which was worth $100 million to give the album to all iTunes users.

U2’s thirteenth full length album is the Songs of Innocence and is the first after `No Line on the Horizon’, in 2009.This free album has been celebrating its ten year anniversary of U2’s iPod commercial and it is said that U2 plans to collaborate with Apple for the next few years and transform the way music is heard. U2 was aware that the free album would not be welcomed easily by everyone and the Irish rock band also posted a blog which said, `What a mind blowing head scratching 21st century situation.

33 Million iTunes Users

Over 500 million people which makes a billion ears and for people, who have no interest in checking us out, look at it this way.. the blood, sweat and tears of some Irish guys are in your junk mail’.

According to the Associated Press, it was noticed that over 33 million iTunes users had accessed the latest U2 album during the first six days of the release. Eddy Cue, Apple Senior Vice President was heard commenting that the figure was record breaking which included customers that had downloaded the album from iCloud or had used iTunes Radio in order to stream it.

Consumers are now not only doing away with the ownership to which they once were very close but are also openly rejecting it.

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