Thursday, September 11, 2014

Is Steve Jobs's amazing iPhone is too small for Apple?

Steve Jobs
At the time of introducing the first iPhone, Steve Job’s had stated that they have designed something that will be wonderful for the user’s hand. That phone cam with 3.5 inches screen, designed to fit in the palm of the hand and made to be easily operable with fingers from only one hand. At that time Job insisted that the company has been able to design a perfectly balanced gadget unlike the phones from Google, which were not only based on Android Operating system but also came in large size. Job stated that it will be difficult of people to operate such big phones and probably no one will ever buy them.

With the increasing changes in the smart phones, is it possible that he might have been wrong? Samsung electronics is doing very well in the market is in terms of selling over sized phones. Now flowing with the change even Apple is expected to launch iPhone 6 in two different sizes. One phone will have 4.7 inches screen and while the other one will have 5.5 inches screen.

Apple has been amazing in terms of the promotional campaigns for their products. At the unveiling of their iPhone 5, they stated that it was a common sense to have a half-inch-larger screen along with a slender width phone. They stated that the user will be able to drag their single thumb from one corner to another and there will not be any need for them to get their second thumb involved.

Apple has been seen many times to take backtrack in terms of their original mindset. Steve Jobs and Jony Ive, the design chief, after a thorough research determined that 9.7 inch screen is the most ideal for web browsing, watching video, and sending emails. During the 2010, fourth quarter earnings call, Steve jobs made the following arguments:
  • Compared to a 10 inch iPad, a 7 inch tablet will always been considered of half size. The benefits that one can receive from a 10 inch tablet are more than the half sized tablet. Since the screen size is measured diagonally, the smaller screen tablets are only 45% of their 10 inch iPad.
  • Resolutions doesn’t make difference- Increasing the resolution is no solution as per Jobs as the other tablets have various limitations on tapping and pinching etc.
  • Irreplaceable smartphones- One can’t replace the mobility of smart phones with a tablet. These 7 inch tablets are too big for smart phones and too small to compete with an iPad.
Contrary to the view points of Steve Jobs, post his death in the year 2012, Apple unveiled their own 7.1 inch iPad mini. These small tablets sold out like hot cakes when compared to the opinion of Jobs, who expected them to be DOA. Even though the overall revenue generated from selling of iPad was lesser then expected but it was still a surprise for Apple.

With the increasing screen size of iPhone, it will become harder for iPad mini to sell out. Now looks like apple is working towards a 12.9 inch tablet which is completely against what Job stated in 2010, he had said that a 10 inch screen is good enough to create a good tablet.

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